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The 8 Year Old’s Dream

When he was 8 years old, he started being a famous archaeologist.  For this, tonight he dreamed that he was making a large trip with my girlfriend.  In his dream, Susana and he explored mysterious things in the jungle.  They navigated by canoe and admired the parrots of many colors.

One day, Susana got dirty because he said she saw a snake try to capture a rat.  He said to her that the snake isn’t dangerous and they went to the camp very fast.

At the end, they saw a magnificent temple that had dirt and some trees around the floor.  They found a secret door and when we entered, they discovered a large treasure of objects of gold and silver.  They started to take them whent hey remembered we didn’t have a bakcpack.

Then we left without the treasure, at this moment he woke up.

Fan Mail #21330

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This form was submitted:  Feb 25 2004 / 15:18:12

name = Midget Toser#13
type = Thanks
title = You guys rock
submission = I just wanted to say thanks to everyone involved with the website. I was beging to think their wasn’t a place on the internet for people like me {Crazier than a sh$t house rat}. So keep up the goood work.


blibalina – n. a rather extravagant otter with the personality of a dog that has just fallen out of a purple Lamborghini Diablo and started a new life in the sewer with the wife of a dead rat smeared with peanut butter. This otter also has a home business – making casual cupboards that fit into unconvincing corners.

Ex. He/she/it is a blibalina