The Polygon Poem

Two equilateral triangles
Two right triangles
Two isosceles triangles
Two scalene triangles
Two squares
Two rectangles
Two rhombuses
Two isosceles trapezoids
Two regular hexagons
Two regular polygons

A right triangle and an acute triangle
An isosceles triangle and a scalene triangle
A right triangle and a scalene triangle
An equilateral triangle and an equiangular triangle


Deductive Reasoning

Chan is older than Pedro
Pedro is older than Sarah

Valerie is older than Greg
Dan is older than Greg

Polygon G has more than 6 sides
Polygon K has more than 6 sides

There are three sisters
Two of them are athletes
And two of them like tacos

Can you be sure that both
Of the athletes like tacos?
At least one of the athletic sisters like tacos


If Today Is Tuesday

If today is Tuesday, then tomorrow is Wednesday
Today is Tuesday
Therefore, tomorrow is Wednesday.

If a figure is a triangle, then it is a polygon
This figure is not a polygon.
Therefore, this figure is not a triangle

It is Tuesday and it is April
Therefore, it is Tuesday

It is a square or it is a triangle
It is not a square
Therefore, it is a triangle


1-20 Find the Area

A triangle with base 5.2 m and corresponding height 11.5m
A triangle with sides 3, 4, and 5
A parallelogram with base 3 radical 2 and corresponding height 2 radical 2
A rhombus with diagonals 4 and 6
An equilateral triangle with sides 8 ft
An isosceles triangle with sides 10, 10, and 16
An isosceles triangle with base 10 and perimeter 36
An isosceles right triangle with hypotenuse 8
An equilateral triangle with perimeter 18
A parallelogram with a 45 degree angle and sides 6 cm
A 30 degree-60 degree-90 degree triangle with hypotenuse 10
An equilateral triangle with height 9
A rhombus with perimeter 68 and one diagonal 30
A regular hexagon with perimeter 60
A square inscribed in a circle with radius r
A rectangle with length 16 inscribed in a circle with radius 10