Squackle Land Caught Up

I finally got Squackle Land caught up to what is currently displayed on the main Squackle web site.

For those of you that don’t know, Squackle Land is an information base of all the “fantasy” elements that belong in the Squackleverse.  Its full of the zany stuff that’s been posted on Squackle over the years in such a way that makes them interact with each other — kind of like a wiki.

I’ve been working on it since


Announcing Squackle Land

My most recent project is called “Squackle Land” and I’ve been working quite a bit on it recently.

The concept behind it is to make it a compendium for all the weirdness that is Squackle.  It’s meant to take all the “original” ideas of Squackle and create a world in which everything takes place in.  It includes all the people, locations, terms, and others that I deem that apply to the idea.


Its using a default WordPress theme for now, but I will eventually change it, and make it something more alike The Monoverse‘s theme with different colors.