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Quote #21094: Dialogue

Juan: “Hi, Mrs. Garcia!”

Mrs. Garcia: “Hi, Juan!”

Juan: “I like your banana.”

Mrs. Garcia: “yes, it is very long, no?”

Juan: “yes”

Mrs. Garcia: “the size of my banana is 12”

Juan: “what is the price?”

Mrs. Garcia: “the jacket is 999 pesos”

Juan: “good”

Mrs. Garcia: “yes”

Juan: “yes, bye”

– by davepoobond and BlindBubba.  Written in Spanish for an assignment, and then translated into English by davepoobond.

#10947: Blind Bubba -> davepoobond

Blind Bubba: .

Blind Bubba: ,

Blind Bubba: .

Blind Bubba: ,

Blind Bubba: .

davepoobond: ,

Blind Bubba: if you wore an ecko sweater and baggy pants and you shaved your head

Blind Bubba: you would look like a wangsta

davepoobond: i’m armo though..

Blind Bubba: a WANGSTA

davepoobond: i’m not white

Blind Bubba: yea but there isnt a term for an armo wannabe

davepoobond: i kinda am but not pure white

davepoobond: yeah, that’s cause armos rule

Blind Bubba: oh

Blind Bubba: haha

#10873: Blind Bubba -> davepoobond

Blind Bubba: hey asshole

Auto response from davepoobond: I am away from my computer right now.

30 minutes later…

davepoobond: hi bitch

davepoobond: did you want something

Blind Bubba: ?

davepoobond: you dont usually IM me

davepoobond: Blind Bubba: hey asshole

Blind Bubba: ?

davepoobond: is this johnny?

Blind Bubba: ?

davepoobond: ok

davepoobond: is it

Blind Bubba: what

davepoobond: what what

Blind Bubba: ?

davepoobond: did you just want to be stupid or something

Blind Bubba: stfu

davepoobond: :-*

davepoobond: ya IMd me like a half an hour ago i wanted to know whyyyyy

Blind Bubba: ?

#10603: davepoobond -> Blind Bubba

davepoobond: do you know the old crossguard guy in front of st. bedes

davepoobond: st. francis i mean

Blind Bubba: what about him

davepoobond: he got fired

Blind Bubba: lol

Blind Bubba: y?

davepoobond: and he “doesnt know what to do with his time now”

Blind Bubba: hahaha

davepoobond: “undisclosed reasons”

davepoobond: it was in the valley sun

Blind Bubba: hahahaha

Blind Bubba: he was old

davepoobond: 82

davepoobond: he had to “turn in his stop sign”

davepoobond: the stop sign is like a badge to the crossguards

davepoobond: its sad

Blind Bubba: LOL

Blind Bubba: that would be phat if they got to keep it

davepoobond: ha

davepoobond: he got reported cause he cussed

davepoobond: my sister said once he said something like “you stupid idiot, i cant believe you get laid at night!”

davepoobond: when the car didnt stop for him

Blind Bubba: LOL


davepoobond: someone named Mr. Moeran reported him

davepoobond: and the old guy is looking for a job

Blind Bubba: hahahah

Blind Bubba: mr moeran

Blind Bubba: that guy is an asshole

davepoobond: who is that

Blind Bubba: dunno but hes an asshole

davepoobond: teacher?

Blind Bubba: Blind Bubba: dunno but hes an asshole

davepoobond: staff?

davepoobond: ok now i’m just doing it to spite you

davepoobond: anyway

davepoobond: the old guy was kinda stupid

davepoobond: i think he’s gonna work at mcdonalds now

davepoobond: “can i take your god damn order? sorry”