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500,000 Hits!?

I should probably not be surprised, considering over the years there have actually been at least twice as many hits served from my site before I switched over to WordPress, but hey GUESS WHAT?

Squackle.com in its current incarnation (on WordPress) has hit more than half a million page hits!  508,000+ to be exact.  That has been since 2007.  Not bad, I guess.

To commemorate this milestone, I thought I’d post a list of some of the current popular pages for all to see:









Thank you to everyone who keeps coming back to Squackle — and also thanks to everyone who does random ass google searches and thinks that Squackle.com will actually provide helpful information (when it is actually quite the opposite).

“Smart” Navigation Update

I finally stopped being lazy and implemented a nice little feature that you may (or may not) get some use out of.

If you are looking at a category and click on any of the posts while on that page, such as the Squackle Quiz, you are now able to click to the previous or next posts WITHIN the Squackle Quiz category from that single post — this is instead of any random posts that may have been posted in between each quiz question.

What this basically means is the following:

If you want to answer all the quiz questions one at a time without having a huge list to look at, you are now able to go to each page one right after another without being diverted.

Hope that helps!

Category List Shortened

Hello, I shortened the category list a little bit because the one that is packaged with WordPress was apparently bogging the site down severely.  You should see a noticeable increase in the speed of the site now.

I don’t like that there aren’t post counts associated with certain sections, but I’ll try and figure out a way to re-implement them.  Oh well.

I also moved some links from the right side to the left side, and changed up the sharing thing over there too.

New Randomness

Today I added some more random links at the top for your convenience.  You can now visit any random joke, dictionary word, or picture on the site.

Go to a random thing and click on one of those links to test it out!

I tried to make Quotes work, but at this time I haven’t figured out an elegant solution other than one I don’t really want to do.  So if there’s some other way to do the random post thing, I’m still on the lookout for it.

New “Series” Plugin

I don’t know if many people care or not about this functionality, but the “associated articles” plugin I was using, called InSeries became very dated, and started acting funky.

So I scoured the internet for a replacement and found something pretty cool called “Organized Series” for WordPress.

I think it’s better than it was before.  Also, the list is very much less obtrusive in certain cases, so there you go.

Here’s an example of what it looks like now on a post:


Images Work Again!

I don’t know how it got past me for so long, but the images on the site have been fixed thanks to a lovely little plugin called “Velvet Blues Update URLs.”

In case any other WordPress users have the problem of images keeping the old URL after you have moved a WordPress blog from another directory or web site, look up that plug in and use it.  It works exactly as you think it should.

Also, here’s some stat updates for anyone who cares:

12,674 posts.

10,556 tags.

160,452 hits.

An average of about 4,200 hits a month for the past 6 months.

Stuff You Don’t Care About But I’m Telling You Anyway

I updated to WordPress 3.0 recently and discovered there is a “multi-site” option.  Whoopydoo.

But to get that to work I had to move the installation to the root file.

So that fucked up like half the things on the site for a little while, and now I have to go through every page that has images or whatever and re-insert them to make them all work.  At least I’ll never have to do anything like that again (I hope).

Also, if you’re looking for a page that used to be in the “index” folder (for example, the old site), I may or may not redirect them to where I moved them.  I dont think anyone really cares about them though.  As long as you’re here, that’s all I care about!