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Kaz: Chug chug chug!

SexyNoin: .. . . . ..

Kaz: ::chugs::

SexyNoin: *raises an eyebrow* Mmkay.. .?

OnlineHost: Chibi duo gw 32 has entered the room.

OnlineHost: Chibi duo gw 32 has left the room.

Kaz: ::slaps the cup down after he finishes::

Kaz: Ahhhhhh…

SexyNoin: *jumps*

SexyNoin: *relaxes and sits back down*

SexyNoin: *finishes drink*

SexyNoin: thanx for the refreshment :). . *walks out the doors*

OnlineHost: SexyNoin has left the room.

Kaz: Wooh here comes the pink elephant… *hic*

SpeedofLight: a pink elephant?

OnlineHost: Chibi duo gw 32 has entered the room.

OnlineHost: Chibi duo gw 32 has left the room.

SpeedofLight: ::waves his hand in Emeryk’s face:: how many hands do i have?

OnlineHost: Master Steven has entered the room.

Master Steven: hi

SpeedofLight: hi

Master Steven: sup

Kaz: You have one silly..

Master Steven: have what

SpeedofLight: first drunk guy that can see right

SNept: hi FF8

Master Steven: hi

Kaz: Hey I’ms nots druk!

Master Steven: ::open his 20th beer::

Kaz: ::punches at him and misses horribly::

Kaz: Ugh…

SpeedofLight: told you

Kaz: Take thats bish..

Master Steven: ::drinks it::

Master Steven: hic

Kaz: Told me whats? You talkin to me?

Kaz: I said you talks to me?

SpeedofLight: yep he is drunk

SNept: **sits Emeryk down at a table**

SNept: Stay

Master Steven: i can still see rite

Kaz: Yo momma!

Kaz: Dos driks should be free

OnlineHost: Master Steven has left the room.

SNept: **sighs**

Kaz: Free like you momma

Kaz: XD

SNept: …

SNept: **slaps him across the face**

SpeedofLight: told you he is drunk

Kaz: ::slapped::

Kaz: Ooh feisty!

SpeedofLight: ouch

Kaz: Come to poppa baybey!

Kaz: ::collapses::

SpeedofLight: ::drags him out to the lake::

SNept: **fixes her skirt and sits on the bar counter**

Kaz: ::getting dragged::

Kaz: ::points at him:: You know whats?

SpeedofLight: ::puts him the water and takes him out::

Kaz: I lov you

Kaz: ::gets dunked::

Kaz: Hey I lov you why you wet poor me?

SpeedofLight: ::throws him in the water::

SpeedofLight: lets see if you can swim

SpeedofLight: i guess he cant o well

SpeedofLight: ::walks back to the bar::

Kaz: ::glug glug::

Kaz: ::crawls out::

SNept: BrB

Kaz: I saw a fish!

SpeedofLight: k

Kaz: No really I did!

Kaz: It was all bif and had three eyes and…

Kaz: big*

Kaz: It had a nice booty too!

SpeedofLight: ::gets Emeryk and ties him to an anvel and throws him in the lake::

SNept: back

SpeedofLight: ok

Kaz: ::sink to the bottom::

SpeedofLight: should i leave him there/

SpeedofLight: *?

Kaz: ::comes out::

Kaz: Ugh…, my head…

Kaz: Shoulda not had so many beers before I got here

Kaz: ::his watch beeps::

SNept: **takes her jacket off**

Kaz: Oh no! I’m missing my Bar Mitzfa!


IrknInvaderZim -> Holmes / IrknInvaderZim8

First The IM

IrknInvaderZim: katerina asigiri recommended you

Holmes: i see

Holmes: did she tell you anything…personal? or else i might have to get rid of her…

IrknInvaderZim: no

Holmes: ok good

Holmes: what is it you want

IrknInvaderZim: the password to the lab on nick .com

Holmes: how badly do you need this password

IrknInvaderZim: i need it very

IrknInvaderZim: very

IrknInvaderZim: very

IrknInvaderZim: very

IrknInvaderZim: very

IrknInvaderZim: very

IrknInvaderZim: very

IrknInvaderZim: very

IrknInvaderZim: badly

Holmes: ok kid shut up i get the point

IrknInvaderZim: heehee sorry

Holmes: well the password isn’t too hard, you’d probablly know it

IrknInvaderZim: but i don’t

Holmes: kid sometimes the answers in life can’t always come on a plate made out of answers, you have to figure some things out for yourself

Holmes: i will help you

Holmes: realize the answer

IrknInvaderZim: the question is what did i tell the earth children i wanted to be when i grew up

Holmes: well..

Holmes: think about it

IrknInvaderZim: IrknInvaderZim8chatroom

Then The Chat!

OnlineHost: *** You are in “IrknInvaderZim8”. ***

Holmes: invader zim rules

IrknInvaderZim: hello i need information

IrknInvaderZim: i had to many ims open on my screen i needed space

IrknInvaderZim: anyways who knows what the password is

TheMisFit kid23: invite calvin7mallory

Holmes: cheese?

IrknInvaderZim: ok

Holmes: invite katerina

Ssj4bardok: hi evry1

Holmes: hi

Katerina Asigiri: hi

Jamx2blah: hey

Holmes: so whats evryone’s favorite color?

Holmes: come on

Holmes: don’t be shy

Ssj4bardok: black

Jamx2blah: green

Jamx2blah: although right now its purple

Holmes: blue rules!

Holmes: hopin on the ban wagon, eh?

TheMisFit kid23: bye

Jamx2blah: eh, i guess

IrknInvaderZim: shut up!!@ok down to business what is the password to the lab on

Holmes: we’ll get to that

Holmes: but first

Holmes: we have to play a game of who can guess how many letters are in the alphabet

Holmes: anyone?

Holmes: um ok…

Holmes: forget that

IrknInvaderZim: 26

Holmes: CORRECT!

Katerina Asigiri: No it’s not

Holmes: oh yeah silly me

Holmes: you forgot punctuation and numbers

Holmes: and plus capitalized letters

IrknInvaderZim: abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyx count’ em

Holmes: forget it next game

Jamx2blah: righttt

Holmes: to get the answer of the zim question

Holmes: tell me how many bricks are in the wall of china

Holmes: starting…

Holmes: NOW!

Ssj4bardok: 100003949

IrknInvaderZim: 256,987,543

Jamx2blah: 20,000,000

Ssj4bardok: 9424532543

Katerina Asigiri: too many

Holmes: correct katerina!

Ssj4bardok: damn

Jamx2blah: cry cry

Holmes: i will tell you the password

Holmes: after you answer this question

Jamx2blah: …

Ssj4bardok: ask a fight club question

Holmes: ok

Ssj4bardok: awesome

Holmes: what does the movie fight club start out with?

Jamx2blah: dude w/ gun in his mouth

Ssj4bardok: people are always asking me if i know tyler durden

Holmes: no silly it starts out as film on a movie reel

Jamx2blah: d u kno tyler durden?

Holmes: duh

Jamx2blah: …

Holmes: next question

Ssj4bardok: i thought that was only a thing on the dvd

Holmes: well you thought wrong

Ssj4bardok: ask another fight club question

Holmes: next question

Jamx2blah: dont think so

IrknInvaderZim: stop

IrknInvaderZim: stop

IrknInvaderZim: stops

Jamx2blah: i agree

Katerina Asigiri: but why?

Jamx2blah: …

Holmes: <–stopped

IrknInvaderZim: please tell me the password

Ssj4bardok: cuz i have supreme knowledge of fight club

Holmes: calm down

Holmes: relax

Ssj4bardok: i can tell you the 5 leading roles and the actors who played them

Holmes: count to 5

Holmes: thats great

Jamx2blah: cuz itz annoying..YOU LIE i have the supreme knowlege of that movie

IrknInvaderZim: 1 2 3 4 5

Holmes: you can count

Ssj4bardok: tyler durden, “jack” marla singer, “angel face

Holmes: ok enough

Ssj4bardok: brad pitt edward norton, helena bonham carter, meat loaf aday, jared leto


Holmes: hey

Jamx2blah: brad pitt, eeee!

Holmes: don’t talk to me like that

Holmes: i know the password

Ssj4bardok: hell muthafucken yeah

Holmes: and i can take as much time as i want to

Ssj4bardok: lolz

IrknInvaderZim: Gawd im tired of this!!!

Holmes: ok

Holmes: next question

Jamx2blah: drool, brad….

Holmes: what do i want to be when i grow up

IrknInvaderZim: while im alive please

Jamx2blah: a hobo?

Ssj4bardok: othapedist!!

Ssj4bardok: an eleohant!!

Holmes: WRONG!

Ssj4bardok: elephant**

Holmes: a othapedist hobo!

Holmes: duh!!!

Jamx2blah: lol

IrknInvaderZim: lol

Holmes: next question

Ssj4bardok: u forgot the elephant

Holmes: no i didn’t forget

IrknInvaderZim: stupid

Holmes: elephant is not a god job

Jamx2blah: hehe

Holmes: all you get is peanuts

Holmes: next question

Holmes: who created AOL?

IrknInvaderZim: i dunno

Ssj4bardok: the person who created aol!!!

Katerina Asigiri: the Devil

Jamx2blah: anole?

Holmes: WRONG!’

Holmes: i did

Holmes: next question

Ssj4bardok: well, i was still right

IrknInvaderZim: uh huh sure

Jamx2blah: ur bill gates arent you

Holmes: no

Holmes: i wish!

Jamx2blah: dont lie!


Holmes: fine

Holmes: i’m bill gates

Holmes: and i’m going to buy you out

Jamx2blah: yay, i knew it

IrknInvaderZim: bill gates created microsoft stupid

Katerina Asigiri: heh

Jamx2blah: that still doesnt mean hes bill gates

Holmes: how would you know if i was or wasn;t bill gates?

IrknInvaderZim: i need the password people

Holmes: i mean come on, what if i was pretending to be normal

Ssj4bardok: theyre stalking you

Jamx2blah: i stuper powers

Holmes: i can give you the passwords to over 300 networks


Holmes: 50 secret networks

IrknInvaderZim: ???

Jamx2blah: lol

Holmes: CIA network

Ssj4bardok: RUN DAMMIT!!!

Holmes: but sorry, i forgot the password for the invader zim website

Holmes: next question

Jamx2blah: ::she explodes::

Katerina Asigiri: oooh… lookie the fireworks

Holmes: what is the meaning of life

Ssj4bardok: <covers face>

IrknInvaderZim: i wish i could explode

Ssj4bardok: to die

Holmes: …

Holmes: your very depressed

Holmes: seek help

Ssj4bardok: i know i am

Ssj4bardok: but i have a hell of a time

Holmes: to much invader zim, watch something thats happier, like mr. rogers neighborhood

Jamx2blah: …

Holmes: “it’s all good in the neighborhod”

Jamx2blah: ..

Holmes: .

Ssj4bardok: im sorry…i think that if there is a god…life is just one big sick joke

Holmes: anyways no one cares what you think

Ssj4bardok: thats my outlook

Holmes: next question

Jamx2blah: me too, damn the irony of it all

IrknInvaderZim: (((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((radar)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

Ssj4bardok: <blip>

Holmes: ok guys if this was the “cry your brains out” chat rom

Holmes: thats what it would be called

Jamx2blah: vapor transmission BZZZZZZZ

IrknInvaderZim: (((((((((((((>((((((((((((((((((((((((((radar)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

Ssj4bardok: <blip>

Holmes: yur scaring me

Jamx2blah: heh

IrknInvaderZim: (((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((>(((((((((((radar))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

Holmes: ok truth is i never knew the damn password

IrknInvaderZim: (((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((>((radar))))))))))))))))))))))


Ssj4bardok: <blip>

Jamx2blah: i think you lost it bill

IrknInvaderZim: <>^}]{{]][[][]{}}[]}{][))9(8*&6^%$#4##@2!5^7%5$757″:’?.?<?>/><,>?,>,>

Holmes: yes i did

Holmes: bye



Holmes: Jiggalo for sale

Braak: ::The big wolf looks at ceasar::

Scyth: ::looks around for a tender::

Holmes: 20 dollars a pop

Dakota Yakamy: There momma

Braak: ::Barks loudly at him::

Ceasar De Boyce: ::smacks holmes with a large trout::

Holmes: …that sounds nasty

Cidra De Boyce: ~looks to Eiko and smiles weakly~ No, no… I have to stay awake until Psy comes back

Ceasar De Boyce: we’ve got kids in here!

Holmes: OW

JenSei: *continues drinking her ale, looking around for some company*

Dakota Yakamy: Dont worry momma

Holmes: so?

Dakota Yakamy: Ill wake you when he comes

Holmes: pre-sex education

AJ De Boyce: ::he walks to Cidra:: You ok?

Scyth: ::He looks to Jen::

Ceasar De Boyce: we don’t want that kind of smuttery here!

OnlineHost: Tanaquile has left the room.

Dakota Yakamy: You can rest

Emily: ::just watches everything::

Makoto: * cough cough *

Holmes: i can’t help my sexyness

Cidra De Boyce: ~looks to AJ and nods~ Yeah.. just tired

Ceasar De Boyce: your not sexy!

AJ De Boyce: Promise?

Ceasar De Boyce: and why would anyone want you?

Holmes: well that explains everything

Dakota Yakamy: ::looks at Holems::..Queer..O_O

Cidra De Boyce: ~nods~ promise

Holmes: HOLMES*

Scyth: ::then turns his attention to the bar as he strolls over to get a drink::

ChiaynaRodaos: ::nods to herself and looks around the room::

Holmes: cause

Braak: ::He keeps barking loudly::

Ceasar De Boyce: jeez holmes, does your face hurt?

Cidra De Boyce: Do me a favor?

JenSei: *looks to Ceasar* Why not just use an ignore dagger? Then you won’t have to watch.

Dakota Yakamy: Braak..what are you doing?

Holmes: yeah you smacked me with a fish

Ceasar De Boyce: because it’s killin me!!!

Ceasar De Boyce: your like school in summertime!

Ceasar De Boyce: no class

Braak: ::He is barking at ceasar::

Holmes: ..

Holmes: thats suppose to be funny?

AJ De Boyce: Me?

Emily: ::with another yawn,she stepped away from the wolf and moved to a corner,sitting on the

Dakota Yakamy: Braak! no! Ceasar is my pal!

Cidra De Boyce: ~nods~

AJ De Boyce: Me?

Emily: ::with another yawn,she stepped away from the wolf and moved to a corner,sitting on the

Dakota Yakamy: Braak! no! Ceasar is my pal!

Cidra De Boyce: ~nods~

AJ De Boyce: What m’lady?

Ceasar De Boyce: ::pulls out rather large gun and blasts holmes with an ignore beam::

Holmes: oh no

Emily: floor and then lays down,tucking an arm under her head,her eyes drifting shut::

OnlineHost: BrghtEyes has entered the room.

JenSei: *grins to Ceasar*

Holmes: another ignore thing

Holmes: big whoops

Scyth: ::pours himself a drink leaving some money on the counter::

Holmes: whats next an “ignore whip”

Braak: ::Stops, looking to eiko:: ~Your friend?~

Ceasar De Boyce: ::notices the wolf, jumps into corner::

Cidra De Boyce: Wake me if the girls need anything… ~girls meaning Emily, Eiko or Hayley~

Ceasar De Boyce: yipes!

BrghtEyes: :: a young lass walks into the tavern::

OnlineHost: XRikzX has entered the room.

Ceasar De Boyce: yes, I’m her friend!

Scyth: ::Walks back to his table and sits, taking off his cloak::

Holmes: i’m the jiggalo

Calli De Boyce: ::walks in::

Dexter De Boyce: :: looks to ceasar and barks to him:: ~hello~


Dakota Yakamy: ::Curls up::

Holmes: no

Holmes: i am

Braak: ::He is just curled uop sleeping::

AJ De Boyce: ::he gets a blanket and puts it on Cidra::

Holmes: i was here first

Braak: *up

Holmes: go pimp somewhere else



Online Host: *** You are in “Arts and Entertainment – RhydinCheapNSave”. ***

Jez M: ::walks in bored, had no other place to go::

Jez M: Hiya

Holmes: ::looks at jez:: WELCOME ::tosses him a store listing::

Jez M: *her

Holmes: ((sorry))

KaIika: ::sliiiiiiides in with a raised brow::

Holmes: ::tosses kalika a listing::

Jez M: ::looks over the list laughing::

Jez M: ::looks up:: hey Kali

KaIika: ::raises a brow getting tossed a listing::

KaIika: Hey

KaIika: ……..Jez?

KaIika: You need money hon?

Jez M: no I just came in here cuz I was bored

Jez M: If I needed money I would ask you for it

Holmes: ::mutters:: i need money…

KaIika: All right..

Jez M: ::crumples up a twenty dollar bill::

KaIika: ::she looks over the list::

Jez M: ::throws it at Holmes::

Jez M: now ya got money

Holmes: ::scrambles and grabs it quickly::

KaIika: O.o

KaIika: ::she looks to Jez::

Jez M: ::shrugs::

Jez M: what

KaIika: [I was talking to Jez’s mun on the phone a sec ago]

KaIika: [errr the old one]

Jez M: ((yeah and?))

Holmes: ::walks to the register and presses the buttom: nothing happens::

KaIika: [yep..she says you can have Jez totally she doesn’t care she made up a new charrie]

Jez M: ((cool))

Holmes: ::hits the register, nothing still happens:: damn thing hasn’t been used in so long it

Holmes: rusted up

KaIika: ::she pulls out a fifty wondering if she could buy the whole flippin store::

Jez M: ((guess who came back… never mind you dont know him))

Holmes: ::looks at the fifty:: OMG i haven’t seen one of those in YEARS

Jez M: ::blink blink::

Holmes: they still EXIST?

Jez M: yeah

KaIika: ::raises a brow::

KaIika: [who?]

Jez M: uh…. just how long have you been in this store?

Holmes: anyone want to see my house ::points to the cardboard box in the corner:: I’m getting a rat

Holmes: as a pet next month ::smiles proudly::

KaIika: ::blink blink::

Jez M: ::stares blankly::

KaIika: ummm

KaIika: ::looks to Jez::

Holmes: ever since i ran away from the mental institution i had to make a life, ya know

Jez M: uh… yeah

KaIika: ::looks to Holmes backing towards the door, she looks to Jez::

Jez M: I think we will be leavin now, well good luck with your rat

Holmes: Hey hey don’t leave buy something first

KaIika: ::she looks to Jez::

Jez M: I gave you twenty bucks… I dont want anything ::backing towards door::

Holmes: don’t you want your door prize? Used pissed in and crapped in underwear?

Jez M: uh no thanks

Holmes: aww…

Jez M: maybe you should just throw the door prize away

KaIika: ::scrunches her nose::

Jez M: ::hand on door::

KaIika: ::she looks to the man::

Holmes: what? and leave customers unhappy? no way ::shakes head::

Jez M: ok

KaIika: umm

KaIika: how about…

KaIika: ::walks to some old shoes, she smells them::

KaIika: these?

Jez M: ::opens door::

KaIika: ::makes a sick face to jez but brightens::

KaIika: A handsome pair of shoes

KaIika: how much?

Holmes: umm those are 99 cents…

KaIika: ::she walks to him handing him the fifty::

KaIika: keep the change

KaIika: ::she sliiides to the door::

KaIika: ::turns and looks over her shoulder throwing a wink at him:

Holmes: ::takes the fifty: and falls to the ground, from such excitement::

KaIika: Good luck

Jez M: ::steps out::

Holmes: ::almost has a heart attack::

KaIika: ::pushes Jez out the damned door::

KaIika: Go

KaIika: ::quickly follows her::

Holmes: Hey remeber to advertise my store!

another RhyDin CheapNSave log:

Lillixgirl: ::looks at him oddly::

davepoobond: ::rings the cash register again::

davepoobond: ahahahahahahahahahahaahah

davepoobond: welcome to Rhydin Cheap N Save!

OnlineHost: Holmes has entered the room.

Lillixgirl: thanks!

Holmes: ::runs back in::

davepoobond: boy howdy

davepoobond: haha heehaw

Holmes: ::throws her a store listing::

Lillixgirl: ::catches it::

Holmes: ::stands behind the counter::

davepoobond: ::sets up all the stuff::

davepoobond: hey! i got a good idea! old tapes no one use!

davepoobond: by bands no one has EVER heard of

Lillixgirl: ::reads over it::

Holmes: ::points a finger at him:: your a great thinker

davepoobond: thanks!

davepoobond: we also need a clown suit called “Dump the Clown Suit”

Holmes: ::pulls one out from behind him and looks at it:: we had a lot of

great dumps together…but

Holmes: it’s time to move on ::sniff sniff:: good bye good friend ::hands

it to dave::

davepoobond: ::takes it and tacks it on a wall near the door::

davepoobond: ::he steps back, admiring it:: good!

Lillixgirl: ::tries to keep from laughing::

Holmes: ::hits a button and the register falls apart:: damnit…

davepoobond: got anything else we can put up?

Holmes: oh how about some crumpled up paper!

davepoobond: ok, got a basket of it?

Holmes: ::pulls one out from behind him:: here ya go

Lillixgirl: u need duct tape

Holmes: Oh i found a calender! but it’s for 1901…oh well still useful ::tosses it to him::

Lillixgirl: duct tape. trust me on that one

Holmes: duct tape ::rolls eyes:: like THAT has any use for anything…

Lillixgirl: only anything!

davepoobond: ::grabs the basket and places it on a table and tosses the calender on it too::

Lillixgirl: theres nothing duct tape cant do!

Holmes: can it tape a ducks mouth shut?

Holmes: i didn’t THINK so…

Lillixgirl: im sure it could

Holmes: a duck doesn’t HAVE a mouth HAHAHAHAHAHA

davepoobond: can it pick the lint off my boot?

Lillixgirl: ::nods::

davepoobond: lies! all lies!

davepoobond: i dont even HAVE a boot!

Lillixgirl: then get those too

Holmes: hey i found some boots ::pulls out a brand named Tumberland::

davepoobond: do you have toy cars made in mexico by any chance?

Holmes: ::pulls out a gold ring:: this will never sell…::throws it in a corner::

Holmes: ah hah, I found mexican toy cars…there called Hoto Wheelios…

davepoobond: yeah, who needs that piece of junk

davepoobond: hoto wheelios!? you serious?! those are…collector items almost!

Holmes: ::throws the cars at him::

Holmes: think fast! ::throws one:: think fast! ::throws another one::

Holmes: think slow this time ::throws one in slow motion::

davepoobond: ::the cars hit my eyes::

davepoobond: owww

Holmes: ::looks at his eyes:: are those broken? If they are we can SELL it!

davepoobond: no, just slightly poked

davepoobond: ::takes the cars and tosses it on a table::

Holmes: darn there goes $.99 off our buisness

davepoobond: sorry

davepoobond: but, we can use these instead!

davepoobond: ::takes out a googly eye glasses thingy::

Holmes: AHHH THOSE ARE SCARY ::jumps into his cardboard box home::

Holmes: is the monster gone ::pops his head out::

OnlineHost: Lillixgirl has left the room.

OnlineHost: BIack Halo has entered the room.

davepoobond: yeah….now it is

davepoobond: but, theres a new one!

Holmes: ::runs behind the counter::

davepoobond: ::stares over at black halo::

Holmes: ((he didn’t walk in yet))

OnlineHost: BIack Halo has left the room.

Holmes: damnit

davepoobond: ((gggrrrr))

Holmes: ugh i’ll go back to advertising

davepoobond: ((i’m gonna invite some guys))

davepoobond: ((wait!))

Holmes: ((alright))

Holmes: ((lol i just herd on the news there was a plan to kill N Sync in a teens room))

davepoobond: ((yeah, i knew about that yesterday))

Holmes: ((thats how stupid N Sync is…))

davepoobond: ((his motive was “because they got all the good girls”))

Holmes: ((hahaha))

Holmes: ((where are the guys you invited))

davepoobond: ((THEY ALL LEFT!))

davepoobond: ((go ahead and advertise…))

Holmes: ((…))

Holmes: ((alright))

OnlineHost: Holmes has left the room.

OnlineHost: Holmes has entered the room.

Holmes: no customers?

OnlineHost: Holmes has left the room.

davepoobond: no

OnlineHost: Holmes has entered the room.

OnlineHost: Holmes has left the room.

OnlineHost: Holmes has entered the room.

davepoobond: ….

Holmes: ugh STILL no customers?

davepoobond: what are you doing to advertise?

Holmes: ::walks in:: hey you want cheap stuff? Go to RhydinCheapNSave ::walks out::

davepoobond: uhh, put a link

OnlineHost: Holmes has left the room.

OnlineHost: Celtic Frost has entered the room.

OnlineHost: Celtic Frost has left the room.

OnlineHost: Holmes has entered the room.

Holmes: …

davepoobond: someone came but left

Holmes: dang

davepoobond: must’ve been the calendar ::shrugs::

Holmes: ::points to the calender:: it’s all your fault!

Holmes: ::crumples it up and adds it to the crumpled paper basket::

OnlineHost: Necrochild has entered the room.

Holmes: ugh we need customers

Necrochild: But its not a slimy lick

Necrochild: Mrr?

davepoobond: ::rings the cash register::

OnlineHost: Necrochild has left the room.

davepoobond: what an idiot

davepoobond: that stupid calendar AGAIN

Holmes: ::looks at the crumpled calender:: your going to get it BIG time

Holmes: ::plays paper basketball with it with a hoop on the door::

davepoobond: ::Defends the calendar::

davepoobond: no! dont touch!

Holmes: ::grumbles::

Holmes: ::looks at the calender;: he may protect you now but when he lets his guard down, your gonna

Holmes: GET IT

Holmes: ::pounds his fist against his hand and makes a really angry face::

davepoobond: ……..just go advertise, it’ll blow off some steam

OnlineHost: Holmes has left the room.

OnlineHost: Holmes has entered the room.

Holmes: RhydinCheapNSave (Keyword to: aol://2719:62-2-RhydinCheapNSave)

Holmes: wait this is rhydin cheap n save

Holmes: whoops hehehehe

OnlineHost: Holmes has left the room.

OnlineHost: Holmes has entered the room.

Holmes: now lets just wait….

Holmes: ::hums the jepordy theme song::

OnlineHost: Raze has entered the room.

Holmes: good three people, now we should get a bigger crowd

davepoobond: ::waves at FireRaze:: hi-o!

FireRaze: ::hops on in,dooing cartweels::

FireRaze: Heeeeeyyyyy!!!!

Holmes: ::gives each a recruiting store listing::

Holmes: add as much stuff as you like…

davepoobond: i need to go….

Holmes: …so…

davepoobond: bye

Holmes: doh bye

davepoobond: i’ll probably be back..

Holmes: alright….

davepoobond: in 2 minutes

Holmes: don’t let the door bonk your butt on the way out

This is the Store listing for Rhydin CheapNSave:

Used Socks: $.99

Used Underwear: $.99

Used Underwear that has been pissed in and crapped in: Free, I don’t want this shit!

Used Soap on a rope: $.99

Brand New Spam: $.99

Year old Cheese: $.99

Magic Wand: $.99

A Two Dollar Prostitute: $.99

Used Cocaine: $.99

Anti Super Strong New and Improved Nose Hair Remover: $.99

Joke A Cola: $.99

Jomama: $.99

Taking over my buisness: $.10, PLEASE TAKE IT FOR CRYING OUT LOUD

Tights: $.99

Watching peoples disgusted face when they walk into my store: Priceless

Spoom: $.99

Potty Training Lessons: $.99

Russian Express Credit Card: (it might not be American Express, but it’s just as good!) $.99

String Cheese: $.99

Dike Shirts(Nike is way overated, now it’s time for DIKE! Just BUY it!): $.99

Tommy Pullmyfinger Jeans: $.99

Abibas Shoes: $.99

Kalvin Clein sweatshirts: $.99

M&W’s candy (Melts in your hand, not in your mouth!): $.99


Rhydin Private School

JasonHunter: ::walks out of his dorm and into the halls::

Holmes: jomama

JasonHunter: ::his blue eyes look about as his blue spikey hair sways a bit as he walks::

Holmes: jomama

JasonHunter: ::standing 6’2, and being muscular and well built for a 19 year old::

Holmes: jomama

Spitfire: ::looks to Holmes:: Stop That

JasonHunter: ::dressed in a skin tight black jump suit and black boots::

Holmes: jomama

Holmes: stop what

Spitfire: saying that word, jomama

Holmes: ::gives a shrug::

Holmes: what? You talkin about my mama?

Spitfire: no

Holmes: i can always smell a liar cause they stink…::glares at him::

JasonHunter: ::hears voices as he turns the corner of the hall and looks to the two::

Spitfire: Young Man do you think your a tough guy?

Creepychica: ::remains against the locker::

Creepychica: ::brushing her bright blonde lockes::

Creepychica: ::puts her brush away:::

Mandi: if you want to chat with a 14 year ol lady that live in ky please im me as soon as you can

Creepychica: ::runs her fingers through her hair::

Mandi: if you want to chat with a 14 year ol lady that live in ky please im me as soon as you can

Holmes: no i think you think that i think that you think what she thinks that i think i’m a tough

Holmes: guy

JasonHunter: ::glances to Creepy and gives her a small warm smile::

Creepychica: ::Wearing her cheerleading uniform:::

Spitfire: Son I am a Combat Pilot

Creepychica: ::she looks at Jason and smiles that cute flirty smile of hers back, winking::

Holmes: Hi mr. pilot, i’m santa clause

Spitfire: That’s Wing COmmander to you

Holmes: thats Jolly Fat Boy to YOU

JasonHunter: I think the kid needs to grow up ::talking about Holmes::

Jakson Bullok: ::he walks in slowly his hand in Kats::

Kat DeTorre: ::walks in..her hand in Jacksons:: what was that all about?

Creepychica: :::bends over, on purpose, picking her books up from the bottom of her locker slowly:: (lol)

Creepychica: (just had to add)

Spitfire: If he only saw what I have seen

Jakson Bullok: I dunno…shes been at me all day though

Holmes: and i thought I was a baby, go cry about it wing man…

JasonHunter: ::quickly glances back to Creepy::

Spitfire: Kid I have seen CHildren killed by bombs

Kat DeTorre: ::looks to him:: another one of your “friends”?

Kat DeTorre: ::arches a perfect brow::

Spitfire: young Men not much older than you BLown out of the sky

Jakson Bullok: whats that supposed to mean

Holmes: damn i knew setting those bombs in preschools wasn’t the brightest idea…

Creepychica: ::stands back up, putting her books on top of her locker::

Kat DeTorre: nothing

Spitfire: ::glares:: I’m Talking about by Luftwaffe Bombs

Jakson Bullok: ::he would noramly get angry, but sice hes happy there back together::

Creepychica: :::brushing her short cheerleading skirt off and flips her hair around to her back:::

Jakson Bullok: since*

Holmes: oh Waffle bombs, are they put into waffles and then eaten and then people blow up?

Spitfire: the German Air FOrce you fool

JasonHunter: ::he walks by them all, giving a wink to Creepy as he heads to the gym::

Holmes: they must be made in germany…

Creepychica: ::looks back at him and smiles::

FaithEliz: <<back>>

Holmes: can’t trust those germans

Spitfire: not to mention the 40 pilots I’ve seen to their deaths

Kat DeTorre: ::grabs her strawberry lip gloss out of her purse…placeing some on her lips::

Creepychica: ::shuts her locker, grabbing her bag and walks casually on over to the gym::

Holmes: germans are EVIL

Spitfire: ((wb))

FaithEliz: <,ty>>

Spitfire: no

JasonHunter: ::he walks into the gym and takes the 5ft long 6inch wide sword off of his back::

Creepychica: ::doesn’t want to act like she’s stalking him or anything::

Spitfire: ((np))

Holmes: when i asked a german if he knew where the nearest tourist center was and he kept saying

Jakson Bullok: ooh..Strawberry..can I taste it

JasonHunter: ::he holds it with both hands and begins to train by himself, looking as if he was sword

JasonHunter: dancing::

Holmes: nine and i said i didn’t need a number, i wanted to know where it was and he kept saying

Holmes: nine

Creepychica: :::she takes out a light pink piece of paper and writes, My dorm room number 231, come visit

Holmes: there EVIL

Kat DeTorre: ::places it back into her purse:: maybe

Creepychica: sometime, Love, Afton:::

Spitfire: he was saying no, Nien is no in german

Jakson Bullok: ::he lenas closer to her about to kiss her::

Creepychica: ::Sets it in the door and walks off upstairs to her dorm::

Kat DeTorre: ::a sweet smile playes apon her lips::

Holmes: SURE cover his back NOW

Jakson Bullok: ::he kisses her deeply, his tounge sliding into her mouth::

JasonHunter: ::smirks as his muscules tence a bit up from the training and turns around to see the note::

Holmes: don’t hide the evilness of germany, they make those wierd cars and call them “Beetles”

Spitfire: ::turns to walk away::

Creepychica: ::opens her door and enters the room, shutting the door once again::

Kat DeTorre: ::kisses him back, returning the tounge:: So, what are we doing tonight?

Creepychica: ::turns on Mariah Carey’s The Roof::

Holmes: i’m telling you their from another planet and don’t turn your back on me

JasonHunter: ::he walks over and puts the swor back on his back, reading the note::

Jakson Bullok: whateva you want

Spitfire: ::walks to his Jump bag and Picks it up::

Holmes: i only speak the truth and nothing but the truth so help me god

Spitfire: Come on Tarquin

JerisFlame: ::Enters the school silently::

Kat DeTorre: ::looks around:: this school is boring

Spitfire: ::walks away from the kid::

Creepychica: ::sings along lowly:: ” I only wanted you to taste my sadness as you kissed me in the dark”



RhyDin Locked Cellar

OnlineHost: *** You are in “Arts and Entertainment – RhyDin Locked Cellar”. ***

Holmes: ::pimps into the locked cellar::

Funnyjoke: ::she straightened out her miniskirt::

Mister Rectangle: He stood before the entrance, looking from side to side, his face remained consealed:

Mister Rectangle: (Add a ” : ” to the beginning)

Funnyjoke: ::one hand rested on her flat stomach, looks around::

Mister Rectangle: :As he looked from side to side, he noticed there were only a few:

Funnyjoke: ::glances at holmes, then at mister::

Mister Rectangle: :He stepped forth, he paid no mind to the “pimpin” one, but kept a sharp eye on the woman:

Holmes: is this some kind of drug ballard ::gives a shrug::

Mister Rectangle: :He stopped, his head shifted slowly as he looked to the woman again:

Funnyjoke: ::she glanced at mister, looked him up and down, then glanced around the room::

Mister Rectangle: :Apon seeing her glance, he began stepping closer to her:

Mister Rectangle: :That billowing cloud of light smoke circling her feet and running along the floors:

Holmes: are you going to rape her or something? ::raises a brow::

Funnyjoke: ::looks at her feet::

Mister Rectangle: :He turns to the one asking the idiotic question:

Mister Rectangle: Foolish one, the Lord forbids such acts.

Mister Rectangle: As a warrior of the Holy Lamb I am not driven by such desire.

Funnyjoke: ::blinks, watches the two::

Holmes: where is this holy lamb, i need some lamb chops for dinner….

Mister Rectangle: :He turned, facing the man completely:

Holmes: ugh here goes the beating up ::sighs::

Funnyjoke: ::smirks at holmes’ answer, looks at mister::

Mister Rectangle: I am the Holy Lamb.

Holmes: oh….

Mister Rectangle: Come and feed thyself, sinner.

Funnyjoke: ::steps away from the two::

Holmes: sorry your lambness…


Rhydin Rape AlIey

OnlineHost: *** You are in “Arts and Entertainment – Rhydin Rape AlIey”. ***

Verdigo: ((::smirks before [censored] Schele from his place on the ground, his [censored] slipping

Verdigo: into her [censored] as he smiles to Quivr::))

Holmes: ::walks in::

Silenced: ((oh baby!<LOVES IT>))

NOProdigal: the dead little girl blows horror into the legs of the live little girl

Quivrangel: ((::plugs her ears at the good, but very loud music::))

Holmes: if you would like to get raped, can you please raise your hand ::looks around::

Verdigo: ::casts a glare at Holmes for a moment before bringing up his twin Bastard

Quivrangel: ((oooh! me me me me me ::raises both her hands::))

Verdigo: Swords to an X form, a slight flicker of white showing off from behind his

Verdigo: mirrored sunglasses before the tips of his weapons sparked with energy.. a sudden, forced bo

Seraphim: ::watches from above::

Verdigo: bolt of energy soon streaking out through the air before striking at this.. moron::

JASON: ((::blares ADIDAS[wet dreams remix]::))

Holmes: ::looks around for a moron::

Verdigo: ((::smiles as he rests his head on Quivr-muns shoulder… listening to Jasons music


Verdigo: now..::))

Silenced: ((<wink>))

Verdigo: ((Holmes, your the moron.))

Seraphim: ((note: if anyone wishes for a spar…IM me))

JASON: ((::yea she is::))

Holmes: ::mutters to himself:: would hate to be in his shoes…::

Verdigo: ::cracks his neck as he brings his weapons down into the Capashen Knight

Holmes: ((oh OH))

Verdigo: Guard..::

Verdigo: ((::agrees compleatly with Schele as he [censored] her [censored] with his spork::))

Quivrangel: ((::pats Verdigo-mun’s head as she kisses his cheek:: you’re a very comfy cushion))

Holmes: ::blasted::

Verdigo: ((::smiles:: thankies..))

Verdigo: ((::and the Name…. is Bill::))

Silenced: ((<smirks and loves every minute of it>))

Holmes: now can i rape someone PLEASE?

Verdigo: ((::might ‘un[censored]’ it all::))

Verdigo: ((::in an IM…::))

JASON: nope

Silenced: ((o.o))

Holmes: damn..

Verdigo: ::growls a bit as he just rushes Holmes, a quick thrust foreward with his right blade

JASON: get out of here you scum bucket

Verdigo: bringing a jab foreth into the moron.. twisting his hilt off to the right

JASON: ((::oh oh oh yay!::))

Holmes: your going to emotionally destroy me saying things like that…

Verdigo: a moment before bringing the weapon out in a spirt of blood::

JASON: ((Living Dead girl now[Subliminal Seduction mix]::))

Verdigo: I will physically destroy you first.

Holmes: ::gets hurt?!?!::

Verdigo: ::gets JABBED::

JASON: ((newbie))

Verdigo: ::BY A SWORD::

Verdigo: ::………………………::

Verdigo: ((mmhmm…))

Holmes: ::oh ok jabbed::

Silenced: ::impaled like whoa even Holmes::

JASON: ((just kill him and spare us the trouble bill))

Verdigo: ::and with another of his motions he brings his left blade up to the neck, a clean and

Verdigo: bloodless slash going over.. and soon through the flesh, sending chips

Verdigo: of bone and a few shards of skin off to the right..::

Holmes: hey clean your blade before you do that, you might spread aids or something

Verdigo: ::withdraws his weapon back to his side, into the Capashen Knight Guard::

JASON: ::Licks his fangs watching the massacre::

Verdigo: ((::and Le-click::))

Verdigo: ((::dives IC::))

Silenced: ((<notes the quite dead man>))

Tymber: ::Enters alley cautiously::

Holmes: ::lays dead::

Holmes: ::very dead::

Verdigo: Indeed… being an Angel has it’s benefits of immunity.

JASON: can i eat him?

Verdigo: ::a slight yawn escaped his teirs as he brought himself to the side of the alleyway, and

Verdigo: gently nodded to JASON::

Holmes: ::all of a sudden an angel comes from heaven and kicks him, bringing him back to life::

Tymber: :: amused by the way her breath makes curls of smoke in the cold night air::

Verdigo: ’tis no concern of myne.

Verdigo: So be my guest,

JASON: ::pounces holmes sinking fangs into his neck::

JASON: ::riping hunks of flesh from it::

Verdigo: ::shakes his head to the eagerness as he moves himself into a side alcove alley, with

Holmes: ::i’m skin a bones and not a very good main course…::

Silenced: ((<lurkie lurkies>))

Verdigo: a silent step moving himself compleatly from view..::

Holmes: ::and please don’t eat my manhood, it’s all i got…::

JASON: ::grabs his manhood riping it off::

Verdigo: ((btw Schele, I know what Autum was helping Gobbie with.))

Holmes: ::damn you, now i’m really dead::

Holmes: ::i hope you choke on it::

Silenced: ((i figured yah knew.))

Verdigo: ((::smiles:: I’ma lil hacker, I’ve gotta know everything that goes on.))

JASON: ::slides from the body licking blood from his now crimson lips::

KSims: ::walking on the streets of RhyDin he turns down an Alley way::

KSims: ::his pale green eye’s scan the area::

Silenced: ((but autum rather not tell everything.))

KSims: ::has his Hard Edge blade on his back::

KSims: ::walks slowly::


Jesus Loves Disco

OnlineHost: *** You are in “Arts and Entertainment – Jesus Loves Disco”. ***

Holmes: what the hell is this crap?

Mikey: it was?

Skittle: wha

Holmes: jesus loves disco?

Skittle: crap?

Skittle: yeah?

Holmes: yeah crap, another word for SHIT, FECES

Skittle: then…leave

Holmes: i came here to find out what it was

Skittle: its a room

Holmes: wow, THANK YOU Mr. Obvious

Skittle: dont mention it

Holmes: i want to know why it’s called Jesus Loves Disco

Skittle: because we are looking for others who have seen him do it

Holmes: might as well be waiting for Eminem to come to your door and sign an autograph

Skittle: huh

Holmes: because None of them are going to happen

Mikey: jesus loves disco

Skittle: damn straight

Mikey: he told me

Holmes: why doesn’t he like rap

Holmes: or country

Mikey: because rap is stupid

Mikey: country is gay

Skittle: because he likes disco

Holmes: i want to see jesus breakdance

Mikey: i’ve seen it

Holmes: can he shake that booty?

Mikey: oh yeah

Skittle: then go to

Holmes: i’ve been there

Holmes: i’ve been to every sight that has dancing things on it



Skittle: have you been to

Holmes: no

davepoobond: ::rolls into the room::

davepoobond: hi

Holmes: were discussing how jesus likes disco

davepoobond: really

Holmes: or should i say *loves*

davepoobond: well, the afros are nice

davepoobond: and if anybody wonders why he’s so tall

davepoobond: ::whispering:: the shoes

Holmes: shhh don’t let out his secret

davepoobond: whoops! sorry

Holmes: i think jesus fits the rap image

Holmes: i can see him rapin the bible

davepoobond: heh

Holmes: ticka ticka yo there once was a dude named noah, he was kinda needed a showa, so it rained

Holmes: for 40 days and nights while he was on his arc, sleepin tight…

Holmes: so will the real jesus please stand up

Holmes: …hmm i’m not a good rapper…

Holmes: i should leave it to Eminem…

davepoobond: heh


now look at this

Terry: hey vicky wanna go on the ceiling again::

Holmes: ::pimps in::

Ambcity: ::walks in::

Victoria: sure

Terry: ((ergh i hate typos no :: ?*))

Terry: ::picks her up::

Terry: ::runs onto the ceiling::

Gojiita: terry…

Gojiita: u ignoreing me

Gojiita: ?

Terry: hi amanda

Terry: no i turned off sound sorry

Ambcity: ::waves:: HIYA

Victoria: ::is on the ceiling again::

Terry: so vicky sup?

Holmes: what the hell is this? Fiddler on the roof? ::looks at the people on the ceiling::

Victoria: hi there :;waves to gojiita::

Terry: no im a mutant

Jenna: ((brb))

Holmes: sure you are…

Victoria: Nothing much, Terry. just chillin

Terry: i can climb ceilings power into stuff and i have a titanimum skeleton thats why im not havin

Terry: trouble holdin another person on the ceiling

Victoria: ((hey terry can i add you to my bl?))

Terry: with me

Terry: ((yes sure ur already on mine))

Holmes: did i walk into the mental hospital by mistake?

Gojiita: hey

Victoria: ((oh ok thanks))

Gojiita: ::waved at::

Gojiita: sorry afk

Victoria: its ok

Gojiita: hmm..

Victoria: :looks down at Holmes:: no…did you want something to drink/

Terry: hi steve

Victoria: ?*

Gojiita: hey

Gojiita: ::walks to terry now::

Holmes: yeah can i have sex on the beach?

Gojiita: ?

Gojiita: um

Victoria: yes one second, terry can you put me down..i have to work now

Terry: ::holding vicky on the ceiling BUT NOT SEXUALLY @STEVE::

Gojiita: ::laughs::

Terry: k

Gojiita: LOL

Gojiita: LMAO

Gojiita: LMAO


Gojiita: DAMNIT

Terry: ::jumped down landing perfectly::


Terry: ::puts her down::


Terry: cause sm aint here steve


Holmes: ::hands gojita a blow up doll:: the beach is 2 miles that way

Gojiita: oh yea

Gojiita: ok

Victoria: thank you…::walks behind the bar and makes the gentleman’s drink:: there you are

Terry: lmao!

Gojiita: i would attack u

Gojiita: but

Gojiita: u probibly mode

Gojiita: or use dice

Gojiita: or are a newbie

Gojiita: so im not

Victoria: that will be 3 gps please

Gojiita: gps

Gojiita: what is theis final fantasy 7

Holmes: saying things like that can emotionally destroy people

Gojiita: ?

Victoria: ((gps=gold pieces))

Terry: who are u sherlock homes!??

Gojiita: and ur point is

Terry: lol

Gojiita: if ur homless

Victoria: you guys stop it


Gojiita: how the hell can u aford a blow up doll

Belegdaug: Realm ofReva! New RP Realm!

Belegdaug: Realm of Reva! New RP Realm!

Gojiita: wait i know

Gojiita: already used

Gojiita: ok nevermind

Holmes: i’m sherlock homeless

Victoria: ::covers her ears as she just got yelled at::

Gojiita: ya right

Holmes: i live in a cardboard box


Gojiita: PLEASE


Gojiita: IM GOOD

Terry: ::walks over to vicky:: u ok?

Gojiita: ASK TURRY

Terry: terry*

Ambcity: ::falls asleep in corner::

Gojiita: ya that

Gojiita: sorry

Gojiita: lol

Terry: lol

Victoria: i think so ::blinks::

Gojiita: i can

Gojiita: YES

Holmes: for 3 gps i better be getting REAL sex on the beach

Gojiita: ya that and a blow job in the car

Gojiita: LMAO

Victoria: damn its no that expensive shit

Terry: ::thinks this guy Holmes is an ass and shouldnt be speaking so vulgar infront of a lady::

Holmes: yeah that too


Gojiita: YA


Jenna: ::walks back in:: whos yelling?

Victoria: everyone

Gojiita: not me

Gojiita: im good

Gojiita: ::is good::

Gojiita: see

Gojiita: told u

Jenna: sure

Terry: Holmes so steve is now a bouncer and hes going to kick his ass

Jordan: ::thunder rolls outside the pub as a tall figure emerges through the door wearing all black

Gojiita: YES!

Gojiita: ::IS BOUNCER::

Gojiita: HAHAH

Terry: ::is only one besides the lady’s not yelling::

Gojiita: so

Gojiita: ::looks at ic::

Holmes: i’m a jiggalo…

Jenna: no we have 2 bouncers already

Gojiita: can i do my thing now

Gojiita: ?

Gojiita: and

Gojiita: im the best

Gojiita: haha

Jenna: you are the tender

Jordan: and wrap around shades , his hair falls limply into his face as he stomps in and looks

Gojiita: no

Gojiita: bouncer

Holmes: thats sort of a bouncer

Gojiita: i fight

Gojiita: not serve

Gojiita: im a saiyajin

Holmes: i bounce from women to women

Gojiita: not a human

Gojiita: i dont serve

Ambcity: ::sneaks to door::

Victoria: ewww

Jordan: around, he moves to the bar and sits down proping his elbow on the bar and crossing his long

Jordan: legs::

Gojiita: eww?

Terry: if some1 doesnt shut Holmes up im going to kill him

Victoria: :looks at Jordan:: hey sweetheart

Gojiita: CAN I

Jenna: well hello there jordan

Gojiita: PLEASE


Gojiita: I CAN KILL ANY 1

Terry: hi jordan



Terry: vicky ur b/f?

Jordan: ::nods to Victoria not realizing it was her at first, he is thinking deeply::

Holmes: i’m terry’s boyfriend…

Gojiita: LMAO

Gojiita: LMAO

Gojiita: LMAO

Victoria: ::blinks and walks around the bar to him:: ok no hi hun or sweety?? i feel your love :frowns

Gojiita: TERRY

Gojiita: ?

Gojiita: LMAO

Terry: ::is about to kill the bastard named Holmes::

Terry: no

Terry: hes an asshole

Jordan: ::he pulls down his shades and stands grinning wraping his arms around her

Holmes: now terry you didn’t say that last night, did you?

Gojiita: can i fight

Jordan: and lifting her up off the ground in a long kiss::

Gojiita: LMAO

Jenna: NO

Gojiita: ]EWW

Gojiita: DUDE

Gojiita: ok

Victoria: ::kisses him back as she gets picked up::

Gojiita: im gonna kill home less

Terry: ::has never met a filthy creature named Holmes b4::

Holmes: i’m homeless give me a break

Gojiita: ::walks to homeless smirking::

Eji: Any one who is interested in joining, or helping

Eji: with an Organized RPG IM me.

Terry: no

Gojiita: ::then grabs him by the throat::

Gojiita: ::then knees him in the gut::

Holmes: ahh my throat


Jenna: would you guys stop

Gojiita: ::then slams my fist into his face::

Gojiita: ::then throws him out of the bar::

Holmes: ow…

Gojiita: ::Waves as he flies::

Gojiita: bye bye

Terry: ::wants to kill Holmes but wont is is the presance of 2 ladies::

Jordan: ::he strokes her cheek as he puts her down and he limps back to sitting down::

Holmes: this is sexual harrasment and i don’t have to take it

Gojiita: um

Gojiita: ok dont take it

Gojiita: lol

Victoria: ::frowns:; are you ok?

Sabbat: ::Strolls in quietly upto the bar::

Holmes: no i’m poor…

Jordan: ::grins :: yup ::looks down thinking::

Sabbat: ::Smiles:: Do you serve all kinds here milady

Gojiita: ok

Gojiita: rule 1

Gojiita: hey vic

Terry: vicky is jordan ur b/f?

Gojiita: just say gojiita go

Gojiita: and i attack

Gojiita: ok

Gojiita: ok

Jenna: yes we do

Gojiita: good

Jenna: what can i get you?


poop / poop shoes

OnlineHost: *** You are in “poop”. ***

OnlineHost: IAMAWIZBOY has entered the room.

davepoobond: poop

davepoobond: hahahahaha

davepoobond: hello?

OnlineHost: SweetSunshine has entered the room.

davepoobond: hey

SweetSunshine: Hello

OnlineHost: POLO98088809 has entered the room.

davepoobond: wat made you come to poop

OnlineHost: POLO98088809 has left the room.

SweetSunshine: ??

davepoobond: ok

SweetSunshine: i dunno

davepoobond: y’like poop?

SweetSunshine: lol

SweetSunshine: no

davepoobond: do you like to poop poop?

SweetSunshine: IAMAWIZBOY sent me here

davepoobond: oh.

SweetSunshine: yepp

davepoobond: i can make fart noises

SweetSunshine: oh.

davepoobond: with my hands

SweetSunshine: (cool)

davepoobond: yepppppp

SweetSunshine: can u see IAMAWIZBOY’s writing?

davepoobond: he’s not typing anything.

SweetSunshine: i know

davepoobond: blah

davepoobond: wanna see my site?

SweetSunshine: lalalalalalalalala

SweetSunshine: sure


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SweetSunshine: ?

SweetSunshine: is it safe?

davepoobond: yeh…

davepoobond: heh

SweetSunshine: really?

davepoobond: its got stories and jokes and pictures and stuff

davepoobond: they’re funny

davepoobond: yeah, it is..

SweetSunshine: oh.

OnlineHost: *** You are in “poop shoes”. ***

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davepoobond: blah

SweetSunshine: blah?

davepoobond: didja go?

SweetSunshine: nope whats it again


SweetSunshine: it loads alot

davepoobond: you can submit stuff too if you want

davepoobond: yeah, well……what am i gonna do?

SweetSunshine: what?

davepoobond: i cant really do anything until people click the top banner

davepoobond: what what?


Darkblade Tavern

This entry is part 2 of 2 in the series The Shoe Salesman

OnlineHost: *** You are in “Arts and Entertainment – Darkblade Tavern”. ***

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davepoobond: ::a briefcase full of shoes is thrown into the Tavern::

Damon Darkblade: ::smiles,carrying the small child in and sitting down in his large leather chair::

Nightstar12560: :: yawns and falls asleap in his arms ::

Damon Darkblade: ::kicks the shoes out::

Damon Darkblade: ::sighs softly, rubbing her back with his gentle touch::

Irishfighter: ::picsk a shoe up and throws it at davepoobonds head::

OnlineHost: Baby darkblade has entered the room.

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davepoobond: boo

Nightstar12560: :: sleaps silently ::

Damon Darkblade: (::click does the dumb salesman::)

Baby darkblade: [o.o?]

davepoobond: ((lol. i said 2 things))

Damon Darkblade: (::points to davepoobond:: Him)

davepoobond: ((i said 2 things)

davepoobond: ((boo was one of them))

Baby darkblade: [interesting]

davepoobond: ((i dont understand))

davepoobond: ((but oh well. ::scores one more:: yeeeeehaw!))

Baby darkblade: [::shrugs:: me either… ::confuzzled::]

Damon Darkblade: (O.o)

Baby darkblade: [anyway!]

davepoobond: ((confuzzled. heh))

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Damon Darkblade: ::smiles, rubbing the childs back::

Baby darkblade: [my hands smell like… nappy shit..]

Baby darkblade: […. its pissin me off… damn plum crap.. its evil i swear]

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Baby darkblade: ::she pushed open the door slowly and slipped in, a slight look of boredom on her face::

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davepoobond: ::sits on his briefcase of shoes, pouting::

davepoobond: no one wants to buy my shoes!

davepoobond: no one!

Nightstar12560: :: she wakes looking up at him ::

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Damon Darkblade: ::looks to the child, smiling slightly:: Hello there…

Nightstar12560: :: smiles ::

Baby darkblade: ::she looked around the tavern, and walked over to where damon sat with a… child… in his lap::

Damon Darkblade: ::looks to Justin:: It seems i made a new friend…

Baby darkblade: ::smiles:: so it has..

davepoobond: ………………………………………………………………………………..

davepoobond: the briefcase i carry is a 200 megaton bomb. better run!

Baby darkblade: so i heard about what happened with you and vivia

davepoobond: ::swings it around the tavern, crashing it against walls and such:: don’t you think its

davepoobond: pretty lethal to be doing this with a 200 megaton bomb?

Damon Darkblade: Yea

davepoobond: i might set it off

Baby darkblade: [well looks like someones in for a little clickin..]

Damon Darkblade: But i would prefer not talk about that, if you dont mind…

davepoobond: ((oh no please dont. you cant click me……………….))

Baby darkblade: [and why not?]

Nightstar12560: :: she kisses Damons cheak ::

Baby darkblade: right.. sorry

davepoobond: ((cuz…………………………………we need to get married?))

Damon Darkblade: ::blinks::

Damon Darkblade: ::smiles::

Baby darkblade: [im not gettin married to a shoes salesman.. who cant sell shoes!]

davepoobond: ((newsflash))

davepoobond: ((he’s not really a shoesalesman))

Baby darkblade: [dont talk to me]

Damon Darkblade: (Click him)

davepoobond: ((why not?))

davepoobond: ((noooo. dont click me))

Baby darkblade: [….its what he wants.]

davepoobond: ((i have a bajillion dollars!))

davepoobond: ((i can lay eggs!))

Damon Darkblade: (::hands the ignore mallet to ellyn:: Hit him with it)

davepoobond: ((and i can make scrambled eggs!))

Nightstar12560: :: smiles up at him ::

Baby darkblade: [….id rather use jojo’s bombs.. ::pulls out a couple ignore bombs::]

davepoobond: ((noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo))

Damon Darkblade: Would you like somthing to drink?

Baby darkblade: me?.. a coke is fine… ::smiles::

Nightstar12560: :: looks at the other person ::

davepoobond: ((::crawls into a fetal position::))

Baby darkblade: [O.O]

Baby darkblade: [..dammit.. ::kills caps key::]

Damon Darkblade: ::looks at the child…::

Damon Darkblade: Thats my daughter…

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davepoobond: ((keldan. watch out))

Baby darkblade: ::she smiled down at the… child in damon’s lap, wondering how it got there and why::

Nightstar12560: hewo

Baby darkblade: hi..

davepoobond: ((he kidnapped it!))

davepoobond: ((i saw it myself))

Baby darkblade: ::she returned her gaze to damon::…. um… what about suhala?

Keldan Battlecry: ::the holow sound of armored boots hiting the wooden floor and the cold deathly sound of blu

Baby darkblade: [excuse me while i retrive my devil duckys..]

davepoobond: doesnt anyone care that i have a 200 megaton bomb in a briefcase and i’m swinging it around

davepoobond: everywhere?!?!

Keldan Battlecry: (O.o Rhydiners…)

davepoobond: ((who’re you callin a RhyDiner?))

OnlineHost: Miserys Star has entered the room.

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Keldan Battlecry: (::smirx an leaves::sorry horrible rp’ers)

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Damon Darkblade: ::he snaps, and a coke appears for Justin::

Baby darkblade: [dammit… damon.mun.. can i borrow ur mallet?]

Damon Darkblade: (LMAO!)

Miserys Star: ::she steps into the tavern quietly, light footsteps could be heard as she walked in::

Damon Darkblade: (ASS)

davepoobond: ((what an idiot)

Nightstar12560: :: cudles with Damon yawning softly ::

Damon Darkblade: (::hands her the mallet::)

Baby darkblade: [thank you.. ::takes the mallet, devilish grin::]

CoolKat015: ::walks in silently and unoticed sticking to the shadows::

davepoobond: ‘ey baby ::walks up next to Miserys:: how’s it goin’? want a shoe?

Damon Darkblade: ::looks at Cool:: FOUND YA!

davepoobond: or two?

Damon Darkblade: ::snickers::

Miserys Star: ::blinks and looks at davepoobond::good..and’s alright

Baby darkblade: ::smiles a bit and picks up the coke::

davepoobond: comon. its a good deal.

davepoobond: new shoes….

CoolKat015: ::steps out of the shadow and walks up to davepoobond::

davepoobond: are nice…

davepoobond: aren’t they…..

CoolKat015: ::taps him on the shoulder::what did the lady say

Damon Darkblade: ::motions Mary to him, patting the seat next to him::

davepoobond: i’m selling shoes.

davepoobond: i’m trying to make a living.

davepoobond: y’mind leavin’ me be and let me do my business?

Baby darkblade: [dum de dum de dum ::swings up the ignore mallet and slams it down upon [davepoobond]:: hehe ]

davepoobond: or i’ll sue you for killin’ my business!

Miserys Star: ::she walks over to Damon and sits next to him, crossing her legs revealing the slit to her hip::

davepoobond: ((why’d you ignore me……….?))

Damon Darkblade: Hey hun

davepoobond: ((yer a bafoon))

Damon Darkblade: How have you been

CoolKat015: ::can’t be sued::

Miserys Star: Hey…I’ve been good..and you?

Damon Darkblade: Just fine

davepoobond: ::a big fat lady named Sue sits on CoolKat::

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Damon Darkblade: I think i found a new friend

Nightstar12560: :: the lil girl looks at Misery ::

davepoobond: HA! I SUED YOU!

Baby darkblade: ::she poped open the coke and turned towards misery::

Damon Darkblade: ::looks at Night::

Miserys Star: Really?

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Miserys Star: ::she looks at Night and smiles softly::

CoolKat015: ::walks out looking for something to do::

Damon Darkblade: Yep

Damon Darkblade: Havent gotten her name yet though…

Miserys Star: ::looks towards baby::

Nightstar12560: :: lays her head on Damons sholder ::

Miserys Star: ::then back to Damon:: ah

Damon Darkblade: ::looks to the small girl:: Whats your name?

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OnlineHost: MBailie has entered the room.

davepoobond: ((MBailie! watch out! they’ll ignore you for saying one word!!!))

Baby darkblade: and why is she there?

Nightstar12560: :: yawns ::

Baby darkblade: ::sighs a bit:: i never got to sit on your lap.. and im your daughter!

MBailie: ::A young woman w/ a cape and hood covering most of her face walks in::

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Damon Darkblade: You never tried eather

OnlineHost: Coyotes Rage has left the room.

Baby darkblade: on right.. ::smiles::

MBailie: ::Walks over to the bar::

MBailie: There a tender

MBailie: tendress???

MBailie: either will do

davepoobond: ::jumps up next to the person that came in:: i’m a shoe salesman. wanna buy some shoes?

Miserys Star: ::her enchanting silver eyes look around curiously::

MBailie: I’ll take that as a no

davepoobond: i got pairs of single shoes.

Damon Darkblade: ::stands, the child in his arms::

davepoobond: pairs of pairs of shoes

Damon Darkblade: ::walks to the bar::

Damon Darkblade: What would you like

davepoobond: and pairs of shoes.

MBailie: vodka please

davepoobond: i got an assortment of colors, shapes, sizes

Baby darkblade: ::watches damon and then plops down in the seat he just stood up from::

davepoobond: fits any foot. even the really smelly old wrinkled ones!

Damon Darkblade: ::nods, kneeling down and picks up the bottle, setting it on the bar, along with the glass::

Damon Darkblade: 5 gps

MBailie: ty

Nightstar12560: :: looks at the lady at the bar ::

davepoobond: you could buy 90 pairs of single shoes with 5 gps! what’re ya wasting that much money to get

davepoobond: wasted on vodka

MBailie: ::takes a sip::

Nightstar12560: :: in damons arms ::

Baby darkblade: [how old is this child in damons arms?]

Damon Darkblade: (5)

Damon Darkblade: (lol)

Damon Darkblade: ::nods::

Baby darkblade: [u serious?]

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Damon Darkblade: ::then walks to his chair, sitting in Justin’s lap::

Baby darkblade: [yet when in his lap.. shes tall enough to lay her head on his shoulder.. odd]

Baby darkblade: gah!

MBailie: I’m not gettin’ wasted I just come from a long journey and still got a long way to go

Miserys Star: ::she watches Damon with a soft smile on her lips::

HeeroYuy71121: =a guy in a black as night cloak walks in=

Baby darkblade: ::pokes his back:: dad…

Damon Darkblade: (She is heald high)

davepoobond: ooh. sounds interesting.

Baby darkblade: […uh huh]

Damon Darkblade: get outa my chair then

Damon Darkblade: ::stands::

davepoobond: ::holds his hand out:: Dave Bond, Shapeshifter Extraordiaire. Need some help on yer

davepoobond: journey?

Baby darkblade: …::glares and then pulls her knees up with her feet in the chair so he cant sit back down

Baby darkblade: :: no

Damon Darkblade: -_-

Miserys Star: ::she stands:: you may sit here M’lord

Damon Darkblade: ::sits on the floor next to Mary:: Fine then

MBailie: ::smiles:: not really a journey I just a wanderer

HeeroYuy71121: =walks to Dave=

davepoobond: oh…

Baby darkblade: ::grins evily::

davepoobond: pretty much me too……..i’m really bored lately.

Damon Darkblade: sit down Mary

davepoobond: no one likes to buy shoes when i try to make some money..

HeeroYuy71121: =his hodd covering his eyes=

Miserys Star: ::nods and sits down again, crossing her legs::

Nightstar12560: :: gigles smileing up at the one in Damons chair ::

HeeroYuy71121: hello

davepoobond: its like people would rather walk around shoeless.

davepoobond: ::looks over to Heero:: hi…

MBailie: ::laughs::

davepoobond: whaddya want.

davepoobond: ya want some shoes?

HeeroYuy71121: i heard u guys are wonders

davepoobond: i’m a Wonder…..yes

HeeroYuy71121: heh heh sorry no shoes

davepoobond: but, are you referring to the band?

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MBailie: What is a wonder??? ::confused::

HeeroYuy71121: and u?=turns to MBailie=

davepoobond: they made a movie, called That Thing You Do

Baby darkblade: ::she sighed a bit and looked around the tavern again::

davepoobond: ::nudges Bailie in the ribs:: Tom Hanks was their manager.

OnlineHost: DkQueenDemon has entered the room.

HeeroYuy71121: wonderer sorry

MBailie: ::Smiles at Heero:: and y do u care???

MBailie: ::smiles at dave::

HeeroYuy71121: well because im looking for some fun

OnlineHost: McaneJr has entered the room.

HeeroYuy71121: =grins under his dark cloak=

OnlineHost: McaneJr has left the room.

Damon Darkblade: ::moves up into the chair::

OnlineHost: McaneJr has entered the room.

Damon Darkblade: ::still holding the child::

MBailie: ::Looks at Heero in a suspicious way:: What makes u think my life is fun???

Nightstar12560: :: she looks around ::

davepoobond: and what makes you think my life is fun for anyone else?

Damon Darkblade: ::tickles the girl::

HeeroYuy71121: ha!

OnlineHost: GryFynn Mage90 has entered the room.

HeeroYuy71121: i mean an adventure

Nightstar12560: :: gigles ::

davepoobond: ::burp::

davepoobond: an adventure where?

HeeroYuy71121: three wanderers

HeeroYuy71121: hmmmmmmm

GryFynn Mage90: ::a mage walks in::

davepoobond: i dont wander, i actually know where i go.

DkQueenDemon: ::in she entered, this angel of the night, cladded in a tight leather dress as deep blue

davepoobond: but i have no specific place i go to.

HeeroYuy71121: to find something

DkQueenDemon: eyse parttake the scene around her::

McaneJr: ::a young girl, wearing a very short, very lowcut dress walks in, her brown hair hangs

davepoobond: no.

davepoobond: i dont look for anything.

MBailie: I have just recently met Dave

GryFynn Mage90: ::he sits down::

McaneJr: freely over her sholders, and in one hand is a well used closed book, the other

OnlineHost: Level of Mind has entered the room.

DkQueenDemon: ::she stood by the door still well out of the way of others getting in::

McaneJr: holds nothing more than air::

GryFynn Mage90: and orders abeer

HeeroYuy71121: well

davepoobond: and orders a water

Damon Darkblade: ::smiles to the small girl::

OnlineHost: GryFynn Mage90 has left the room.

MBailie: ::Looks in a bit of an intrigued way at Heero::

MBailie: And what praytell are u searching 4???

Baby darkblade: ::her attention was then directed toward erica a smile appered on her lips::

HeeroYuy71121: ((m ua guy or girl?))

McaneJr: ::she looks around a bit nervously, having never been in here::

HeeroYuy71121: secret

davepoobond: ((she’s a girl))

MBailie: girl

HeeroYuy71121: ((kick ass!))

Baby darkblade: [o.o]

davepoobond: ((-ooo>.))

Damon Darkblade: ::looks to Erica:: Hey hun, over here..

davepoobond: ((tell them to unblock me.))

MBailie: ((really and y is that???))

davepoobond: ((i try to sell shoes to them, and they ignore me))

DkQueenDemon: ::She took out her sketch book and a delicate hand raced across the paper as she drew the

DkQueenDemon: images before her::

davepoobond: WHAT THE!

MBailie: how can we search 4 something that we do not know what we r searching 4???

McaneJr: ::she smiles seeing Damon, and quickly moves over to him, looking to the child in his arms,

Damon Darkblade: ::smiles::

davepoobond: ::looks around to Queen Demon:: WHAT ARE YOU DOING!!?!!?

McaneJr: while meneuvering to hug him:: Something you need to tell me daddy?

HeeroYuy71121: well

HeeroYuy71121: ino

Level of Mind: ~Enters quietly, the hood of her cloak pulled forward to cover her face.~


HeeroYuy71121: itsa legened

Nightstar12560: :: looks at Mcane ::

Damon Darkblade: ::hugs her back::

DkQueenDemon: ::she looks up:: Do you mind if I draw…I will not draw you then

Damon Darkblade: Nothing besides finding a new friend…

Baby darkblade: [hey level.mun.. who u rpin?]

Damon Darkblade: ::smiles::

davepoobond: ok, then

Level of Mind: ~Walks to a seat in the corner, and sits arranging her heavy skirts.~

MBailie: hmmmmmm that may be interesting what is the legend???

McaneJr: ::looks to the child:: are you sure?

HeeroYuy71121: well

davepoobond: a legend?

Level of Mind: (Um.. I guess Suhala, so disregard the profile.)

HeeroYuy71121: =pulls out a wooden stake=

Baby darkblade: [::nods:: wil do!]

davepoobond: >.> vampires…

HeeroYuy71121: =stabs it in the table=

Level of Mind: (Thanks)

DkQueenDemon: ::she shakes her head and continues to draw::

Nightstar12560: :: tilts her head ::

HeeroYuy71121: of vampires

davepoobond: BORING

davepoobond: can’t you think of anything better to do?

McaneJr: ((brb))

MBailie: ::Hushes Dave::

Baby darkblade: [kk]

davepoobond: vampires are people too, y’know.

MBailie: go on

Damon Darkblade: Well

Level of Mind: ~Removes a banana from her pocket, and peels it.~

HeeroYuy71121: oh?

Damon Darkblade: Besides Suhala is here

HeeroYuy71121: u a vamp?

Damon Darkblade: thats all

davepoobond: ::sees someone remove a banana from her pocket::

davepoobond: wow. i thought only i could do that.

HeeroYuy71121: =pulls out a silver handgun from the right inside of his cloak=

MBailie: ::softly touches the stake::

Baby darkblade: ::she smiled a bit, her attention then averted to suhala with a smile she stood up from the

Baby darkblade: chair and walked over to her::

davepoobond: me? i’m not a vampire………….teeheeheeheeee

HeeroYuy71121: arg!

davepoobond: i’m a Shapeshifter.

HeeroYuy71121: he

MBailie: ::Quickly pulls out blade and puts it to Heero’s throat::

HeeroYuy71121: i can do that to

HeeroYuy71121: =puts gun away=

davepoobond: ::lays back against the bar::

davepoobond: you wouldnt have been able to kill me anyway

MBailie: ::Puts dagger away::

HeeroYuy71121: =turns into MBailie=

davepoobond: i sell shoes, y’know.

Level of Mind: ~Glances up at Justin, and smiles.~ How’d you know it was me?

Baby darkblade: hi

MBailie: Dave don’t push it

DkQueenDemon: ::she rolled her eyes as she looked around her picture almost done::

davepoobond: i’m not pushing anything…

Baby darkblade: ::shrugs:: i have a sixth sense ::she smirked:: how are you?

Nightstar: :: she looks up at Damon ::

davepoobond: this stupid weirdo over here is being an idiot.

MBailie: Daaaaaaaaaave

davepoobond: not as much of an idiot that I am…..

davepoobond: what?

HeeroYuy71121: aw ur right

MBailie: hush

Damon Darkblade: Whats wrong?

HeeroYuy71121: actully

Level of Mind: Oh? ~Pushes the hood back.~ Sit please.

Damon Darkblade: ::looks to the nameless girl::

HeeroYuy71121: im nota hunter

davepoobond: what the heck are you then?

Baby darkblade: ::she pulled up a chair and sat in it::

MBailie: ::Looks deeply at Heero:: What r u???

davepoobond: are you with a Travelling Circus!!?

HeeroYuy71121: =grins=

davepoobond: i swear, if you are, i’m gonna kill you.

Nightstar: :: tickles him playfully ::

DkQueenDemon: ::She sighed, the picture was done as she turned around and left the place, more to draw and more to see::

OnlineHost: DkQueenDemon has left the room.

HeeroYuy71121: =revials fangs in his grin=

HeeroYuy71121: guess

Damon Darkblade: ::laughs::

Level of Mind: I’m good I suppose. ~Takes a bite of her banana.~ It’s just strange being back.

davepoobond: ..

davepoobond: a vampire?

davepoobond: wait.

MBailie: ::Jumps back in shock::

davepoobond: a Vampire in a Travelling Circus?

HeeroYuy71121: hahahaha!

MBailie: ::Kicks Dave::

Nightstar: :: gigles ::

McaneJr: ((gtg, be back later))

davepoobond: OW.

Baby darkblade: ::nods::

HeeroYuy71121: no sorry no circus

OnlineHost: McaneJr has left the room.

Baby darkblade: […]

Damon Darkblade: ::stands, walking to Suhala and kisses her cheek::

davepoobond: all right, so whaddya want

MBailie: Pull your hood back I want to see your face

HeeroYuy71121: i wanna fid a castle

Level of Mind: ~Blinks, and smiles.~ Evening.

HeeroYuy71121: why?

Damon Darkblade: Evening

davepoobond: i want a billion dollars

HeeroYuy71121: ok

davepoobond: you cant get everything you want.

Damon Darkblade: ::pills up a chair, sitting neext to her::

HeeroYuy71121: thats no problem

Damon Darkblade: ::looks to the child:: Do you have a name?

MBailie: If you won’t even let me see u how do I know I can even trust u

HeeroYuy71121: fine

Nightstar: Sienna

HeeroYuy71121: =fangs disappear=

HeeroYuy71121: =pulls back his hood=

davepoobond: ::Gasp, but it really turns out to be a yawn::

OnlineHost: Nightstar has left the room.

HeeroYuy71121: =revials he is Heero Yuy but looks alittle older=

Damon Darkblade: ::blinks::

HeeroYuy71121: =has Brown eyes now instead of his old persian blue=

MBailie: ::hot::

Baby darkblade: [the child distapears!]

Damon Darkblade: ::lays his head on Suhala’s shoulder::

Level of Mind: (ack!)

davepoobond: ::cold?::

HeeroYuy71121: ((huh?”hot”?))

MBailie: i like brown and blue eyes

HeeroYuy71121: thank you

Level of Mind: ~Pokes Damon.~ What have I missed. Has anything important happened while I was gone?

HeeroYuy71121: =smiles=

davepoobond: ham

davepoobond: i like ham

davepoobond: do you like ham?

davepoobond: how about we get some ham?

OnlineHost: Baby darkblade has left the room.

Damon Darkblade: (ACK!)

MBailie: ::a little nervous reaches out hand to touch his face to see if he is real or in some kind o

Damon Darkblade: (they left)

MBailie: f fading action::

davepoobond: ((lol. the loser is all alone))

Damon Darkblade: Besides me

OnlineHost: Baby darkblade has entered the room.

Damon Darkblade: And me starting my own guild

OnlineHost: Coyotes Rage has entered the room.

HeeroYuy71121: =looks at her=

Baby darkblade: [::glares:: ………. i was punted.. i know it..]

HeeroYuy71121: =very puzzled=

davepoobond: ((HAAHAHAHAHA)))

Level of Mind: (Aww.)

MBailie: ::Back of her hand touches his face confirming he is real::

davepoobond: ((stupid confuzzled))

Baby darkblade: ::never left!!::

Level of Mind: (wb)

davepoobond: …

davepoobond: ok…

Baby darkblade: [GOD DAMMIT! ::kills davepoobond with damon’s mallet:: DIE!]

davepoobond: ((LOL))

Damon Darkblade: (O.o)

OnlineHost: Coyotes Rage has left the room.

MBailie: ((lol))

OnlineHost: Level of Mind has left the room.

Baby darkblade: [::sigh:: quietness….]

Damon Darkblade: (NO!)

davepoobond: ((cuz yer a loser))

Damon Darkblade: (-_-)

davepoobond: ((AHAHAHAH))

Baby darkblade: [she be back]

davepoobond: ((the loser’s girlfriend left))

MBailie: ::Beckons to chair::sit down Heero

HeeroYuy71121: uh

HeeroYuy71121: ok

Baby darkblade: [her sister thinks its funny to kick her offline]

Damon Darkblade: ::stands and walks out::

HeeroYuy71121: =dits down=

OnlineHost: Shadows Of HeIl has entered the room.

OnlineHost: Damon Darkblade has left the room.

davepoobond: so…………………

Baby darkblade: dad..

MBailie: Now explain what this legend is……

Baby darkblade: ::watches him walk::

davepoobond: ((haha))

davepoobond: ((stupid little girl is alone))

OnlineHost: Shadows Of HeIl has left the room.

davepoobond: ((wah wah))

Baby darkblade: ::she sighed again:: so alone.. ::and with that she stood up from the chair and walked out

MBailie: ::Smiles at Dave:: Calm down u r gonna get killed

HeeroYuy71121: uh

davepoobond: thats funny.

OnlineHost: Psycho Mantis 55 has entered the room.

HeeroYuy71121: ok

OnlineHost: Psycho Mantis 55 has left the room.

HeeroYuy71121: brb

davepoobond: its not in my genes to die.

OnlineHost: McaneJr has entered the room.

davepoobond: i dont die.

Baby darkblade: the door, deciding she was going to follow damon::

McaneJr: ((Okay, back now))

Baby darkblade: [erica.mun.. damon left]

MBailie: what about ::Laughs::

OnlineHost: Baby darkblade has left the room.

McaneJr: ((where he go?))

MBailie: pain???

OnlineHost: McaneJr has left the room.

MBailie: Can u feel pain???

davepoobond: yep.

MBailie: hee hee hee allalone

OnlineHost: Nightstar has entered the room.

davepoobond: ((haha. they all left))

MBailie: u freaked em’ off Dave ::smils::

OnlineHost: Nightstar has left the room.

MBailie: Smiles*

davepoobond: yep…i guess so

davepoobond: ::stabs a flag into the ground::

MBailie: Dave…….

MBailie: ((lol))

davepoobond: This tavern has been claimed Dave’s

davepoobond: number 14!

davepoobond: or something….

MBailie: quick which do u like better the North or the south???

davepoobond: south

MBailie: eeeeerrrrrrr

davepoobond: what?

MBailie: wrong answert

MBailie: the correct answer is purple elephants

davepoobond: why..?

davepoobond: oh, is it?

davepoobond: i shoulda guessed that…..

MBailie: yes, it is.

davepoobond: hmm……………………….OPEN BAR!

davepoobond: GET WASTED!

MBailie: woo hoo!!!!!!!!!!

davepoobond: ::jumps over the bar thingy, and grabs all the drinks he can get::

MBailie: ::Pops open the first one she can reach and starts to chug!!!!!!!::

MBailie: chug

MBailie: chug

MBailie: chug

OnlineHost: *** You are in “Arts and Entertainment – Darkblade Tavern”. ***

davepoobond: ((whoops))

MBailie: ((what))

davepoobond: ((nothing))

MBailie: ((k))

davepoobond: ((this is getting stupid. where is that turdy boy?))

MBailie: ((I don’t know I hope he gets back soon))

MBailie: HEERO WHERE R U???????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

davepoobond: ((that stupid bean bag makin’ us wait. I can be goin’ around and getting more chat rooms destroyed))

MBailie: ((lol))

MBailie: ((I understand))

HeeroYuy71121: ((back))

davepoobond: ((finally))

davepoobond: ((::boots him IC::))

HeeroYuy71121: ((sorry))

HeeroYuy71121: ((ow))

HeeroYuy71121: =looks over the girls features=

davepoobond: ::raises a brow::

davepoobond: uh………………are you gettin’ sidetracked?

davepoobond: are you a loser?

HeeroYuy71121: =shakes his head=

davepoobond: not gettin’ any in the sack?

HeeroYuy71121: =glares at him=

davepoobond: dont have a good sack?

davepoobond: ey ey ey. just askin’ man. dont have to get mad

OnlineHost: Outlawgirl has entered the room.

HeeroYuy71121: actully i probly get more then u but thats not wat i was tryin to acheave

Outlawgirl: {}o.0{}

davepoobond: ((achieve, ya turd))

MBailie: ::smiles and takes another sip of drink::

HeeroYuy71121: ((i cant spell!))

davepoobond: ((i know that.))

MBailie: Now about this quest u wanna go on?!

HeeroYuy71121: tell me how old are u?im 17!=to M=

davepoobond: ::laughs::

HeeroYuy71121: well

davepoobond: stupid 17 year old.

davepoobond: i’m 4000 plus years old.

HeeroYuy71121: fuck u!

davepoobond: but, i’m biologically frozen in a state of 20 years old.

HeeroYuy71121: =fangs appear and he hisses at David=

davepoobond: ::raises a brow:: dont give me that poop. i can do that too

Outlawgirl: {}0.o{}

HeeroYuy71121: poop?

davepoobond: ::looks from left to right::

davepoobond: you’re immature.

HeeroYuy71121: =fangs return to normal=

MBailie: Gentlemen lets get back to business

davepoobond: what business? this guy takes half an hour to say whatever he wants to say

HeeroYuy71121: im not going to talk to u about immature

davepoobond: ok good.

MBailie: and u Dave won’t shut up ::Laughs::

davepoobond: at least i say what i’m thinking!

MBailie: now…….continue

Outlawgirl: {} Gentle…they ain’t gentle…if there gentle then that makes me a fast typer….{}

davepoobond: unlike this guy…

HeeroYuy71121: ((lol))

HeeroYuy71121: ((hi Loner!))

davepoobond: y’gonna tell us or what?

Outlawgirl: {}hi{}

HeeroYuy71121: ok

HeeroYuy71121: thre is a castle

davepoobond: ((Aquafina))

HeeroYuy71121: with a vamp

MBailie: DAVE!

HeeroYuy71121: aw screw it!

davepoobond: what?

HeeroYuy71121: its pretty much a dracula story

davepoobond: ok.

HeeroYuy71121: i wanna take the castle over

MBailie: Heero just ignore him I want to know ::Smiles at Heero::

HeeroYuy71121: =smiles back=

Outlawgirl: {}::ish is tired::{} ::Loner walks in to the unknown place looking around with her icy blue

HeeroYuy71121: this vamp will be deystroyed

Outlawgirl: eyes….she stands at the height of 5’6 and has long midnight blue hair::

HeeroYuy71121: hi Loner!

Outlawgirl: 0.0

Outlawgirl: hi…::sounds scared::

MBailie: Why do u want this particular castle???

davepoobond: who you callin’ a loner?

davepoobond: ::raises a brow::

HeeroYuy71121: come sit down

HeeroYuy71121: =pionts to the chair nexta him=

Outlawgirl: ::Looks tae (Bond):: I’m Loner….

Outlawgirl: me name is Loner…

davepoobond: oh.

Outlawgirl: um…what’s yers?

davepoobond: well, my name is Dave Bond, Shapeshifter Extraordinaire.

HeeroYuy71121: hesa asshole Loner

davepoobond: nice to meet ya. i’d tip my hat if i had a hat.

Outlawgirl: shapeshifter…cool that’s what I am….

davepoobond: really?

HeeroYuy71121: =smiles politley at David=

davepoobond: that’s cool.

Outlawgirl: ::looks tae Heero:: he seems fine tae me…

davepoobond: yeah. i seem fine tae her

HeeroYuy71121: u werent here a minute ago

MBailie: ::Smiles to herself::

HeeroYuy71121: -_-

davepoobond: only you were here a minute ago.

HeeroYuy71121: ak!i cant take it anymore

HeeroYuy71121: =ki gathers in his right hand=

davepoobond: OOOH!

HeeroYuy71121: =stands and faces David=

MBailie: STOP


Outlawgirl: ::hides in a coner…tring to get away from any type of fights::

HeeroYuy71121: =throws his cloak of=

davepoobond: kitty….!

HeeroYuy71121: =it disappears before it hits the ground=

davepoobond: ahahahah!

davepoobond: this is great.

davepoobond: ::another image of Dave appears behind Heero::

davepoobond: which one of us

davepoobond: Dave 2: is the real Dave?

HeeroYuy71121: =grins=

HeeroYuy71121: i love mind games

davepoobond: this isn’t a mind game

davepoobond: WE’RE

davepoobond: DAVE 2: BOTH DAVE!

HeeroYuy71121: =copys Dave’s move=

HeeroYuy71121: ecept

davepoobond: ::both of the Dave’s jump into the air, gathering Distortion Ki into their palms::

HeeroYuy71121: both Heeros: were real!

HeeroYuy71121: =they disappear=

davepoobond: aha. thats funny.

davepoobond: Dave 2: yes very.

davepoobond: makes me laugh

davepoobond: Dave 2: hahahahaah

Outlawgirl: ::walks out side::

MBailie: Stop it ::she yells::

davepoobond: ok.

davepoobond: but this guy started

HeeroYuy71121: =Dave2 expoldes=

davepoobond: NOOO! Dave 2!

HeeroYuy71121: =reappears just one Heero=

HeeroYuy71121: ok

davepoobond: Dave 2: i’m sorry Dave. I’m dying……..

HeeroYuy71121: ill stop

davepoobond: ::holds Dave 2 in his arms::

Outlawgirl: {}0.o{}

davepoobond: Dave 2: ::coughs up blood:: he got me good

HeeroYuy71121: =heals dave two=

HeeroYuy71121: there

HeeroYuy71121: now leave me alone

davepoobond: Dave 2: ::riverdances:: i’m healed!

Outlawgirl: {}::laughs::{}

davepoobond: yay! ::riverdances::

MBailie: ::sighs:: thank you

HeeroYuy71121: =cloak appears on him=

HeeroYuy71121: im not wanted here

davepoobond: who said that

davepoobond: you’re the one who doesnt want yourself

HeeroYuy71121: =throws hood up upon his head=

davepoobond: <vs> and your mom

HeeroYuy71121: =grabs Dave by his collor=

MBailie: Heero don’t go stay

HeeroYuy71121: ((brb))

davepoobond: ((Collar))

davepoobond: ((not collor))

OnlineHost: MBailie has left the room.

OnlineHost: MBailie has entered the room.

MBailie: Heero please don’t go

davepoobond: hey. wanna see my pet?

HeeroYuy71121: =throws him across the room=

davepoobond: ::gets thrown across the room::

Outlawgirl: {}0.o??? {}

HeeroYuy71121: ((back! and stop crecting my spelling u grammer geek!))

davepoobond: ((correcting))

Outlawgirl: {}-.-{}

HeeroYuy71121: ((-_-))

Outlawgirl: {}::sighs::{}

davepoobond: ((i’m not a grammer geek. i’m just smarter than you))

HeeroYuy71121: ((yea!thats funny!))

Outlawgirl: ::walks back in and slaps Heero on the back of his head::

davepoobond: ((it is))

Outlawgirl: stop that!!!

HeeroYuy71121: ((hahahahaha!))

HeeroYuy71121: none insults my family

HeeroYuy71121: noone*

davepoobond: ((geez you took so long, i forgot why you threw me across the room))

davepoobond: ((no one))

davepoobond: ((2 words))

HeeroYuy71121: ((thanx))

HeeroYuy71121: ((<^> ^_^ <^>)))

davepoobond: (( >; | ))

HeeroYuy71121: ((<^> -_- <^>))

davepoobond: (( ?= ) ))

MBailie: *<:0)~

HeeroYuy71121: ((lol))

Outlawgirl: {}um….its not Dave that is an Ahole…it’s his mun…no offence…um…did I spell that

Outlawgirl: right…offence?{}

davepoobond: ((i am?))

davepoobond: ((i’m not an ahole……))

HeeroYuy71121: ((told u))

davepoobond: ((just because i try and help improve the intelligence of this individual right here…..))

Outlawgirl: {}no…your char told me…not you..{}

davepoobond: ((::points “politely” to heero::))

davepoobond: ((oh))

HeeroYuy71121: ((Dave u just get annoying))

HeeroYuy71121: ((lol))

davepoobond: ((exactly))

davepoobond: ((thats what my character is))

davepoobond: ((he’s annoying.))

davepoobond: ((i can rp seriously tho))

HeeroYuy71121: ((not ur char))

davepoobond: ((o))

HeeroYuy71121: ((u and ur char))

Outlawgirl: {}lol{}



This entry is part 1 of 2 in the series The Shoe Salesman

OnlineHost: *** You are in “Arts and Entertainment – QuietForestClearing”. ***

Nightstar: (( oy ))

Taeshira Baku: No I don’t

davepoobond: HEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLOOOOOO! ::screams across the quiet forest clearing::

Beeezubaby: ok

OnlineHost: srvaughan has left the room.

Beeezubaby: ::dissapointed::

Nightstar: :: the lil girl looks at the screaming man ::

davepoobond: ::jumps around:: i’m a shoe salesman! buy my shoes!

davepoobond: …………or die!!!!!!

Nightstar: …….

Nightstar: stwang man

davepoobond: ::stops near Beeezu:: hey! why do you look disappointed?

davepoobond: if you buy my shoes, you wont be disappointed.

davepoobond: its 100% “real” Shoe Material!

Nightstar: ……..

Nightstar: wealy stwange man

davepoobond: hmm? ::glares at Nightstar:: what’re you lookin’ at kid? you wanna buy some kiddy shoes?

Damon Darkblade: ::picks up the small girl:: Well hello there…

davepoobond: or maybe some shoes for your husband?

davepoobond: hmm? ::looks up a little:: hi.

Nightstar: :: looks at Damon ::

Beeezubaby: ::smiles::

Damon Darkblade: ::tickles her a bit::

davepoobond: ha ha ha ha ha ha ha haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

davepoobond: anyone gonna buy my shoes or not

Damon Darkblade: Nope

Nightstar: :: laughs ::

davepoobond: well….

davepoobond: i dont know what to say.

OnlineHost: Irishfighter has entered the room.

Damon Darkblade: Ummm goodbye?

Damon Darkblade: ::laughs::

davepoobond: ((leave irishfigter. its not good to stay here! leave! there’s mucho violence!))

davepoobond: ((SHIELD YOUR EYES AS YOU RUN AWAY!!!))

Beeezubaby: ::wonders why he is so quiet::

Irishfighter: ::apperes in a crouch in the middle of the clearing::

davepoobond: whats so funny?

davepoobond: why were you laughing?


davepoobond: BUCKOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!

Damon Darkblade: You want to do something about it?

davepoobond: hmm

Damon Darkblade: ::smirks::

davepoobond: sure.

davepoobond: BRING IT ON, KITTY!

Nightstar: :: looks at Bond ::

Damon Darkblade: ::laughs::

Irishfighter: ::looks at damon::

davepoobond: ::loosens his tie, and puts the briefcase full of shoes down on the floor::

Beeezubaby: [] lol []

davepoobond: ((ah…..whats so funny?))

Nightstar: :: yawns and lays her head on Damons sholder ::

Beeezubaby: [] nothin []

Damon Darkblade: (LMAO)

Nightstar: :: closes her eyes ::

Damon Darkblade: ::carrys the small child off::

OnlineHost: Damon Darkblade has left the room.

davepoobond: what a wuss!

OnlineHost: Nightstar has left the room.

davepoobond: ::runs off after him::

See what happens afterwards at Darkblade Tavern.


Elfhome Tavern

OnlineHost: Silent Enemy has left the room.

OnlineHost: *** You are in “Arts and Entertainment – Elfhome Tavern”. ***

Antarlas: ((thank you))

davepoobond: ((your welcome))

OnlineHost: Tsenn has entered the room.

Antarlas: Ah, a fellow dark elf.


Star of Valinor: Nae, sir…

Star of Valinor: Your tounge is but a mockery of the Sindar tounge that I speak.

Antarlas: I was just talking with Alkea here about a dreadful attack.

davepoobond: ….

davepoobond: eh?

Tsenn: ::jumps in witha basket:: get ya hot tamales!

davepoobond: ::waves a briefcase in the air:: SHOES! who wants SHOES

Star of Valinor: ::she lowered her hood…her skin was an unmarred golden white, her face ovaline, her high,

Tsenn: i want shoes! because igot socks to go with the SHOES!!

davepoobond: GREAT!

OnlineHost: BlizzardWolf has entered the room.

davepoobond: i’ll give you a shoe, for a tamale!

Tsenn: YOUR ON!

davepoobond: ::hands him a shoe::

OnlineHost: NeoNet has entered the room.

Antarlas: ((If you going to be pests please leave))

Star of Valinor: aristocratic cheekbones denoting the careful bloodline of one of the Eldar::

davepoobond: ((we’re only here to RP))

Tsenn: ::hands him a tamale and puts the shoein the box::

davepoobond: ::puts the tamale in the briefcase::

davepoobond: i’ll trade you a penny for a penny

OnlineHost: JIS has entered the room.

OnlineHost: Vampireangel has left the room.

OnlineHost: RissArrow has entered the room.

Antarlas: Ah, I see the tavern is filling up now.

Tsenn: uh sure

davepoobond: ok!

NeoNet: :: a man in a black and silver cloke enteres::

davepoobond: ::hands him a penny::

JIS: ::walks in with his eyes glowing green::

Tsenn: how about you give mea penny to trade you a penny witha penny for a penny?

Antarlas: Alkae, who is serving?

JIS: ::looks around::

davepoobond: ok

OnlineHost: Vampireangel has entered the room.

NeoNet: :: his emerald eyes are the only think visible under the hood::

davepoobond: even better

Tsenn: yeah

Star of Valinor: ::glowing blue eyes shone brightly, as she stepped forward:: Never the less, I will forgive

OnlineHost: Zack o Lantern has entered the room.

JIS: ::yawns a little showing a bit of his fangs::

Vampireangel: ::She reappears:: Aye what happened?

Star of Valinor: you your transgression against my nobility…I am Valith Amandil of LothLorien, Priestess of

Star of Valinor: Yavanna Tanquetil.

Tsenn: ((see we attract the attention))

davepoobond: ((hehe))

davepoobond: ((we’re more interesting))

Tsenn: ((this room woulda sucked without our presence lol))

davepoobond: hey, miss. want a shoe or 2?


davepoobond: ::points at Vampireangel::

Vampireangel: ::Looks around, dark brown orbs gazing at everyone:: aah, the room is getting quite full

Vampireangel: ::Looks at davepoobond:: What?

RissArrow: ::A young man walks in and sits down next to the man in the black cloak::

Tsenn: shoes lady shoes

davepoobond: want. a. shoe. or. 2?

NeoNet: :: removes the hood revealing a young elven man with jet black hair going down to his neck::

Tsenn: hes givin shoes dont miss out!

davepoobond: i’m a travelling shoe salesman

Vampireangel: No thank you

Antarlas: :walks to Riss: What can I get you kind sir?

Vampireangel: I am quite ok with my sandals

davepoobond: you’ve got outdated shoes.

davepoobond: sandals are nasty

davepoobond: no one wants to see your toes

JIS: ::walks up to Antarlas::

davepoobond: why cant they understand that!

Vampireangel: My toes are quite fine

Zack o Lantern: :: Walks in casually with his long black trench coat and hair dangling down over his eyes::

Tsenn: here

Tsenn: replace your toes with tamales

OnlineHost: AngelicWinds has entered the room.

JIS: do i know you?

Antarlas: :Looks a JIS: Can I help you?

Vampireangel: ::She moves her feet up, revealing slender toes, her nails painted red::

Antarlas: No, I don’t belive so.

davepoobond: wow.

RissArrow: Aiden-::Looks at Antar:: no, thanks

OnlineHost: BlizzardWolf has left the room.

Zack o Lantern: ::glances around at the crowd::

RissArrow: Aiden-Not now anyway

OnlineHost: AngelicWinds has left the room.

OnlineHost: Willow Isp has entered the room.

OnlineHost: BlizzardWolf has entered the room.

Tsenn: ::he admires the toes then:: see now those feet need a good shoe to keep nice

JIS: could you give me your name?

NeoNet: :: pops his neck sitting on a chair next to him::

davepoobond: not sandals

davepoobond: sandals expose them to bacteria

davepoobond: and bacteria is bad

Antarlas: My name is Antarlas Draxel.

Tsenn: and dirt and other stuff

davepoobond: because they like to eat toes

JIS: ok thank you

JIS: ::walks away::

Antarlas: Yours?

Vampireangel: :She smiles::

OnlineHost: Willow Isp has left the room.

RissArrow: Aiden-::Looks at Tallon:: How are you?

davepoobond: why are you smiling?

NeoNet: good, for now :: looks around the room::

JIS: i do not tell my name to elves

Tsenn: because she sees the light man

Vampireangel: ::Stands up to fix her knee long loose pants::

davepoobond: hmm! i think you’re right.

RissArrow: Aiden-::Looks around in parinoia::

Vampireangel: damn things keep falling to ma hips

JIS: ::looks to Vampireangel::

Zack o Lantern: ::walks over to Antarlas:: Hello, I am new here could you show me around?

davepoobond: no one knows the spectacular uses of shoes.

Tsenn: takeem off then and replace them with a piece of Lingerie! tjhat we came across!

NeoNet: :: looks at JIS:: huh!

Antarlas: very well, what can I get you Zack?

davepoobond: yeah!

Vampireangel: ::Looks at Antarlas:: Hey Antarlas Did they take off my belt thing when they healed me?

Zack o Lantern: ::looks up at Antarlas:: How ’bout some names?

RissArrow: Aiden-good, pretty quiet in here

Antarlas: :looks to Alkae: No, I don’t belive so.

Antarlas: My dear.

Vampireangel: Ok them thieves must have broken it

Antarlas: : to Zack: I am Antarlas.

davepoobond: ::jumps on antarlas’ head, and bites his hair:: I’M HUNGRY FEED ME!!!!!!!!!!

Tsenn: missin out on a good deal

Zack o Lantern: ::glances briefly at the crowd again::

Vampireangel: ((LOL davepoobond))

davepoobond: (( = D ))

Tsenn: ::he jumped on zack:: MOMMY!!!

Star of Valinor: ::she sighed, and merely slipped away::

OnlineHost: Star of Valinor has left the room.

Antarlas: You’ll have to ask for other’s names. I’m not at libirty to say.

Tsenn: store!! come on!!

JIS: ::wears shorts no shoes and no shirt and wearing sunglasses::

RissArrow: Dang, I’ve gotta go

davepoobond: ::jumps from antarlas’ head to the bar counter, throwing glasses at Antarlas’ face::

RissArrow: bye

OnlineHost: BlizzardWolf has left the room.

OnlineHost: BlizzardWolf has entered the room.

NeoNet: bye

davepoobond: die! die die!

Tsenn: ::pokes him a lot:: die!

Zack o Lantern: ::looks up at his new found friend and shakes his head causing tsenn to fall off::

davepoobond: ::kicks Antarlas in the shins::

Tsenn: ::and he fell just to cling to zacks leg::

Antarlas: Well, I must be going. Alkae, will you take over for me? I was just showing Zack around.

Zack o Lantern: ::chuckles at him::

OnlineHost: RissArrow has left the room.

Vampireangel: ::her hands fall at her sides as she yawns::

davepoobond: ::eats Antarlas’ pants::

Vampireangel: Sure

davepoobond: ew! nasty

Tsenn: ::pokes his shins::

Vampireangel: ::Walks toward Zack::

davepoobond: ::trips Antarlas::

davepoobond: ::stomps on his shoes::

davepoobond: ::eats his hand::

OnlineHost: NeoNet has left the room.

Antarlas: Fair the well Alkae. :gently grabs Alkea’s hand a lightly kisses it.” Fair the well.

OnlineHost: Antarlas has left the room.

Vampireangel: ::lends her hand out in welcome, the other holding onto her pants::


davepoobond: I’M EATING YOU

Vampireangel: Bye Bye Antarlas

Tsenn: people have no respect these days!

davepoobond: nooooooooo! he left..

JIS: ::draws his sword::

davepoobond: ::jumps on the bar counter::

Tsenn: honestly at elast let you finish

davepoobond: ::gets an apple, biting pieces of it and spits it out onto JIS::


Zack o Lantern: ::looks at alkea:: Hello there.

Vampireangel: ::Looks at Zack:: What do you need?

JIS: ::shock the hell out of davepoobond with lightning::

Vampireangel: ::Dark brown eyes gazing at him (?) ::

davepoobond: aaahhh! ::shocked:: yay. only heaven is in me now

Tsenn: ::cold clocks jis witha french fry:: bwajajaja!!

davepoobond: thank you!

Zack o Lantern: ::smiles:: I am new here could you introduce me to your friends?

JIS: ::runs up to him/her and slices its head off::

Tsenn: hey dave

davepoobond: ::hugs his legs::

Tsenn: your head fell off again

davepoobond: oh no.

davepoobond: ::his head rolls around on the ground::

davepoobond: head: nyehhhh

Tsenn: that happens a lot man

Vampireangel: ::Smiles:: These are not my friends

Vampireangel: Just customers

Vampireangel: U have to introduce yourself to them

davepoobond: ::his head shoots up into the air, and attaches to his body again::

JIS: ::slices his body in half::

davepoobond: my body

davepoobond: ow

Tsenn: ((hey dave only one person isnt ignorin us i guessin lol))

Zack o Lantern: Oh haha, it just seems so friendly around here.

davepoobond: ::his body seals up and its back to normal:: WHY ARE YOU HURTING ME

Tsenn: hes hurting you?

Tsenn: eat him!

davepoobond: ::slaps JIS in the face::

Zack o Lantern: ::shrugs and bows to alkea:: Alrighty, thanks.

JIS: this is an acid based diamond sword

davepoobond: so what.

Tsenn: ::grabs a spatula and pokes JIS::

JIS: ::turns his face to the side::

Vampireangel: ::She smiles as he bows:: You r welcome

JIS: ::bites davepoobond::

Tsenn: suck cooking utensils!

davepoobond: ::bites back::

JIS: ::sucks all his blood out of him/her::

davepoobond: ::claws at JIS::

davepoobond: ::sucks back all his blood::

Tsenn: ((LMAO))

davepoobond: i’m a vampire, too

Vampireangel: ::She laughs at davepoobond, glossy red lips part to show fangs::

JIS: ::throws him on to the floor::

davepoobond: as well as a many other things

davepoobond: ::tackles JIS, getting off the floor:: DIE

Tsenn: ::well least davepoobond wasnt ignored by all as he thwapped jis with some frying pan::

JIS: ::creates a sheild of magic around so nothing can get in::

davepoobond: ::punches him repeatedly::

Zack o Lantern: ::turns and walks to JIS:: May I be of assistance?

Tsenn: err whered that come from

Vampireangel: ::Whistles to davepoobond:: Stop!!

JIS: ::falls back::

davepoobond: wha? why?

Tsenn: ::pelts him with tamales::

JIS: ::puts his hand on the ground::

Vampireangel: No killing those that have done nothing!!

Zack o Lantern: ::pulls jis pack up::

Tsenn: but he did something

davepoobond: he was looking at me weird

Tsenn: he cut his head off

JIS: ::thinks of all the things he want revenge on::

Zack o Lantern: ::back*::

davepoobond: ::takes a shoe and jams a high heel into JIS’s mouth::

OnlineHost: GingerTiger has entered the room.

Vampireangel: davepoobond that is no reason!

davepoobond: sure it is!

Tsenn: he cut his head off!

davepoobond: and he sucked my blood, and i had to suck it all back

OnlineHost: GingerTiger has left the room.

davepoobond: do you know how disgusting that is?

JIS: ::a purple beam surrounds him::

Vampireangel: ::Walks to davepoobond and kicks him in the shins:: No it isn’t!!!!

davepoobond: owww

Tsenn: dude why do you get all the attention

JIS: ::stands::

davepoobond: fine fine. whaddya want me to do? he’s gonna try and kill me now.

davepoobond: which is pretty funny, since i cant die.

JIS: ::his eyes turn white and start to glow::

davepoobond: wow. i’m scared, JIS.

davepoobond: whatcha gonna do?

davepoobond: slice me a bunch of times

JIS: you touch me again i will destroy this place

Tsenn: ::touches him::

davepoobond: OOOH!

Tsenn: that a threat?

JIS: ::puts his sword away::

Vampireangel: ::Rolls her eyes at JIS, and smacks him:: Calm down!!!

davepoobond: oh no he’s gonna destroy the place ::yawns::

Tsenn: oh no i touched him!

Zack o Lantern: ::is rolling on the floor laughing at JIS::


Tsenn: ::touches jis again lol::

davepoobond: ::sits down::

Vampireangel: ::Cracks up at what JIS has said::

JIS: ::thinks to himself should he do it or not::

Zack o Lantern: ::would love to see it::

JIS: ::was talking about davepoobond::

Zack o Lantern: ((lol everyones laughing at him))

Vampireangel: It does not matter with a single chant I can fix the place back up

Tsenn: ::touch touch touch:: ooh come on big guy

davepoobond: yeah

Zack o Lantern: ::cheers at alkea::

davepoobond: and with a single shake, i can re-attach my blown up pieces

davepoobond: salt shaker shake that is

davepoobond: ahahah

Vampireangel: ::looks at Zack, and falls to the floor laughing::

Tsenn: ::touch:: yeah look ::touch:: see that ::touch:: i knopw ya feel it ::touch::

Zack o Lantern: wow thats pretty good davepoobond what are you some kind of god?

Zack o Lantern: ::giggles at davepoobond::

JIS: ::gets pissed and unleashes his power on davepoobond::

davepoobond: well, yeah…i guess you could say that

JIS: ::killing him::

Tsenn: oooh

davepoobond: i’m a Shapeshifter

JIS: ::sends him to hell::

Vampireangel: ((JIS is a MODER!!!!!!!!!!!))

Tsenn: dave have a nice ride heh

davepoobond: ::modes, and goes to heaven::

davepoobond: hahaha

Zack o Lantern: ((true true))

Tsenn: ((least dave and i are just havin fun :/))

OnlineHost: JIS has left the room.

davepoobond: ::jumps back down to earth::

davepoobond: hahaha

Vampireangel: ((MODER davepoobond))

Zack o Lantern: ((i have a feeling that anyone that can somehow reattach any part of his body and destroy th

Tsenn: ((yeah and he cares? lol))

davepoobond: ((heh. only after he moded))

Zack o Lantern: ((the world at his command is a moder))

Vampireangel: ((WB blizzard))

davepoobond: ((he’s a Shapeshifter, its a good reason that he can))

Zack o Lantern: ((::cheer:: he left))

davepoobond: ((yes))

Tsenn: ((thx to us))

Tsenn: ((the incredible ones o.o;;))

davepoobond: ((yep))

Vampireangel: ::is still laughing histerically on the floor::

davepoobond: so. how about them Dodgers?

Tsenn: ((who hasnt ignored me yet besides dave lol))

Zack o Lantern: ::pokes davepoobond:: haha turn into that chair over there ::points over to a turned-over chair::

davepoobond: ok

davepoobond: ::turns into a chair::

davepoobond: wow

Vampireangel: ::Stands up::

Zack o Lantern: ::cheers::

davepoobond: i’m a chair

Vampireangel: Turn into me

Zack o Lantern: hahaha

davepoobond: hmm

Tsenn: ::sits on dave mistaken him for a chair::

davepoobond: ::turns into vampireangel, so tsenn is sitting on her then::

Vampireangel: eww, there’s a stinky butt on dave!!!!!!!!!!!!

davepoobond: wow!

Tsenn: whoa

davepoobond: no, there’s a stinky butt on YOU

Tsenn: yer hot!!

Vampireangel: I know, but your me, ummm, shapeshifter!!!

davepoobond: ok

Vampireangel: Hehe, Thanx

Tsenn: call him dave -.-

davepoobond: yeah, my name is Dave Bond

Zack o Lantern: ::yawns::

Vampireangel: Okies

davepoobond: Shapeshifter Extraordinaire.

Zack o Lantern: ::is getting bored with this shapeshifter thingy::

Vampireangel: Umm, can u stop being me now, plz?!!

davepoobond: ::turns into a magic wand::

davepoobond: ::flies around, spraying magic dust all around::

Vampireangel: ::Grabs the wand::

Tsenn: ::magic dusted::

Vampireangel: Ooooh, pretty

davepoobond: agh!

Vampireangel: ::waves the wand around::

davepoobond: wuhhhhhh ::waved around::

Zack o Lantern: ::reaches into his jacket::

Vampireangel: OOhhh. pretty sparkles

Zack o Lantern: ::pulls out a larger wand and mumbles something::

davepoobond: ::extends all the way, and whacks Zack in the face, as

vampireangel waves him around::

Tsenn: ::wonders if he puleld that from his pants O.o::

Zack o Lantern: ::quickly lashes out at the wand in her hand::

Tsenn: erm….

Vampireangel: ::Stops waving Dave::

OnlineHost: MidWinterDragon has entered the room.

davepoobond: ok….let go of me

Zack o Lantern: ::watches as the wand turns into a wooden dall::

Zack o Lantern: hahaha

Vampireangel: ::Shrieks:::EEWWWWWW, if he did then I am walking away from him

Vampireangel: !!!!!!!!!

Zack o Lantern: ::rolls on the floor laughing::

davepoobond: ok?

MidWinterDragon: ::enters the tavern and looks around::

davepoobond: ::turns into his reg. form::

Vampireangel: I was talking to Tsenn

davepoobond: leggo my arm.

Zack o Lantern: ::pats dave on the back:: you make a nice play toy eh?

Vampireangel: I did let go of u

davepoobond: i guess.

davepoobond: ok

Zack o Lantern: ::chuckles gleefully at him::

Tsenn: wow i was tlked to

davepoobond: ::looks around::

Tsenn: scary

davepoobond: yes, it is.

Vampireangel: ::laughs at tsenn’s remark::

Vampireangel: ::Yawns:

Vampireangel: ((U people r slow typers))!!!!!!

davepoobond: ((ok?))

Zack o Lantern: ((haha i agree))

davepoobond: ((there’s nothing to say))

Zack o Lantern: ((hmm))

Tsenn: ((well type fast with a nearly dislocated arm))

Vampireangel: ::Kicks all the boys in the shins::

davepoobond: oww

davepoobond: my shins ::rubs his shins::

Vampireangel: ((oh ok, sorry Tsenn))

Vampireangel: ::laughs::

Tsenn: hey my legs are jellowy enough already ::flobbling around from that::

davepoobond: ::puts vampireangel into a headlock:: laugh now!

Vampireangel: Eww, don’t do that infront of me Dave

Zack o Lantern: ::sits down cautiously on the nearest chair, afraid it maybe someone hes met before::

Vampireangel: Waaaaa!!!!!!!!!!

davepoobond: dont do….what….

Vampireangel: ::is headlocked::

BlizzardWolf: Alkae…why did you kick me?

Tsenn: he said laugh not cry…

Vampireangel: rub your shins

davepoobond: ok.

MidWinterDragon: ::looks at Tsenn::

Vampireangel: ::Looks at wolf while in a headlock:: U don’t count Wolf

Tsenn: ::looked at err:: what?

davepoobond: a counting wolf?

Vampireangel: I didn’t kick u

davepoobond: what?

MidWinterDragon: ::glances at vampire::

Tsenn: ::looks at midnight hah can do that too::

BlizzardWolf: i am not a WOLF….my name is Blizz

Tsenn: stare down whoo

davepoobond: blizz

Vampireangel: ((Sorry))

davepoobond: sounds like wiz

Vampireangel: ((LMAO))

Tsenn: blizz took a jizz

davepoobond: with a fizz

Tsenn: what a pizz

davepoobond: blizz took a jizz with a fizz

Tsenn: and sounded like wiz!

davepoobond: we should leave him to his biz…

Vampireangel: ::tugs on Daves face:: let me go!!!!!!!!!

Vampireangel: ((I’m going to get kicked off))

MidWinterDragon: ::looks around at all the weird messed up people and walks out of the room::

davepoobond: ow my face. only if you say the magic word

Vampireangel: ((My computers lagging))

OnlineHost: L0RD5PH1NX has entered the room.

OnlineHost: MidWinterDragon has left the room.

BlizzardWolf: ::hits Dave on the forhead::LET GO ASSHOLE

davepoobond: ((ok))

OnlineHost: Zack o Lantern has left the room.

Tsenn: hey he caleld you asshole!

davepoobond: ::lets go:: ok, thats the magic word

Tsenn: haha wassup asshole

davepoobond: ::puts blizz in a sleeper hold:: AHAHAHA

Vampireangel: ::cracks her neck:: Thanx Blizz

Vampireangel: ::Smacks dave, and kicks him in the shins again::

L0RD5PH1NX: ::The short man walks in slowly, his twin braids flail side to side.:

davepoobond: owwwww ow ow ow ow ow

OnlineHost: DrgnPrincessKaci has entered the room.

Vampireangel: Don’t hurt blizz

Tsenn: ::pokes vampire:: ey be nice

BlizzardWolf: ::kicks him in the nutz::mind letting me go

davepoobond: ::falls on the ground, going into a fetal position::

DrgnPrincessKaci: u people are floopy))

L0RD5PH1NX: ::Looks around::

davepoobond: ((so what))

OnlineHost: DrgnPrincessKaci has left the room.

OnlineHost: L0RD5PH1NX has left the room.

Vampireangel: ::falls on the floor laughing at dave::

Tsenn: ((::bows::))

BlizzardWolf: dont mess with a shapeshifting vampire…::kicks him in the ribs::

davepoobond: dont mess with a shapeshifter!

Tsenn: umm

Tsenn: yeah

Tsenn: what he said

BlizzardWolf: ::turns and sits at a table,starts reading his book::

Vampireangel: ::Stands up and stands next to Tsenn::

davepoobond: ::gets up, and stands nose to nose with Blizz:: i’m a shapeshifter extraordinaire!

Tsenn: dont mess with err the power of gooze

davepoobond: yeah, my blood is pure MELTED FRUIT ROLL UP JUICE

Vampireangel: Gooze?

Vampireangel: Ewwww

Vampireangel: Fruit Roll Up Gooo?!!!!!!

davepoobond: it tastes quite good actually

Tsenn: see thats why you dont mess with it

davepoobond: i got sugar running through my veins 24/7

Vampireangel: ::walks to Blizz’s table and sits on the table::

Tsenn: ::stood next to he tried to stand in a thoughtful position::

davepoobond: ::breaks into song::

davepoobond: our house. in the middle of our street. our house. in the middle of our

Vampireangel: ::looks at Tsenn looking almost thoughtful::

BlizzardWolf: Alkae its been a pleasure ::kisses her hand and stands up::but i am leaving ::walks out::

OnlineHost: BlizzardWolf has left the room.

davepoobond: what a wussy.

Vampireangel: Everybody has to kiss ma hand

Vampireangel: Damnit

davepoobond: he just wants to get into your pants. you shouldn’t fall for it, Alkae

Tsenn: ::err paid attention to here he blinked and kisses her cheek? :: better?

Vampireangel: ::laughs::

davepoobond: he does too.

davepoobond: the perv.

Tsenn: your a pervier perv

davepoobond: yer gonna change this tavern into a Pervopub

Vampireangel: ::laughs:: No need to kiss me

Vampireangel: Why me?!!!!

Tsenn: the pervinator?

davepoobond: i was talking to Tsenn

Tsenn: ok fine!

Tsenn: ::kisses dave:: happy!

davepoobond: EWW

Vampireangel: Ewww

davepoobond: ::smacks him in the face::

Vampireangel: Gay Lords

davepoobond: bisexual.

Tsenn: no no

davepoobond: ::punches him in the face::

Tsenn: theres a dude named gaylord fakker

davepoobond: shut up!

Vampireangel: ((LMAO))

Tsenn: and he marrie hue jass

davepoobond: did he listen to 80s pop?

davepoobond: i think i heard of him

Tsenn: and had a secret affair with ben dover

Vampireangel: ::laughs histerically:: stop!!

Vampireangel: it’s too sad it’s actually funny

davepoobond: i know him.

davepoobond: i ate him.

Tsenn: yeah interesting people

davepoobond: i’ve eaten a lot of people.

OnlineHost: BlizzardWolf has entered the room.

davepoobond: old lady: no you havent!

davepoobond: ::eats the old lady::

Tsenn: hear that dave

Tsenn: were funny

davepoobond: old lady: ::squeal::

davepoobond: we are?

Tsenn: yep

davepoobond: whooooooo! ::raises his hands in the air::

Tsenn: should we feel flattered now?

davepoobond: i dont know.

Tsenn: YEAH!! ::strut::

Tsenn: we are some funnay peeple! ::strut strut::

davepoobond: …..yeah

BlizzardWolf: ::sits in a chair in the corner and puts feet on table::are you two still acting dumb?

Vampireangel: ::Looks at davepoobond::

Vampireangel: Eaten a lot?!!

Vampireangel: Blizzard your back

Vampireangel: Yay

OnlineHost: Vampireangel has left the room.

davepoobond: ((WTF))

Tsenn: hey its jizz!!

Tsenn: i mean blizz

davepoobond: ((that was weird. the chat room jumped…))

Tsenn: ((i saw that too))

Tsenn: ((maybe im delirious though))

davepoobond: blizz that made a jizz with a fizz

Tsenn: and called it wiz

davepoobond: how ya doin’

davepoobond: back for more?

Tsenn: im swell and you?

davepoobond: tickle attack!

Tsenn: he cant get enough man

davepoobond: ::charges at blizz and tickles him::

OnlineHost: Vampireangel has entered the room.

BlizzardWolf: ::kicks dave in the nuts again::

Vampireangel: ((Damn computer, I got disconnected))

davepoobond: owwww

Tsenn: ::charges at jiz…err blizz and tickles him also::

davepoobond: ::falls on the floor, into a fetal position::

Tsenn: ::jumpos away before hes kicked::

OnlineHost: Patty one more has entered the room.

Tsenn: ((patty one more…))

davepoobond: ::gets a saxophone and chucks it at Blizz::

davepoobond: there’s a mirror in the bathroom!

Tsenn: sexapone*

BlizzardWolf: ::points finger at sax and it zooms back at dave::

Vampireangel: ::Re-enters::

davepoobond: blizz is wearing red tight pants! ewwww

Tsenn: sex*

Tsenn: jizz*

Tsenn: err blizz*

OnlineHost: Patty one more has left the room.

Vampireangel: You’re all weirdoes

davepoobond: ::catches the sax, and starts playing it::

Vampireangel: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

davepoobond: ::goes into a long solo::

Tsenn: ::hes playin the sex with a dildo? O.o::

Tsenn: err

Tsenn: dave

davepoobond: what

Tsenn: your playin the asex with the dildo?

OnlineHost: MIDNIGHTWOLFCUB has entered the room.

davepoobond: shut up ::whacks the saxaphone across tsenn’s head::

MIDNIGHTWOLFCUB: :: a young wolfcub trots in::

Vampireangel: ::Walks toward Blizz:: these two scare me!!!

davepoobond: ::stuffs the wolfcub into the saxaphone::

davepoobond: stupid wolfcub

Tsenn: ::err hit and the saxaphone blares a high note also e.e::

Tsenn: oww

Vampireangel: Aww now that was just pure mean!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

davepoobond: ::starts playing the saxaphone::

davepoobond: i know it is. i’m evil.

BlizzardWolf: ::grabs the wolf cub form the sax and takes him over to his table and sits him on the table:

MIDNIGHTWOLFCUB: ::growles and bites da bond::

BlizzardWolf: from*

davepoobond: thanks. it was muffling my sax.

Vampireangel: ::Tackles davepoobond, and kicks him in the shins::

davepoobond: ::bit, and his arm falls off with the wolf bite:: OW

Tsenn: ::stuffs the vampire angel into the front cabinet:: be nice!

OnlineHost: Mallrat 56353 has entered the room.

davepoobond: ::and gets tackled, and kicked in the shin::

davepoobond: AHHHH! GANG BEAT DOWN~

davepoobond: HEELLLPP

Vampireangel: ::gets out of the cabinet and tackles Tsenn::

Vampireangel: ::Kicks him in the shins::

davepoobond: ::grabs Alkae, and drags her to the middle of the room, and puts her into a leg lock::

Tsenn: ::tackled:: hey look glad you finally came out the clos…cabinet

Vampireangel: ::And again::

BlizzardWolf: ::snaps fingers and dave and Tsenn catch on fire::

davepoobond: AHHHHHHHH

davepoobond: i’m on FIRE

Tsenn: ::kicked twice and on fire not feeling it::

davepoobond: ::BLOWS UP::

Tsenn: err im the sunwalker….

Vampireangel: ::Runs away from Tsenn::

MIDNIGHTWOLFCUB: ::looks at the man who picked the cub up and lickes his hand as a thank you::

davepoobond: i’m gonna go………………bye

BlizzardWolf: ::pats the wolfcubs head::what is your name?

davepoobond: ::jumps out the tavern::

davepoobond: ((gtg bye))

Vampireangel: Now davepoobond is the chicken

Tsenn: ((peace))

Tsenn: no


scramblah / Lesbian Answers / My Room

OnlineHost: *** You are in “Friends – scramblah”. ***

Mesocyclone: dr dre

life does go on: · •÷[ Yeah, Mesocyclone, yeah! – 1.49 secs! [311+2pts][1/2]{81wpm}

GirlWitABigBooty: jessica simpson

Ixl nik IxI: 4days left idLe: chillin w/tiana – 4 hr, 15 min

Qt AnGeL 4 LiFe: ×÷|• Question: [ jessica simpson ] •|÷×

Qt AnGeL 4 LiFe: ×÷|• 11 characters and 1 spaces •|÷×

GirlWitABigBooty: dr. dre

SammyGurl: dr dre

life does go on: · •÷[ Good Job SammyGurl – 5.33 secs! [10+1pts][2/2]{23wpm}

life does go on: · •÷[ SS – Subject: artists/bands (46 left)

life does go on: · •÷[ SS – Unscramble: [eJo]

Mesocyclone: joe

life does go on: · •÷[ Bingo Mesocyclone!!! – 1.21 secs! [313+2pts][1/2]{50wpm}

GirlWitABigBooty: joe

davepoobond: scramblah?!

life does go on: · •÷[ 132+1pts for GirlWitABigBooty – 2.2 secs! [2/2]{27wpm}

Qt AnGeL 4 LiFe: ×÷|• Vortex II Unloaded •|÷×

SammyGurl: joe

life does go on: · •÷[ SS – Subject: artists/bands (45 left)

life does go on: · •÷[ SS – Unscramble: [diaKn]

Mesocyclone: kanid

davepoobond: who made this room

Mesocyclone: kandi

life does go on: · •÷[ Good Job Mesocyclone – 3.02 secs! [315+2pts][1/2]{20wpm}

Qt AnGeL 4 LiFe: ×÷|• < a href=””>Vortex II by Kwizatz •|÷×

Qt AnGeL 4 LiFe: ×÷|• Loaded by: Qt AnGeL 4 LiFe •|÷×

SammyGurl: kanid

GirlWitABigBooty: kandi

life does go on: · •÷[ Keep it up GirlWitABigBooty – 5.98 secs! [133+1pts][2/2]{10wpm}

life does go on: · •÷[ SS – Subject: artists/bands (44 left)

life does go on: · •÷[ SS – Unscramble: [yzBo II nMe]

I AM A PIMP: boyz II men

Mesocyclone: boyz ll men

life does go on: · •÷[ Bingo I AM A PIMP!!! – 4.12 secs! [10+2pts][1/2]{44wpm}

GirlWitABigBooty: boyz ii men

life does go on: · •÷[ Good Job GirlWitABigBooty – 5 secs! [134+1pts][2/2]{36wpm}

davepoobond: okkkkkkkkk

life does go on: · •÷[ SS – Subject: artists/bands (43 left)

life does go on: · •÷[ SS – Unscramble: [Eltvears]

Qt AnGeL 4 LiFe: ×÷|• Loading log •|÷×

Mesocyclone: everlast

I AM A PIMP: everlastr

life does go on: · •÷[ Good Job Mesocyclone – 2.59 secs!

MCKYGAL: alian ant farm

I AM A PIMP: everlast

life does go on: · •÷[ Chaaaching!! I AM A PIMP – 4.18 secs! [12+1pts][2/2]{14wpm}

OnlineHost: *** You are in “Friends – Lesbian Answers”. ***

davepoobond: i’ve got some answers

OnlineHost: XxSoCiEtYpUnKxX has left the room.

Do it for jimmy: a few years ago

davepoobond: no……now….

Do it for jimmy: no i fell in love a few years ago

Do it for jimmy: hah

davepoobond: oh

davepoobond: with what?

Do it for jimmy: a woman

davepoobond: right

OnlineHost: *** You are in “Friends – My Room”. ***

davepoobond: ::Farrtttt:

davepoobond: sorry

davepoobond: i farted in your room

davepoobond: hahaha

davepoobond: now it smells

davepoobond: smell that?

davepoobond: yep

OnlineHost: Cgarcia has entered the room.

Fly: ur stupid

OnlineHost: Mercruiser898 has left the room.

Cgarcia: hi guys

Fly: hey

Fly: a/s/l?

Cgarcia: 16/f/ca

Cgarcia: urs?

Fly: gotta pic?

davepoobond: i’m not stupid……

davepoobond: 15/m/ca

Cgarcia: no.

Fly: 13/m/tn

Cgarcia: where in cali?

davepoobond: near LA

davepoobond: u

Cgarcia: me too, well, 45 mins away

davepoobond: i’m about 5 minutes away

Cgarcia: u got a pic?

davepoobond: nope

Cgarcia: oh well, do you like blink?

davepoobond: yeah

Fly: moopie aint said nuttin in hours

Fly: moonpei*

davepoobond: i like their older stuff better, but their new stuff is good too

Cgarcia: hey moopei

Cgarcia: i love the new songs too

Cgarcia: theyre cool

davepoobond: MnMs is a good song

OnlineHost: Sleepwalkerdalat has entered the room.

Cgarcia: haven’t heard it

davepoobond: you should download it

Cgarcia: but will soon. imgonna buy the new cd

Sleepwalkerdalat: hi ppl

davepoobond: ummmm

davepoobond: its not on their new cd

davepoobond: its before Dude Ranch

Cgarcia: very first cd

Cgarcia: ?

Sleepwalkerdalat: any body like peddi parblo raise up

davepoobond: i dont know

davepoobond: i think its their 3rd

davepoobond: well, whatever the Chershire Cat one is

davepoobond: i’m pretty sure its on that

davepoobond: or Buddha

Cgarcia: damn.

Cgarcia: have you ever seen them live?

davepoobond: never been to a concert

OnlineHost: Fly has left the room.

OnlineHost: Sleepwalkerdalat has left the room.

Cgarcia: me neither, but i really want to . i just started liking them a few months ago.

davepoobond: heh

davepoobond: i liked them for a few years

Cgarcia: r u into punk?

davepoobond: about 4 or 5

OnlineHost: REDNECK has entered the room.

davepoobond: yeah, i like punk

OnlineHost: REDNECK has left the room.

Cgarcia: cool.


Rhydin Formal Wear / RhyDins Hospital

OnlineHost: *** You are in “Arts and Entertainment – Rhydin Formal Wear”. ***

First: :slow nod, nervous was continuous tucked away behind that ear..even though it ha

davepoobond: ::walks in, holding momma’s hand::

YoursTruly: ::walks in::

Holmes: ::walks in with his son by his side::

Holmes: now son, sit your loserish butt down while i get a suit

First: d yet to stray..gaze shifted back to that dressing room..ever so often, yeah..we were always

YoursTruly: ::looks at her boy::

davepoobond: ok momma

davepoobond: ::looks at papa:: hi papa

Holmes: ::slaps him:: don’t talk back

YoursTruly: no mama let son come with me

First: listening, and no..silence was not good, with a lil’ rub of her cheek..those dulling hues ro

Holmes: fine

Holmes: take him

Holmes: ::throws his son at papa::

davepoobond: ::thrown::

YoursTruly: ::takes her sons hand:: come on lets find some undies for my son!

First: se to meet his once more..:

YoursTruly: ::looks at mama:: be nice to son!

Holmes: shut up, when we get home your cookin me dinner

OnlineHost: Mugens Angel has entered the room.

YoursTruly: ::sighs::

YoursTruly: ::walks to the underwear with her son::

OnlineHost: gom909 has entered the room.

OnlineHost: gom909 has left the room.

DeadlyReaIity: || damnit.. i have to go.. ||

Holmes: ::looks at all the suits::

First: [ okies doke ]

First: [ be good :poke!: ]

DeadlyReaIity: || ::nod:: I’ll try.. ||

Holmes: ::grabs one and looks at it::

DeadlyReaIity: || Buh Byes. ||

OnlineHost: DeadlyReaIity has left the room.

First: [ Heh.. ]

Holmes: nah ::drops it on the floor::

OnlineHost: Mugens Angel has left the room.

First: [ Heh.. ]

Holmes: nah ::drops it on the floor::

OnlineHost: Mugens Angel has left the room.

YoursTruly: ::looks at son:: come on

davepoobond: ok papa

davepoobond: may i spit in the underwears to prove they are not allergic to me?

davepoobond: momma said i should

Holmes: ::yells to his son:: What’d i tell ya about allergic undies?

YoursTruly: yeh son


YoursTruly: ::looks at mama:: dont yell!

Holmes: ::smiles and sighs:: sometimes i wonder why i hit that boy…

Holmes: then i see his stupid face and want to hit him

davepoobond: i was in a carpet commercial yesterday, papa

YoursTruly: ::looks at son::

YoursTruly: what did you do there?

Holmes: what’d i tell ya about actors and that television….

davepoobond: i juizzed on the carpets

davepoobond: jizzed*

davepoobond: actors aren’t real people, they’re puppets on a box that gives you cancer

Holmes: ::nods:: yup…

YoursTruly: really?

Holmes: shut up papa! go get me dinner

YoursTruly: ::looks around for the owner::

YoursTruly: no mama not yet i got to find son undies!

First: :time ticked by, and dammit..she waited..for a sound..for a movement..only five minutes had

Holmes: he can wear the undies for another 2 months

First: passed and up she rose, with a curious blink..quiet steps carried her back toward th

OnlineHost: AgentHunt007 has entered the room.

AgentHunt007: ::walks through the entrance,dressed in a pair of khaki pants,grey polo shirts,brown leather

First: ose dressing rooms..snatching that bracelet of keys from her wrist..she unlocked that one..and peered in..:

AgentHunt007: shoes, and a pair of wayfarer sunglasses””

AgentHunt007: ::*

Holmes: ::walks over to papa and son::

YoursTruly: no he need undies mama!

Holmes: ::slaps son:: your silence makes me suspicious

AgentHunt007: ::looks about the store for a nice suit,hopefully will get some help::

OnlineHost: Just A Blur has left the room.

Holmes: shut up papa

AgentHunt007: ::looks at the father and song arguing::

OnlineHost: Leila has left the room.

AgentHunt007: ::sighs,still sifting through suits,waiting for some assistance::

Holmes: ::slaps his son:: what’d i tell you about bein silent

YoursTruly: (i got to go be make sometime tonight)

Holmes: ((ok bye))

davepoobond: ::rubs his face::

davepoobond: you told me silent people are usually holding something back

YoursTruly: ::slaps mama:: dont tell me to shut up mama i am the papa of the house

davepoobond: like not coming out saying they’re gay

OnlineHost: YoursTruly has left the room.

Holmes: ow papa that hurts

AgentHunt007: ::look at the family fighting::

Holmes: ::picks up his son and throws em into the suit section::

Holmes: that’ll teach ya

davepoobond: ::gets caught in a box of buttons::

AgentHunt007: ::walks to Holmes::

AgentHunt007: hey stop that….

Holmes: stop what

AgentHunt007: hurting your son

Holmes: i’m not hurting him…

Holmes: i’m just playing violently

AgentHunt007: well save it for home, not a store…

Holmes: he’s my son, he needs special treatment

Holmes: ::walks over to his son and yanks him out of the box::

AgentHunt007: special treeatment…..ha

AgentHunt007: you need it

AgentHunt007: not him

Holmes: ::throws him against the wall:: thats what you get for making weird people talk to me

AgentHunt007: ::sighs,takes out his old colt 1911 .45::

davepoobond: ::yanked out of the box, and thrown against the wall::

AgentHunt007: ::raises it aiming at Holmes::hands up

AgentHunt007: RPD

AgentHunt007: hands on your head!

Holmes: ::blinks:: what’d i do!

AgentHunt007: you are under arrest for child abuse

AgentHunt007: hands on your head….now sir::gun still aimed at him::

Holmes: child abuse! ::laughs::

AgentHunt007: ::has his badge clipped to his belt::

Holmes: son, what;’d i say about guns?

AgentHunt007: i said put your hands on your head!

AgentHunt007: now sir!

davepoobond: momma said old guns are for wusses! and you need a big wanker like one of these! ::drops his pants::

davepoobond: to do any damage!

Holmes: what a son…

AgentHunt007: ::decides not to say anything::

Holmes: ::tear falls down his cheek::

davepoobond: ::looks around, then pulls his pants up again::

AgentHunt007: hands on your head now!!!!!!!!!

Holmes: see? he’s smart

Holmes: ::sighs and raises his hands:: son what’d i say about coops

Holmes: cops

AgentHunt007: place your hands on you head.

AgentHunt007: same for you little boy

AgentHunt007: do as your dad does.

davepoobond: when they say “put your hands on your head” they really want to

frisk you, and they want to

davepoobond: lick your balls

davepoobond: thats what momma said

AgentHunt007: ahh another thing to book you for…harrasement of officers

AgentHunt007: resisting arrest….

Holmes: ::blinks::

Holmes: wait…if i prove my son is smart and not abused can i go?

AgentHunt007: no

AgentHunt007: down on your knees,hands on your head…the both of you….

Holmes: son, what’d momma tell ya about harrasement

AgentHunt007: exuse me sir

davepoobond: momma said if you cant take it, you cant do it…all-night-long! ::spanks an imaginary ass::

AgentHunt007: stop worrying about your son!

Holmes: he’s my son…

Holmes: it’s my duty to worry about him

AgentHunt007: yes…and you are both insane….

AgentHunt007: now both of you down on your knees,hands on you head!

Holmes: hmm

davepoobond: momma said i should never do that for strangers, they might pork me through my behind

davepoobond: isn’t that right momma?

Holmes: yup ::nods::

AgentHunt007: ::sighs,walking toward the dad::

AgentHunt007: ::kicks his legs out from under him::

OnlineHost: AgentHunt007 rolled 4 64-sided dice: 64 11 17 42

Holmes: AHH ::falls::

davepoobond: nooooooo! DONT TOUCH MY MOMMA!

AgentHunt007: ::holds him to the ground,gun to his head::

davepoobond: ::tackles AgentHunt007::

Holmes: son…tell papa she was a cheap whore and i never liked her…

AgentHunt007: ((dice please))

davepoobond: ((i dont have a set of dice))

AgentHunt007: ::takes out the cuffs, cuffing him::

AgentHunt007: ::walks to his son,cuffing him as well::

Holmes: tell her the crack i stole from her was under her pillow all night long

Holmes: son what;d i tell you about handcuffs

davepoobond: i should never be handcuffed, unless i’m alone with a very big-boobed woman

AgentHunt007: ::pushes the kid to the ground as well::

davepoobond: wahhhh! ::pounds the ground:: MOMMA! HE HURT MEEEEE


AgentHunt007: ::holsters gun::

AgentHunt007: i wont….dont worry

davepoobond: ::goes into a fetal position, shivering::

AgentHunt007: ::takes out a cell phone…calling in backup::

OnlineHost: YoursTruly has entered the room.

Holmes: ::hums a song::


AgentHunt007: ::unholsters the gun once again::

YoursTruly: ::papa walks back in:: son mama!

AgentHunt007: ::looks at the kid::

davepoobond: ::crawls to AgentHunt007, and bites his shoes::

AgentHunt007: ((no dice no attack))

davepoobond: ((WTF))

davepoobond: ((you SUCK))

YoursTruly: ::runs to son and picks him up::

Holmes: ((bootleg))

davepoobond: ((i told you i dont have any dice))

AgentHunt007: ((then u need to get some))

Holmes: papa! Do you have bail money you cheap skank?

AgentHunt007: ::looks to yours truely::

davepoobond: ((well, i dont have any right now, now do i?))

AgentHunt007: exuse me they are under arrest

YoursTruly: ::kisses him on the cheek:: are you ok!

AgentHunt007: unless you can post bail….

davepoobond: no, that man is being a jerk

davepoobond: and momma said jerks are dorks

YoursTruly: ::puts him donw and looks at <AgentHunt007> with anger in herb eyes:: you put my son in jail!

AgentHunt007: no

davepoobond: yes

AgentHunt007: hes under arrest….unless you can post bail

YoursTruly: hes a little son!

davepoobond: ::calls upon his hidden stregth, and breaks the handcuffs::

Holmes: I’m an insecure man who has to feel power by beating his son! WHAT IS WRONG WITH THAT!

davepoobond: AHHH!!

AgentHunt007: ((umm no dice no breaking there buddy)))

Holmes: ((this is lame))

davepoobond: ((shut it))

YoursTruly: you have to to put a son in jail!

AgentHunt007: ((learn to play and get some dice))

davepoobond: ((you learn how))

davepoobond: ((if no one else but you have dice, then you should drop your dice))

davepoobond: ((buddy))

YoursTruly: (drop the dice! buddy!)

AgentHunt007: ::sighs,holsters gun,walks out::

OnlineHost: AgentHunt007 has left the room.

Holmes: …

davepoobond: ((YESS…we won))

YoursTruly: ::waves her hand and they are out:

Holmes: yay!

YoursTruly: ::runs to her son and picks him up:: thats my son!

YoursTruly: ::looks at mama and nods her head:: you are making food this time mama

Holmes: shut up women!

YoursTruly: ::puts him down:: i am the papa of the house!

YoursTruly: ::gives him the look:: make us food mama!

davepoobond: yeah, mama

Holmes: argh

YoursTruly: ::smiles::

Holmes: hmm

davepoobond: make us some fishsticks

YoursTruly: yeh!

Holmes: ::grabs some fish::

Holmes: ::puts em on a stick::

Holmes: here

davepoobond: ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

davepoobond: momma said fish on a stick is not fishsticks

Holmes: the middle part is red

davepoobond: you said so yourself momma

Holmes: yeah

Holmes: i know

Holmes: but

Holmes: since were poor

Holmes: EAT IT ::slaps him::

YoursTruly: so make us some!

YoursTruly: ::slaps papa:: you eat it!

Holmes: NO I slave day in and day out in this kitchen!

Holmes: ::cries:: I feel so abandoned!

YoursTruly: ::gives him the look:: real fishsticks or you eat it!

Holmes: ::sighs and makes fishsticks::

Holmes: ::from scratch::

Holmes: ((wanna go to rhydin hospital))

YoursTruly: (ok)

OnlineHost: Holmes has left the room.

OnlineHost: YoursTruly has left the room.

OnlineHost: *** You are in “Arts and Entertainment – RhyDins Hospital”. ***

davepoobond: ::walks in, in papa’s arms::

Holmes: ::walks in with his son::

YoursTruly: ::walks in with son::

davepoobond: ((WRONG WRONG WRONG WRONG))

davepoobond: ((::smack…x2::))

Holmes: ((ow))

davepoobond: ((hehe))

OnlineHost: Panda61115 has left the room.

davepoobond: ((heheeeeee))

davepoobond: ((heeeeeeh))

Sigma Seigi: []o.o;[]

Holmes: ::picks up his son from papas arms and throws em at the front desk::

Sigma Seigi: []::smack::[]

Sigma Seigi: []Take that![]

Holmes: ::walks to the front desk::

davepoobond: ((::kicks in the balls:: take that))

YoursTruly: ::looks around:: here is a good place to see stuff

Holmes: yeah i’m here to have a check up for my son

davepoobond: ::slams onto the front desk::

Sigma Seigi: []Bish…[]

Holmes: he keeps gettin hurt

Holmes: ::kicks him:: i don’t know why

Sigma Seigi: Nobody works here.

YoursTruly: ::walks to mama and son:: yes and one for mama ::slaps mama::

Holmes: hmm

Holmes: ow!

Holmes: ::slapped::

Holmes: no one works here, eh?

YoursTruly: ::picks up son and puts him down::

Sigma Seigi: No.

Holmes: you sure

Sigma Seigi: It’s a ghost hospital.

Holmes: ?

Holmes: well then ghosts got to work here

Sigma Seigi: They all got buried in the basement.

davepoobond: . . .

OnlineHost: Nytemare Godess has entered the room.

Sigma Seigi: You can go dig ’em up if you want.

Holmes: well i’ll sell my son into slavery

YoursTruly: ::her eyes light up:: lets go dig them up!

Holmes: to work here

Sigma Seigi: I’m sure their bodies are still intact.

YoursTruly: no!

Zoran Assmodeus: ::Walks back in fellowing Alley holding her hand::

Holmes: come on! he’s just a eatin machine!

Sigma Seigi: Except for the one guy I cut up on every joint.

Nytemare Godess: ::she has stoped crying::

Nytemare Godess: ::she walks in with Zoran:

Sigma Seigi: Zoran.

Holmes: ::immitates son:: “fishsticks this, fishsticks that”

Zoran Assmodeus: ::looks to sigma:: what?

YoursTruly: ::looks at mama and son:: lets go dig up the bodys and sell them for slave we can act like

Holmes: lets just sell him for cryin out loud

Sigma Seigi: []brb[]

Zoran Assmodeus: ::he looks to them::

Holmes: he’s a LOSER, he’ll never amount to anything

YoursTruly: they are real and then get the money and run!

Holmes: ok

YoursTruly: ::slaps mama:: stop talking about your self!

Holmes: ::slaps his son:: don’t talk back

davepoobond: this is gonna be fun

Zoran Assmodeus: You gunna sell you son!

Holmes: ::slapped::

Holmes: ow

davepoobond: ::slap::

Holmes: yup ::feels proud::

Zoran Assmodeus: are you a fucking dum ass!

Holmes: no

Holmes: but he is

YoursTruly: ::looks at mama and scream::NO WE AE NOT!

Holmes: ::slaps his son::

Holmes: thats for being born dum::

YoursTruly: ::slaps mama:: no he is not!

Zoran Assmodeus: wherres the kid!

Holmes: ::slapped::

Holmes: ow

Holmes: son what’d i tell you about questions

YoursTruly: ::slaps mama agian:: go on son slap mama

Zoran Assmodeus: ::waits ready to kill::

davepoobond: dont answer them unless money is involved

Holmes: see? he’s smart

Zoran Assmodeus: ((who is the kid..))

Nytemare Godess: ::she looks at Zoran::

Holmes: but stupid

Ari Assmodeus: ::She moved toward the exit and left::

OnlineHost: Ari Assmodeus has left the room.

Holmes: ::slaps him::

Holmes: ((davepoobond))

YoursTruly: ::slaps mama:: stop!

davepoobond: ((wut))

Holmes: ow

Zoran Assmodeus: ::he looks tot he kid:: you wanna be sold?

YoursTruly: now lets go dig up the dead bodys!

Holmes: ::slapped::

YoursTruly: ::looks at <zoran>:: no he doesnt!

Holmes: yeah he does

Zoran Assmodeus: then he wont be sold!

davepoobond: momma said i dont wanna be sold unless there is money for me involved

Holmes: sometimes i wonder why i hit him

YoursTruly: yes but papa says no!

OnlineHost: Ayanna Snowstorm has entered the room.

Holmes: but who cares? it doesn’t hurt me

Holmes: ::slaps him::

Holmes: momma knows best

YoursTruly: ::slaps mama:: dont make me make you make fishsticks again!

Zoran Assmodeus: ::he walks to the kid grabbing him bye the collor of his shirt and pulling him from his pare

Ayanna Snowstorm: ::a young teenager enters quietly, holding a small child::

Holmes: ::sighs::

Nytemare Godess: ::she shakes her head and will stay out of this::

YoursTruly: ::runs to her son and picks him up:: leave him alone!

Holmes: ::looks to the child and the teen:: Kids suck lady, sell him/her while you can