Advertise/Promotions is an ever-growing archive of humor, including jokes, stories, and many other types of content. and its network of web sites receive approximately 13,000+ page views per month.  We offer many forms of advertising, including placement of banner ads, textual ads, and promotions via posts.  We will meet your specific advertising needs.

If you would like to advertise, promote, or set up public relations with Squackle, please e-mail me at for further information.


Banner ads are displayed on the top (Location 1), on the left side (Location 2), on the right side (Location 3) and bottom of the web site (Location 4).  Other “Locations” are available, depending on specificity.

Advertising/advertorials are also available via posts if you are interested in only appearing in certain categories.

Read outs/intermission commercials/”sponsored by” messages in episodes of Squacklecast are also available for purchase.  If you want to get really fancy, I’ll even sing a song about your product and integrate it with a new Squacklecast theme song, which will last for 10 episodes.


Reviews for products and services are available.

Examples include, but not limited to: PC/Console Games, Smartphone Apps, electronics, movies/videos/TV shows, board games, tangible products, and other items.  Please inquire if you are unsure about your product/service.

Various Qualifications:

Game Reviews – davepoobond is an amateur gaming journalist who for 6 years (2004 to 2010) worked as a writer/public relations manager for a small gaming web site known as GamersMark (which is now defunct).  During his time there, he had reviewed 100+ reviews in a professional capacity, and attended three separate E3 events, as well as other various PR events for individual games (such as WWE Smackdown vs Raw), among other responsibilities with the site.  More recently, new game reviews/editorials are posted on Squackle.

Movie/TV Reviews – davepoobond is a film major, freelance videographer, and a self-proclaimed film buff.  He has seen more than 1100 films of all genres, from campy to award-winning.  He understands how to critically view film and television from a production standpoint.

Videography – davepoobond is a freelance videographer with experience in video and audio editing.  These skills are used occasionally to create content for the site, in the form of funny videos/animations/podcasts/music and other audio/video projects.

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