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These are the lamest chat room logs you’ve ever seen. Multiple people talking in the log.

WoW Chat #25685

Note: “DBM” is a popular add-on in the game that most people have and most people know about.  It helps with raids and has other quality of life options for the game in general.

Cloned: Thanks blizz, for forcing me to watch a cutscene ive seen 8 times,  and not letting me ESC out, and missingi my 40 min queue pop. Fuck you Xera

davepoobond: someone doesnt have DBM…

Cloned: whats that

Myuuse: lol

Stormclaw: …

Cailirath: delete now bro

Myuuse: Did you just join WoW?

Cailirath: I think the real question is why is a dk not tank queing instead of wasting a plate class

Phatgrillz: yo why are sky golems so expensive now?

Cloned: oh sorry, im not some mega nerd. that modified my WoW Ui, to look like some spaceship taking off

Cailirath: idk lol the mats are still cheap as ever

davepoobond: “mega nerd”

davepoobond: you’re just a dumby instead.  guess thats worse

Cailirath: want some ointment for that burn?

Cloned: oh sorry, i dont make my WoW gtaming experience, like im working for NASA.. sorry im one of those normal ppl that understand this is just a game

davepoobond: literally no one has the issue you are having because we are smart enough to have a required add-on

Myuuse: DBM is a simple mod that fixes dumb shit and assists during dungeon and raid fights

Myuuse: it doesn’t overhaul the UI or anything like that

davepoobond: it has nothing to do with making the game look like a spaceship

davepoobond: what a weird analogy

Myuuse: Don’t talk shit when you very clearly don’t know what you’re talking about


Myuuse: You’re just making yourself seem like even more of an idiot than your initial comment made you seem

Cloned: oH sorry, i dont bust out graphing calculators, and spreadsheets to determine how much damage i can potentially do

davepoobond: no one does that bro

(In Guild Chat) Dusk: he starts every sentence with OH SORRY

Cailirath: normal people have dbm

Stormclaw: It’s a good thing he isn’t in a spaceship or there’d be another challenger incident

Myuuse: DBM’s purpose is to make sure you don’t stand in fire


Cailirath: Im guessing he does

Myuuse: He absolutely does

Cailirath: hes probably that dps standing there blowing cds on trash pulls


Cloned: oh sorry i dont modify my WoW UI like some sociopath, so that it looks like a spaceship taking off… u know to some people, this is just a game

Cloned: sorry i dont bust out graphing calculators and spreadsheets to determine my DPS acceleration

Mightydwarf: How to spot a shitter

Cloned: yeah im shit, because i play WoW for fun… not like some mega nerd, that thinks WoW is like working at NASA, when they install 10 million addons

davepoobond: you are an anti-science cretin.  what is wrong with NASA

Cloned: there is a reason there is a stigma against WoW players, and its from sociopaths like him  that Call everyone shit, if they didnt modify their UI to determine complex equations about DPS

Cloned: and then he tells the casual players to Delete and walk away from the computer…. THe irony is that he needs that more than anyone

Kynsae: No, im pretty sure the stigma is that people will choose raids over real life, play all the time, and generally talk nerdy

Whicket: yo whats an addo

Cloned: its something, that you install when you lack skill

Whicket: so the fact that i install an addon to mash my bags together or see my dps means i lack skill?

Whicket: well fuck me silly im uninstalling

Tormentous: once you uninstall them your skill will increase like crazy

davepoobond: why do you hate NASA

WoW Chat #25540

In trade chat, I’m trying to sell some pants…

davepoobond: WTS  [Phase-Twister Leggings] 5k

Headboss: lolwha

davepoobond: hard for you to read bruh?

Headboss: Those are worth about 100g brah

davepoobond: so youre an economist too?

Headboss: Did you want me to farm you an entire level 85 set in 5 minutes?

davepoobond:  so go do it

Headboss: Omw there now, prob upgrades to your chitty gear?

davepoobond: more like upgrades to your attitude

Headboss: Oh man

davepoobond: WTS  [Phase-Twister Leggings] 4.9k

Mirayu: is that meant for people leveling? or do people still play at lvl 85 cap?

davepoobond: transmog

Mirayu: oooh

Divinethis: look like shit

davepoobond: tell blizzard

Mirayu: guess i cant see it with my robe on, lol

Headboss: Pretty funny you’re trying to sell a vendor item in trade… for 5k

Headboss: Maybe you’re just exceptional at trolling

davepoobond: pretty funny that you care so much

davepoobond: go farm me an 85 set, what are you still doing in shrine

Headboss: I already farmed it bro

davepoobond: the only thing you sowed is your destruction

WoW Chat #24788

In Trade Chat…

Moneypennie: ** Miss Moneypenny’s Summer’s End Sale!  Save Big on all transmog, profession recipes, pets and more… 50-75% off normal prices… thousands of items to choose from … this weekend only. **

davepoobond: summer is just beginning

Moneypennie:  ** Miss Moneypenny’s Summer Clearance Sale!  Save Big on all transmog, profession recipes, pets and more… 50-75% off normal prices… thousands of items to choose from … this weekend only. **

Moneypennie: better? for you southies

davepoobond: summer clearances only happen at the end of winter

Moneypennie: why can i not please you?!

davepoobond: you’re not using enough tongue

Moneypennie: ick! ew! gross!

davepoobond: …in-cheek!!!

WoW Chat #23113

In World of Warcraft, a few people, including myself were standing around.  Swiss is making emotes.

Swiss winks slyly at Doombringer.

Doombringer: whats up cutey

Swiss: not much how bout u sexy pants

Swiss: can i see up it?

Swiss falls asleep. Zzzzzzz.

Doombringer: sure!

davepoobond: gross!

Swiss: nice!

Beastyn: weirdos

WoW Chat #23109

This entry is part 2 of 2 in the series Kingslayers Ruin Raiding

In World of Warcraft, we are in a dungeon

Voltress: buffs

During the first fight, the mage stands in water that keeps hurting him.

Voltress: get out fo the water mage ffs

Tremr: sorry lol never done this one before

Voltress: well think about it

Voltress: you keep taking damage

Voltress: must be somthing

Dauer: lmao

Voltress: plus the words say wwater evil when you start the boss fight

Voltress: you know in teh message screen down there or across the screen if you have DBM

Cnredy: first time here?

Tremr: yeah

Voltress: dungeon jounral

Voltress: read the boss fights thats the point of it

Voltress: DBM

Voltress: agro meters

Voltress: full expalintions of fights

Voltress: or even say hi i dotn know this fight

Voltress: basics people basics

davepoobond: you kingslayers always ruin raiding

Voltress: y

Voltress: casue we do a little reading

Voltress: and sepak up

Voltress: if we dont know somthing

Dauer: ^^

Voltress: switch DK FFS

Voltress: 7 stack swtich

Voltress: fuck me dead

Voltress: people

Voltress: once again it says hey dont hit it

Voltress: and it get smalle

Voltress: do you people read grrr

Dauer: i switch at 8

Dauer: look up

Cnredy: focus on ur healing

Voltress: my healing is fine

Voltress: no

Voltress: deaths lol

davepoobond: stop ruining raiding

Dauer: oops cant switch at 8 ZOMG

Voltress: this is not a raid

Voltress: in a riad i would have ripped you a shinter

Voltress: hehe

Voltress: green stuff bad on this boss

Dauer: i dont know what a shinter is but ok

Voltress: big waves are bad

Voltress: pull the lot tank

Voltress: might wanna move from teh middle to guys

Voltress: water please

Voltress: ty

Voltress: burn it down gogogo

Voltress: mage stack on me

Dauer: pet taunt ftw

Voltress: burn it down gogogo

Voltress: mage stack on me

Dauer: pet taunt ftw

Voltress: standin in shit again mage

Voltress: hehe

Voltress: all learning just need to learn fast

davepoobond: stop ruining raiding

Voltress: thsi is not a raid

Voltress: ????

Voltress: hwo can it be ruined

davepoobond: stop it

Voltress: ???

Voltress: standing in shit is basic game play for a year old

Voltress: asking if you dont knwo somthing is basics for a 3 years old

davepoobond: stop ruining raiding

Dauer: please stack up for this fight for spawns

Tremr: lol

Voltress: th sisi not a raid

davepoobond: you kingslayers always ruin raiding

Dauer: so can aoe and kill them quick

Voltress: r u a parret davepoobond

Cnredy: be nice volt you are annoying

Dauer: kingslayers dont ruin anything

Dauer: people need to l2 read

Voltress: its called situational awareness

Voltress: bah no mace

Dauer: figures wouldnt drop a weapon

Dauer: fml

Tremr: ty for group

Dauer: mage, i know its hard but please pay attention

Tremr: pleas elook up

davepoobond: you ruined raiding

Voltress: lol how do i ruenin raiding

Voltress: this is not a raid you fuck wit

Voltress: l2 play

davepoobond: you kingslayers always ruin raiding

He was wearing the Kingslayers title. He didn’t notice I was wearing it too — it was an inside joke in our guild and I never explained it to him.

WoW Chat #23106: Wingqt -> Xingua

This entry is part 1 of 2 in the series Kingslayers Ruin Raiding

Wingqt: can i raid with you guys this week?

Xingua: no

Wingqt: damn sonnnn

Wingqt: no loveeee

Wingqt: put the app in and everything :((

Xingua: your app was lazy, your gear and experience arn’t great, and you’re only in the guild cuz a friend asked us to invite you

Xingua: we are a serious raiding guild

Wingqt: killing KJ pre patch isnt experience?

Wingqt: and my app was lazy?

Wingqt: what is this a job?

Xingua: you never even went back to look at it after posting

Xingua: and now you assume because you posted it, you automatically get to come?

Wingqt: Somewhat, yea.

Xingua: sorry, that’s not how this works

Wingqt: thats how it worked at level 70

Wingqt: before kingslayers

Wingqt: you app to a guild

Wingqt: show up before the raid

Wingqt: try your best

Wingqt: and prove yourself

Xingua: ask diesel if you need a better understanding of how we work

Wingqt: but i guess kingslayers like you ruined raiding

Wingqt: 🙁

Xingua: I’ve been raiding since BC

Xingua: and you’re begging me to carry you

Xingua: seriously, you’re going to talk shit?

Wingqt: how so

Wingqt: how am i begging to get carroed

Wingqt: carried

Wingqt: i do 40k + dps

Wingqt: but you wouldn’t know that

Wingqt: because you havent raided with me ONCE

Wingqt: Pve nerd.

WoW Chat #23078

I was in a battleground and we were losing horribly.  Mostly because everyone was a DPS spec, and the other team was way more balanced.  I play a hunter, by the way.

Phacku: what a dick

davepoobond: 3 hybrids and none of you can tank

Phacku: your a hybrid

davepoobond: who is

davepoobond: me?

davepoobond: lol

Phacku: yeah you dont ever call me a hybrid again

davepoobond: you’re a hybird

davepoobond: and about as dumb as a plant

davepoobond: like a hybrid plant

Phacku: you obviously know nothing of plants

davepoobond: i know they are smarter than you

Phacku: than you still know nothing

Athiesm: ummmm

Athiesm: seems like i got in a grp of fighting eachother ness

Phacku: hunter likes men. thats all

Wish: there arguing about hybrid classes

Athiesm: the usual pointless shit

davepoobond: of course i like men

davepoobond: im a woman

Athiesm: who cares

Athiesm: im a wolf

Athiesm: so what

Phacku: dont lie to me

Wish: im a gnome

WoW Chat #23077

Chilo: I like playing with myself, if you know what I mean ;P

Frantor: They were probably 25

Zanbon: inappropriate

Chilo: I’m talking about multiboxing!

Zanbon: yeah i know

Zanbon: well

Chilo: god z, what did you think I was talking about…

Zanbon: i know that NOW

davepoobond: i think we need more clarifications

davepoobond: how do you put your dick in multiple boxes?

WoW Chat #22143

In Trade Chat…

Neckslicerr: how do u get a girl thats really pretty to like u

davepoobond: go after her legs like the cake you ate

Neckslicerr: ?

Neckslicerr: wow really

Neckslicerr: your funny

davepoobond: i wanna let you know that i am ready to go

Neckslicerr: your fat.

davepoobond: i come around when you least expect me, when your glass is empty

Chat #21824

kevmeister01: i like 2 POOP

kevmeister01: it keeps u regular

xoSuPa CaNdYox: o reely

kevmeister01: yes

kevmeister01: its a fact

xoSuPa CaNdYox: mmhmmm

WhiteBoi3313: =p

kevmeister01: yes

kevmeister01: quite

kevmeister01: indeed

WhiteBoi3313: lol

xoSuPa CaNdYox: yah im shur lol

xoSuPa CaNdYox: >.<

kevmeister01: peeing is pretty good 2 but its better when u pee in a bush

xoSuPa CaNdYox: no toilitz bettr

xoSuPa CaNdYox: cuz u cn whip ur ass on toilit paper

WhiteBoi3313: lol

kevmeister01: no cuz if u pee in a bush u might hit a homeless person

xoSuPa CaNdYox: soO when u pee in a toilit u pee on fishez

WhiteBoi3313: ya but pissin while drun if fun 2 caz u pee on ppl

kevmeister01: ya

xoSuPa CaNdYox: n besidez mr.toilit man luvz doodoo n peepee

kevmeister01: i like 2 pee on drunk ppl

xoSuPa CaNdYox: datz not fair cuz i cnt pee on no1

WhiteBoi3313: lol

WhiteBoi3313: brb

kevmeister01: ya u can

xoSuPa CaNdYox: no i cnt

kevmeister01: u just need 2 work on ur aim i can help

xoSuPa CaNdYox: lol wth

WhiteBoi3313: lol

xoSuPa CaNdYox: u jus wna play w/ me

xoSuPa CaNdYox: lol

WhiteBoi3313: no u squat on

WhiteBoi3313: their foot

kevmeister01: ya

WhiteBoi3313: =p

WhiteBoi3313: or leg

kevmeister01: or their face

xoSuPa CaNdYox: lol

WhiteBoi3313: ya thtl be funny with their tounge out befo they lik u u take a piss

kevmeister01: i go for the mouth all the time every time

WhiteBoi3313: lol

WhiteBoi3313: me cat is stupid

kevmeister01: thats good

WhiteBoi3313: i moving me hand around and its following it wiht it head its funny

kevmeister01: … quite

kevmeister01: indeed

WhiteBoi3313: lol

kevmeister01: yes

WoW Chat #21630

During a raid, Elementen was demanding to buy some Volatile Waters out of the guild bank…

[G] [Elementen]: Ok, so i cant buy somethign out of the gabnk that means nothing cause your over 200k in there and i ask why and i get no reply. ther is no voltile water in the AH so i thought you all would help out a guildy.

[G] [Vongimi]: let me check to see if i have some water

[G] [Unclechu]: who are you?

[G] [davepoobond]: ^

[G] [Elementen]: Im a guildy!

[G] [Unclechu]: i dont know what that means

[G] [davepoobond]: thats worse

[G] [Unclechu]: setarial?

[G] [davepoobond]: than anything else

[G] [Elementen]: yeah

[G] [davepoobond]: you could be

[G] [Unclechu]: is that your main?

[G] [Elementen]: alt

[G] [Unclechu]: are you a social?

[G] [Elementen]: yes

[G] [Unclechu]: who do you know?

[G] [Elementen]: i apped and was invited by Graiff

[G] [Unclechu]: well, then ask graiff for the water

[G] [Unclechu]: case closed

[G] [Rev]: they’re doing a raid right now

[G] [Rev]: so

[G] [Vongimi]: graiff hates people though

[G] [Elementen]: I have i got no answere but i see he is in raid

[G] [Rev:]: that’s most likely the reason you aren’t getting an answer

[G] [Korrigan]: no shit he does

[G] [Unclechu]: hes probably yelling at someone

[G] [Gloworm]: why dont you ask trade chat

[G] [Vongimi]: no water on this guy either…

[G] [Elementen]: because im guild but yes i can ask trade

[G] [Battle]: trade chat is full of pleasant individuals with whom to have meaningful conversations

[G] [Elementen]: lawl

[G] [Gloworm]: I think you misunderstand the guild you’re in

[G] [Vongimi]: gah i swear i had some

[G] [Vongimi]: let me check my rogue

[G] [Elementen]: I know im in a very respected raiding guild like server 5 but i didnt know that meant you didnt take care of your lower socials

[G] [Vongimi]: GAH

[G] [Vongimi]: cant find these waters

[G] [Vongimi]: i think i sold them >.<

[G] [Rev]: it’s not an issue of not taking care

[G] [Gloworm]: the stuff in the bank is for main raiders

[G] [Rev:]: for all any of us know those waters are gonna be used for something

[G] [Vongimi]: how many do you need?

Elementen has left the guild.

[G] [Deek]: hahaha

[G] [Rev]: ahahahahahahaahaha

[G] [Gloworm]: lol……..

[G] [Vongimi]: wow i was trying to help him…

[G] [davepoobond]: what a fucking fucker

[G] [Gloworm]: i looked in my banks and stuff =/

[G] [Rev]: where’s the sense of entitlement come from?

[G] [Gloworm]: i dont even remember what those look like

[G] [Rev]: love it!

[G] [Gloworm]: was that his alt or friend?

[G] [Murmandamos]: who gives waters to socials

[G] [Deek]: his note was “social – forever alone”

[G] [Murmandamos]: hell i didn’t even know they gave that shit to anyone

[G] [davepoobond]: nobody knows who the hell he is

[G] [Vongimi]: hes not online anymore

[G] [Gloworm]: whelp

[G] [Gloworm]: post them on the AH for sky high prices and profit?

[G] [Deek]: well i put some one the ah for him

[G] [Deek]: maybe he wants them for 100g

[G] [Deek]: a piece

[G] [Gloworm]: makes me want to go farm some

[G] [Unclechu]: was that guy a transfer?

[G] [Unclechu]: bad beato

[G] [Gloworm]: ick, when did gem prices go up so much

[G] [Vongimi]: patch 😛

[G] [Gloworm]: fffuuuu why

[G] [Catheriana]: tron touched himself and then all the sudden prices trippled

[G] [Gloworm]: T^T

WoW Chat #21629

[2] [Zdettz]: looking for arean prtner

[2] [Varrah]: ^ and a dictionary

[2] [davepoobond]: looking for aryan partner

[2] [davepoobond]: or is it aryan printer

[2] [Soultorn]: bald white guy lf 2s…

[2] [Lockdots]: lol

[2] [Lilnuggie]: afro black guy lf 2

[2] [Soultorn]: GET HIM!!!

[2] [Lockdots]: swastika preferable?

[2] [Soultorn]: preferred but not required