The tea is too cold…

I found this at school.

The tea is too cold

The tea is too hot.  I can’t drink it.

I can’t put my dictionary in my pocket.  My dictionary is too big.

An elephant is too big.  A mouse is too small.

I can’t buy a boat because it’s too expensive, but Anita can buy one if she wants to.

We went to the Rocky Mountains for our vacation.  The mountains are too beautiful.

I can’t eat this food because it’s too salty.

Amanda doesn’t like her room in the dorm.  She thinks it’s too small.

I lost your dictionary.  I’m too sorry.  I’ll buy you a new one.

A: Do you like your math course?

B: Yes.  It’s too difficult, but I enjoy it.


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Kat-herine Hepburn

Jane Hounda

Collie Stevens

Mickey Meowse

Fang Sinatra

Bitey Davis

Angora Dickinson

Alfred Hitch-cocker Spaniel

Goldiefish Hawn

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Mary Tyler Moo-er

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