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Tackle Frisbee

Materials: Frisbee, Ocarina, Texan, Atheist

Number of Players: Five to twelve players, plus one to be the ‘Coach’

Boundaries: A Small Field

What You Do:

Before you play, set up the cheerleaders. Take the Texan and make him play the Ocarnia. Take the Atheist and make him sing Everybody Dance Now.

This game works like football. Have one player, The ‘Coach’, throw the frisbee, and the others have to try and grab the frisbee and take it to The Touchdown. The touchdown is in between the Texan and the Atheist.

After someone scores, have the ‘Coach’ writes down there score on a sheet of paper.  The game ends when someone scores 15 touchdowns, and the winner gets a cookie!

NOTE: Unless you are playing with really Heavy people who will squish you, no safety equipment is allowed.

Joke #12838

A successful basketball coach who was only six feet tall claimed that he could rate a player’s potential just by looking him in the eye.  If he could look a player in the eye without stooping, he rated him poor.  If he had to stand on his tiptoes to look him in the eye, he rated him fair.  And if he had to use a stepladder to look him in the eye, he rated him good.

Joke #12833

OVERHEARD: “When I was in college, I was on the football team, but the coach didn’t think much of my ability.  I’ll never forget one rough game we played.  Every player on my team got hurt except me.  In the last quarter, with 3 minutes to go, our right tackle got hurt.  I was sitting on the bench all by myself when the coach took a look over at me and said, ‘Kelly, get up and move aside.  I’m sending the bench.'”

Joke #12641

A football scout returned from the hills of Kentucky and told his boss, “I found a kid up there who is six feet, nine inches tall and weighs four hundred pounds.  He has hands like hams and a neck size of thirty inches.”

The college coach jumped up from behind his desk and shouted, “He sounds like what the team needs.  Bring him in.”

“I can’t,” said the scout.  “His chain only reaches ten feet.”