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Quote #22154: Internet Access Thing — Not Available in Arizona

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::A customer from another state calls the phone.::

Guy From Arizona: Hello?

davepoobond: Hi, how can I help you?

Guy From Arizona: Do you guys sell any of those 2004 World Series Shirts anymore?

davepoobond: No, we’ve been sold out of those for a couple years.

Guy From Arizona: Ah, shit, dammit, fuck!

davepoobond: Ummm….

Guy From Arizona: Do you guys have a catalog?

davepoobond: No, I’m sorry, we have a web site where —

Guy From Arizona: Ah shit.  I don’t have Internet Access Thing.

davepoobond:  Oh… sorry.

Guy From Arizona: Can you drive me down some shirts?

davepoobond: Um… sure, for a thousand dollars haha.

Guy From Arizona: Really?

– at davepoobond’s job, 6/5/07

CrazE-mail #22084

I have a Craigslist posting that I can help people with quick computer problems or troubleshooting something, with a more software-inclination, rather than hardware.  I don’t get any responses to it, but I did get the following.

from:  Sweetandfun
date:  Fri, Sep 2, 2011 at 8:19 PM
subject:  Quick Computer Troubleshooting/Help

Hello I need help!!! Can u help me wipe out some old stuff on google please give me a call im Sweetandfun <insert phone number here>

from:  davepoobond
date:  Fri, Sep 9, 2011 at 9:14 PM
subject:  Re: Quick Computer Troubleshooting/Help

I’m afraid that is outside of the scope of my power. The only way to remove search results on Google is by removing the items on the originating web site. Once they are removed, then it will take a couple of days or more for Google to clear it out of its search results.

Hope that helps you.

New Server!

Hey everyone!

The past couple days I moved Squackle over to a new server.  I think everything is working fine now after a few hours of it not being fine.

I am now on a server that has unlimited space and unlimited bandwidth!  That means I can do… lots of stuff I wasn’t originally planning on doing so soon.

The reason behind me moving was because my old host was apparently shutting down on September 1st.  They say there were many “announcements” of this happening but I saw none of it in any of my email inboxes, only in the off-chance in an unanswered support ticket from them.

So, I’m just glad I caught it in time, and it forced me to move over to a seemingly better server.

A couple of things that are going to happen now that there is unlimited space:

The caching system will reset every week now instead of whenever I get the opportunity to click it since now I have unlimited space, I can leave all the cached pages around.  I don’t usually do a lot of site-wide updates anyway, so this should decrease load times considerably.

Pictures are now a possibility of showing up in updates more often.

I may host videos.

I may host other web sites/blogs (maybe)

Some other shit.

5-and-5 About Playing Video Games

A friend of mine told me to play one to two hours max of PS3 and/or PC games today and then write 5 positive things about the time I spent and 5 negative things about the time I spent.

So here’s the Positive 5:

1. Slowly expanding my knowledge of video games (design, gameplay, etc).

2. Getting more of whatever I needed in the particular game I played.

3. Sense of accomplishment for getting through in-game assigned goals.

4. Didn’t happen today, but I usually get to interact with other people I usually play with.

5. Unique to this hour of playtime I had, I did not get frustrated because no in-game elements greatly impeded what I had set out to do in-game.

and the Negative 5:

1. Spent an hour or two of the day doing that instead of doing something else.

2. Adds to spending money on games because once I get through a certain amount of time playing a game I usually play the next game.

3. Sometimes I feel completely bored with playing and just don’t want to do it anymore, which I’ve been cutting down a lot of game time and working on getting through other things.

4. Its a never-ending cycle with the game I play, there’s always something more to do.

5. It starts to feel like a chore if I start to do things I don’t want to do in the game.

I spent most of my day working on my web site and watching episodes of 24.  I started watching the show over the past couple days and I’m almost through Season 1.

I honestly feel that the positives of playing games for a shorter amount of time than say 3 or 4 hours outweigh the negatives for that period of time.  But after 3 hours, the whole day becomes wasted and the next is almost ready to start.

I am also currently pursuing a job opportunity with Blizzard and having a wide-variety of gaming knowledge as well as knowledge of their games will benefit me if they want to interview or hire me for a game tester position at their company.  I think it would be a pretty amazing opportunity to work at Blizzard, not to mention it would be an associative use for my major from college.

First Day of Working Out

Well, I started working out this week on Thursday.  It was sort of fun being able to do the exercises with someone else.  I’ve never really done exercises with anyone else and its good to have a friend there cause he can tell me what I’m doing wrong or tell me how to exercise more efficiently than I would otherwise.

I’m not a health guru or even that knowledgeable about things you can do in the gym so its nice to be able to have someone there.

Recently my mom has been drilling into me that I am almost thirty years old (I’m only 25), and practically telling me that I’m fat and unsuccessful.  She’s told me that she regretted sending me to college because my major has done nothing for me.  I think its terribly unfair that she says these things because she’s making it seem like my life is already over.  She says I have no ambition and that may be true, but ambition isn’t for everyone.  I don’t see how doing random things that she envisions me doing that I have no interest in doing dictates whether or not I have ambition or not.  The things I am ambitious about are all with the internet, with my web site and my ability to create, and that’s good enough for me.

In either case, it wasn’t so much of a wake-up call as it was just making myself better, and having enough of living the way I have been.  Yes, I want to make my mom stop telling me to lose weight and to stop poking and prodding me to getting a job, but if its not those things it’d be another.  That’s always how it’s been with her.  In high school when I wasn’t “dangerously” overweight (I was still overweight, I’ve always felt that way) it was me being on the computer too much or me spending too much time playing games, or whatever.  If it’s not one thing, it’s another.  Those things haven’t directly affected anything in my life, and blaming anything but my own attitude and complacency would be a scapegoat.