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RhyDin Locked Cellar

OnlineHost: *** You are in “Arts and Entertainment – RhyDin Locked Cellar”. ***

Holmes: ::pimps into the locked cellar::

Funnyjoke: ::she straightened out her miniskirt::

Mister Rectangle: He stood before the entrance, looking from side to side, his face remained consealed:

Mister Rectangle: (Add a ” : ” to the beginning)

Funnyjoke: ::one hand rested on her flat stomach, looks around::

Mister Rectangle: :As he looked from side to side, he noticed there were only a few:

Funnyjoke: ::glances at holmes, then at mister::

Mister Rectangle: :He stepped forth, he paid no mind to the “pimpin” one, but kept a sharp eye on the woman:

Holmes: is this some kind of drug ballard ::gives a shrug::

Mister Rectangle: :He stopped, his head shifted slowly as he looked to the woman again:

Funnyjoke: ::she glanced at mister, looked him up and down, then glanced around the room::

Mister Rectangle: :Apon seeing her glance, he began stepping closer to her:

Mister Rectangle: :That billowing cloud of light smoke circling her feet and running along the floors:

Holmes: are you going to rape her or something? ::raises a brow::

Funnyjoke: ::looks at her feet::

Mister Rectangle: :He turns to the one asking the idiotic question:

Mister Rectangle: Foolish one, the Lord forbids such acts.

Mister Rectangle: As a warrior of the Holy Lamb I am not driven by such desire.

Funnyjoke: ::blinks, watches the two::

Holmes: where is this holy lamb, i need some lamb chops for dinner….

Mister Rectangle: :He turned, facing the man completely:

Holmes: ugh here goes the beating up ::sighs::

Funnyjoke: ::smirks at holmes’ answer, looks at mister::

Mister Rectangle: I am the Holy Lamb.

Holmes: oh….

Mister Rectangle: Come and feed thyself, sinner.

Funnyjoke: ::steps away from the two::

Holmes: sorry your lambness…