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Updates from the past and future.

New Theme, Who Dis?

Ok, so I don’t really have much to say but I don’t really have a lot of time to update the site anymore, unfortunately. I am a busy man with a lot of things going on at the moment and I can’t say I am proud of putting the web site on the backburner since it is essentially my life’s work.

I was forced to update some of the backend stuff and that unfortunately meant that the existing theme would no longer work as a result. I am using this one for now, since it seems “okay” — but it requires these stupid featured images that take up half of the homepage.

I doubt I will ever find a theme that matches my specific needs, and I doubt anyone actually cares for what I wanted. The last theme more or less did what I wanted even though a lot of it was “temporary” and ended up being essentially “permanent.” I expect largely the same is going to happen with how the site currently looks, so don’t expect it to look that much different any time soon, I guess.

Leave a comment if you want to.

New Theme

Hello everyone,

I’m going to be implementing a new theme on Squackle and it will probably be a little bit of a process getting everything exactly as I like it.

There’s been a few issues with the site recently for whatever reason and I’m unsure why it is happening — I’ve been using this theme practically unchanged for about 7 years now, and there might be something messing around with the stability of the site.

Hopefully the new theme will make things look better eventually.

500,000 Hits!?

I should probably not be surprised, considering over the years there have actually been at least twice as many hits served from my site before I switched over to WordPress, but hey GUESS WHAT? in its current incarnation (on WordPress) has hit more than half a million page hits!  508,000+ to be exact.  That has been since 2007.  Not bad, I guess.

To commemorate this milestone, I thought I’d post a list of some of the current popular pages for all to see:

Thank you to everyone who keeps coming back to Squackle — and also thanks to everyone who does random ass google searches and thinks that will actually provide helpful information (when it is actually quite the opposite).

“Smart” Navigation Update

I finally stopped being lazy and implemented a nice little feature that you may (or may not) get some use out of.

If you are looking at a category and click on any of the posts while on that page, such as the Squackle Quiz, you are now able to click to the previous or next posts WITHIN the Squackle Quiz category from that single post — this is instead of any random posts that may have been posted in between each quiz question.

What this basically means is the following:

If you want to answer all the quiz questions one at a time without having a huge list to look at, you are now able to go to each page one right after another without being diverted.

Hope that helps!

Deleting Ye Olde Site

I’ve finally decided to delete the old HTML files that I had for the initial version of Squackle.  There are a lot of dead links and stuff that isn’t really helping out in the long run after all.

If there is something you wanted to look at from the old site that apparently isn’t transferred over, let me know somehow and I’ll see about re-doing it somehow.  Only a couple of things will be left up most likely.

There is a possibility that a redesign that I have in the future will adopt some of the characteristics of the old design, because I’m trying to figure out a good way to redesign the web site into something I’ve designed.

Downloads Fixed Again

So I spent the better part of the past two hours trying to figure out why the downloads didn’t work.

The only way I could force them to work was by manually inputting the URL to the file for each download on the site.  I have no idea why it won’t just work automatically, so it will add one more step to the download-addition process… but at least it works.  For now.

New Server!

Hey everyone!

The past couple days I moved Squackle over to a new server.  I think everything is working fine now after a few hours of it not being fine.

I am now on a server that has unlimited space and unlimited bandwidth!  That means I can do… lots of stuff I wasn’t originally planning on doing so soon.

The reason behind me moving was because my old host was apparently shutting down on September 1st.  They say there were many “announcements” of this happening but I saw none of it in any of my email inboxes, only in the off-chance in an unanswered support ticket from them.

So, I’m just glad I caught it in time, and it forced me to move over to a seemingly better server.

A couple of things that are going to happen now that there is unlimited space:

The caching system will reset every week now instead of whenever I get the opportunity to click it since now I have unlimited space, I can leave all the cached pages around.  I don’t usually do a lot of site-wide updates anyway, so this should decrease load times considerably.

Pictures are now a possibility of showing up in updates more often.

I may host videos.

I may host other web sites/blogs (maybe)

Some other shit.

Subsections are Now Categories

If you’re trying to get a tag that is no longer there, I’ve moved a lot of the tags to categories.

If you’re trying to get to something that was once a tag, this is how you can get to the new category:

in the URL, switch out “/tag/” with “/cat/” and you should be able to hit up the new category and get to the right section you’re trying to get to.


I upgraded all the subsections I was using as tags into categories because that way I can actually keep track of what is actually being used as a category/subsection.  If I forgot some, they’ll be converted eventually as well.

Squackle Land Caught Up

I finally got Squackle Land caught up to what is currently displayed on the main Squackle web site.

For those of you that don’t know, Squackle Land is an information base of all the “fantasy” elements that belong in the Squackleverse.  Its full of the zany stuff that’s been posted on Squackle over the years in such a way that makes them interact with each other — kind of like a wiki.

I’ve been working on it since

Announcing Squackle Land

My most recent project is called “Squackle Land” and I’ve been working quite a bit on it recently.

The concept behind it is to make it a compendium for all the weirdness that is Squackle.  It’s meant to take all the “original” ideas of Squackle and create a world in which everything takes place in.  It includes all the people, locations, terms, and others that I deem that apply to the idea.

Its using a default WordPress theme for now, but I will eventually change it, and make it something more alike The Monoverse‘s theme with different colors.

Category List Shortened

Hello, I shortened the category list a little bit because the one that is packaged with WordPress was apparently bogging the site down severely.  You should see a noticeable increase in the speed of the site now.

I don’t like that there aren’t post counts associated with certain sections, but I’ll try and figure out a way to re-implement them.  Oh well.

I also moved some links from the right side to the left side, and changed up the sharing thing over there too.

Squackle Guestbooks Reposted

So my project this past weekend was reposting all the Guestbook entries from the “Old Guestbook” and the “New Guestbook” into the site.

If you’d like to read all the Guestbook entries, here they are:

Guestbooks are a relic of the Internet that you would sign for a web site if you had visited it.  It was for when the Internet had less web sites than there are nowadays, so you would leave your feedback and it made it seem like you cared for one of the few web sites on the internet that were of any actual use.