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My Geometry Test Grades

I took Geometry in 10th grade in high school.  We had to get each one of our test grades signed off by our parents.  Pretty much after every test I got a lecture from my mom.  I was pretty bad at geometry, mostly because of the proofs.

1st semester:


2nd semester:


Pretty hilarious, really.  I ended up getting a C anyway, so I didn’t have to retake the class during summer.

The tea is too cold…

I found this at school.

The tea is too cold

The tea is too hot.  I can’t drink it.

I can’t put my dictionary in my pocket.  My dictionary is too big.

An elephant is too big.  A mouse is too small.

I can’t buy a boat because it’s too expensive, but Anita can buy one if she wants to.

We went to the Rocky Mountains for our vacation.  The mountains are too beautiful.

I can’t eat this food because it’s too salty.

Amanda doesn’t like her room in the dorm.  She thinks it’s too small.

I lost your dictionary.  I’m too sorry.  I’ll buy you a new one.

A: Do you like your math course?

B: Yes.  It’s too difficult, but I enjoy it.

WoW Chat #21138: Btk -> davepoobond

In the trade chat channel in World of Warcraft I was spouting:

“WTS  [Fiery Warhorse’s Reins] mount RUN – 250g or best offer, pst!  If it drops its yours!  READ THIS BEFORE WHISPERING ME.”

Btk: anyone can solo the first boss in kara, your stupid

davepoobond: you’re stupider for complaining

Btk: problem?

davepoobond: x + y = z

davepoobond: solve for y

Btk: y= your mum x=my wood z= you

davepoobond: hello, how has your day been today

Btk: deal with it

The End of Infinity

The End of Infinity – n. the theory in which there is an end to the “number” designated as infinity, and rounds this number off at an unknown number.  Also clarifies that the “number” infinity does not actually have any numbers in it, because if there were an endless string of 9’s going on forever, adding one to it will make this number one digit longer, thus making it possible for this new longer number to be all 9’s, and having another one added to it, hence making it longer, yet again.  The number is so huge that it is unfathomable by the human mind.