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Don’t Copy That Floppy

MC Disc Protector makes amazing points in his ridiculous rap “Don’t Copy That Floppy.” Remember when it was so easy to copy a floppy disk game onto another floppy disk? NO, BECAUSE SOME RAPPER GUY ALWAYS HACKS INTO YOUR COMPUTER AND PLAYS HIS STUPID SONG! This is essentially an annoying 10 minute song. Also, I think there’s a lot of innuendo between the white kid and the black chick.

Classic Chris Pirillo

I used to watch TechTV back in the early 00s before it was made into that god awful G4 channel that has somehow kept limping around and not getting shut down.

One of the more peculiar personalities was this guy who ran the Call for Help show where rednecks from the south would call in and ask how to reboot their computers, or in this case, about spam… on the internet.  Oh, is that Morgan Webb coming in to save the producer’s ass?  I think so.