The list below is the index of subsection-type things on the site. Click the link to the respective “subsection” to view articles with that tag.  Also includes sections I felt needed more explanation as to their purpose.

Chat Logs:


By Format

By Content


  • Audio – Sound/music.
  • Pictures – Still pictures and animations.
  • Videos and Flash – animations and video.
  • Comics Series:
    • All Comics – all of the Questionable Content comics.
    • Blam Series – By stimpyismyname. This series features someone named Blam Man/Blam Guy and he has a gun.
    • The Boob Ring Series – By natethegreatest.
    • Raggert Series – By davepoobond. Usually consists of one panel in which a character will rant and complain and go on forever about things.
    • Squackle! Comics – By davepoobond. The all-encompassing name for not-so-related comics that are drawn in Microsoft Paint for Squackle! by davepoobond. Can include QC characters.
    • Doom Series – By Soup Nazi. If Soup Nazi and his friends were actually in Doom, this would happen.
    • Syndicate Me – By stimpyismyname. Black and white cartoons that might just make about no sense. Seperated into Season 1 and the short-lived Season 2.

Other Junk (These are “testing” grounds for new sections on Squackle.  If it becomes big enough it will be its own section one day):

  • Fan Mail – Generally positive statements about Squackle.
  • Hate Mail – Generally negative statements about Squackle.
  • Squackle Guestbook – Posts from the Squackle Guestbooks.

Poetry and Songs:

By Content

By Format

Quotes – Sort of like Chat Logs, but mostly made up of one-liners or conversations that aren’t specifically online.

Screwed Up Chronicles:

  • Screwed Up Computers – Articles about Computers
  • Screwed Up Games – Articles about Games (includes game reviews) and at the moment, Apps.
    • Fake Games – Games that are fake and/or made up to make fun of other games.  Not real, obviously.  Can be pictures or articles describing theoretical games.
    • Game Previews – Previews are not reviews, so they aren’t in the game review index.  Previews are like summarizing info for games (no hands-on) or Early Access/Demo/Hands-on impressions.
    • App Reviews – App Reviews are listed here for the time being.  If they are game related they will be listed in the Game Review Index.
  • Screwed Up Internet– Articles about the Internet.
  • Screwed Up Movies– Articles about movies.
  • Screwed Up Music– Articles about music.
    • Music Review – reviews for musical albums or particular songs.
  • Screwed Up People – Articles about particular people.
  • Screwed Up TV – Articles about television.
  • Screwed Up World – Articles about the world and countries.
  • Dave’s Kingdom – Goings on in the immediate area where davepoobond resides. Could be his hometown, school, etc. Think of it as Dave’s blog-type stuff or things about him.
  • Dave’s Breakdown – Breakdowns/summaries of articles or written items, videos, or the like.  Not meant to be a review, though.
  • Essay of Definition – A type of essay in which you explain a certain word in connotations as it relates to society today.
  • Looking Back At – Satirical articles that look back at certain things in a nostalgic way.  Most of the time, undeservingly so.
  • Soccer Mom Dave – Dave takes on the guise of a “Soccer Mom” and writes articles from a stereotypical, “rationally” thinking American Soccer Mom.
  • This Is Satire – Satirical “joke” articles.

Squackle Broadcasting Company – If I ran my own TV station, this is the programming that would run on it. This will eventually be ordered in such a fashion where you’ll go through “days” of broadcasting, rather than just a dump for all the content.


  • MadLibs – Filled-in stories using either MadLibs stories or other stories that are akin to its style.
  • Dave’s Notes – Kind of like Cliff’s Notes.  A basic summary of a story or something like that.
  • Johnny Hotfoot Adventures – A story series about Johnny Hotfoot.

Stupid IMs:

  • AIM Bot – Category of IMs that are with AIM Bots (that aren’t spammers).
  • AIM Spam Bot – Category of IMs that are with AIM Spam Bots.
  • Prank IM – Category of IMs that are “Pranks” made on other people. Does not include pranks (since we don’t really know if they are) made on us.

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