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Games and other fun stuff you can play in your browser.

Rubber Band Darts

Materials: Rubber bands for each person

Number of Players: Alone or with a pal! (1-2)

What you do:

– Locate a convenience store with an assortment of hanging products on the slat walls.

– Shoot a rubber band at the supplies from across the room towards the wall.

– Depending on where the rubber band hits and lands, you get points.  Has to hit an actual supply item to count.

– Can be played for a certain amount of rounds or up to a certain amount of points.  Suggested: 10 rounds or 50 points.


Points are dispersed in two sets — by what the rubber band hits and what it lands on.  You lose points if you under-perform.  This is known as the “Hit + Land score” on a per turn basis.  A designated scorekeeper is preferred, but not required.


4th row = +4 / 3rd row = +3 / 2nd row = +2 / 1st row = +1 / Nothing = 0 / Above or Below all rows = -2

Lands on…

Floor = -2 / On top of a shelf = +1 / Hangs on Something = +2 / Hangs on a slat wall hook = +3


Something Amazing! = +5


Lose Rubberband = -100

Tackle Frisbee

Materials: Frisbee, Ocarina, Texan, Atheist

Number of Players: Five to twelve players, plus one to be the ‘Coach’

Boundaries: A Small Field

What You Do:

Before you play, set up the cheerleaders. Take the Texan and make him play the Ocarnia. Take the Atheist and make him sing Everybody Dance Now.

This game works like football. Have one player, The ‘Coach’, throw the frisbee, and the others have to try and grab the frisbee and take it to The Touchdown. The touchdown is in between the Texan and the Atheist.

After someone scores, have the ‘Coach’ writes down there score on a sheet of paper.  The game ends when someone scores 15 touchdowns, and the winner gets a cookie!

NOTE: Unless you are playing with really Heavy people who will squish you, no safety equipment is allowed.

Equals Infinity

Here’s a fun game to play on your calculator!  Its called Equals Infinity.  The new calculator game that’s taking bored high school math students by storm!

How to set it up:

1. Press 1 + 1 on your calculator.

How to play:

Press the “equal” sign forever or for a desired length of time.

Only works on calculators that will automatically add 1 every time you press the “equal” sign.

Different ways to play this game:

Time trial – shortest time for amount of clicks.

Best lap – maximum amount of clicks in a certain amount of time

Competition – go against others!  Best clicks after time expires.

Download: X-Force

  X-Force (957.7 KiB, 2,113 hits)

X-Force was a free server for StarCraft way back in the day. It had relatively no one on it compared to, which meant NO LAG. It doesn't work anymore because StarCraft has had patches since then, and I don't think X-Force was ever updated to keep up with it. Everything that was needed to use X-Force was in this file. Its more of a legacy download now than something you can actually use.

Download: Magintta’s Dice Proctor (Only for AOL)

  Magintta's Dice Proctor (only for AOL) (33.2 KiB, 2,362 hits)

This is only for AOL, and counts the "points" or whatever for dice in AOL chat rooms when you roll the dice in there. Maginnta's site is supposedly down now, so this is pry gonna be one of the only places you can find it. I have no idea if it works with newer versions of AOL.

Download: Switcher

Warning: This program does not work as it is intended. Only use it if you want to fuck up your text files!

  Switcher (2.9 MiB, 2,066 hits)

Made by Adman. This program opens text files (including html), and replaces one or two words or phrases or whatever with whatever you want. Pretty nifty? There's a slower version included if the program freezes when you try it. It also messes up the whole file, so its more of a novelty item or something that you can use to screw up someone else's documents...