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You Give Stink a Bad Name

Parody of Bon Jovi – You Give Love a Bad Name

C’mon, be honest…it stinks, doesn’t it?

Angel hair pasta is what I smell
I promised you noodles but just gave you shells..
Grains of corn and Cream Of Wheat
Are racking your body and trying to break free..

You’re a loaded gun..
There’s nowhere to run,
Gas-X can’t save you-
The damage is done..

I smell a fart, and you’re to blame
You give stink a bad name… (damn shame)
You eat Pop Tarts
And then you aim my way
You give stink a bad name… (bad name)

I’m turning pink..


Pepto-Bismol on your lips
Beanos fall from your fingertips..
Boston cream & apple pie,
Your very first rip
Blew a whole through your thigh..

Youre a loaded gun..
Theres nowhere to run-
Maalox can’t save you
The damage is done..

I smell a fart,and you’re to blame hurlin’
You give stink a bad name.. (damn shame)
You eat pop tarts
And then you aim my way
You give stink a bad name… (bad name)

Oh you give stink….

A bad name.

Funny Search Terms

Sometimes people find Squackle with odd or funny search terms.  They’re so funny or weird sometimes, that I feel like I need to share it with the world.  Not saying that there isn’t a lot of weird shit on this site, but there are times where I just don’t expect certain search terms to actually lead to Squackle.  Also, I wouldn’t mind being the number one search for “what sound does a beaver make.”

Here’s a list of the exceedingly funny search terms as I see them, newest on top:

pictures of guyz fucking there girl friend

how to say huge ass in a fancy way

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grandma is raped with toothbrush

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why the f*ck are asian women so attractive

fireworks of cum and semen

sexy little girl feet on balls

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does katy perry let guys cum inside her

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dave’s review rating on penius enhancers

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what is a good website for robot porn

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you dont need a boyfriend to have sex

pure uncut heroin

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molested pinball

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Football players asses

white guy saying fucking rice to every mustang that passes by

child molesting manatee

teens using tampons with whiskey

tall girls are racist

girl pump fart

can you fuck a vacuum

masturbate bicycle

monkey pooping on a car window

chat with someone horny site

seeing tv reporters panties

what cream for ass

what sound does a beaver make

degrassi has muslims in the show

ass-hole kingdom

filthiest way of saying butthole

woman doing toilet with lion

why da fuck people always getting shot in degrassi

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college fuck festival

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Quote #21256

“OKay umm there is a diffrence between being irrattating and being annoying

i believe are more on the irrattatting side and anyways who idea was it about the fart thing??  (( frankly i think shes full of shit dont listen to my Char she can be a real bitch at times he he then again she is under my control ::evil cackles then turns smacking her character::))”

– Rose Andreana