1-20 Find the Area

A triangle with base 5.2 m and corresponding height 11.5m
A triangle with sides 3, 4, and 5
A parallelogram with base 3 radical 2 and corresponding height 2 radical 2
A rhombus with diagonals 4 and 6
An equilateral triangle with sides 8 ft
An isosceles triangle with sides 10, 10, and 16
An isosceles triangle with base 10 and perimeter 36
An isosceles right triangle with hypotenuse 8
An equilateral triangle with perimeter 18
A parallelogram with a 45 degree angle and sides 6 cm
A 30 degree-60 degree-90 degree triangle with hypotenuse 10
An equilateral triangle with height 9
A rhombus with perimeter 68 and one diagonal 30
A regular hexagon with perimeter 60
A square inscribed in a circle with radius r
A rectangle with length 16 inscribed in a circle with radius 10

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