New Server!

Hey everyone!

The past couple days I moved Squackle over to a new server.  I think everything is working fine now after a few hours of it not being fine.

I am now on a server that has unlimited space and unlimited bandwidth!  That means I can do… lots of stuff I wasn’t originally planning on doing so soon.

The reason behind me moving was because my old host was apparently shutting down on September 1st.  They say there were many “announcements” of this happening but I saw none of it in any of my email inboxes, only in the off-chance in an unanswered support ticket from them.

So, I’m just glad I caught it in time, and it forced me to move over to a seemingly better server.

A couple of things that are going to happen now that there is unlimited space:

The caching system will reset every week now instead of whenever I get the opportunity to click it since now I have unlimited space, I can leave all the cached pages around.  I don’t usually do a lot of site-wide updates anyway, so this should decrease load times considerably.

Pictures are now a possibility of showing up in updates more often.

I may host videos.

I may host other web sites/blogs (maybe)

Some other shit.

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