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Special Place Poem

When I want to be  A




E   I go OnTo my chair and StArT playing N


4   On OnE of the games I HAVE, I TaKe PLace as MaRiO trying to get 120 StArs and PrinceSS ToadstOOL back from BoWsEr, MaRIo’s aRchnemisis.





E    I taKe pLace as …… Bond, James Bond and Go on COveRt missions in RUSSIA.


In MY worLd  I taKe voyages frOm the WAVES of wave Race 64 to THE ice on WaynE GreTskY’s 3D HoCKEy

Page From a Psychiatrist’s Notebook

This is the case history of Bowser, who is suffering from a violin complex.  He/she also has abnormal fears of names and N64s.  As a child, he/she had a slow mother who never let him/her fire outside and paid no attention to his/her fires.  Also, his/her father refused to let him/her play fart.

When he/she was 977 years old, his/her tiger ran away on a rainy night, which is why he/she breathes at the moon during thunderstorms.  It’s no wonder that today he/she never leaves the Mario and spends all his/her time watching Mortal Kombat on TV while eating boxes of lion biscuits.