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WoW Chat #23077

Chilo: I like playing with myself, if you know what I mean ;P

Frantor: They were probably 25

Zanbon: inappropriate

Chilo: I’m talking about multiboxing!

Zanbon: yeah i know

Zanbon: well

Chilo: god z, what did you think I was talking about…

Zanbon: i know that NOW

davepoobond: i think we need more clarifications

davepoobond: how do you put your dick in multiple boxes?

WoW Chat #21628: davepoobond -> Xonthebeach

Xonthebeach was spamming in trade to whisper “Zathwiker” for free gold.

davepoobond: can i have gold

davepoobond: can i have gold

Xonthebeach: pst zathwiker

davepoobond: who is that

Xonthebeach: hes giving gold

davepoobond: cant you just give me gold

Xonthebeach: no

Xonthebeach: wish i could tho man 🙁

davepoobond: why not

Xonthebeach: gotta support the family

Xonthebeach: hard times.

davepoobond: how do you get a family

Xonthebeach: well

Xonthebeach: are u sitting down?

Xonthebeach: its a long story

davepoobond: ok i have all day

Xonthebeach: k

Xonthebeach: well, it started back in 1096

Xonthebeach: 1986*

Xonthebeach: i was born

Xonthebeach: i was conceived by Chilo

davepoobond: is that before or after Tom and Huck?

Xonthebeach: he’s in your guild

Xonthebeach: probably after

Xonthebeach: Chilo should know

Xonthebeach: hes my biological father

davepoobond: go on

Xonthebeach: anyways

Xonthebeach: Chilo was a great father

Xonthebeach: but then i grew up

davepoobond: like jesus?

Xonthebeach: and met a female

Xonthebeach: better than Jesus

davepoobond: female jesus?

Xonthebeach: we fell in love, and startd a family

Xonthebeach: i was a blue collar worker

davepoobond: with jesus?

Xonthebeach: then the recession hit

davepoobond: is that before or after postmodernism?

Xonthebeach: after

Xonthebeach: this is during the time of the hipsters

Xonthebeach: anyways

Xonthebeach: recession hit, and raid boss werent getting killed, so my funds went low “(

Xonthebeach: so theres my shitty story.

davepoobond: but can i have gold?

Xonthebeach: im sorry, i cant spare a copper

Xonthebeach: see im also a Jew/

davepoobond: why

Xonthebeach: i have the nose

davepoobond: you know what they say right

davepoobond: the nose knows

Xonthebeach: lul

Xonthebeach: haha that shit made me laugh

Xonthebeach: can we be friends?

davepoobond: sure

Xonthebeach: im also drunk atm

Xonthebeach: tell chilo i said hi 🙂

Xonthebeach: he was my old GM

Xonthebeach: on our old server

davepoobond: will do