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Fan Mail #21330

Submitted through the Other submission form.

This form was submitted:  Feb 25 2004 / 15:18:12

name = Midget Toser#13
type = Thanks
title = You guys rock
submission = I just wanted to say thanks to everyone involved with the website. I was beging to think their wasn’t a place on the internet for people like me {Crazier than a sh$t house rat}. So keep up the goood work.

Fan Mail #8604

Date: Nov 23 2003 / 11:36:00

name = joe-momma

email =

fanmail = I really like the site. You guys remind me of myself. I actually have a small flash comic strip going right now that I think would fit in really nicely with your “movies” section, tell me what you think! You can find the movies here:

More to come soon! Have fun, and thanks.

– Joe –

Fan Mail #8603

Date/Time of Posting: May 13 2003 / 15:21:15

name = GoochGaL

email =

fanmail = Hey Guys, I just read ur hate mail. . . u guys are rite. How can anyone hate u guys. u guys are prolly the most commical ppl i have met, i act the same way you guys do, and its fun as heck! we can be complete idiots and pull it off . . . BUT . . . how and the hell can i talk to u guys one on one or watever . . . i wanna get to know u guys, u seem pretty cool or something. email me back if u desire



Fan Mail #8600

This is from NoBloodForOil’s Weblog thing at Xanga, not a “mail”

Friday, February 21, 2003

::falls over laughing:: so, how do you like my new music?

It’s from Weird name and even weirder site. It’s funny as hell, though. They even did a MIDI of “The Beautiful People” by Marilyn Manson.

Once again, funny as hell.

(he was playing RHCP – Californication on his thing)