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Censor Anyone?


Inferno: ::;;kils raist:::::::;;;;

OnlineHost: Soul Reaver rolled 4 999-sided dice: 87 489 634 301

DJ Saint: ~*~ Soul Reaver rolled a total of 1217 hit points ~*~{{ thats going to LoST }

Kaz: (( KISS HIS ASS ))

Inferno: -[] I know the HC of LoST []-

DJ Saint: (( no I don’t ))

Inferno: -[] So STFU []-


Soul Reaver: ( i didnt mean to roll )

Inferno: -[] He’s my best friends husband []-

Soul Reaver: ( i was just seeing something )

Inferno: -[] ahahahahaha []-

DJ Saint: { you and your little stfu shit }

Inferno: -[] So stfu DJ []-

Inferno: -[] stfu stfu stfu []-

Inferno: -[] cheeka cheeka cheeka, whoops DJ’s a faker []-

DJ Saint: { why don’t you say SHUT THE FUCK UP like a straight person }

Kaz: ((LMAO))

Inferno: -[] My rappin’ skills suck []-


DJ Saint: { damn right so does your Rping skills }

Inferno: -[] So does you bitch []-

Soul Reaver: ( guess what )

Kaz: ((LMAO))

Inferno: -[] See!! ::Stuffs his cock down his throat::[]-

Kaz: ((I”M GONNA LOG THIS!!!))

Inferno: -[]::Pulls it out::[]-

Inferno: -[] please do…[]-

OnlineHost: Sinister has entered the room.

Inferno: -[] I can whip you straight with my cock,boi []-

Sinister: do you people got anime pics

Kaz: ((LMAO)!!!!!!)

Inferno: -[]::Is 32 years old:: Dj! Respect your fucking elders! []-

Kaz: ((I got some))

Inferno: -[] Or prepare to die []-

Kaz: ((but they’re MINE ALL MINE))

Sinister: could you mail me some

Sinister: oh

Inferno: -[] Shaddup sinister []-

OnlineHost: Soul Reaver has left the room.

DJ Saint: { fucking old ppl }


Inferno: -[]::Clicks::[]-

OnlineHost: Fury Sylon has entered the room.


Inferno: -[] Puss hoe left..[]-

Kaz: ((LOL))

DJ Saint: WORLD*

Inferno: -[] O.o []-

Kaz: ((FUCK FOR FUN!))

Inferno: -[] Dude….calm the fuck down..[]-

Inferno: -[] I think Dj’s gonna kill himself..[]-


Inferno: -[] Lets cheer him on []-

Kaz: ((FUCK))

Darkforce: ((just shut up…no one l;ikes you…go away))

OnlineHost: Soul Reaver has entered the room.

Darkforce: likes*

Inferno: -[] GO DJ GO GO DJ GO!! []-



Soul Reaver: ( ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh )

Inferno: -[]::Bashes a Steel pipe against DJ’s dildo::[]-

Soul Reaver: ( dont ever judge me!!!!!! )

Inferno: -[] RAWR!!!!!!!! []-

DJ Saint: {-§lipknot }

DJ Saint: { uh no }

Inferno: -[] Ewww…slipnot.’s…..gay…[]-

Soul Reaver: ( sorry i had to finish it )

DJ Saint: { I’m sorry Inferno, just no }

DJ Saint: {NO}

Soul Reaver: ( slipknot could kill u )

Inferno: -[] THEY FUCK YOU HOE!!! []-

DJ Saint: { FUCK IT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! }}

Inferno: -[] Fuck who? []-

Inferno: -[] I fuck my girl []-

Kaz: ((FUUUUUUUUCK!!!!!!!!!)))

Inferno: -[] I almost choked her once []-

DJ Saint: { that means you fuck yourself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! }

Inferno: -[] 😀 []-

OnlineHost: Soul Reaver has left the room.

Kaz: ((LMAO))

DJ Saint: { almost choked yourself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! }

Inferno: -[] No….my palm sometimes…but mostly my girl..[]-

DJ Saint: {o.o}

Inferno: -[] See..tonight I’m lonely..its just me and Palm-heada…[]-

Kaz: ((dj your so…))

Inferno: -[] GAY []-

Kaz: ((whats the word…))


Kaz: ((Yeah thats it))

Inferno: -[] GAY!!! []-

Inferno: -[] YEAH YEAH!! []-

Inferno: -[]

Kaz: ((you perver youd fuck a puppet?))

DJ Saint: { I’m straighter then your moma was when you ate her out }

Kaz: ((THAT SICK))

Inferno: -[] Thats sick ..[]-

Inferno: -[] I only eat out hoes and my girl []-

DJ Saint: { I’m not surprised you eat yourself }

Inferno: -[] And I only toy with myself when I’m lonely[]-

Kaz: ((LOL this log is gonna be FUNNY!!!!))

DJ Saint: { hemaphrodites! }

DJ Saint: { LOG IT! }

Inferno: -[] Actually..I do eat myself..::Bites his arm::[]-

DJ Saint: {Log this fucking shit! }

Pika: well your mam is a HOE THAN ok

Inferno: -[] I’m hungry..broke…no one…[]-

Inferno: -[] I eat my skin..[]-

Inferno: -[] My toenails..[]-

Inferno: -[] XD []-

DJ Saint: { spent all your money on vicadin }

Inferno: -[] I poor mustard on them []-

Darkforce: ((and just think this all started by pika overreacting about inferno taking liquor))

Inferno: -[] No…spent all my money on viagra..[]-

DJ Saint: { it did? }

Inferno: -[] Yes..[]-

Inferno: -[] But who cares []-

Inferno: -[]::Takes a viagra pill::[]-

Inferno: -[]::Looks at a naked picture of a hoe and rips his undies:: DAMN IT! []-

DJ Saint: { well fuck why the hell did he overreact }

Inferno: -[] Cuz he’s a pussy []-

Inferno: -[] Pissy passy mofo fucker []-

DJ Saint: {pika you dumbass! }

Kaz: -ooc

Inferno: -[] pissy pantsy mofoooooo lesssbooooo []-

Inferno: -OOC

Pika: what I do

DJ Saint: { there’s nothing wrong with that }

Inferno: Suck it on my balls

Kaz: I refuse to ype another bubble…

Inferno: Suck suck suck!!

Pika: what did I do DJ ??????

Inferno: ^Eats his mom out when he’s lonely!!!! XD ::Points up::

Inferno: V Lesbo


Inferno: ROFL!!!

DJ Saint: {{ you started this because of that! }

Inferno: ROY



Inferno: ^ Male whore

Inferno: XD

Inferno: Okay sorru

Inferno: sorry*

Inferno: Hey..

Inferno: I gotta dump.

Kaz: Dump away.


Online Host: *** You are in “Arts and Entertainment – RhydinCheapNSave”. ***

Jez M: ::walks in bored, had no other place to go::

Jez M: Hiya

Holmes: ::looks at jez:: WELCOME ::tosses him a store listing::

Jez M: *her

Holmes: ((sorry))

KaIika: ::sliiiiiiides in with a raised brow::

Holmes: ::tosses kalika a listing::

Jez M: ::looks over the list laughing::

Jez M: ::looks up:: hey Kali

KaIika: ::raises a brow getting tossed a listing::

KaIika: Hey

KaIika: ……..Jez?

KaIika: You need money hon?

Jez M: no I just came in here cuz I was bored

Jez M: If I needed money I would ask you for it

Holmes: ::mutters:: i need money…

KaIika: All right..

Jez M: ::crumples up a twenty dollar bill::

KaIika: ::she looks over the list::

Jez M: ::throws it at Holmes::

Jez M: now ya got money

Holmes: ::scrambles and grabs it quickly::

KaIika: O.o

KaIika: ::she looks to Jez::

Jez M: ::shrugs::

Jez M: what

KaIika: [I was talking to Jez’s mun on the phone a sec ago]

KaIika: [errr the old one]

Jez M: ((yeah and?))

Holmes: ::walks to the register and presses the buttom: nothing happens::

KaIika: [yep..she says you can have Jez totally she doesn’t care she made up a new charrie]

Jez M: ((cool))

Holmes: ::hits the register, nothing still happens:: damn thing hasn’t been used in so long it

Holmes: rusted up

KaIika: ::she pulls out a fifty wondering if she could buy the whole flippin store::

Jez M: ((guess who came back… never mind you dont know him))

Holmes: ::looks at the fifty:: OMG i haven’t seen one of those in YEARS

Jez M: ::blink blink::

Holmes: they still EXIST?

Jez M: yeah

KaIika: ::raises a brow::

KaIika: [who?]

Jez M: uh…. just how long have you been in this store?

Holmes: anyone want to see my house ::points to the cardboard box in the corner:: I’m getting a rat

Holmes: as a pet next month ::smiles proudly::

KaIika: ::blink blink::

Jez M: ::stares blankly::

KaIika: ummm

KaIika: ::looks to Jez::

Holmes: ever since i ran away from the mental institution i had to make a life, ya know

Jez M: uh… yeah

KaIika: ::looks to Holmes backing towards the door, she looks to Jez::

Jez M: I think we will be leavin now, well good luck with your rat

Holmes: Hey hey don’t leave buy something first

KaIika: ::she looks to Jez::

Jez M: I gave you twenty bucks… I dont want anything ::backing towards door::

Holmes: don’t you want your door prize? Used pissed in and crapped in underwear?

Jez M: uh no thanks

Holmes: aww…

Jez M: maybe you should just throw the door prize away

KaIika: ::scrunches her nose::

Jez M: ::hand on door::

KaIika: ::she looks to the man::

Holmes: what? and leave customers unhappy? no way ::shakes head::

Jez M: ok

KaIika: umm

KaIika: how about…

KaIika: ::walks to some old shoes, she smells them::

KaIika: these?

Jez M: ::opens door::

KaIika: ::makes a sick face to jez but brightens::

KaIika: A handsome pair of shoes

KaIika: how much?

Holmes: umm those are 99 cents…

KaIika: ::she walks to him handing him the fifty::

KaIika: keep the change

KaIika: ::she sliiides to the door::

KaIika: ::turns and looks over her shoulder throwing a wink at him:

Holmes: ::takes the fifty: and falls to the ground, from such excitement::

KaIika: Good luck

Jez M: ::steps out::

Holmes: ::almost has a heart attack::

KaIika: ::pushes Jez out the damned door::

KaIika: Go

KaIika: ::quickly follows her::

Holmes: Hey remeber to advertise my store!

another RhyDin CheapNSave log:

Lillixgirl: ::looks at him oddly::

davepoobond: ::rings the cash register again::

davepoobond: ahahahahahahahahahahaahah

davepoobond: welcome to Rhydin Cheap N Save!

OnlineHost: Holmes has entered the room.

Lillixgirl: thanks!

Holmes: ::runs back in::

davepoobond: boy howdy

davepoobond: haha heehaw

Holmes: ::throws her a store listing::

Lillixgirl: ::catches it::

Holmes: ::stands behind the counter::

davepoobond: ::sets up all the stuff::

davepoobond: hey! i got a good idea! old tapes no one use!

davepoobond: by bands no one has EVER heard of

Lillixgirl: ::reads over it::

Holmes: ::points a finger at him:: your a great thinker

davepoobond: thanks!

davepoobond: we also need a clown suit called “Dump the Clown Suit”

Holmes: ::pulls one out from behind him and looks at it:: we had a lot of

great dumps together…but

Holmes: it’s time to move on ::sniff sniff:: good bye good friend ::hands

it to dave::

davepoobond: ::takes it and tacks it on a wall near the door::

davepoobond: ::he steps back, admiring it:: good!

Lillixgirl: ::tries to keep from laughing::

Holmes: ::hits a button and the register falls apart:: damnit…

davepoobond: got anything else we can put up?

Holmes: oh how about some crumpled up paper!

davepoobond: ok, got a basket of it?

Holmes: ::pulls one out from behind him:: here ya go

Lillixgirl: u need duct tape

Holmes: Oh i found a calender! but it’s for 1901…oh well still useful ::tosses it to him::

Lillixgirl: duct tape. trust me on that one

Holmes: duct tape ::rolls eyes:: like THAT has any use for anything…

Lillixgirl: only anything!

davepoobond: ::grabs the basket and places it on a table and tosses the calender on it too::

Lillixgirl: theres nothing duct tape cant do!

Holmes: can it tape a ducks mouth shut?

Holmes: i didn’t THINK so…

Lillixgirl: im sure it could

Holmes: a duck doesn’t HAVE a mouth HAHAHAHAHAHA

davepoobond: can it pick the lint off my boot?

Lillixgirl: ::nods::

davepoobond: lies! all lies!

davepoobond: i dont even HAVE a boot!

Lillixgirl: then get those too

Holmes: hey i found some boots ::pulls out a brand named Tumberland::

davepoobond: do you have toy cars made in mexico by any chance?

Holmes: ::pulls out a gold ring:: this will never sell…::throws it in a corner::

Holmes: ah hah, I found mexican toy cars…there called Hoto Wheelios…

davepoobond: yeah, who needs that piece of junk

davepoobond: hoto wheelios!? you serious?! those are…collector items almost!

Holmes: ::throws the cars at him::

Holmes: think fast! ::throws one:: think fast! ::throws another one::

Holmes: think slow this time ::throws one in slow motion::

davepoobond: ::the cars hit my eyes::

davepoobond: owww

Holmes: ::looks at his eyes:: are those broken? If they are we can SELL it!

davepoobond: no, just slightly poked

davepoobond: ::takes the cars and tosses it on a table::

Holmes: darn there goes $.99 off our buisness

davepoobond: sorry

davepoobond: but, we can use these instead!

davepoobond: ::takes out a googly eye glasses thingy::

Holmes: AHHH THOSE ARE SCARY ::jumps into his cardboard box home::

Holmes: is the monster gone ::pops his head out::

OnlineHost: Lillixgirl has left the room.

OnlineHost: BIack Halo has entered the room.

davepoobond: yeah….now it is

davepoobond: but, theres a new one!

Holmes: ::runs behind the counter::

davepoobond: ::stares over at black halo::

Holmes: ((he didn’t walk in yet))

OnlineHost: BIack Halo has left the room.

Holmes: damnit

davepoobond: ((gggrrrr))

Holmes: ugh i’ll go back to advertising

davepoobond: ((i’m gonna invite some guys))

davepoobond: ((wait!))

Holmes: ((alright))

Holmes: ((lol i just herd on the news there was a plan to kill N Sync in a teens room))

davepoobond: ((yeah, i knew about that yesterday))

Holmes: ((thats how stupid N Sync is…))

davepoobond: ((his motive was “because they got all the good girls”))

Holmes: ((hahaha))

Holmes: ((where are the guys you invited))

davepoobond: ((THEY ALL LEFT!))

davepoobond: ((go ahead and advertise…))

Holmes: ((…))

Holmes: ((alright))

OnlineHost: Holmes has left the room.

OnlineHost: Holmes has entered the room.

Holmes: no customers?

OnlineHost: Holmes has left the room.

davepoobond: no

OnlineHost: Holmes has entered the room.

OnlineHost: Holmes has left the room.

OnlineHost: Holmes has entered the room.

davepoobond: ….

Holmes: ugh STILL no customers?

davepoobond: what are you doing to advertise?

Holmes: ::walks in:: hey you want cheap stuff? Go to RhydinCheapNSave ::walks out::

davepoobond: uhh, put a link

OnlineHost: Holmes has left the room.

OnlineHost: Celtic Frost has entered the room.

OnlineHost: Celtic Frost has left the room.

OnlineHost: Holmes has entered the room.

Holmes: …

davepoobond: someone came but left

Holmes: dang

davepoobond: must’ve been the calendar ::shrugs::

Holmes: ::points to the calender:: it’s all your fault!

Holmes: ::crumples it up and adds it to the crumpled paper basket::

OnlineHost: Necrochild has entered the room.

Holmes: ugh we need customers

Necrochild: But its not a slimy lick

Necrochild: Mrr?

davepoobond: ::rings the cash register::

OnlineHost: Necrochild has left the room.

davepoobond: what an idiot

davepoobond: that stupid calendar AGAIN

Holmes: ::looks at the crumpled calender:: your going to get it BIG time

Holmes: ::plays paper basketball with it with a hoop on the door::

davepoobond: ::Defends the calendar::

davepoobond: no! dont touch!

Holmes: ::grumbles::

Holmes: ::looks at the calender;: he may protect you now but when he lets his guard down, your gonna

Holmes: GET IT

Holmes: ::pounds his fist against his hand and makes a really angry face::

davepoobond: ……..just go advertise, it’ll blow off some steam

OnlineHost: Holmes has left the room.

OnlineHost: Holmes has entered the room.

Holmes: RhydinCheapNSave (Keyword to: aol://2719:62-2-RhydinCheapNSave)

Holmes: wait this is rhydin cheap n save

Holmes: whoops hehehehe

OnlineHost: Holmes has left the room.

OnlineHost: Holmes has entered the room.

Holmes: now lets just wait….

Holmes: ::hums the jepordy theme song::

OnlineHost: Raze has entered the room.

Holmes: good three people, now we should get a bigger crowd

davepoobond: ::waves at FireRaze:: hi-o!

FireRaze: ::hops on in,dooing cartweels::

FireRaze: Heeeeeyyyyy!!!!

Holmes: ::gives each a recruiting store listing::

Holmes: add as much stuff as you like…

davepoobond: i need to go….

Holmes: …so…

davepoobond: bye

Holmes: doh bye

davepoobond: i’ll probably be back..

Holmes: alright….

davepoobond: in 2 minutes

Holmes: don’t let the door bonk your butt on the way out

This is the Store listing for Rhydin CheapNSave:

Used Socks: $.99

Used Underwear: $.99

Used Underwear that has been pissed in and crapped in: Free, I don’t want this shit!

Used Soap on a rope: $.99

Brand New Spam: $.99

Year old Cheese: $.99

Magic Wand: $.99

A Two Dollar Prostitute: $.99

Used Cocaine: $.99

Anti Super Strong New and Improved Nose Hair Remover: $.99

Joke A Cola: $.99

Jomama: $.99

Taking over my buisness: $.10, PLEASE TAKE IT FOR CRYING OUT LOUD

Tights: $.99

Watching peoples disgusted face when they walk into my store: Priceless

Spoom: $.99

Potty Training Lessons: $.99

Russian Express Credit Card: (it might not be American Express, but it’s just as good!) $.99

String Cheese: $.99

Dike Shirts(Nike is way overated, now it’s time for DIKE! Just BUY it!): $.99

Tommy Pullmyfinger Jeans: $.99

Abibas Shoes: $.99

Kalvin Clein sweatshirts: $.99

M&W’s candy (Melts in your hand, not in your mouth!): $.99

Rhydin Private School

JasonHunter: ::walks out of his dorm and into the halls::

Holmes: jomama

JasonHunter: ::his blue eyes look about as his blue spikey hair sways a bit as he walks::

Holmes: jomama

JasonHunter: ::standing 6’2, and being muscular and well built for a 19 year old::

Holmes: jomama

Spitfire: ::looks to Holmes:: Stop That

JasonHunter: ::dressed in a skin tight black jump suit and black boots::

Holmes: jomama

Holmes: stop what

Spitfire: saying that word, jomama

Holmes: ::gives a shrug::

Holmes: what? You talkin about my mama?

Spitfire: no

Holmes: i can always smell a liar cause they stink…::glares at him::

JasonHunter: ::hears voices as he turns the corner of the hall and looks to the two::

Spitfire: Young Man do you think your a tough guy?

Creepychica: ::remains against the locker::

Creepychica: ::brushing her bright blonde lockes::

Creepychica: ::puts her brush away:::

Mandi: if you want to chat with a 14 year ol lady that live in ky please im me as soon as you can

Creepychica: ::runs her fingers through her hair::

Mandi: if you want to chat with a 14 year ol lady that live in ky please im me as soon as you can

Holmes: no i think you think that i think that you think what she thinks that i think i’m a tough

Holmes: guy

JasonHunter: ::glances to Creepy and gives her a small warm smile::

Creepychica: ::Wearing her cheerleading uniform:::

Spitfire: Son I am a Combat Pilot

Creepychica: ::she looks at Jason and smiles that cute flirty smile of hers back, winking::

Holmes: Hi mr. pilot, i’m santa clause

Spitfire: That’s Wing COmmander to you

Holmes: thats Jolly Fat Boy to YOU

JasonHunter: I think the kid needs to grow up ::talking about Holmes::

Jakson Bullok: ::he walks in slowly his hand in Kats::

Kat DeTorre: ::walks in..her hand in Jacksons:: what was that all about?

Creepychica: :::bends over, on purpose, picking her books up from the bottom of her locker slowly:: (lol)

Creepychica: (just had to add)

Spitfire: If he only saw what I have seen

Jakson Bullok: I dunno…shes been at me all day though

Holmes: and i thought I was a baby, go cry about it wing man…

JasonHunter: ::quickly glances back to Creepy::

Spitfire: Kid I have seen CHildren killed by bombs

Kat DeTorre: ::looks to him:: another one of your “friends”?

Kat DeTorre: ::arches a perfect brow::

Spitfire: young Men not much older than you BLown out of the sky

Jakson Bullok: whats that supposed to mean

Holmes: damn i knew setting those bombs in preschools wasn’t the brightest idea…

Creepychica: ::stands back up, putting her books on top of her locker::

Kat DeTorre: nothing

Spitfire: ::glares:: I’m Talking about by Luftwaffe Bombs

Jakson Bullok: ::he would noramly get angry, but sice hes happy there back together::

Creepychica: :::brushing her short cheerleading skirt off and flips her hair around to her back:::

Jakson Bullok: since*

Holmes: oh Waffle bombs, are they put into waffles and then eaten and then people blow up?

Spitfire: the German Air FOrce you fool

JasonHunter: ::he walks by them all, giving a wink to Creepy as he heads to the gym::

Holmes: they must be made in germany…

Creepychica: ::looks back at him and smiles::

FaithEliz: <<back>>

Holmes: can’t trust those germans

Spitfire: not to mention the 40 pilots I’ve seen to their deaths

Kat DeTorre: ::grabs her strawberry lip gloss out of her purse…placeing some on her lips::

Creepychica: ::shuts her locker, grabbing her bag and walks casually on over to the gym::

Holmes: germans are EVIL

Spitfire: ((wb))

FaithEliz: <,ty>>

Spitfire: no

JasonHunter: ::he walks into the gym and takes the 5ft long 6inch wide sword off of his back::

Creepychica: ::doesn’t want to act like she’s stalking him or anything::

Spitfire: ((np))

Holmes: when i asked a german if he knew where the nearest tourist center was and he kept saying

Jakson Bullok: ooh..Strawberry..can I taste it

JasonHunter: ::he holds it with both hands and begins to train by himself, looking as if he was sword

JasonHunter: dancing::

Holmes: nine and i said i didn’t need a number, i wanted to know where it was and he kept saying

Holmes: nine

Creepychica: :::she takes out a light pink piece of paper and writes, My dorm room number 231, come visit

Holmes: there EVIL

Kat DeTorre: ::places it back into her purse:: maybe

Creepychica: sometime, Love, Afton:::

Spitfire: he was saying no, Nien is no in german

Jakson Bullok: ::he lenas closer to her about to kiss her::

Creepychica: ::Sets it in the door and walks off upstairs to her dorm::

Kat DeTorre: ::a sweet smile playes apon her lips::

Holmes: SURE cover his back NOW

Jakson Bullok: ::he kisses her deeply, his tounge sliding into her mouth::

JasonHunter: ::smirks as his muscules tence a bit up from the training and turns around to see the note::

Holmes: don’t hide the evilness of germany, they make those wierd cars and call them “Beetles”

Spitfire: ::turns to walk away::

Creepychica: ::opens her door and enters the room, shutting the door once again::

Kat DeTorre: ::kisses him back, returning the tounge:: So, what are we doing tonight?

Creepychica: ::turns on Mariah Carey’s The Roof::

Holmes: i’m telling you their from another planet and don’t turn your back on me

JasonHunter: ::he walks over and puts the swor back on his back, reading the note::

Jakson Bullok: whateva you want

Spitfire: ::walks to his Jump bag and Picks it up::

Holmes: i only speak the truth and nothing but the truth so help me god

Spitfire: Come on Tarquin

JerisFlame: ::Enters the school silently::

Kat DeTorre: ::looks around:: this school is boring

Spitfire: ::walks away from the kid::

Creepychica: ::sings along lowly:: ” I only wanted you to taste my sadness as you kissed me in the dark”


RhyDin Locked Cellar

OnlineHost: *** You are in “Arts and Entertainment – RhyDin Locked Cellar”. ***

Holmes: ::pimps into the locked cellar::

Funnyjoke: ::she straightened out her miniskirt::

Mister Rectangle: He stood before the entrance, looking from side to side, his face remained consealed:

Mister Rectangle: (Add a ” : ” to the beginning)

Funnyjoke: ::one hand rested on her flat stomach, looks around::

Mister Rectangle: :As he looked from side to side, he noticed there were only a few:

Funnyjoke: ::glances at holmes, then at mister::

Mister Rectangle: :He stepped forth, he paid no mind to the “pimpin” one, but kept a sharp eye on the woman:

Holmes: is this some kind of drug ballard ::gives a shrug::

Mister Rectangle: :He stopped, his head shifted slowly as he looked to the woman again:

Funnyjoke: ::she glanced at mister, looked him up and down, then glanced around the room::

Mister Rectangle: :Apon seeing her glance, he began stepping closer to her:

Mister Rectangle: :That billowing cloud of light smoke circling her feet and running along the floors:

Holmes: are you going to rape her or something? ::raises a brow::

Funnyjoke: ::looks at her feet::

Mister Rectangle: :He turns to the one asking the idiotic question:

Mister Rectangle: Foolish one, the Lord forbids such acts.

Mister Rectangle: As a warrior of the Holy Lamb I am not driven by such desire.

Funnyjoke: ::blinks, watches the two::

Holmes: where is this holy lamb, i need some lamb chops for dinner….

Mister Rectangle: :He turned, facing the man completely:

Holmes: ugh here goes the beating up ::sighs::

Funnyjoke: ::smirks at holmes’ answer, looks at mister::

Mister Rectangle: I am the Holy Lamb.

Holmes: oh….

Mister Rectangle: Come and feed thyself, sinner.

Funnyjoke: ::steps away from the two::

Holmes: sorry your lambness…

Rhydin Rape AlIey

OnlineHost: *** You are in “Arts and Entertainment – Rhydin Rape AlIey”. ***

Verdigo: ((::smirks before [censored] Schele from his place on the ground, his [censored] slipping

Verdigo: into her [censored] as he smiles to Quivr::))

Holmes: ::walks in::

Silenced: ((oh baby!<LOVES IT>))

NOProdigal: the dead little girl blows horror into the legs of the live little girl

Quivrangel: ((::plugs her ears at the good, but very loud music::))

Holmes: if you would like to get raped, can you please raise your hand ::looks around::

Verdigo: ::casts a glare at Holmes for a moment before bringing up his twin Bastard

Quivrangel: ((oooh! me me me me me ::raises both her hands::))

Verdigo: Swords to an X form, a slight flicker of white showing off from behind his

Verdigo: mirrored sunglasses before the tips of his weapons sparked with energy.. a sudden, forced bo

Seraphim: ::watches from above::

Verdigo: bolt of energy soon streaking out through the air before striking at this.. moron::

JASON: ((::blares ADIDAS[wet dreams remix]::))

Holmes: ::looks around for a moron::

Verdigo: ((::smiles as he rests his head on Quivr-muns shoulder… listening to Jasons music


Verdigo: now..::))

Silenced: ((<wink>))

Verdigo: ((Holmes, your the moron.))

Seraphim: ((note: if anyone wishes for a spar…IM me))

JASON: ((::yea she is::))

Holmes: ::mutters to himself:: would hate to be in his shoes…::

Verdigo: ::cracks his neck as he brings his weapons down into the Capashen Knight

Holmes: ((oh OH))

Verdigo: Guard..::

Verdigo: ((::agrees compleatly with Schele as he [censored] her [censored] with his spork::))

Quivrangel: ((::pats Verdigo-mun’s head as she kisses his cheek:: you’re a very comfy cushion))

Holmes: ::blasted::

Verdigo: ((::smiles:: thankies..))

Verdigo: ((::and the Name…. is Bill::))

Silenced: ((<smirks and loves every minute of it>))

Holmes: now can i rape someone PLEASE?

Verdigo: ((::might ‘un[censored]’ it all::))

Verdigo: ((::in an IM…::))

JASON: nope

Silenced: ((o.o))

Holmes: damn..

Verdigo: ::growls a bit as he just rushes Holmes, a quick thrust foreward with his right blade

JASON: get out of here you scum bucket

Verdigo: bringing a jab foreth into the moron.. twisting his hilt off to the right

JASON: ((::oh oh oh yay!::))

Holmes: your going to emotionally destroy me saying things like that…

Verdigo: a moment before bringing the weapon out in a spirt of blood::

JASON: ((Living Dead girl now[Subliminal Seduction mix]::))

Verdigo: I will physically destroy you first.

Holmes: ::gets hurt?!?!::

Verdigo: ::gets JABBED::

JASON: ((newbie))

Verdigo: ::BY A SWORD::

Verdigo: ::………………………::

Verdigo: ((mmhmm…))

Holmes: ::oh ok jabbed::

Silenced: ::impaled like whoa even Holmes::

JASON: ((just kill him and spare us the trouble bill))

Verdigo: ::and with another of his motions he brings his left blade up to the neck, a clean and

Verdigo: bloodless slash going over.. and soon through the flesh, sending chips

Verdigo: of bone and a few shards of skin off to the right..::

Holmes: hey clean your blade before you do that, you might spread aids or something

Verdigo: ::withdraws his weapon back to his side, into the Capashen Knight Guard::

JASON: ::Licks his fangs watching the massacre::

Verdigo: ((::and Le-click::))

Verdigo: ((::dives IC::))

Silenced: ((<notes the quite dead man>))

Tymber: ::Enters alley cautiously::

Holmes: ::lays dead::

Holmes: ::very dead::

Verdigo: Indeed… being an Angel has it’s benefits of immunity.

JASON: can i eat him?

Verdigo: ::a slight yawn escaped his teirs as he brought himself to the side of the alleyway, and

Verdigo: gently nodded to JASON::

Holmes: ::all of a sudden an angel comes from heaven and kicks him, bringing him back to life::

Tymber: :: amused by the way her breath makes curls of smoke in the cold night air::

Verdigo: ’tis no concern of myne.

Verdigo: So be my guest,

JASON: ::pounces holmes sinking fangs into his neck::

JASON: ::riping hunks of flesh from it::

Verdigo: ::shakes his head to the eagerness as he moves himself into a side alcove alley, with

Holmes: ::i’m skin a bones and not a very good main course…::

Silenced: ((<lurkie lurkies>))

Verdigo: a silent step moving himself compleatly from view..::

Holmes: ::and please don’t eat my manhood, it’s all i got…::

JASON: ::grabs his manhood riping it off::

Verdigo: ((btw Schele, I know what Autum was helping Gobbie with.))

Holmes: ::damn you, now i’m really dead::

Holmes: ::i hope you choke on it::

Silenced: ((i figured yah knew.))

Verdigo: ((::smiles:: I’ma lil hacker, I’ve gotta know everything that goes on.))

JASON: ::slides from the body licking blood from his now crimson lips::

KSims: ::walking on the streets of RhyDin he turns down an Alley way::

KSims: ::his pale green eye’s scan the area::

Silenced: ((but autum rather not tell everything.))

KSims: ::has his Hard Edge blade on his back::

KSims: ::walks slowly::

now look at this

Terry: hey vicky wanna go on the ceiling again::

Holmes: ::pimps in::

Ambcity: ::walks in::

Victoria: sure

Terry: ((ergh i hate typos no :: ?*))

Terry: ::picks her up::

Terry: ::runs onto the ceiling::

Gojiita: terry…

Gojiita: u ignoreing me

Gojiita: ?

Terry: hi amanda

Terry: no i turned off sound sorry

Ambcity: ::waves:: HIYA

Victoria: ::is on the ceiling again::

Terry: so vicky sup?

Holmes: what the hell is this? Fiddler on the roof? ::looks at the people on the ceiling::

Victoria: hi there :;waves to gojiita::

Terry: no im a mutant

Jenna: ((brb))

Holmes: sure you are…

Victoria: Nothing much, Terry. just chillin

Terry: i can climb ceilings power into stuff and i have a titanimum skeleton thats why im not havin

Terry: trouble holdin another person on the ceiling

Victoria: ((hey terry can i add you to my bl?))

Terry: with me

Terry: ((yes sure ur already on mine))

Holmes: did i walk into the mental hospital by mistake?

Gojiita: hey

Victoria: ((oh ok thanks))

Gojiita: ::waved at::

Gojiita: sorry afk

Victoria: its ok

Gojiita: hmm..

Victoria: :looks down at Holmes:: no…did you want something to drink/

Terry: hi steve

Victoria: ?*

Gojiita: hey

Gojiita: ::walks to terry now::

Holmes: yeah can i have sex on the beach?

Gojiita: ?

Gojiita: um

Victoria: yes one second, terry can you put me down..i have to work now

Terry: ::holding vicky on the ceiling BUT NOT SEXUALLY @STEVE::

Gojiita: ::laughs::

Terry: k

Gojiita: LOL

Gojiita: LMAO

Gojiita: LMAO


Gojiita: DAMNIT

Terry: ::jumped down landing perfectly::


Terry: ::puts her down::


Terry: cause sm aint here steve


Holmes: ::hands gojita a blow up doll:: the beach is 2 miles that way

Gojiita: oh yea

Gojiita: ok

Victoria: thank you…::walks behind the bar and makes the gentleman’s drink:: there you are

Terry: lmao!

Gojiita: i would attack u

Gojiita: but

Gojiita: u probibly mode

Gojiita: or use dice

Gojiita: or are a newbie

Gojiita: so im not

Victoria: that will be 3 gps please

Gojiita: gps

Gojiita: what is theis final fantasy 7

Holmes: saying things like that can emotionally destroy people

Gojiita: ?

Victoria: ((gps=gold pieces))

Terry: who are u sherlock homes!??

Gojiita: and ur point is

Terry: lol

Gojiita: if ur homless

Victoria: you guys stop it


Gojiita: how the hell can u aford a blow up doll

Belegdaug: Realm ofReva! New RP Realm!

Belegdaug: Realm of Reva! New RP Realm!

Gojiita: wait i know

Gojiita: already used

Gojiita: ok nevermind

Holmes: i’m sherlock homeless

Victoria: ::covers her ears as she just got yelled at::

Gojiita: ya right

Holmes: i live in a cardboard box


Gojiita: PLEASE


Gojiita: IM GOOD

Terry: ::walks over to vicky:: u ok?

Gojiita: ASK TURRY

Terry: terry*

Ambcity: ::falls asleep in corner::

Gojiita: ya that

Gojiita: sorry

Gojiita: lol

Terry: lol

Victoria: i think so ::blinks::

Gojiita: i can

Gojiita: YES

Holmes: for 3 gps i better be getting REAL sex on the beach

Gojiita: ya that and a blow job in the car

Gojiita: LMAO

Victoria: damn its no that expensive shit

Terry: ::thinks this guy Holmes is an ass and shouldnt be speaking so vulgar infront of a lady::

Holmes: yeah that too


Gojiita: YA


Jenna: ::walks back in:: whos yelling?

Victoria: everyone

Gojiita: not me

Gojiita: im good

Gojiita: ::is good::

Gojiita: see

Gojiita: told u

Jenna: sure

Terry: Holmes so steve is now a bouncer and hes going to kick his ass

Jordan: ::thunder rolls outside the pub as a tall figure emerges through the door wearing all black

Gojiita: YES!

Gojiita: ::IS BOUNCER::

Gojiita: HAHAH

Terry: ::is only one besides the lady’s not yelling::

Gojiita: so

Gojiita: ::looks at ic::

Holmes: i’m a jiggalo…

Jenna: no we have 2 bouncers already

Gojiita: can i do my thing now

Gojiita: ?

Gojiita: and

Gojiita: im the best

Gojiita: haha

Jenna: you are the tender

Jordan: and wrap around shades , his hair falls limply into his face as he stomps in and looks

Gojiita: no

Gojiita: bouncer

Holmes: thats sort of a bouncer

Gojiita: i fight

Gojiita: not serve

Gojiita: im a saiyajin

Holmes: i bounce from women to women

Gojiita: not a human

Gojiita: i dont serve

Ambcity: ::sneaks to door::

Victoria: ewww

Jordan: around, he moves to the bar and sits down proping his elbow on the bar and crossing his long

Jordan: legs::

Gojiita: eww?

Terry: if some1 doesnt shut Holmes up im going to kill him

Victoria: :looks at Jordan:: hey sweetheart

Gojiita: CAN I

Jenna: well hello there jordan

Gojiita: PLEASE


Gojiita: I CAN KILL ANY 1

Terry: hi jordan



Terry: vicky ur b/f?

Jordan: ::nods to Victoria not realizing it was her at first, he is thinking deeply::

Holmes: i’m terry’s boyfriend…

Gojiita: LMAO

Gojiita: LMAO

Gojiita: LMAO

Victoria: ::blinks and walks around the bar to him:: ok no hi hun or sweety?? i feel your love :frowns

Gojiita: TERRY

Gojiita: ?

Gojiita: LMAO

Terry: ::is about to kill the bastard named Holmes::

Terry: no

Terry: hes an asshole

Jordan: ::he pulls down his shades and stands grinning wraping his arms around her

Holmes: now terry you didn’t say that last night, did you?

Gojiita: can i fight

Jordan: and lifting her up off the ground in a long kiss::

Gojiita: LMAO

Jenna: NO

Gojiita: ]EWW

Gojiita: DUDE

Gojiita: ok

Victoria: ::kisses him back as she gets picked up::

Gojiita: im gonna kill home less

Terry: ::has never met a filthy creature named Holmes b4::

Holmes: i’m homeless give me a break

Gojiita: ::walks to homeless smirking::

Eji: Any one who is interested in joining, or helping

Eji: with an Organized RPG IM me.

Terry: no

Gojiita: ::then grabs him by the throat::

Gojiita: ::then knees him in the gut::

Holmes: ahh my throat


Jenna: would you guys stop

Gojiita: ::then slams my fist into his face::

Gojiita: ::then throws him out of the bar::

Holmes: ow…

Gojiita: ::Waves as he flies::

Gojiita: bye bye

Terry: ::wants to kill Holmes but wont is is the presance of 2 ladies::

Jordan: ::he strokes her cheek as he puts her down and he limps back to sitting down::

Holmes: this is sexual harrasment and i don’t have to take it

Gojiita: um

Gojiita: ok dont take it

Gojiita: lol

Victoria: ::frowns:; are you ok?

Sabbat: ::Strolls in quietly upto the bar::

Holmes: no i’m poor…

Jordan: ::grins :: yup ::looks down thinking::

Sabbat: ::Smiles:: Do you serve all kinds here milady

Gojiita: ok

Gojiita: rule 1

Gojiita: hey vic

Terry: vicky is jordan ur b/f?

Gojiita: just say gojiita go

Gojiita: and i attack

Gojiita: ok

Gojiita: ok

Jenna: yes we do

Gojiita: good

Jenna: what can i get you?

Darkblade Tavern

This entry is part 2 of 2 in the series The Shoe Salesman

OnlineHost: *** You are in “Arts and Entertainment – Darkblade Tavern”. ***

OnlineHost: Irishfighter has entered the room.

davepoobond: ::a briefcase full of shoes is thrown into the Tavern::

Damon Darkblade: ::smiles,carrying the small child in and sitting down in his large leather chair::

Nightstar12560: :: yawns and falls asleap in his arms ::

Damon Darkblade: ::kicks the shoes out::

Damon Darkblade: ::sighs softly, rubbing her back with his gentle touch::

Irishfighter: ::picsk a shoe up and throws it at davepoobonds head::

OnlineHost: Baby darkblade has entered the room.

OnlineHost: Irishfighter has left the room.

davepoobond: boo

Nightstar12560: :: sleaps silently ::

Damon Darkblade: (::click does the dumb salesman::)

Baby darkblade: [o.o?]

davepoobond: ((lol. i said 2 things))

Damon Darkblade: (::points to davepoobond:: Him)

davepoobond: ((i said 2 things)

davepoobond: ((boo was one of them))

Baby darkblade: [interesting]

davepoobond: ((i dont understand))

davepoobond: ((but oh well. ::scores one more:: yeeeeehaw!))

Baby darkblade: [::shrugs:: me either… ::confuzzled::]

Damon Darkblade: (O.o)

Baby darkblade: [anyway!]

davepoobond: ((confuzzled. heh))

OnlineHost: Dragonchic2002 has entered the room.

Damon Darkblade: ::smiles, rubbing the childs back::

Baby darkblade: [my hands smell like… nappy shit..]

Baby darkblade: […. its pissin me off… damn plum crap.. its evil i swear]

OnlineHost: Dragonchic2002 has left the room.

Baby darkblade: ::she pushed open the door slowly and slipped in, a slight look of boredom on her face::

OnlineHost: Immortal Pyroman has entered the room.

davepoobond: ::sits on his briefcase of shoes, pouting::

davepoobond: no one wants to buy my shoes!

davepoobond: no one!

Nightstar12560: :: she wakes looking up at him ::

OnlineHost: Immortal Pyroman has left the room.

Damon Darkblade: ::looks to the child, smiling slightly:: Hello there…

Nightstar12560: :: smiles ::

Baby darkblade: ::she looked around the tavern, and walked over to where damon sat with a… child… in his lap::

Damon Darkblade: ::looks to Justin:: It seems i made a new friend…

Baby darkblade: ::smiles:: so it has..

davepoobond: ………………………………………………………………………………..

davepoobond: the briefcase i carry is a 200 megaton bomb. better run!

Baby darkblade: so i heard about what happened with you and vivia

davepoobond: ::swings it around the tavern, crashing it against walls and such:: don’t you think its

davepoobond: pretty lethal to be doing this with a 200 megaton bomb?

Damon Darkblade: Yea

davepoobond: i might set it off

Baby darkblade: [well looks like someones in for a little clickin..]

Damon Darkblade: But i would prefer not talk about that, if you dont mind…

davepoobond: ((oh no please dont. you cant click me……………….))

Baby darkblade: [and why not?]

Nightstar12560: :: she kisses Damons cheak ::

Baby darkblade: right.. sorry

davepoobond: ((cuz…………………………………we need to get married?))

Damon Darkblade: ::blinks::

Damon Darkblade: ::smiles::

Baby darkblade: [im not gettin married to a shoes salesman.. who cant sell shoes!]

davepoobond: ((newsflash))

davepoobond: ((he’s not really a shoesalesman))

Baby darkblade: [dont talk to me]

Damon Darkblade: (Click him)

davepoobond: ((why not?))

davepoobond: ((noooo. dont click me))

Baby darkblade: [….its what he wants.]

davepoobond: ((i have a bajillion dollars!))

davepoobond: ((i can lay eggs!))

Damon Darkblade: (::hands the ignore mallet to ellyn:: Hit him with it)

davepoobond: ((and i can make scrambled eggs!))

Nightstar12560: :: smiles up at him ::

Baby darkblade: [….id rather use jojo’s bombs.. ::pulls out a couple ignore bombs::]

davepoobond: ((noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo))

Damon Darkblade: Would you like somthing to drink?

Baby darkblade: me?.. a coke is fine… ::smiles::

Nightstar12560: :: looks at the other person ::

davepoobond: ((::crawls into a fetal position::))

Baby darkblade: [O.O]

Baby darkblade: [..dammit.. ::kills caps key::]

Damon Darkblade: ::looks at the child…::

Damon Darkblade: Thats my daughter…

OnlineHost: Keldan Battlecry has entered the room.

davepoobond: ((keldan. watch out))

Baby darkblade: ::she smiled down at the… child in damon’s lap, wondering how it got there and why::

Nightstar12560: hewo

Baby darkblade: hi..

davepoobond: ((he kidnapped it!))

davepoobond: ((i saw it myself))

Baby darkblade: ::she returned her gaze to damon::…. um… what about suhala?

Keldan Battlecry: ::the holow sound of armored boots hiting the wooden floor and the cold deathly sound of blu

Baby darkblade: [excuse me while i retrive my devil duckys..]

davepoobond: doesnt anyone care that i have a 200 megaton bomb in a briefcase and i’m swinging it around

davepoobond: everywhere?!?!

Keldan Battlecry: (O.o Rhydiners…)

davepoobond: ((who’re you callin a RhyDiner?))

OnlineHost: Miserys Star has entered the room.

OnlineHost: CoolKat015 has entered the room.

Keldan Battlecry: (::smirx an leaves::sorry horrible rp’ers)

OnlineHost: Keldan Battlecry has left the room.

Damon Darkblade: ::he snaps, and a coke appears for Justin::

Baby darkblade: [dammit… damon.mun.. can i borrow ur mallet?]

Damon Darkblade: (LMAO!)

Miserys Star: ::she steps into the tavern quietly, light footsteps could be heard as she walked in::

Damon Darkblade: (ASS)

davepoobond: ((what an idiot)

Nightstar12560: :: cudles with Damon yawning softly ::

Damon Darkblade: (::hands her the mallet::)

Baby darkblade: [thank you.. ::takes the mallet, devilish grin::]

CoolKat015: ::walks in silently and unoticed sticking to the shadows::

davepoobond: ‘ey baby ::walks up next to Miserys:: how’s it goin’? want a shoe?

Damon Darkblade: ::looks at Cool:: FOUND YA!

davepoobond: or two?

Damon Darkblade: ::snickers::

Miserys Star: ::blinks and looks at davepoobond::good..and nah..it’s alright

Baby darkblade: ::smiles a bit and picks up the coke::

davepoobond: comon. its a good deal.

davepoobond: new shoes….

CoolKat015: ::steps out of the shadow and walks up to davepoobond::

davepoobond: are nice…

davepoobond: aren’t they…..

CoolKat015: ::taps him on the shoulder::what did the lady say

Damon Darkblade: ::motions Mary to him, patting the seat next to him::

davepoobond: i’m selling shoes.

davepoobond: i’m trying to make a living.

davepoobond: y’mind leavin’ me be and let me do my business?

Baby darkblade: [dum de dum de dum ::swings up the ignore mallet and slams it down upon [davepoobond]:: hehe ]

davepoobond: or i’ll sue you for killin’ my business!

Miserys Star: ::she walks over to Damon and sits next to him, crossing her legs revealing the slit to her hip::

davepoobond: ((why’d you ignore me……….?))

Damon Darkblade: Hey hun

davepoobond: ((yer a bafoon))

Damon Darkblade: How have you been

CoolKat015: ::can’t be sued::

Miserys Star: Hey…I’ve been good..and you?

Damon Darkblade: Just fine

davepoobond: ::a big fat lady named Sue sits on CoolKat::

OnlineHost: StarFire8402 has entered the room.

Damon Darkblade: I think i found a new friend

Nightstar12560: :: the lil girl looks at Misery ::

davepoobond: HA! I SUED YOU!

Baby darkblade: ::she poped open the coke and turned towards misery::

Damon Darkblade: ::looks at Night::

Miserys Star: Really?

OnlineHost: StarFire8402 has left the room.

Miserys Star: ::she looks at Night and smiles softly::

CoolKat015: ::walks out looking for something to do::

Damon Darkblade: Yep

Damon Darkblade: Havent gotten her name yet though…

Miserys Star: ::looks towards baby::

Nightstar12560: :: lays her head on Damons sholder ::

Miserys Star: ::then back to Damon:: ah

Damon Darkblade: ::looks to the small girl:: Whats your name?

OnlineHost: CoolKat015 has left the room.

OnlineHost: MBailie has entered the room.

davepoobond: ((MBailie! watch out! they’ll ignore you for saying one word!!!))

Baby darkblade: and why is she there?

Nightstar12560: :: yawns ::

Baby darkblade: ::sighs a bit:: i never got to sit on your lap.. and im your daughter!

MBailie: ::A young woman w/ a cape and hood covering most of her face walks in::

OnlineHost: Coyotes Rage has entered the room.

Damon Darkblade: You never tried eather

OnlineHost: Coyotes Rage has left the room.

Baby darkblade: on right.. ::smiles::

MBailie: ::Walks over to the bar::

MBailie: There a tender

MBailie: tendress???

MBailie: either will do

davepoobond: ::jumps up next to the person that came in:: i’m a shoe salesman. wanna buy some shoes?

Miserys Star: ::her enchanting silver eyes look around curiously::

MBailie: I’ll take that as a no

davepoobond: i got pairs of single shoes.

Damon Darkblade: ::stands, the child in his arms::

davepoobond: pairs of pairs of shoes

Damon Darkblade: ::walks to the bar::

Damon Darkblade: What would you like

davepoobond: and pairs of shoes.

MBailie: vodka please

davepoobond: i got an assortment of colors, shapes, sizes

Baby darkblade: ::watches damon and then plops down in the seat he just stood up from::

davepoobond: fits any foot. even the really smelly old wrinkled ones!

Damon Darkblade: ::nods, kneeling down and picks up the bottle, setting it on the bar, along with the glass::

Damon Darkblade: 5 gps

MBailie: ty

Nightstar12560: :: looks at the lady at the bar ::

davepoobond: you could buy 90 pairs of single shoes with 5 gps! what’re ya wasting that much money to get

davepoobond: wasted on vodka

MBailie: ::takes a sip::

Nightstar12560: :: in damons arms ::

Baby darkblade: [how old is this child in damons arms?]

Damon Darkblade: (5)

Damon Darkblade: (lol)

Damon Darkblade: ::nods::

Baby darkblade: [u serious?]

OnlineHost: HeeroYuy71121 has entered the room.

Damon Darkblade: ::then walks to his chair, sitting in Justin’s lap::

Baby darkblade: [yet when in his lap.. shes tall enough to lay her head on his shoulder.. odd]

Baby darkblade: gah!

MBailie: I’m not gettin’ wasted I just come from a long journey and still got a long way to go

Miserys Star: ::she watches Damon with a soft smile on her lips::

HeeroYuy71121: =a guy in a black as night cloak walks in=

Baby darkblade: ::pokes his back:: dad…

Damon Darkblade: (She is heald high)

davepoobond: ooh. sounds interesting.

Baby darkblade: […uh huh]

Damon Darkblade: get outa my chair then

Damon Darkblade: ::stands::

davepoobond: ::holds his hand out:: Dave Bond, Shapeshifter Extraordiaire. Need some help on yer

davepoobond: journey?

Baby darkblade: …::glares and then pulls her knees up with her feet in the chair so he cant sit back down

Baby darkblade: :: no

Damon Darkblade: -_-

Miserys Star: ::she stands:: you may sit here M’lord

Damon Darkblade: ::sits on the floor next to Mary:: Fine then

MBailie: ::smiles:: not really a journey I just a wanderer

HeeroYuy71121: =walks to Dave=

davepoobond: oh…

Baby darkblade: ::grins evily::

davepoobond: pretty much me too……..i’m really bored lately.

Damon Darkblade: sit down Mary

davepoobond: no one likes to buy shoes when i try to make some money..

HeeroYuy71121: =his hodd covering his eyes=

Miserys Star: ::nods and sits down again, crossing her legs::

Nightstar12560: :: gigles smileing up at the one in Damons chair ::

HeeroYuy71121: hello

davepoobond: its like people would rather walk around shoeless.

davepoobond: ::looks over to Heero:: hi…

MBailie: ::laughs::

davepoobond: whaddya want.

davepoobond: ya want some shoes?

HeeroYuy71121: i heard u guys are wonders

davepoobond: i’m a Wonder…..yes

HeeroYuy71121: heh heh sorry no shoes

davepoobond: but, are you referring to the band?

OnlineHost: Miserys Star has left the room.

MBailie: What is a wonder??? ::confused::

HeeroYuy71121: and u?=turns to MBailie=

davepoobond: they made a movie, called That Thing You Do

Baby darkblade: ::she sighed a bit and looked around the tavern again::

davepoobond: ::nudges Bailie in the ribs:: Tom Hanks was their manager.

OnlineHost: DkQueenDemon has entered the room.

HeeroYuy71121: wonderer sorry

MBailie: ::Smiles at Heero:: and y do u care???

MBailie: ::smiles at dave::

HeeroYuy71121: well because im looking for some fun

OnlineHost: McaneJr has entered the room.

HeeroYuy71121: =grins under his dark cloak=

OnlineHost: McaneJr has left the room.

Damon Darkblade: ::moves up into the chair::

OnlineHost: McaneJr has entered the room.

Damon Darkblade: ::still holding the child::

MBailie: ::Looks at Heero in a suspicious way:: What makes u think my life is fun???

Nightstar12560: :: she looks around ::

davepoobond: and what makes you think my life is fun for anyone else?

Damon Darkblade: ::tickles the girl::

HeeroYuy71121: ha!

OnlineHost: GryFynn Mage90 has entered the room.

HeeroYuy71121: i mean an adventure

Nightstar12560: :: gigles ::

davepoobond: ::burp::

davepoobond: an adventure where?

HeeroYuy71121: three wanderers

HeeroYuy71121: hmmmmmmm

GryFynn Mage90: ::a mage walks in::

davepoobond: i dont wander, i actually know where i go.

DkQueenDemon: ::in she entered, this angel of the night, cladded in a tight leather dress as deep blue

davepoobond: but i have no specific place i go to.

HeeroYuy71121: to find something

DkQueenDemon: eyse parttake the scene around her::

McaneJr: ::a young girl, wearing a very short, very lowcut dress walks in, her brown hair hangs

davepoobond: no.

davepoobond: i dont look for anything.

MBailie: I have just recently met Dave

GryFynn Mage90: ::he sits down::

McaneJr: freely over her sholders, and in one hand is a well used closed book, the other

OnlineHost: Level of Mind has entered the room.

DkQueenDemon: ::she stood by the door still well out of the way of others getting in::

McaneJr: holds nothing more than air::

GryFynn Mage90: and orders abeer

HeeroYuy71121: well

davepoobond: and orders a water

Damon Darkblade: ::smiles to the small girl::

OnlineHost: GryFynn Mage90 has left the room.

MBailie: ::Looks in a bit of an intrigued way at Heero::

MBailie: And what praytell are u searching 4???

Baby darkblade: ::her attention was then directed toward erica a smile appered on her lips::

HeeroYuy71121: ((m ua guy or girl?))

McaneJr: ::she looks around a bit nervously, having never been in here::

HeeroYuy71121: secret

davepoobond: ((she’s a girl))

MBailie: girl

HeeroYuy71121: ((kick ass!))

Baby darkblade: [o.o]

davepoobond: ((-ooo>.))

Damon Darkblade: ::looks to Erica:: Hey hun, over here..

davepoobond: ((tell them to unblock me.))

MBailie: ((really and y is that???))

davepoobond: ((i try to sell shoes to them, and they ignore me))

DkQueenDemon: ::She took out her sketch book and a delicate hand raced across the paper as she drew the

DkQueenDemon: images before her::

davepoobond: WHAT THE!

MBailie: how can we search 4 something that we do not know what we r searching 4???

McaneJr: ::she smiles seeing Damon, and quickly moves over to him, looking to the child in his arms,

Damon Darkblade: ::smiles::

davepoobond: ::looks around to Queen Demon:: WHAT ARE YOU DOING!!?!!?

McaneJr: while meneuvering to hug him:: Something you need to tell me daddy?

HeeroYuy71121: well

HeeroYuy71121: ino

Level of Mind: ~Enters quietly, the hood of her cloak pulled forward to cover her face.~


HeeroYuy71121: itsa legened

Nightstar12560: :: looks at Mcane ::

Damon Darkblade: ::hugs her back::

DkQueenDemon: ::she looks up:: Do you mind if I draw…I will not draw you then

Damon Darkblade: Nothing besides finding a new friend…

Baby darkblade: [hey level.mun.. who u rpin?]

Damon Darkblade: ::smiles::

davepoobond: ok, then

Level of Mind: ~Walks to a seat in the corner, and sits arranging her heavy skirts.~

MBailie: hmmmmmm that may be interesting what is the legend???

McaneJr: ::looks to the child:: are you sure?

HeeroYuy71121: well

davepoobond: a legend?

Level of Mind: (Um.. I guess Suhala, so disregard the profile.)

HeeroYuy71121: =pulls out a wooden stake=

Baby darkblade: [::nods:: wil do!]

davepoobond: >.> vampires…

HeeroYuy71121: =stabs it in the table=

Level of Mind: (Thanks)

DkQueenDemon: ::she shakes her head and continues to draw::

Nightstar12560: :: tilts her head ::

HeeroYuy71121: of vampires

davepoobond: BORING

davepoobond: can’t you think of anything better to do?

McaneJr: ((brb))

MBailie: ::Hushes Dave::

Baby darkblade: [kk]

davepoobond: vampires are people too, y’know.

MBailie: go on

Damon Darkblade: Well

Level of Mind: ~Removes a banana from her pocket, and peels it.~

HeeroYuy71121: oh?

Damon Darkblade: Besides Suhala is here

HeeroYuy71121: u a vamp?

Damon Darkblade: thats all

davepoobond: ::sees someone remove a banana from her pocket::

davepoobond: wow. i thought only i could do that.

HeeroYuy71121: =pulls out a silver handgun from the right inside of his cloak=

MBailie: ::softly touches the stake::

Baby darkblade: ::she smiled a bit, her attention then averted to suhala with a smile she stood up from the

Baby darkblade: chair and walked over to her::

davepoobond: me? i’m not a vampire………….teeheeheeheeee

HeeroYuy71121: arg!

davepoobond: i’m a Shapeshifter.

HeeroYuy71121: he

MBailie: ::Quickly pulls out blade and puts it to Heero’s throat::

HeeroYuy71121: i can do that to

HeeroYuy71121: =puts gun away=

davepoobond: ::lays back against the bar::

davepoobond: you wouldnt have been able to kill me anyway

MBailie: ::Puts dagger away::

HeeroYuy71121: =turns into MBailie=

davepoobond: i sell shoes, y’know.

Level of Mind: ~Glances up at Justin, and smiles.~ How’d you know it was me?

Baby darkblade: hi

MBailie: Dave don’t push it

DkQueenDemon: ::she rolled her eyes as she looked around her picture almost done::

davepoobond: i’m not pushing anything…

Baby darkblade: ::shrugs:: i have a sixth sense ::she smirked:: how are you?

Nightstar: :: she looks up at Damon ::

davepoobond: this stupid weirdo over here is being an idiot.

MBailie: Daaaaaaaaaave

davepoobond: not as much of an idiot that I am…..

davepoobond: what?

HeeroYuy71121: aw ur right

MBailie: hush

Damon Darkblade: Whats wrong?

HeeroYuy71121: actully

Level of Mind: Oh? ~Pushes the hood back.~ Sit please.

Damon Darkblade: ::looks to the nameless girl::

HeeroYuy71121: im nota hunter

davepoobond: what the heck are you then?

Baby darkblade: ::she pulled up a chair and sat in it::

MBailie: ::Looks deeply at Heero:: What r u???

davepoobond: are you with a Travelling Circus!!?

HeeroYuy71121: =grins=

davepoobond: i swear, if you are, i’m gonna kill you.

Nightstar: :: tickles him playfully ::

DkQueenDemon: ::She sighed, the picture was done as she turned around and left the place, more to draw and more to see::

OnlineHost: DkQueenDemon has left the room.

HeeroYuy71121: =revials fangs in his grin=

HeeroYuy71121: guess

Damon Darkblade: ::laughs::

Level of Mind: I’m good I suppose. ~Takes a bite of her banana.~ It’s just strange being back.

davepoobond: ..

davepoobond: a vampire?

davepoobond: wait.

MBailie: ::Jumps back in shock::

davepoobond: a Vampire in a Travelling Circus?

HeeroYuy71121: hahahaha!

MBailie: ::Kicks Dave::

Nightstar: :: gigles ::

McaneJr: ((gtg, be back later))

davepoobond: OW.

Baby darkblade: ::nods::

HeeroYuy71121: no sorry no circus

OnlineHost: McaneJr has left the room.

Baby darkblade: […]

Damon Darkblade: ::stands, walking to Suhala and kisses her cheek::

davepoobond: all right, so whaddya want

MBailie: Pull your hood back I want to see your face

HeeroYuy71121: i wanna fid a castle

Level of Mind: ~Blinks, and smiles.~ Evening.

HeeroYuy71121: why?

Damon Darkblade: Evening

davepoobond: i want a billion dollars

HeeroYuy71121: ok

davepoobond: you cant get everything you want.

Damon Darkblade: ::pills up a chair, sitting neext to her::

HeeroYuy71121: thats no problem

Damon Darkblade: ::looks to the child:: Do you have a name?

MBailie: If you won’t even let me see u how do I know I can even trust u

HeeroYuy71121: fine

Nightstar: Sienna

HeeroYuy71121: =fangs disappear=

HeeroYuy71121: =pulls back his hood=

davepoobond: ::Gasp, but it really turns out to be a yawn::

OnlineHost: Nightstar has left the room.

HeeroYuy71121: =revials he is Heero Yuy but looks alittle older=

Damon Darkblade: ::blinks::

HeeroYuy71121: =has Brown eyes now instead of his old persian blue=

MBailie: ::hot::

Baby darkblade: [the child distapears!]

Damon Darkblade: ::lays his head on Suhala’s shoulder::

Level of Mind: (ack!)

davepoobond: ::cold?::

HeeroYuy71121: ((huh?”hot”?))

MBailie: i like brown and blue eyes

HeeroYuy71121: thank you

Level of Mind: ~Pokes Damon.~ What have I missed. Has anything important happened while I was gone?

HeeroYuy71121: =smiles=

davepoobond: ham

davepoobond: i like ham

davepoobond: do you like ham?

davepoobond: how about we get some ham?

OnlineHost: Baby darkblade has left the room.

Damon Darkblade: (ACK!)

MBailie: ::a little nervous reaches out hand to touch his face to see if he is real or in some kind o

Damon Darkblade: (they left)

MBailie: f fading action::

davepoobond: ((lol. the loser is all alone))

Damon Darkblade: Besides me

OnlineHost: Baby darkblade has entered the room.

Damon Darkblade: And me starting my own guild

OnlineHost: Coyotes Rage has entered the room.

HeeroYuy71121: =looks at her=

Baby darkblade: [::glares:: ………. i was punted.. i know it..]

HeeroYuy71121: =very puzzled=

davepoobond: ((HAAHAHAHAHA)))

Level of Mind: (Aww.)

MBailie: ::Back of her hand touches his face confirming he is real::

davepoobond: ((stupid confuzzled))

Baby darkblade: ::never left!!::

Level of Mind: (wb)

davepoobond: …

davepoobond: ok…

Baby darkblade: [GOD DAMMIT! ::kills davepoobond with damon’s mallet:: DIE!]

davepoobond: ((LOL))

Damon Darkblade: (O.o)

OnlineHost: Coyotes Rage has left the room.

MBailie: ((lol))

OnlineHost: Level of Mind has left the room.

Baby darkblade: [::sigh:: quietness….]

Damon Darkblade: (NO!)

davepoobond: ((cuz yer a loser))

Damon Darkblade: (-_-)

davepoobond: ((AHAHAHAH))

Baby darkblade: [she be back]

davepoobond: ((the loser’s girlfriend left))

MBailie: ::Beckons to chair::sit down Heero

HeeroYuy71121: uh

HeeroYuy71121: ok

Baby darkblade: [her sister thinks its funny to kick her offline]

Damon Darkblade: ::stands and walks out::

HeeroYuy71121: =dits down=

OnlineHost: Shadows Of HeIl has entered the room.

OnlineHost: Damon Darkblade has left the room.

davepoobond: so…………………

Baby darkblade: dad..

MBailie: Now explain what this legend is……

Baby darkblade: ::watches him walk::

davepoobond: ((haha))

davepoobond: ((stupid little girl is alone))

OnlineHost: Shadows Of HeIl has left the room.

davepoobond: ((wah wah))

Baby darkblade: ::she sighed again:: so alone.. ::and with that she stood up from the chair and walked out

MBailie: ::Smiles at Dave:: Calm down u r gonna get killed

HeeroYuy71121: uh

davepoobond: thats funny.

OnlineHost: Psycho Mantis 55 has entered the room.

HeeroYuy71121: ok

OnlineHost: Psycho Mantis 55 has left the room.

HeeroYuy71121: brb

davepoobond: its not in my genes to die.

OnlineHost: McaneJr has entered the room.

davepoobond: i dont die.

Baby darkblade: the door, deciding she was going to follow damon::

McaneJr: ((Okay, back now))

Baby darkblade: [erica.mun.. damon left]

MBailie: what about ::Laughs::

OnlineHost: Baby darkblade has left the room.

McaneJr: ((where he go?))

MBailie: pain???

OnlineHost: McaneJr has left the room.

MBailie: Can u feel pain???

davepoobond: yep.

MBailie: hee hee hee allalone

OnlineHost: Nightstar has entered the room.

davepoobond: ((haha. they all left))

MBailie: u freaked em’ off Dave ::smils::

OnlineHost: Nightstar has left the room.

MBailie: Smiles*

davepoobond: yep…i guess so

davepoobond: ::stabs a flag into the ground::

MBailie: Dave…….

MBailie: ((lol))

davepoobond: This tavern has been claimed Dave’s

davepoobond: number 14!

davepoobond: or something….

MBailie: quick which do u like better the North or the south???

davepoobond: south

MBailie: eeeeerrrrrrr

davepoobond: what?

MBailie: wrong answert

MBailie: the correct answer is purple elephants

davepoobond: why..?

davepoobond: oh, is it?

davepoobond: i shoulda guessed that…..

MBailie: yes, it is.

davepoobond: hmm……………………….OPEN BAR!

davepoobond: GET WASTED!

MBailie: woo hoo!!!!!!!!!!

davepoobond: ::jumps over the bar thingy, and grabs all the drinks he can get::

MBailie: ::Pops open the first one she can reach and starts to chug!!!!!!!::

MBailie: chug

MBailie: chug

MBailie: chug

OnlineHost: *** You are in “Arts and Entertainment – Darkblade Tavern”. ***

davepoobond: ((whoops))

MBailie: ((what))

davepoobond: ((nothing))

MBailie: ((k))

davepoobond: ((this is getting stupid. where is that turdy boy?))

MBailie: ((I don’t know I hope he gets back soon))

MBailie: HEERO WHERE R U???????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

davepoobond: ((that stupid bean bag makin’ us wait. I can be goin’ around and getting more chat rooms destroyed))

MBailie: ((lol))

MBailie: ((I understand))

HeeroYuy71121: ((back))

davepoobond: ((finally))

davepoobond: ((::boots him IC::))

HeeroYuy71121: ((sorry))

HeeroYuy71121: ((ow))

HeeroYuy71121: =looks over the girls features=

davepoobond: ::raises a brow::

davepoobond: uh………………are you gettin’ sidetracked?

davepoobond: are you a loser?

HeeroYuy71121: =shakes his head=

davepoobond: not gettin’ any in the sack?

HeeroYuy71121: =glares at him=

davepoobond: dont have a good sack?

davepoobond: ey ey ey. just askin’ man. dont have to get mad

OnlineHost: Outlawgirl has entered the room.

HeeroYuy71121: actully i probly get more then u but thats not wat i was tryin to acheave

Outlawgirl: {}o.0{}

davepoobond: ((achieve, ya turd))

MBailie: ::smiles and takes another sip of drink::

HeeroYuy71121: ((i cant spell!))

davepoobond: ((i know that.))

MBailie: Now about this quest u wanna go on?!

HeeroYuy71121: tell me how old are u?im 17!=to M=

davepoobond: ::laughs::

HeeroYuy71121: well

davepoobond: stupid 17 year old.

davepoobond: i’m 4000 plus years old.

HeeroYuy71121: fuck u!

davepoobond: but, i’m biologically frozen in a state of 20 years old.

HeeroYuy71121: =fangs appear and he hisses at David=

davepoobond: ::raises a brow:: dont give me that poop. i can do that too

Outlawgirl: {}0.o{}

HeeroYuy71121: poop?

davepoobond: ::looks from left to right::

davepoobond: you’re immature.

HeeroYuy71121: =fangs return to normal=

MBailie: Gentlemen lets get back to business

davepoobond: what business? this guy takes half an hour to say whatever he wants to say

HeeroYuy71121: im not going to talk to u about immature

davepoobond: ok good.

MBailie: and u Dave won’t shut up ::Laughs::

davepoobond: at least i say what i’m thinking!

MBailie: now…….continue

Outlawgirl: {} Gentle…they ain’t gentle…if there gentle then that makes me a fast typer….{}

davepoobond: unlike this guy…

HeeroYuy71121: ((lol))

HeeroYuy71121: ((hi Loner!))

davepoobond: y’gonna tell us or what?

Outlawgirl: {}hi{}

HeeroYuy71121: ok

HeeroYuy71121: thre is a castle

davepoobond: ((Aquafina))

HeeroYuy71121: with a vamp

MBailie: DAVE!

HeeroYuy71121: aw screw it!

davepoobond: what?

HeeroYuy71121: its pretty much a dracula story

davepoobond: ok.

HeeroYuy71121: i wanna take the castle over

MBailie: Heero just ignore him I want to know ::Smiles at Heero::

HeeroYuy71121: =smiles back=

Outlawgirl: {}::ish is tired::{} ::Loner walks in to the unknown place looking around with her icy blue

HeeroYuy71121: this vamp will be deystroyed

Outlawgirl: eyes….she stands at the height of 5’6 and has long midnight blue hair::

HeeroYuy71121: hi Loner!

Outlawgirl: 0.0

Outlawgirl: hi…::sounds scared::

MBailie: Why do u want this particular castle???

davepoobond: who you callin’ a loner?

davepoobond: ::raises a brow::

HeeroYuy71121: come sit down

HeeroYuy71121: =pionts to the chair nexta him=

Outlawgirl: ::Looks tae (Bond):: I’m Loner….

Outlawgirl: me name is Loner…

davepoobond: oh.

Outlawgirl: um…what’s yers?

davepoobond: well, my name is Dave Bond, Shapeshifter Extraordinaire.

HeeroYuy71121: hesa asshole Loner

davepoobond: nice to meet ya. i’d tip my hat if i had a hat.

Outlawgirl: shapeshifter…cool that’s what I am….

davepoobond: really?

HeeroYuy71121: =smiles politley at David=

davepoobond: that’s cool.

Outlawgirl: ::looks tae Heero:: he seems fine tae me…

davepoobond: yeah. i seem fine tae her

HeeroYuy71121: u werent here a minute ago

MBailie: ::Smiles to herself::

HeeroYuy71121: -_-

davepoobond: only you were here a minute ago.

HeeroYuy71121: ak!i cant take it anymore

HeeroYuy71121: =ki gathers in his right hand=

davepoobond: OOOH!

HeeroYuy71121: =stands and faces David=

MBailie: STOP


Outlawgirl: ::hides in a coner…tring to get away from any type of fights::

HeeroYuy71121: =throws his cloak of=

davepoobond: kitty….!

HeeroYuy71121: =it disappears before it hits the ground=

davepoobond: ahahahah!

davepoobond: this is great.

davepoobond: ::another image of Dave appears behind Heero::

davepoobond: which one of us

davepoobond: Dave 2: is the real Dave?

HeeroYuy71121: =grins=

HeeroYuy71121: i love mind games

davepoobond: this isn’t a mind game

davepoobond: WE’RE

davepoobond: DAVE 2: BOTH DAVE!

HeeroYuy71121: =copys Dave’s move=

HeeroYuy71121: ecept

davepoobond: ::both of the Dave’s jump into the air, gathering Distortion Ki into their palms::

HeeroYuy71121: both Heeros: were real!

HeeroYuy71121: =they disappear=

davepoobond: aha. thats funny.

davepoobond: Dave 2: yes very.

davepoobond: makes me laugh

davepoobond: Dave 2: hahahahaah

Outlawgirl: ::walks out side::

MBailie: Stop it ::she yells::

davepoobond: ok.

davepoobond: but this guy started

HeeroYuy71121: =Dave2 expoldes=

davepoobond: NOOO! Dave 2!

HeeroYuy71121: =reappears just one Heero=

HeeroYuy71121: ok

davepoobond: Dave 2: i’m sorry Dave. I’m dying……..

HeeroYuy71121: ill stop

davepoobond: ::holds Dave 2 in his arms::

Outlawgirl: {}0.o{}

davepoobond: Dave 2: ::coughs up blood:: he got me good

HeeroYuy71121: =heals dave two=

HeeroYuy71121: there

HeeroYuy71121: now leave me alone

davepoobond: Dave 2: ::riverdances:: i’m healed!

Outlawgirl: {}::laughs::{}

davepoobond: yay! ::riverdances::

MBailie: ::sighs:: thank you

HeeroYuy71121: =cloak appears on him=

HeeroYuy71121: im not wanted here

davepoobond: who said that

davepoobond: you’re the one who doesnt want yourself

HeeroYuy71121: =throws hood up upon his head=

davepoobond: <vs> and your mom

HeeroYuy71121: =grabs Dave by his collor=

MBailie: Heero don’t go stay

HeeroYuy71121: ((brb))

davepoobond: ((Collar))

davepoobond: ((not collor))

OnlineHost: MBailie has left the room.

OnlineHost: MBailie has entered the room.

MBailie: Heero please don’t go

davepoobond: hey. wanna see my pet?

HeeroYuy71121: =throws him across the room=

davepoobond: ::gets thrown across the room::

Outlawgirl: {}0.o??? {}

HeeroYuy71121: ((back! and stop crecting my spelling u grammer geek!))

davepoobond: ((correcting))

Outlawgirl: {}-.-{}

HeeroYuy71121: ((-_-))

Outlawgirl: {}::sighs::{}

davepoobond: ((i’m not a grammer geek. i’m just smarter than you))

HeeroYuy71121: ((yea!thats funny!))

Outlawgirl: ::walks back in and slaps Heero on the back of his head::

davepoobond: ((it is))

Outlawgirl: stop that!!!

HeeroYuy71121: ((hahahahaha!))

HeeroYuy71121: none insults my family

HeeroYuy71121: noone*

davepoobond: ((geez you took so long, i forgot why you threw me across the room))

davepoobond: ((no one))

davepoobond: ((2 words))

HeeroYuy71121: ((thanx))

HeeroYuy71121: ((<^> ^_^ <^>)))

davepoobond: (( >; | ))

HeeroYuy71121: ((<^> -_- <^>))

davepoobond: (( ?= ) ))

MBailie: *<:0)~

HeeroYuy71121: ((lol))

Outlawgirl: {}um….its not Dave that is an Ahole…it’s his mun…no offence…um…did I spell that

Outlawgirl: right…offence?{}

davepoobond: ((i am?))

davepoobond: ((i’m not an ahole……))

HeeroYuy71121: ((told u))

davepoobond: ((just because i try and help improve the intelligence of this individual right here…..))

Outlawgirl: {}no…your char told me…not you..{}

davepoobond: ((::points “politely” to heero::))

davepoobond: ((oh))

HeeroYuy71121: ((Dave u just get annoying))

HeeroYuy71121: ((lol))

davepoobond: ((exactly))

davepoobond: ((thats what my character is))

davepoobond: ((he’s annoying.))

davepoobond: ((i can rp seriously tho))

HeeroYuy71121: ((not ur char))

davepoobond: ((o))

HeeroYuy71121: ((u and ur char))

Outlawgirl: {}lol{}


This entry is part 1 of 2 in the series The Shoe Salesman

OnlineHost: *** You are in “Arts and Entertainment – QuietForestClearing”. ***

Nightstar: (( oy ))

Taeshira Baku: No I don’t

davepoobond: HEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLOOOOOO! ::screams across the quiet forest clearing::

Beeezubaby: ok

OnlineHost: srvaughan has left the room.

Beeezubaby: ::dissapointed::

Nightstar: :: the lil girl looks at the screaming man ::

davepoobond: ::jumps around:: i’m a shoe salesman! buy my shoes!

davepoobond: …………or die!!!!!!

Nightstar: …….

Nightstar: stwang man

davepoobond: ::stops near Beeezu:: hey! why do you look disappointed?

davepoobond: if you buy my shoes, you wont be disappointed.

davepoobond: its 100% “real” Shoe Material!

Nightstar: ……..

Nightstar: wealy stwange man

davepoobond: hmm? ::glares at Nightstar:: what’re you lookin’ at kid? you wanna buy some kiddy shoes?

Damon Darkblade: ::picks up the small girl:: Well hello there…

davepoobond: or maybe some shoes for your husband?

davepoobond: hmm? ::looks up a little:: hi.

Nightstar: :: looks at Damon ::

Beeezubaby: ::smiles::

Damon Darkblade: ::tickles her a bit::

davepoobond: ha ha ha ha ha ha ha haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

davepoobond: anyone gonna buy my shoes or not

Damon Darkblade: Nope

Nightstar: :: laughs ::

davepoobond: well….

davepoobond: i dont know what to say.

OnlineHost: Irishfighter has entered the room.

Damon Darkblade: Ummm goodbye?

Damon Darkblade: ::laughs::

davepoobond: ((leave irishfigter. its not good to stay here! leave! there’s mucho violence!))

davepoobond: ((SHIELD YOUR EYES AS YOU RUN AWAY!!!))

Beeezubaby: ::wonders why he is so quiet::

Irishfighter: ::apperes in a crouch in the middle of the clearing::

davepoobond: whats so funny?

davepoobond: why were you laughing?


davepoobond: BUCKOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!

Damon Darkblade: You want to do something about it?

davepoobond: hmm

Damon Darkblade: ::smirks::

davepoobond: sure.

davepoobond: BRING IT ON, KITTY!

Nightstar: :: looks at Bond ::

Damon Darkblade: ::laughs::

Irishfighter: ::looks at damon::

davepoobond: ::loosens his tie, and puts the briefcase full of shoes down on the floor::

Beeezubaby: [] lol []

davepoobond: ((ah…..whats so funny?))

Nightstar: :: yawns and lays her head on Damons sholder ::

Beeezubaby: [] nothin []

Damon Darkblade: (LMAO)

Nightstar: :: closes her eyes ::

Damon Darkblade: ::carrys the small child off::

OnlineHost: Damon Darkblade has left the room.

davepoobond: what a wuss!

OnlineHost: Nightstar has left the room.

davepoobond: ::runs off after him::

See what happens afterwards at Darkblade Tavern.

Elfhome Tavern

OnlineHost: Silent Enemy has left the room.

OnlineHost: *** You are in “Arts and Entertainment – Elfhome Tavern”. ***

Antarlas: ((thank you))

davepoobond: ((your welcome))

OnlineHost: Tsenn has entered the room.

Antarlas: Ah, a fellow dark elf.


Star of Valinor: Nae, sir…

Star of Valinor: Your tounge is but a mockery of the Sindar tounge that I speak.

Antarlas: I was just talking with Alkea here about a dreadful attack.

davepoobond: ….

davepoobond: eh?

Tsenn: ::jumps in witha basket:: get ya hot tamales!

davepoobond: ::waves a briefcase in the air:: SHOES! who wants SHOES

Star of Valinor: ::she lowered her hood…her skin was an unmarred golden white, her face ovaline, her high,

Tsenn: i want shoes! because igot socks to go with the SHOES!!

davepoobond: GREAT!

OnlineHost: BlizzardWolf has entered the room.

davepoobond: i’ll give you a shoe, for a tamale!

Tsenn: YOUR ON!

davepoobond: ::hands him a shoe::

OnlineHost: NeoNet has entered the room.

Antarlas: ((If you going to be pests please leave))

Star of Valinor: aristocratic cheekbones denoting the careful bloodline of one of the Eldar::

davepoobond: ((we’re only here to RP))

Tsenn: ::hands him a tamale and puts the shoein the box::

davepoobond: ::puts the tamale in the briefcase::

davepoobond: i’ll trade you a penny for a penny

OnlineHost: JIS has entered the room.

OnlineHost: Vampireangel has left the room.

OnlineHost: RissArrow has entered the room.

Antarlas: Ah, I see the tavern is filling up now.

Tsenn: uh sure

davepoobond: ok!

NeoNet: :: a man in a black and silver cloke enteres::

davepoobond: ::hands him a penny::

JIS: ::walks in with his eyes glowing green::

Tsenn: how about you give mea penny to trade you a penny witha penny for a penny?

Antarlas: Alkae, who is serving?

JIS: ::looks around::

davepoobond: ok

OnlineHost: Vampireangel has entered the room.

NeoNet: :: his emerald eyes are the only think visible under the hood::

davepoobond: even better

Tsenn: yeah

Star of Valinor: ::glowing blue eyes shone brightly, as she stepped forward:: Never the less, I will forgive

OnlineHost: Zack o Lantern has entered the room.

JIS: ::yawns a little showing a bit of his fangs::

Vampireangel: ::She reappears:: Aye what happened?

Star of Valinor: you your transgression against my nobility…I am Valith Amandil of LothLorien, Priestess of

Star of Valinor: Yavanna Tanquetil.

Tsenn: ((see we attract the attention))

davepoobond: ((hehe))

davepoobond: ((we’re more interesting))

Tsenn: ((this room woulda sucked without our presence lol))

davepoobond: hey, miss. want a shoe or 2?


davepoobond: ::points at Vampireangel::

Vampireangel: ::Looks around, dark brown orbs gazing at everyone:: aah, the room is getting quite full

Vampireangel: ::Looks at davepoobond:: What?

RissArrow: ::A young man walks in and sits down next to the man in the black cloak::

Tsenn: shoes lady shoes

davepoobond: want. a. shoe. or. 2?

NeoNet: :: removes the hood revealing a young elven man with jet black hair going down to his neck::

Tsenn: hes givin shoes dont miss out!

davepoobond: i’m a travelling shoe salesman

Vampireangel: No thank you

Antarlas: :walks to Riss: What can I get you kind sir?

Vampireangel: I am quite ok with my sandals

davepoobond: you’ve got outdated shoes.

davepoobond: sandals are nasty

davepoobond: no one wants to see your toes

JIS: ::walks up to Antarlas::

davepoobond: why cant they understand that!

Vampireangel: My toes are quite fine

Zack o Lantern: :: Walks in casually with his long black trench coat and hair dangling down over his eyes::

Tsenn: here

Tsenn: replace your toes with tamales

OnlineHost: AngelicWinds has entered the room.

JIS: do i know you?

Antarlas: :Looks a JIS: Can I help you?

Vampireangel: ::She moves her feet up, revealing slender toes, her nails painted red::

Antarlas: No, I don’t belive so.

davepoobond: wow.

RissArrow: Aiden-::Looks at Antar:: no, thanks

OnlineHost: BlizzardWolf has left the room.

Zack o Lantern: ::glances around at the crowd::

RissArrow: Aiden-Not now anyway

OnlineHost: AngelicWinds has left the room.

OnlineHost: Willow Isp has entered the room.

OnlineHost: BlizzardWolf has entered the room.

Tsenn: ::he admires the toes then:: see now those feet need a good shoe to keep nice

JIS: could you give me your name?

NeoNet: :: pops his neck sitting on a chair next to him::

davepoobond: not sandals

davepoobond: sandals expose them to bacteria

davepoobond: and bacteria is bad

Antarlas: My name is Antarlas Draxel.

Tsenn: and dirt and other stuff

davepoobond: because they like to eat toes

JIS: ok thank you

JIS: ::walks away::

Antarlas: Yours?

Vampireangel: :She smiles::

OnlineHost: Willow Isp has left the room.

RissArrow: Aiden-::Looks at Tallon:: How are you?

davepoobond: why are you smiling?

NeoNet: good, for now :: looks around the room::

JIS: i do not tell my name to elves

Tsenn: because she sees the light man

Vampireangel: ::Stands up to fix her knee long loose pants::

davepoobond: hmm! i think you’re right.

RissArrow: Aiden-::Looks around in parinoia::

Vampireangel: damn things keep falling to ma hips

JIS: ::looks to Vampireangel::

Zack o Lantern: ::walks over to Antarlas:: Hello, I am new here could you show me around?

davepoobond: no one knows the spectacular uses of shoes.

Tsenn: takeem off then and replace them with a piece of Lingerie! tjhat we came across!

NeoNet: :: looks at JIS:: huh!

Antarlas: very well, what can I get you Zack?

davepoobond: yeah!

Vampireangel: ::Looks at Antarlas:: Hey Antarlas Did they take off my belt thing when they healed me?

Zack o Lantern: ::looks up at Antarlas:: How ’bout some names?

RissArrow: Aiden-good, pretty quiet in here

Antarlas: :looks to Alkae: No, I don’t belive so.

Antarlas: My dear.

Vampireangel: Ok them thieves must have broken it

Antarlas: : to Zack: I am Antarlas.

davepoobond: ::jumps on antarlas’ head, and bites his hair:: I’M HUNGRY FEED ME!!!!!!!!!!

Tsenn: missin out on a good deal

Zack o Lantern: ::glances briefly at the crowd again::

Vampireangel: ((LOL davepoobond))

davepoobond: (( = D ))

Tsenn: ::he jumped on zack:: MOMMY!!!

Star of Valinor: ::she sighed, and merely slipped away::

OnlineHost: Star of Valinor has left the room.

Antarlas: You’ll have to ask for other’s names. I’m not at libirty to say.

Tsenn: store!! come on!!

JIS: ::wears shorts no shoes and no shirt and wearing sunglasses::

RissArrow: Dang, I’ve gotta go

davepoobond: ::jumps from antarlas’ head to the bar counter, throwing glasses at Antarlas’ face::

RissArrow: bye

OnlineHost: BlizzardWolf has left the room.

OnlineHost: BlizzardWolf has entered the room.

NeoNet: bye

davepoobond: die! die die!

Tsenn: ::pokes him a lot:: die!

Zack o Lantern: ::looks up at his new found friend and shakes his head causing tsenn to fall off::

davepoobond: ::kicks Antarlas in the shins::

Tsenn: ::and he fell just to cling to zacks leg::

Antarlas: Well, I must be going. Alkae, will you take over for me? I was just showing Zack around.

Zack o Lantern: ::chuckles at him::

OnlineHost: RissArrow has left the room.

Vampireangel: ::her hands fall at her sides as she yawns::

davepoobond: ::eats Antarlas’ pants::

Vampireangel: Sure

davepoobond: ew! nasty

Tsenn: ::pokes his shins::

Vampireangel: ::Walks toward Zack::

davepoobond: ::trips Antarlas::

davepoobond: ::stomps on his shoes::

davepoobond: ::eats his hand::

OnlineHost: NeoNet has left the room.

Antarlas: Fair the well Alkae. :gently grabs Alkea’s hand a lightly kisses it.” Fair the well.

OnlineHost: Antarlas has left the room.

Vampireangel: ::lends her hand out in welcome, the other holding onto her pants::


davepoobond: I’M EATING YOU

Vampireangel: Bye Bye Antarlas

Tsenn: people have no respect these days!

davepoobond: nooooooooo! he left..

JIS: ::draws his sword::

davepoobond: ::jumps on the bar counter::

Tsenn: honestly at elast let you finish

davepoobond: ::gets an apple, biting pieces of it and spits it out onto JIS::


Zack o Lantern: ::looks at alkea:: Hello there.

Vampireangel: ::Looks at Zack:: What do you need?

JIS: ::shock the hell out of davepoobond with lightning::

Vampireangel: ::Dark brown eyes gazing at him (?) ::

davepoobond: aaahhh! ::shocked:: yay. only heaven is in me now

Tsenn: ::cold clocks jis witha french fry:: bwajajaja!!

davepoobond: thank you!

Zack o Lantern: ::smiles:: I am new here could you introduce me to your friends?

JIS: ::runs up to him/her and slices its head off::

Tsenn: hey dave

davepoobond: ::hugs his legs::

Tsenn: your head fell off again

davepoobond: oh no.

davepoobond: ::his head rolls around on the ground::

davepoobond: head: nyehhhh

Tsenn: that happens a lot man

Vampireangel: ::Smiles:: These are not my friends

Vampireangel: Just customers

Vampireangel: U have to introduce yourself to them

davepoobond: ::his head shoots up into the air, and attaches to his body again::

JIS: ::slices his body in half::

davepoobond: my body

davepoobond: ow

Tsenn: ((hey dave only one person isnt ignorin us i guessin lol))

Zack o Lantern: Oh haha, it just seems so friendly around here.

davepoobond: ::his body seals up and its back to normal:: WHY ARE YOU HURTING ME

Tsenn: hes hurting you?

Tsenn: eat him!

davepoobond: ::slaps JIS in the face::

Zack o Lantern: ::shrugs and bows to alkea:: Alrighty, thanks.

JIS: this is an acid based diamond sword

davepoobond: so what.

Tsenn: ::grabs a spatula and pokes JIS::

JIS: ::turns his face to the side::

Vampireangel: ::She smiles as he bows:: You r welcome

JIS: ::bites davepoobond::

Tsenn: suck cooking utensils!

davepoobond: ::bites back::

JIS: ::sucks all his blood out of him/her::

davepoobond: ::claws at JIS::

davepoobond: ::sucks back all his blood::

Tsenn: ((LMAO))

davepoobond: i’m a vampire, too

Vampireangel: ::She laughs at davepoobond, glossy red lips part to show fangs::

JIS: ::throws him on to the floor::

davepoobond: as well as a many other things

davepoobond: ::tackles JIS, getting off the floor:: DIE

Tsenn: ::well least davepoobond wasnt ignored by all as he thwapped jis with some frying pan::

JIS: ::creates a sheild of magic around so nothing can get in::

davepoobond: ::punches him repeatedly::

Zack o Lantern: ::turns and walks to JIS:: May I be of assistance?

Tsenn: err whered that come from

Vampireangel: ::Whistles to davepoobond:: Stop!!

JIS: ::falls back::

davepoobond: wha? why?

Tsenn: ::pelts him with tamales::

JIS: ::puts his hand on the ground::

Vampireangel: No killing those that have done nothing!!

Zack o Lantern: ::pulls jis pack up::

Tsenn: but he did something

davepoobond: he was looking at me weird

Tsenn: he cut his head off

JIS: ::thinks of all the things he want revenge on::

Zack o Lantern: ::back*::

davepoobond: ::takes a shoe and jams a high heel into JIS’s mouth::

OnlineHost: GingerTiger has entered the room.

Vampireangel: davepoobond that is no reason!

davepoobond: sure it is!

Tsenn: he cut his head off!

davepoobond: and he sucked my blood, and i had to suck it all back

OnlineHost: GingerTiger has left the room.

davepoobond: do you know how disgusting that is?

JIS: ::a purple beam surrounds him::

Vampireangel: ::Walks to davepoobond and kicks him in the shins:: No it isn’t!!!!

davepoobond: owww

Tsenn: dude why do you get all the attention

JIS: ::stands::

davepoobond: fine fine. whaddya want me to do? he’s gonna try and kill me now.

davepoobond: which is pretty funny, since i cant die.

JIS: ::his eyes turn white and start to glow::

davepoobond: wow. i’m scared, JIS.

davepoobond: whatcha gonna do?

davepoobond: slice me a bunch of times

JIS: you touch me again i will destroy this place

Tsenn: ::touches him::

davepoobond: OOOH!

Tsenn: that a threat?

JIS: ::puts his sword away::

Vampireangel: ::Rolls her eyes at JIS, and smacks him:: Calm down!!!

davepoobond: oh no he’s gonna destroy the place ::yawns::

Tsenn: oh no i touched him!

Zack o Lantern: ::is rolling on the floor laughing at JIS::


Tsenn: ::touches jis again lol::

davepoobond: ::sits down::

Vampireangel: ::Cracks up at what JIS has said::

JIS: ::thinks to himself should he do it or not::

Zack o Lantern: ::would love to see it::

JIS: ::was talking about davepoobond::

Zack o Lantern: ((lol everyones laughing at him))

Vampireangel: It does not matter with a single chant I can fix the place back up

Tsenn: ::touch touch touch:: ooh come on big guy

davepoobond: yeah

Zack o Lantern: ::cheers at alkea::

davepoobond: and with a single shake, i can re-attach my blown up pieces

davepoobond: salt shaker shake that is

davepoobond: ahahah

Vampireangel: ::looks at Zack, and falls to the floor laughing::

Tsenn: ::touch:: yeah look ::touch:: see that ::touch:: i knopw ya feel it ::touch::

Zack o Lantern: wow thats pretty good davepoobond what are you some kind of god?

Zack o Lantern: ::giggles at davepoobond::

JIS: ::gets pissed and unleashes his power on davepoobond::

davepoobond: well, yeah…i guess you could say that

JIS: ::killing him::

Tsenn: oooh

davepoobond: i’m a Shapeshifter

JIS: ::sends him to hell::

Vampireangel: ((JIS is a MODER!!!!!!!!!!!))

Tsenn: dave have a nice ride heh

davepoobond: ::modes, and goes to heaven::

davepoobond: hahaha

Zack o Lantern: ((true true))

Tsenn: ((least dave and i are just havin fun :/))

OnlineHost: JIS has left the room.

davepoobond: ::jumps back down to earth::

davepoobond: hahaha

Vampireangel: ((MODER davepoobond))

Zack o Lantern: ((i have a feeling that anyone that can somehow reattach any part of his body and destroy th

Tsenn: ((yeah and he cares? lol))

davepoobond: ((heh. only after he moded))

Zack o Lantern: ((the world at his command is a moder))

Vampireangel: ((WB blizzard))

davepoobond: ((he’s a Shapeshifter, its a good reason that he can))

Zack o Lantern: ((::cheer:: he left))

davepoobond: ((yes))

Tsenn: ((thx to us))

Tsenn: ((the incredible ones o.o;;))

davepoobond: ((yep))

Vampireangel: ::is still laughing histerically on the floor::

davepoobond: so. how about them Dodgers?

Tsenn: ((who hasnt ignored me yet besides dave lol))

Zack o Lantern: ::pokes davepoobond:: haha turn into that chair over there ::points over to a turned-over chair::

davepoobond: ok

davepoobond: ::turns into a chair::

davepoobond: wow

Vampireangel: ::Stands up::

Zack o Lantern: ::cheers::

davepoobond: i’m a chair

Vampireangel: Turn into me

Zack o Lantern: hahaha

davepoobond: hmm

Tsenn: ::sits on dave mistaken him for a chair::

davepoobond: ::turns into vampireangel, so tsenn is sitting on her then::

Vampireangel: eww, there’s a stinky butt on dave!!!!!!!!!!!!

davepoobond: wow!

Tsenn: whoa

davepoobond: no, there’s a stinky butt on YOU

Tsenn: yer hot!!

Vampireangel: I know, but your me, ummm, shapeshifter!!!

davepoobond: ok

Vampireangel: Hehe, Thanx

Tsenn: call him dave -.-

davepoobond: yeah, my name is Dave Bond

Zack o Lantern: ::yawns::

Vampireangel: Okies

davepoobond: Shapeshifter Extraordinaire.

Zack o Lantern: ::is getting bored with this shapeshifter thingy::

Vampireangel: Umm, can u stop being me now, plz?!!

davepoobond: ::turns into a magic wand::

davepoobond: ::flies around, spraying magic dust all around::

Vampireangel: ::Grabs the wand::

Tsenn: ::magic dusted::

Vampireangel: Ooooh, pretty

davepoobond: agh!

Vampireangel: ::waves the wand around::

davepoobond: wuhhhhhh ::waved around::

Zack o Lantern: ::reaches into his jacket::

Vampireangel: OOhhh. pretty sparkles

Zack o Lantern: ::pulls out a larger wand and mumbles something::

davepoobond: ::extends all the way, and whacks Zack in the face, as

vampireangel waves him around::

Tsenn: ::wonders if he puleld that from his pants O.o::

Zack o Lantern: ::quickly lashes out at the wand in her hand::

Tsenn: erm….

Vampireangel: ::Stops waving Dave::

OnlineHost: MidWinterDragon has entered the room.

davepoobond: ok….let go of me

Zack o Lantern: ::watches as the wand turns into a wooden dall::

Zack o Lantern: hahaha

Vampireangel: ::Shrieks:::EEWWWWWW, if he did then I am walking away from him

Vampireangel: !!!!!!!!!

Zack o Lantern: ::rolls on the floor laughing::

davepoobond: ok?

MidWinterDragon: ::enters the tavern and looks around::

davepoobond: ::turns into his reg. form::

Vampireangel: I was talking to Tsenn

davepoobond: leggo my arm.

Zack o Lantern: ::pats dave on the back:: you make a nice play toy eh?

Vampireangel: I did let go of u

davepoobond: i guess.

davepoobond: ok

Zack o Lantern: ::chuckles gleefully at him::

Tsenn: wow i was tlked to

davepoobond: ::looks around::

Tsenn: scary

davepoobond: yes, it is.

Vampireangel: ::laughs at tsenn’s remark::

Vampireangel: ::Yawns:

Vampireangel: ((U people r slow typers))!!!!!!

davepoobond: ((ok?))

Zack o Lantern: ((haha i agree))

davepoobond: ((there’s nothing to say))

Zack o Lantern: ((hmm))

Tsenn: ((well type fast with a nearly dislocated arm))

Vampireangel: ::Kicks all the boys in the shins::

davepoobond: oww

davepoobond: my shins ::rubs his shins::

Vampireangel: ((oh ok, sorry Tsenn))

Vampireangel: ::laughs::

Tsenn: hey my legs are jellowy enough already ::flobbling around from that::

davepoobond: ::puts vampireangel into a headlock:: laugh now!

Vampireangel: Eww, don’t do that infront of me Dave

Zack o Lantern: ::sits down cautiously on the nearest chair, afraid it maybe someone hes met before::

Vampireangel: Waaaaa!!!!!!!!!!

davepoobond: dont do….what….

Vampireangel: ::is headlocked::

BlizzardWolf: Alkae…why did you kick me?

Tsenn: he said laugh not cry…

Vampireangel: rub your shins

davepoobond: ok.

MidWinterDragon: ::looks at Tsenn::

Vampireangel: ::Looks at wolf while in a headlock:: U don’t count Wolf

Tsenn: ::looked at err:: what?

davepoobond: a counting wolf?

Vampireangel: I didn’t kick u

davepoobond: what?

MidWinterDragon: ::glances at vampire::

Tsenn: ::looks at midnight hah can do that too::

BlizzardWolf: i am not a WOLF….my name is Blizz

Tsenn: stare down whoo

davepoobond: blizz

Vampireangel: ((Sorry))

davepoobond: sounds like wiz

Vampireangel: ((LMAO))

Tsenn: blizz took a jizz

davepoobond: with a fizz

Tsenn: what a pizz

davepoobond: blizz took a jizz with a fizz

Tsenn: and sounded like wiz!

davepoobond: we should leave him to his biz…

Vampireangel: ::tugs on Daves face:: let me go!!!!!!!!!

Vampireangel: ((I’m going to get kicked off))

MidWinterDragon: ::looks around at all the weird messed up people and walks out of the room::

davepoobond: ow my face. only if you say the magic word

Vampireangel: ((My computers lagging))

OnlineHost: L0RD5PH1NX has entered the room.

OnlineHost: MidWinterDragon has left the room.

BlizzardWolf: ::hits Dave on the forhead::LET GO ASSHOLE

davepoobond: ((ok))

OnlineHost: Zack o Lantern has left the room.

Tsenn: hey he caleld you asshole!

davepoobond: ::lets go:: ok, thats the magic word

Tsenn: haha wassup asshole

davepoobond: ::puts blizz in a sleeper hold:: AHAHAHA

Vampireangel: ::cracks her neck:: Thanx Blizz

Vampireangel: ::Smacks dave, and kicks him in the shins again::

L0RD5PH1NX: ::The short man walks in slowly, his twin braids flail side to side.:

davepoobond: owwwww ow ow ow ow ow

OnlineHost: DrgnPrincessKaci has entered the room.

Vampireangel: Don’t hurt blizz

Tsenn: ::pokes vampire:: ey be nice

BlizzardWolf: ::kicks him in the nutz::mind letting me go

davepoobond: ::falls on the ground, going into a fetal position::

DrgnPrincessKaci: u people are floopy))

L0RD5PH1NX: ::Looks around::

davepoobond: ((so what))

OnlineHost: DrgnPrincessKaci has left the room.

OnlineHost: L0RD5PH1NX has left the room.

Vampireangel: ::falls on the floor laughing at dave::

Tsenn: ((::bows::))

BlizzardWolf: dont mess with a shapeshifting vampire…::kicks him in the ribs::

davepoobond: dont mess with a shapeshifter!

Tsenn: umm

Tsenn: yeah

Tsenn: what he said

BlizzardWolf: ::turns and sits at a table,starts reading his book::

Vampireangel: ::Stands up and stands next to Tsenn::

davepoobond: ::gets up, and stands nose to nose with Blizz:: i’m a shapeshifter extraordinaire!

Tsenn: dont mess with err the power of gooze

davepoobond: yeah, my blood is pure MELTED FRUIT ROLL UP JUICE

Vampireangel: Gooze?

Vampireangel: Ewwww

Vampireangel: Fruit Roll Up Gooo?!!!!!!

davepoobond: it tastes quite good actually

Tsenn: see thats why you dont mess with it

davepoobond: i got sugar running through my veins 24/7

Vampireangel: ::walks to Blizz’s table and sits on the table::

Tsenn: ::stood next to he tried to stand in a thoughtful position::

davepoobond: ::breaks into song::

davepoobond: our house. in the middle of our street. our house. in the middle of our

Vampireangel: ::looks at Tsenn looking almost thoughtful::

BlizzardWolf: Alkae its been a pleasure ::kisses her hand and stands up::but i am leaving ::walks out::

OnlineHost: BlizzardWolf has left the room.

davepoobond: what a wussy.

Vampireangel: Everybody has to kiss ma hand

Vampireangel: Damnit

davepoobond: he just wants to get into your pants. you shouldn’t fall for it, Alkae

Tsenn: ::err paid attention to here he blinked and kisses her cheek? :: better?

Vampireangel: ::laughs::

davepoobond: he does too.

davepoobond: the perv.

Tsenn: your a pervier perv

davepoobond: yer gonna change this tavern into a Pervopub

Vampireangel: ::laughs:: No need to kiss me

Vampireangel: Why me?!!!!

Tsenn: the pervinator?

davepoobond: i was talking to Tsenn

Tsenn: ok fine!

Tsenn: ::kisses dave:: happy!

davepoobond: EWW

Vampireangel: Ewww

davepoobond: ::smacks him in the face::

Vampireangel: Gay Lords

davepoobond: bisexual.

Tsenn: no no

davepoobond: ::punches him in the face::

Tsenn: theres a dude named gaylord fakker

davepoobond: shut up!

Vampireangel: ((LMAO))

Tsenn: and he marrie hue jass

davepoobond: did he listen to 80s pop?

davepoobond: i think i heard of him

Tsenn: and had a secret affair with ben dover

Vampireangel: ::laughs histerically:: stop!!

Vampireangel: it’s too sad it’s actually funny

davepoobond: i know him.

davepoobond: i ate him.

Tsenn: yeah interesting people

davepoobond: i’ve eaten a lot of people.

OnlineHost: BlizzardWolf has entered the room.

davepoobond: old lady: no you havent!

davepoobond: ::eats the old lady::

Tsenn: hear that dave

Tsenn: were funny

davepoobond: old lady: ::squeal::

davepoobond: we are?

Tsenn: yep

davepoobond: whooooooo! ::raises his hands in the air::

Tsenn: should we feel flattered now?

davepoobond: i dont know.

Tsenn: YEAH!! ::strut::

Tsenn: we are some funnay peeple! ::strut strut::

davepoobond: …..yeah

BlizzardWolf: ::sits in a chair in the corner and puts feet on table::are you two still acting dumb?

Vampireangel: ::Looks at davepoobond::

Vampireangel: Eaten a lot?!!

Vampireangel: Blizzard your back

Vampireangel: Yay

OnlineHost: Vampireangel has left the room.

davepoobond: ((WTF))

Tsenn: hey its jizz!!

Tsenn: i mean blizz

davepoobond: ((that was weird. the chat room jumped…))

Tsenn: ((i saw that too))

Tsenn: ((maybe im delirious though))

davepoobond: blizz that made a jizz with a fizz

Tsenn: and called it wiz

davepoobond: how ya doin’

davepoobond: back for more?

Tsenn: im swell and you?

davepoobond: tickle attack!

Tsenn: he cant get enough man

davepoobond: ::charges at blizz and tickles him::

OnlineHost: Vampireangel has entered the room.

BlizzardWolf: ::kicks dave in the nuts again::

Vampireangel: ((Damn computer, I got disconnected))

davepoobond: owwww

Tsenn: ::charges at jiz…err blizz and tickles him also::

davepoobond: ::falls on the floor, into a fetal position::

Tsenn: ::jumpos away before hes kicked::

OnlineHost: Patty one more has entered the room.

Tsenn: ((patty one more…))

davepoobond: ::gets a saxophone and chucks it at Blizz::

davepoobond: there’s a mirror in the bathroom!

Tsenn: sexapone*

BlizzardWolf: ::points finger at sax and it zooms back at dave::

Vampireangel: ::Re-enters::

davepoobond: blizz is wearing red tight pants! ewwww

Tsenn: sex*

Tsenn: jizz*

Tsenn: err blizz*

OnlineHost: Patty one more has left the room.

Vampireangel: You’re all weirdoes

davepoobond: ::catches the sax, and starts playing it::

Vampireangel: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

davepoobond: ::goes into a long solo::

Tsenn: ::hes playin the sex with a dildo? O.o::

Tsenn: err

Tsenn: dave

davepoobond: what

Tsenn: your playin the asex with the dildo?

OnlineHost: MIDNIGHTWOLFCUB has entered the room.

davepoobond: shut up ::whacks the saxaphone across tsenn’s head::

MIDNIGHTWOLFCUB: :: a young wolfcub trots in::

Vampireangel: ::Walks toward Blizz:: these two scare me!!!

davepoobond: ::stuffs the wolfcub into the saxaphone::

davepoobond: stupid wolfcub

Tsenn: ::err hit and the saxaphone blares a high note also e.e::

Tsenn: oww

Vampireangel: Aww now that was just pure mean!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

davepoobond: ::starts playing the saxaphone::

davepoobond: i know it is. i’m evil.

BlizzardWolf: ::grabs the wolf cub form the sax and takes him over to his table and sits him on the table:

MIDNIGHTWOLFCUB: ::growles and bites da bond::

BlizzardWolf: from*

davepoobond: thanks. it was muffling my sax.

Vampireangel: ::Tackles davepoobond, and kicks him in the shins::

davepoobond: ::bit, and his arm falls off with the wolf bite:: OW

Tsenn: ::stuffs the vampire angel into the front cabinet:: be nice!

OnlineHost: Mallrat 56353 has entered the room.

davepoobond: ::and gets tackled, and kicked in the shin::

davepoobond: AHHHH! GANG BEAT DOWN~

davepoobond: HEELLLPP

Vampireangel: ::gets out of the cabinet and tackles Tsenn::

Vampireangel: ::Kicks him in the shins::

davepoobond: ::grabs Alkae, and drags her to the middle of the room, and puts her into a leg lock::

Tsenn: ::tackled:: hey look glad you finally came out the clos…cabinet

Vampireangel: ::And again::

BlizzardWolf: ::snaps fingers and dave and Tsenn catch on fire::

davepoobond: AHHHHHHHH

davepoobond: i’m on FIRE

Tsenn: ::kicked twice and on fire not feeling it::

davepoobond: ::BLOWS UP::

Tsenn: err im the sunwalker….

Vampireangel: ::Runs away from Tsenn::

MIDNIGHTWOLFCUB: ::looks at the man who picked the cub up and lickes his hand as a thank you::

davepoobond: i’m gonna go………………bye

BlizzardWolf: ::pats the wolfcubs head::what is your name?

davepoobond: ::jumps out the tavern::

davepoobond: ((gtg bye))

Vampireangel: Now davepoobond is the chicken

Tsenn: ((peace))

Tsenn: no

Rhydin Formal Wear / RhyDins Hospital

OnlineHost: *** You are in “Arts and Entertainment – Rhydin Formal Wear”. ***

First: :slow nod, nervous habit..hair was continuous tucked away behind that ear..even though it ha

davepoobond: ::walks in, holding momma’s hand::

YoursTruly: ::walks in::

Holmes: ::walks in with his son by his side::

Holmes: now son, sit your loserish butt down while i get a suit

First: d yet to stray..gaze shifted back to that dressing room..ever so often, yeah..we were always

YoursTruly: ::looks at her boy::

davepoobond: ok momma

davepoobond: ::looks at papa:: hi papa

Holmes: ::slaps him:: don’t talk back

YoursTruly: no mama let son come with me

First: listening, and no..silence was not good, with a lil’ rub of her cheek..those dulling hues ro

Holmes: fine

Holmes: take him

Holmes: ::throws his son at papa::

davepoobond: ::thrown::

YoursTruly: ::takes her sons hand:: come on lets find some undies for my son!

First: se to meet his once more..:

YoursTruly: ::looks at mama:: be nice to son!

Holmes: shut up, when we get home your cookin me dinner

OnlineHost: Mugens Angel has entered the room.

YoursTruly: ::sighs::

YoursTruly: ::walks to the underwear with her son::

OnlineHost: gom909 has entered the room.

OnlineHost: gom909 has left the room.

DeadlyReaIity: || damnit.. i have to go.. ||

Holmes: ::looks at all the suits::

First: [ okies doke ]

First: [ be good :poke!: ]

DeadlyReaIity: || ::nod:: I’ll try.. ||

Holmes: ::grabs one and looks at it::

DeadlyReaIity: || Buh Byes. ||

OnlineHost: DeadlyReaIity has left the room.

First: [ Heh.. ]

Holmes: nah ::drops it on the floor::

OnlineHost: Mugens Angel has left the room.

First: [ Heh.. ]

Holmes: nah ::drops it on the floor::

OnlineHost: Mugens Angel has left the room.

YoursTruly: ::looks at son:: come on

davepoobond: ok papa

davepoobond: may i spit in the underwears to prove they are not allergic to me?

davepoobond: momma said i should

Holmes: ::yells to his son:: What’d i tell ya about allergic undies?

YoursTruly: yeh son


YoursTruly: ::looks at mama:: dont yell!

Holmes: ::smiles and sighs:: sometimes i wonder why i hit that boy…

Holmes: then i see his stupid face and want to hit him

davepoobond: i was in a carpet commercial yesterday, papa

YoursTruly: ::looks at son::

YoursTruly: what did you do there?

Holmes: what’d i tell ya about actors and that television….

davepoobond: i juizzed on the carpets

davepoobond: jizzed*

davepoobond: actors aren’t real people, they’re puppets on a box that gives you cancer

Holmes: ::nods:: yup…

YoursTruly: really?

Holmes: shut up papa! go get me dinner

YoursTruly: ::looks around for the owner::

YoursTruly: no mama not yet i got to find son undies!

First: :time ticked by, and dammit..she waited..for a sound..for a movement..only five minutes had

Holmes: he can wear the undies for another 2 months

First: passed and yet..so up she rose, with a curious blink..quiet steps carried her back toward th

OnlineHost: AgentHunt007 has entered the room.

AgentHunt007: ::walks through the entrance,dressed in a pair of khaki pants,grey polo shirts,brown leather

First: ose dressing rooms..snatching that bracelet of keys from her wrist..she unlocked that one..and peered in..:

AgentHunt007: shoes, and a pair of wayfarer sunglasses””

AgentHunt007: ::*

Holmes: ::walks over to papa and son::

YoursTruly: no he need undies mama!

Holmes: ::slaps son:: your silence makes me suspicious

AgentHunt007: ::looks about the store for a nice suit,hopefully will get some help::

OnlineHost: Just A Blur has left the room.

Holmes: shut up papa

AgentHunt007: ::looks at the father and song arguing::

OnlineHost: Leila has left the room.

AgentHunt007: ::sighs,still sifting through suits,waiting for some assistance::

Holmes: ::slaps his son:: what’d i tell you about bein silent

YoursTruly: (i got to go be make sometime tonight)

Holmes: ((ok bye))

davepoobond: ::rubs his face::

davepoobond: you told me silent people are usually holding something back

YoursTruly: ::slaps mama:: dont tell me to shut up mama i am the papa of the house

davepoobond: like not coming out saying they’re gay

OnlineHost: YoursTruly has left the room.

Holmes: ow papa that hurts

AgentHunt007: ::look at the family fighting::

Holmes: ::picks up his son and throws em into the suit section::

Holmes: that’ll teach ya

davepoobond: ::gets caught in a box of buttons::

AgentHunt007: ::walks to Holmes::

AgentHunt007: hey stop that….

Holmes: stop what

AgentHunt007: hurting your son

Holmes: i’m not hurting him…

Holmes: i’m just playing violently

AgentHunt007: well save it for home, not a store…

Holmes: he’s my son, he needs special treatment

Holmes: ::walks over to his son and yanks him out of the box::

AgentHunt007: special treeatment…..ha

AgentHunt007: you need it

AgentHunt007: not him

Holmes: ::throws him against the wall:: thats what you get for making weird people talk to me

AgentHunt007: ::sighs,takes out his old colt 1911 .45::

davepoobond: ::yanked out of the box, and thrown against the wall::

AgentHunt007: ::raises it aiming at Holmes::hands up

AgentHunt007: RPD

AgentHunt007: hands on your head!

Holmes: ::blinks:: what’d i do!

AgentHunt007: you are under arrest for child abuse

AgentHunt007: hands on your head….now sir::gun still aimed at him::

Holmes: child abuse! ::laughs::

AgentHunt007: ::has his badge clipped to his belt::

Holmes: son, what;’d i say about guns?

AgentHunt007: i said put your hands on your head!

AgentHunt007: now sir!

davepoobond: momma said old guns are for wusses! and you need a big wanker like one of these! ::drops his pants::

davepoobond: to do any damage!

Holmes: what a son…

AgentHunt007: ::decides not to say anything::

Holmes: ::tear falls down his cheek::

davepoobond: ::looks around, then pulls his pants up again::

AgentHunt007: hands on your head now!!!!!!!!!

Holmes: see? he’s smart

Holmes: ::sighs and raises his hands:: son what’d i say about coops

Holmes: cops

AgentHunt007: place your hands on you head.

AgentHunt007: same for you little boy

AgentHunt007: do as your dad does.

davepoobond: when they say “put your hands on your head” they really want to

frisk you, and they want to

davepoobond: lick your balls

davepoobond: thats what momma said

AgentHunt007: ahh another thing to book you for…harrasement of officers

AgentHunt007: resisting arrest….

Holmes: ::blinks::

Holmes: wait…if i prove my son is smart and not abused can i go?

AgentHunt007: no

AgentHunt007: down on your knees,hands on your head…the both of you….

Holmes: son, what’d momma tell ya about harrasement

AgentHunt007: exuse me sir

davepoobond: momma said if you cant take it, you cant do it…all-night-long! ::spanks an imaginary ass::

AgentHunt007: stop worrying about your son!

Holmes: he’s my son…

Holmes: it’s my duty to worry about him

AgentHunt007: yes…and you are both insane….

AgentHunt007: now both of you down on your knees,hands on you head!

Holmes: hmm

davepoobond: momma said i should never do that for strangers, they might pork me through my behind

davepoobond: isn’t that right momma?

Holmes: yup ::nods::

AgentHunt007: ::sighs,walking toward the dad::

AgentHunt007: ::kicks his legs out from under him::

OnlineHost: AgentHunt007 rolled 4 64-sided dice: 64 11 17 42

Holmes: AHH ::falls::

davepoobond: nooooooo! DONT TOUCH MY MOMMA!

AgentHunt007: ::holds him to the ground,gun to his head::

davepoobond: ::tackles AgentHunt007::

Holmes: son…tell papa she was a cheap whore and i never liked her…

AgentHunt007: ((dice please))

davepoobond: ((i dont have a set of dice))

AgentHunt007: ::takes out the cuffs, cuffing him::

AgentHunt007: ::walks to his son,cuffing him as well::

Holmes: tell her the crack i stole from her was under her pillow all night long

Holmes: son what;d i tell you about handcuffs

davepoobond: i should never be handcuffed, unless i’m alone with a very big-boobed woman

AgentHunt007: ::pushes the kid to the ground as well::

davepoobond: wahhhh! ::pounds the ground:: MOMMA! HE HURT MEEEEE


AgentHunt007: ::holsters gun::

AgentHunt007: i wont….dont worry

davepoobond: ::goes into a fetal position, shivering::

AgentHunt007: ::takes out a cell phone…calling in backup::

OnlineHost: YoursTruly has entered the room.

Holmes: ::hums a song::


AgentHunt007: ::unholsters the gun once again::

YoursTruly: ::papa walks back in:: son mama!

AgentHunt007: ::looks at the kid::

davepoobond: ::crawls to AgentHunt007, and bites his shoes::

AgentHunt007: ((no dice no attack))

davepoobond: ((WTF))

davepoobond: ((you SUCK))

YoursTruly: ::runs to son and picks him up::

Holmes: ((bootleg))

davepoobond: ((i told you i dont have any dice))

AgentHunt007: ((then u need to get some))

Holmes: papa! Do you have bail money you cheap skank?

AgentHunt007: ::looks to yours truely::

davepoobond: ((well, i dont have any right now, now do i?))

AgentHunt007: exuse me they are under arrest

YoursTruly: ::kisses him on the cheek:: are you ok!

AgentHunt007: unless you can post bail….

davepoobond: no, that man is being a jerk

davepoobond: and momma said jerks are dorks

YoursTruly: ::puts him donw and looks at <AgentHunt007> with anger in herb eyes:: you put my son in jail!

AgentHunt007: no

davepoobond: yes

AgentHunt007: hes under arrest….unless you can post bail

YoursTruly: hes a little son!

davepoobond: ::calls upon his hidden stregth, and breaks the handcuffs::

Holmes: I’m an insecure man who has to feel power by beating his son! WHAT IS WRONG WITH THAT!

davepoobond: AHHH!!

AgentHunt007: ((umm no dice no breaking there buddy)))

Holmes: ((this is lame))

davepoobond: ((shut it))

YoursTruly: you have to to put a son in jail!

AgentHunt007: ((learn to play and get some dice))

davepoobond: ((you learn how))

davepoobond: ((if no one else but you have dice, then you should drop your dice))

davepoobond: ((buddy))

YoursTruly: (drop the dice! buddy!)

AgentHunt007: ::sighs,holsters gun,walks out::

OnlineHost: AgentHunt007 has left the room.

Holmes: …

davepoobond: ((YESS…we won))

YoursTruly: ::waves her hand and they are out:

Holmes: yay!

YoursTruly: ::runs to her son and picks him up:: thats my son!

YoursTruly: ::looks at mama and nods her head:: you are making food this time mama

Holmes: shut up women!

YoursTruly: ::puts him down:: i am the papa of the house!

YoursTruly: ::gives him the look:: make us food mama!

davepoobond: yeah, mama

Holmes: argh

YoursTruly: ::smiles::

Holmes: hmm

davepoobond: make us some fishsticks

YoursTruly: yeh!

Holmes: ::grabs some fish::

Holmes: ::puts em on a stick::

Holmes: here

davepoobond: ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

davepoobond: momma said fish on a stick is not fishsticks

Holmes: the middle part is red

davepoobond: you said so yourself momma

Holmes: yeah

Holmes: i know

Holmes: but

Holmes: since were poor

Holmes: EAT IT ::slaps him::

YoursTruly: so make us some!

YoursTruly: ::slaps papa:: you eat it!

Holmes: NO I slave day in and day out in this kitchen!

Holmes: ::cries:: I feel so abandoned!

YoursTruly: ::gives him the look:: real fishsticks or you eat it!

Holmes: ::sighs and makes fishsticks::

Holmes: ::from scratch::

Holmes: ((wanna go to rhydin hospital))

YoursTruly: (ok)

OnlineHost: Holmes has left the room.

OnlineHost: YoursTruly has left the room.

OnlineHost: *** You are in “Arts and Entertainment – RhyDins Hospital”. ***

davepoobond: ::walks in, in papa’s arms::

Holmes: ::walks in with his son::

YoursTruly: ::walks in with son::

davepoobond: ((WRONG WRONG WRONG WRONG))

davepoobond: ((::smack…x2::))

Holmes: ((ow))

davepoobond: ((hehe))

OnlineHost: Panda61115 has left the room.

davepoobond: ((heheeeeee))

davepoobond: ((heeeeeeh))

Sigma Seigi: []o.o;[]

Holmes: ::picks up his son from papas arms and throws em at the front desk::

Sigma Seigi: []::smack::[]

Sigma Seigi: []Take that![]

Holmes: ::walks to the front desk::

davepoobond: ((::kicks in the balls:: take that))

YoursTruly: ::looks around:: here is a good place to see stuff

Holmes: yeah i’m here to have a check up for my son

davepoobond: ::slams onto the front desk::

Sigma Seigi: []Bish…[]

Holmes: he keeps gettin hurt

Holmes: ::kicks him:: i don’t know why

Sigma Seigi: Nobody works here.

YoursTruly: ::walks to mama and son:: yes and one for mama ::slaps mama::

Holmes: hmm

Holmes: ow!

Holmes: ::slapped::

Holmes: no one works here, eh?

YoursTruly: ::picks up son and puts him down::

Sigma Seigi: No.

Holmes: you sure

Sigma Seigi: It’s a ghost hospital.

Holmes: ?

Holmes: well then ghosts got to work here

Sigma Seigi: They all got buried in the basement.

davepoobond: . . .

OnlineHost: Nytemare Godess has entered the room.

Sigma Seigi: You can go dig ’em up if you want.

Holmes: well i’ll sell my son into slavery

YoursTruly: ::her eyes light up:: lets go dig them up!

Holmes: to work here

Sigma Seigi: I’m sure their bodies are still intact.

YoursTruly: no!

Zoran Assmodeus: ::Walks back in fellowing Alley holding her hand::

Holmes: come on! he’s just a eatin machine!

Sigma Seigi: Except for the one guy I cut up on every joint.

Nytemare Godess: ::she has stoped crying::

Nytemare Godess: ::she walks in with Zoran:

Sigma Seigi: Zoran.

Holmes: ::immitates son:: “fishsticks this, fishsticks that”

Zoran Assmodeus: ::looks to sigma:: what?

YoursTruly: ::looks at mama and son:: lets go dig up the bodys and sell them for slave we can act like

Holmes: lets just sell him for cryin out loud

Sigma Seigi: []brb[]

Zoran Assmodeus: ::he looks to them::

Holmes: he’s a LOSER, he’ll never amount to anything

YoursTruly: they are real and then get the money and run!

Holmes: ok

YoursTruly: ::slaps mama:: stop talking about your self!

Holmes: ::slaps his son:: don’t talk back

davepoobond: this is gonna be fun

Zoran Assmodeus: You gunna sell you son!

Holmes: ::slapped::

Holmes: ow

davepoobond: ::slap::

Holmes: yup ::feels proud::

Zoran Assmodeus: are you a fucking dum ass!

Holmes: no

Holmes: but he is

YoursTruly: ::looks at mama and scream::NO WE AE NOT!

Holmes: ::slaps his son::

Holmes: thats for being born dum::

YoursTruly: ::slaps mama:: no he is not!

Zoran Assmodeus: wherres the kid!

Holmes: ::slapped::

Holmes: ow

Holmes: son what’d i tell you about questions

YoursTruly: ::slaps mama agian:: go on son slap mama

Zoran Assmodeus: ::waits ready to kill::

davepoobond: dont answer them unless money is involved

Holmes: see? he’s smart

Zoran Assmodeus: ((who is the kid..))

Nytemare Godess: ::she looks at Zoran::

Holmes: but stupid

Ari Assmodeus: ::She moved toward the exit and left::

OnlineHost: Ari Assmodeus has left the room.

Holmes: ::slaps him::

Holmes: ((davepoobond))

YoursTruly: ::slaps mama:: stop!

davepoobond: ((wut))

Holmes: ow

Zoran Assmodeus: ::he looks tot he kid:: you wanna be sold?

YoursTruly: now lets go dig up the dead bodys!

Holmes: ::slapped::

YoursTruly: ::looks at <zoran>:: no he doesnt!

Holmes: yeah he does

Zoran Assmodeus: then he wont be sold!

davepoobond: momma said i dont wanna be sold unless there is money for me involved

Holmes: sometimes i wonder why i hit him

YoursTruly: yes but papa says no!

OnlineHost: Ayanna Snowstorm has entered the room.

Holmes: but who cares? it doesn’t hurt me

Holmes: ::slaps him::

Holmes: momma knows best

YoursTruly: ::slaps mama:: dont make me make you make fishsticks again!

Zoran Assmodeus: ::he walks to the kid grabbing him bye the collor of his shirt and pulling him from his pare

Ayanna Snowstorm: ::a young teenager enters quietly, holding a small child::

Holmes: ::sighs::

Nytemare Godess: ::she shakes her head and will stay out of this::

YoursTruly: ::runs to her son and picks him up:: leave him alone!

Holmes: ::looks to the child and the teen:: Kids suck lady, sell him/her while you can

Outlaw Bar Hideout

Waddledoo: mwa ha ha!


davepoobond: great

davepoobond: i like it more

Waddledoo: NO U DONT

davepoobond: yes i do

Waddledoo: I HAV 75 VIDS

davepoobond: i have 76

Waddledoo: BEAT THAT!

davepoobond: i did

Waddledoo: SURE U DO

davepoobond: yes, i do

Waddledoo: NO U DONT

davepoobond: its just convenient that i have 1 more than you

Waddledoo: SURE.. SURE..

davepoobond: yep,i am sure

BabyRini: How do we know that waddle isn’t lieing?

BabyRini: mayeb actually only has 5

BabyRini: and just added the tenth place


Melfina AS: we dont thats the beauty of it all

BabyRini: to make her look good

BabyRini: hhmmmm?

Melfina AS: yes

Melfina AS: ^.^

Waddledoo: JOB I HAVE A JOB!

Waddledoo: :::SIGHS::

davepoobond: haha, you have a cruddy job

OnlineHost: Whitetigergrl has entered the room.


Waddledoo: YEH SOOOO

OnlineHost: Whitetigergrl has left the room.

Waddledoo: BE NICE..

Waddledoo: ^_~

davepoobond: no

davepoobond: NEVER!

Waddledoo: YES

Melfina AS: thats nice dear…

Waddledoo: REALLY…

Waddledoo: ~_~

Waddledoo: ……….. HOW OLD R U GUYS?

davepoobond: 15

Waddledoo: IM 14F

BabyRini: 29

Melfina AS: im 17 dont have a job and i go to downtown manhattan all the time…O.o LoL

BabyRini: XD!

BabyRini: j/k


BabyRini: I’m 14

BabyRini: no

Waddledoo: HUM??

Waddledoo: NO?

Waddledoo: OK..

OnlineHost: PrincessHotaru36 has entered the room.


davepoobond: Ohio is a boring place

Waddledoo: SLAYEERS?

davepoobond: you suck

Phoenix Dragon Inn

Max Code: hahahhhahah i am xena

davepoobond: no you’re not

davepoobond: you’re an imposter

JadeX: ::rolls eyes:: here we go again

Elvere: ::flicks a peanut at Phoenix::YOu didn’t warn me..

davepoobond: ::kicks max in the nuts:: hmm….xena has nuts….yeah, i believe you now

OnlineHost: Lord G LaMer has left the room.

OnlineHost: Whitetigergrl has entered the room.

Para: Hmm…

Elvere: Let me go..

Max Code: i am a chik you ass shit

OnlineHost: Whitetigergrl has left the room.

Elvere: ::squirms free::

Max Code: ahhhhhhhhhhhhh

davepoobond: hahaha ::laughs anyway:: and?

Elvere: ::walks towards the guy hovering::

Elvere: Why you double crossing no good two bit having plastic potato with big ears..


JadeX: lalalalalala…….

Phoenix: about?

JadeX: z

JadeX: zz

JadeX: zzz

JadeX: zzzz

JadeX: zzzzz

JadeX: zzzzzz

JadeX: zzzzzzz

Max Code: zzzzzzzzzzz

JadeX: zzzzzzzz

Max Code: zzzzzzzz

Max Code: z

JadeX: NO

Max Code: zzzzzzzz

JadeX: z

Max Code: zzzzzzzz

JadeX: zz

OnlineHost: Phoenix has left the room.

Elvere: You locked the door.

Max Code: zzz

Para: hmm….

JadeX: &%$%*^(^$%^$#@#%!@#$%*&(^^(*(

Max Code: zzzz

Elvere: Oh he’s gone..

JadeX: NO!

davepoobond: ………………..

JadeX: Å

Para: ((He got lagged off))

JadeX: aa

davepoobond: stop snoring

davepoobond: ((no….hes still on))

Para: ((I just noticed))

JadeX: ::breathes fire at dabond::

Max Code: urghf urghf urghf

JadeX: z!

davepoobond: ahh! ::gets on fire, but it doesnt matter::

JadeX: aruf arur aruf

JadeX: aruf*

davepoobond: ::releases an electric shockwave onto Jade, trapping her in an electricity net::

Elvere: ::grabs the bowl of peanuts and throws some at Jade::Here dragon…

JadeX: ((arur?lol))

Max Code: do the retard do do do dodododo do do do od dod dodododo do do

Max Code: urghf

Max Code: urghf

Max Code: urghf

Max Code: ueghf

JadeX: everyone has a little dumbness to em

JadeX: everyone has a little jerk

Max Code: everyone has a little little fart a yabedi dart

JadeX: everyone has a little little little little little FART

JadeX: and a yabedy dart

JadeX: lol

Max Code: and thats a fart

davepoobond: yeah!

davepoobond: FARTTTTTTTT


Max Code: fart

davepoobond: you’re talkin my language..!

Elvere: ::yawns and eats some peanuts::

JadeX: what is w/ you and peanuts? ::burns all the peanuts::

davepoobond: roated peanuts

davepoobond: mmh

davepoobond: ::eats the peanuts::

JadeX: grrrrrrrrrrrr

Max Code: grrrrrrr


Max Code: what are you nutless and trying to make up for it

Max Code: once you’re nutered you can’;t get em back

JadeX: rockin around the christmas tree have a happy holiday!

JadeX: ::is drunk::

JadeX: everybody, lets be jolly!

JadeX: deck the halls w/ boughs of holly!

davepoobond: ::tangos with jade:: TANGO!

JadeX: ::hiccup::


Elvere: ::looks around and takes the chance to get out of the place opening the door:: Ha-ha!

davepoobond: yay

JadeX: itsa small wrld after all!

davepoobond: ::twits jade around::


Elvere: You’re from Lupe’?

JadeX: you nasty man! let go of me!::whacks dabond w/ her tail::


Max Code: SHEEP

Elvere: ::closes the door behind him::

JadeX: london bridge is falling down…..


OnlineHost: Elvere has left the room.

JadeX: brooklyn bridge is burning down….tralalalala!



OnlineHost: Para has left the room.


davepoobond: yes…

JadeX: deck the ahlls w/ boughs of holly!

JadeX: tra la la la la la LA LA LA!

JadeX: ::hiccup:: how does that song go again?::aruf::

davepoobond: ::steals away jade, and runs away::


davepoobond: no

JadeX: i know leave me alone!


davepoobond: you guys are mean

davepoobond: ::kicks them both in the shin and jumps on their head::


JadeX: dont fuck w/ dragons

davepoobond: thats not nice though

davepoobond: ::leaves::

ToAT Recruiting Hall / DPOD -> davepoobond

OnlineHost: *** You are in “Arts and Entertainment – ToAT Recruiting Hall”. ***

davepoobond: ((well well, who do we have here))

davepoobond: ((lets leave the stuff behind us….lets be friends))

davepoobond: ((or are you still ignoring me))

DPOD: (( you guys come in and ruin our RP room))

DPOD: ((we do not follow the Rhydin Rules))

davepoobond: ((::shrugs::))

DPOD: ((that’s why we only take certain types…most like Rhydin’s ways))

davepoobond: ((i dont like rhydin’s ways))

DPOD: ((i know you are young..but will you allow me to explain why we have the rules like we do?))

davepoobond: ((sure, why not))

(in IMs)

DPOD: ok a few years ago..we had this guild by another name..and a sister guild that took Vamps and darks and such.

DPOD: wel we had a great member..she was a great MS champ and love to spar in our skrimishes and such….Turns out the Mun had cancer..we didn’t know until right before she died…anyway

DPOD: she gets in a MS with some jerk vamp types..blows them away and they begin to AA her..constantly..we used to set traps for them and fight fire with fire..but , as you know..most people like that never follow the rules anyway….so she had to spend mosr of her time in PRs.

DPOD: she died 2 xmas’s ago..in the hospital..they had to have xmas a week early for her kids in the hospital.

(in the chat)

OnlineHost: Maron has entered the room.

Maron: ::runs in and slives DPOD::

OnlineHost: Maron rolled 4 98-sided dice: 40 96 40 62

OnlineHost: Valin has entered the room.

Maron: -DPOD is guild killed and will be banned from the ToAT-

Valin: Hello

Maron: ((LMAO!))

OnlineHost: Valin has left the room.

(in IMs)

DPOD: she asked us to have a guild were normal people can RP and such without the idiots.

DPOD: ::shrugs:: and we did.

DPOD: our rules only pertain to us…Guild death only counts for the members and in out rooms.

DPOD: we do not accept anything from outside our realms…our dice…which everyone starts at 2d20 ,must be earned

DPOD: i started at 2d20 3 years ago.

(in chat)

davepoobond: ::in::

Maron: ::looks around and spots Dave with a grin…::I so hungry… Got any Toat?

davepoobond: uhh, sorry

davepoobond: the toater is broken

Maron: Maybe there a Toater about…? ::looks around raving the place…::Hmmm?

Maron: Damnit!

Maron: ::growls and walks over to DPODS “Slived” body and pissed on it..::punk

(in IMs) davepoobond is thinking “he’s still talking?”

DPOD: we give no free dice for vamps..we don’t even accept them…no one gets nothing unless they earn it…in active members are cut .

DPOD: ::shakes head;:: then you look at the types who come in here some times.

(in chat)

OnlineHost: Tsenn has entered the room.

Maron: ::still stands swaying his penis pissing on DPOD’S forehead::

davepoobond: gain control of that toothpick

Maron: What toothpick? ::spins around and it whips Dave it the eye::

OnlineHost: Xithril Baegorn has entered the room.

Tsenn: ((so wheres the sliver?))

davepoobond: ::grips his eyes:: AH! MY EYE!

OnlineHost: miss lovable hyper lil mandy! has entered the room.

Xithril Baegorn: ::quick steps carry him into the Inn, with a quick twist of the handle and a push from

Xithril Baegorn: his staff, the door swings open as the man strolls in, grinning like some madman…

davepoobond: whoa! a madman!

davepoobond: ::tackles the “madman”::

Xithril Baegorn: he comes to a rest, his gaze sweeping about the Inn as he sets down his staff with a

Xithril Baegorn: gentle tap upon the floor..::

Xithril Baegorn: ::although, he grinned like a madman, didn’t mean he was one::

miss lovable hyper lil mandy!: ::a young ctarl ctarl lady strides into the bar her hips sway softly side to side

davepoobond: ::didnt matter! tackled him anywayyyyys::

miss lovable hyper lil mandy!: with each step. Her white hair swings lightly from her movements along with her cape

Xithril Baegorn: ::gets tackled, and looks up to him, that grin still upon his face… the staff rolls away

Xithril Baegorn: :: Greetings!!

miss lovable hyper lil mandy!: flailing lightly at the bottom. Her hair braided with a gold ring at the bottom

Tsenn: ((::waiting to be slived or be called manure or something::))

miss lovable hyper lil mandy!: she has a blue triangle apon her right cheek. Her tail sways in

davepoobond: ((marron’s been killed already))

miss lovable hyper lil mandy!: a flicking motion at the tip. Her blue orbs have a serious look within

Tsenn: ((heh i havent been touched))

miss lovable hyper lil mandy!: Her white brows furrowed showing the facial expression.

miss lovable hyper lil mandy!: Wearing a collar with a gold bell hooked on the collar

Maron: ((o.o;; When did Marron die?))

davepoobond: ((whoops….never mind heh))

Tsenn: ((when the jackapple slived him?))

Xithril Baegorn: Why did you tackle me! ::he tilts his head slightly…::

davepoobond: ((that was you))

Maron: ((Hmmm? ::wanks Marron out…::BRB DINNAH!))

miss lovable hyper lil mandy!: Her face looking young possibly looking the age 18. Along with wearing a tight

miss lovable hyper lil mandy!: body suit.:: ((yada yada and all that junk))

OnlineHost: Brightfire has entered the room.

davepoobond: ::he peered up from his place on the floor, on top of Xithril:: hey aisha…

Brightfire: ((Could I get a look at the application…?))

miss lovable hyper lil mandy!: ((need that damn BOT! ))

miss lovable hyper lil mandy!: ::looks toward dave:: oh…….you again

Xithril Baegorn: ::his gaze shifts, falling upon -Aisha- a chuckle..:: Can you pick up my staff!

miss lovable hyper lil mandy!: ::looks toward the stranger that dave has tacklized::

miss lovable hyper lil mandy!: sure

davepoobond: ::he raises a brow:: nu! dont

OnlineHost: Brightfire has left the room.

Tsenn: ::umm well he got some letter about a new location so he decided to check it out sliding on

miss lovable hyper lil mandy!: ::she walked toward the staff bending down she grasps the staff

Tsenn: into the room slowly letting silent footfalls carry him to lean against the wall right next

miss lovable hyper lil mandy!: before handing it over toward xithril::

Tsenn: to the door he tilted his head down and skimmed the floor::

miss lovable hyper lil mandy!: ((making me wanna go on my cher sn lol))

Tsenn: ((who? O.o))

Xithril Baegorn: ::-DaBond- is ontop of him…. he reaches up, trying to grab it, but can’t quite get it..::

miss lovable hyper lil mandy!: ((u lol))

Tsenn: ((eh why?))

OnlineHost: DPOD has left the room.

miss lovable hyper lil mandy!: ((i dunno))

Tsenn: hey uhh dave get off the man already…..

davepoobond: eh….all right then

miss lovable hyper lil mandy!: ::she reachs more so the man can grab it::

davepoobond: ::stands up on top of him, and hops off::

OnlineHost: Raditz has entered the room.

Xithril Baegorn: ::wiggles his fingers finally getting the staff, he grins, and stands::

Xithril Baegorn: Greetings all!

miss lovable hyper lil mandy!: ::blinks lightly as she raises a white brow::

miss lovable hyper lil mandy!: hello to u too

OnlineHost: Raditz has left the room.

Tsenn: greetings? eh is that food?

miss lovable hyper lil mandy!: (( ::pounces rick:: hiz!! ::misses:: T.T))

davepoobond: yesssssss……..

Xithril Baegorn: ::a nod is given:: Well then, I wish you all well! ::with that he wonders right on out of

Xithril Baegorn: the bar.::

OnlineHost: Xithril Baegorn has left the room.

Tsenn: ((rick?))

miss lovable hyper lil mandy!: rich*

miss lovable hyper lil mandy!: (( doh ))

Tsenn: ((who the hell?))

miss lovable hyper lil mandy!: (( raditz!))

Tsenn: ((oh that was him?))

miss lovable hyper lil mandy!: ((yesh! ::grummbles and ims him:: ))

Tsenn: ((::not as old as her in LotS::))

miss lovable hyper lil mandy!: (( ::ish old in lots lol:: ))

davepoobond: ((::heard stuff about raditz::))

Tsenn: ((i know))

miss lovable hyper lil mandy!: ((uncle raditz ^.^))

Tsenn: ((since 98 i think))

miss lovable hyper lil mandy!: ((::nods nods:: ))

miss lovable hyper lil mandy!: ((while i was in school still and uhh a jr? i think lol))

davepoobond: ((how is it uncle…?))

miss lovable hyper lil mandy!: ((damn shit im old))

miss lovable hyper lil mandy!: (( cuz thats what cher calls him))

ToAT Recruiting Hall

OnlineHost: *** You are in “Arts and Entertainment – ToAT Recruiting Hall”.**

davepoobond: ::tap dances back in::

davepoobond: ::tap dances out::

CloudDancer: :;Clicks a claw on the floor as he drifts quietly::

davepoobond: ::WAIT! tap dances back in::

davepoobond: ::tackles cloud::

davepoobond: ::stomps on his face 1 million times::

CloudDancer: :;The dragon screeches and leaps up knocking the table over hissing loudly::

DPOD: just ignore the jerk , he’s dead in our lands.

CloudDancer: Ok

davepoobond: your lands

davepoobond: haha

davepoobond: my lands are bigger than your lands

davepoobond: ::takes off his pants:: SEE

CloudDancer: :;Flops back to sleep and pushes the dream away::

davepoobond: ::shows him a map::

davepoobond: my land ::points to a big chunk::

davepoobond: your land

davepoobond: ::takes tweezers and tosses it at him::

DPOD: its sad..the losers have no where else to go..no oneelse wants them either.

DPOD: :chuckles:: and you could see why.

davepoobond: yeah, thats why losers like us go to loser places like yours

Daiou: ::Through reality his power was fealt, an image burned into time and space at the same time, his body transended across the flowing rivers of etched space that came to a stop before Dave, a portal of near liquid that formed infront of him, before seeping back into it’s original place as he stood before him and arched a brow.:: What are you doing…

Kethryn: ::she tip toed over to Brandon and took the feather from her hat and tickled his snout::

CloudDancer: :;he sniffled and sneezed on her::

Kethryn: ::she closed her eyes and shuddered:: ewww.. Brandon!

davepoobond: ::in an italian accent:: ey ey…i’m workin ‘ere, ah?

CloudDancer: :;he gives Kethy a sloppy dragon kiss::

Daiou: ::He merely slapped him across the face with a back hand.:: Talk normal english…

Kethryn: ::she laughed softly and staggered back:: now I am sneezed and slobbered on ::she hugged his large dragon neck, partially wiping herself off:: thank you

davepoobond: i dont know, that chair talked me into it! ::points accusingly at the chair next to him::

Daiou: I’m sure….go back to the HQ, before I feed you to the monster that hides under your bed..

CloudDancer: :;he nuzzled her lightly and smiled::

davepoobond: chair: it wasnt mee

davepoobond: hmm….you mean Jean?

Daiou: No, I mean Norma.

davepoobond: ::blink::

davepoobond: norma….

Daiou: Now GO!

davepoobond: aaah! ::runs out::

Kethryn: ::she smiled:: nice dragon ::she petted the top of his head::

davepoobond: ((::leaves character out::))

CloudDancer: Now I know how the family dog feels ::Gives her a cross eyed look::

DPOD: ::nods::

Kethryn: ::laughs softly::

Kethryn: I much rather have a dragon than a dog

Kethryn: ::giggles:: it’ll go well with my unicorn…::smirks::

CloudDancer: And your dog will never get the great hang time that I get

Kethryn: hang time?::blinks::

CloudDancer: Yeah

CloudDancer: You know flying?

CloudDancer: Unless you have a dog with wings

CloudDancer: And in that case I will pay you gold to see that

Kethryn: do such things even exist?

CloudDancer: Not really

CloudDancer: But I will pay if you do

CloudDancer: ::Gives a dragon yawn::

Kethryn: ::grins:: I’ll check in Aran’s books…he’s a great mage

::3 minutes later::

CloudDancer: Ok

OnlineHost: Shadoe has entered the room.

Shadoe: ::walks back in::i was wondering…

Shadoe: if your still ignoring me then don`t answer but i now have a question

Daiou: (LOL! They ignored you to?!)

Shadoe: ((yeah))

Daiou: (::Snickers:: They ignored Dave to….truely desperate and stupid rpers that inhabit this room.)

davepoobond: ((he knows…))

Shadoe: ((they “sliced” me as guild kill))

davepoobond: ((lol))

davepoobond: ((they “slived” me))

Daiou: (LOL! Now that’s comedy.)

davepoobond: ((and then threw us both in a sewer))

Shadoe: ((but i don`t know how,you can`t just kill a vampire so i don`t know))

CloudDancer: :;Coughs up a hair ball::

davepoobond: ((thats stupid, a dragon coughing up a hair ball))

davepoobond: ((dragons dont have any skin, idiot))

Daiou: (I do…but I’m guessing none of the kids here have been able to do research on the subject yet)

CloudDancer: (9hey something he ate could have had hair))

CloudDancer: ((Cows horses your mother))

Daiou: (That would have to be something, very…big.)

davepoobond: ((probably that chick’s armpit hair))

CloudDancer: ((he is a very big dragon))

davepoobond: ((so what if he is, makes it even bigger))

Kethryn: (Hun ignore the three stooges)

davepoobond: ((and dragons usually are big))

Shadoe: ((FRUIT LOOP!!))

Daiou: (LOL! THree stooges…it finally talked! Took you this long to think of that?)

CloudDancer: :;Runs out quickly::

Shadoe: ((lol))

davepoobond: ((sure it does))

OnlineHost: CloudDancer has left the room.

Kethryn: ::smiles:: byee Brandon!

DPOD: ::smiles at Cloud:: its nicer to just get rid of the jerks…that’s why they are dead.

Daiou: (Run?….Ok, so which city or near by village just go trampled by this VERy big dragon?)

Shadoe: ((i was a jerk because i didn`t ask a question right away))

davepoobond: ((how’d he get in in the first place?))

Daiou: (I don’t recall anyone doing anything to me…which reminds me ::Takes Veg out of the room IC wise.:: Now then…try your cheap tricks against someone that is not even there in the first place you small minded absent dicked ass.)

DPOD: ::slices Vegeta::

OnlineHost: DPOD rolled 4 92-sided dice: 26 59 67 41

Daiou: (LMFAO!!!)

Daiou: (ROTFLMFAO!!!!!)

Shadoe: ((LMAO))


DPOD: Vegeta is now Guild killed..to be ignored in all TOAT lands.

davepoobond: ((LOLL))

Shadoe: ((WTF MAN?!))

Kethryn: ::smiles:: thank you Kree… his stench was getting rather foul

Daiou: (Vegeta isint even there ROTFLMAO!!!)

DPOD: ::sweeps it into the sewer trap::

davepoobond: ((LOL))

Shadoe: ((ROTFLMAO))

Daiou: (Try deciphering what is character and what is not, you small child, before you take on someone more influential in Rhydin than you will hope to ever be.)

DPOD: its a shame to stink up that sewer that way.

DPOD: but manure is manure.

Kethryn: ::nods:: yeah…..poor rats down there…

OnlineHost: Videl has entered the room.

Daiou: (LOL! Must be insulting the person he is talking to, since the character isint even there LOL!)

Shadoe: ((um,are we supposed to get mad at you?))

Daiou: (I think so….not sure.)

OnlineHost: RikkiOh has entered the room.

Shadoe: ((this is good entertainment))

Daiou: (Cai, bring in LotS….show them what Roleplayers really are.)

Shadoe: ((::pulls over some popcorn::))

Daiou: Cait*

Videl: (Ok ^.^)

RikkiOh: (Hey Damen…can i use Ricky ::grin::)

Daiou: (::Snickers:: Tried to kill Veg when he’s not even there.)

Videl: (LOL!)

Videl: (That…is classic)

Shadoe: ((oh,but don`t ask him about it))

Daiou: (Action of DPOD: “::slices Vegeta”::)

RikkiOh: (Prolly ole Sim)

DPOD: sorryVidel your life scroll doesn’t meet our standards.

Shadoe: ((he`ll TOS you))

Daiou: (LMAO!!)

Daiou: (So what?!)

RikkiOh: (hehe)

RikkiOh: (hehe)

Daiou: (ToS is backed up for over a year!)

Shadoe: ((but you`ll get TOS`d))

davepoobond: ((lol))

Videl: (::dies laughing::)

RikkiOh: (Newbie Moders! e.e)

RikkiOh: (XD)

Daiou: (Think….will they even care what happened a year ago? Nope!)

Shadoe: ((you know what happens when you get TOS`d,don`t you?))

Daiou: (I know perfectly well….nothing…I have several people that work for these people.)

davepoobond: ((yes, i’ve had 2 for vulgarity ::growl::))

davepoobond: ((they said 1 more time and i’ll lose AOL))

Daiou: (LOL! It’s comical)

Kethryn: look Kree… the other cockraches are following their friends in..

davepoobond: ((thats been over a year though….))

Daiou: (It’s erased after 6 months.)

Daiou: Cochroaches*

davepoobond: ((hmm….oh well))

Kethryn: ::she takes out her dagger and throws it atVidel::

Videl: (LMAO!)

OnlineHost: Kethryn rolled 2 53-sided dice: 40 31

davepoobond: ((videl isnt even in there))

Daiou: (LOL! Not even in the room….how pitiful.)

Videl: (Duh)

RikkiOh: (Err…..isVidel even in ther.e….No)

RikkiOh: (Stupid!)

Daiou: (I truely hate morons like this.)

Videl: (They obviously don’t know the difference between IC and OOC)

Shadoe: ((WTF??))

Daiou: (Cait…that was shown to us long ago LOL!)

RikkiOh: (XD)

Videl: (LOL)

DPOD: Very good.

RikkiOh: (Is ToAT supposed to be Toast? Buttered Toast!)

davepoobond: ((leave it up to shadoe-mun to find the good places))

DPOD: another mound of manure gone.

Daiou: (YES!)

Kethryn: Videl is Guild Killed and to be banned from all ToAT lands

Videl: (LOL!!)

Shadoe: ((LOL))

Daiou: (LMFAO!!!)

Shadoe: ((LMAO))

RikkiOh: (LOL! Moder MODER MODER! LOL)

Videl: (Oh my god, I NEEDED a laugh…)

Daiou: (Like that matters!)

davepoobond: ((ToAT lands again))

Kethryn: shall I get the last one?

Shadoe: ((ROTFLMAO))

DPOD: be my guest

davepoobond: ((LOLLL))

RikkiOh: (Oh My God! These people dont even know how to RP)

DPOD: you can use the xps.

Daiou: (Does it also mean “Hey man…” ::takes a drag of weed:: “Im toasted..”)

Videl: (LMAO!)

Kethryn: ::she grins:: thank you

davepoobond: mucus

RikkiOh: (Ed:: Buttered ToAT!)

Videl: (It would be believable with the way they RP though)

Daiou: (Hey man…Im fuc*n wasted)

Kethryn: ::she yawned and tossed her dagger over to RikkiOh::

OnlineHost: Kethryn rolled 2 53-sided dice: 22 39

RikkiOh: (heh)

RikkiOh: (Im not even in the room stupid)

Daiou: (LOL! isint event he character’s name)

RikkiOh: (Hes not even in the room)

Daiou: even, the*

DPOD: good job.

davepoobond: ((and its pitiful dice too))

Videl: (LOL I’m laughing soooo hard that my face is turning red.)

Kethryn: RikkiOh is Guild killed and is to be ignored in ToAT lands

Shadoe: ((i know))

Daiou: (Good job, you acted like an idiot, here’s some experiance points!)

davepoobond: ((LOOOOOLL))

RikkiOh: (Dumb….Just dumb)

DPOD: post it.

Shadoe: ((ROTFLMAO))

Videl: (Hey Shawn! Did you know your character was just killed even though he’s not even in here?)

davepoobond: ((ooooh, post it!))

RikkiOh: (Blacklist!!!!)

Videl: (LOL!)

Kethryn: ::nods:: will do

RikkiOh: (Hehe! Thats funny Cait!)

Shadoe: ((post its?where?))

davepoobond: ((i’m credited with that though))

Videl: (LMAO!)

Daiou: (Now…how’s this…::Cracks his fingers:: I post you across my own blacklist, and about

Shadoe: ((i need some post~its))

Daiou: thirty other Rhydin guilds and forums lists….you will never need to worry about

Daiou: going outside of your own little minded world…cause no one will want to be around you LOL!)

Videl: (::grins:: I love it when Damen gets like this.)

DPOD: its much beter when they are all down in the sewers.

RikkiOh: (XD!!!)

davepoobond: ((heh))

Shadoe: ((::writes something down::post…its…))

RikkiOh: (what in idiot!)

Videl: (LOL!)

RikkiOh: (DPOD is such an idiot)

davepoobond: ((wtf is with you guys and sewers))

davepoobond: ((toilets are cool, not sewers))

Daiou: (::Just busts out laughing:: Is that all he can think of?! Sewers? He must live in one or have a secret lair in one near by to use that word so much.)

Shadoe: ((what`s with DPOD anyway?))

RikkiOh: (Just a retard)

Shadoe: ((hey!D~POD,MAN!))

davepoobond: ((he cant hear you, he ignored us all))

Shadoe: ((i got some willows,we gonna get toated!))

Videl: (LOL!)

davepoobond: ((since he did, he wont here this:))

Daiou: (All the better…I say we take over his room and use it as a CRF room.)

Kethryn: ::nods:: I must agree Kree

davepoobond: ((YOU’RE A POOPY HEAD MR. DPOD))

Videl: (LMAO!)

Shadoe: ((::falls off his stool laughing::))

Videl: (I like that idea Damen)

davepoobond: ((heh))

RikkiOh: (yep!)

Daiou: (That’s it….LOL! It’s OURS NOW!)

Videl: (Yeah!!!)

davepoobond: ((yay))

Daiou: (Hell I may make this our temporary HQ.)

Shadoe: ((::cries from laughing so hard::))

Videl: (LOL! Send an email out to all of LotS!)

Shadoe: ((hey,D-POD my man!))

Videl: (People are always talking about wanting to publicly RP ::snickers::)

Shadoe: ((::thinks of black guys buying weed from a guy named D-POD::))

davepoobond: ((heh))

Videl: (Well, this made my night, that’s for sure)

davepoobond: ((yeah, and i’m gonna put this shyte on Squackle))

Shadoe: ((it`s not over yet))

Daiou: (Done)

RikkiOh: (They are just prolly five year olds that dont even know what to do)

Daiou: (This room is now the LotS HQ for the next week.)

Shadoe: ((yeah))

Videl: (Darn, I should have logged this and sent it to everyone.)

DPOD: what was a real shame?..one of then wasn’t too bad

davepoobond: ((i’ve got it all and more))

DPOD: the others were mindless and had to use OOC all the time.

Daiou: (LOL!)

RikkiOh: (o.o)

Shadoe: ((they`re slicing and sliving people that haven`t even entered yet))

RikkiOh: (LOL!!!!)

Daiou: (Like a character knows what OOC is!)

Kethryn: ::nods:: mmm hmm, but they had to be the lackeys of the wrong crowd…pity

Videl: (LMAO!!)

RikkiOh: (they havent even killed anyone)

davepoobond: ((yeah, they did))

RikkiOh: (no…-.-)

DPOD: that’s how they get together..all the sludge collects together.

davepoobond: ((they killed me and shadoe))

Shadoe: ((yeah,man))

Daiou: (They “slived” Dave IC…yet he’s a shapeshifter mound of goo..)


Videl: (They killedVidel even though she wasn’t in the room, now THAT is talent)

RikkiOh: (Dave is still alive…they just moded)


Daiou: (Kind of hard to “slived” someone that can’t be harmed by blades.)

RikkiOh: (And they killed Ricky and he never even entered the fricken place)

davepoobond: ((i must learn that technique, to kill someone not in the room))

Shadoe: ((i`m a vamp))

Kethryn: ::nods:: just glad we’re finally rid of them

RikkiOh: (What a bunch of moders)

Shadoe: (you can`t just kill a vamp))

Daiou: (No, moders aint the word for these kids.)

Kethryn: ::grins:: and I got to make my first guild kill too

RikkiOh: (Just Newbies?)

Videl: (::dies laughing::)

davepoobond: ((lol…thats stupid))

OnlineHost: Shadoe has left the room.

Kethryn: maybe them bringing in their lackey’s isn’t so bad afterall

DPOD: ::grins:

Videl: (I wasn’t anything CLOSE to that when I was a newbie)

Daiou: (Decapitation and burn the head and body seperately…that’s how you “just” kill a vamp)

OnlineHost: Shadoe has entered the room.

davepoobond: ((lets have guild kills, damen…we can prance around RhyDin killing them all))

RikkiOh: (LOL! Kethryn mun/char is stupid, its so funny!!)

DPOD: hey each one is worth points, doesn’t matterto me.

Daiou: (Nah, we don’t want to stoop to their level.)

Videl: (LOL!!!)

davepoobond: ((yeah, i guess not then))

Shadoe: ((if you re enter than are you automatically off ignore?))

RikkiOh: (Dave send me the log!!!))

Videl: (You have the log?!)

davepoobond: ((not over yet, lol))

Videl: (Send it to me when it’s done!!!!!)

RikkiOh: (Hurry up!!!!!)

davepoobond: ((i’ll put it up on squackle, its too big))

Videl: (Oh my god…now I see why Aimi asked me if I ever go into Rhydin rooms and turn on a log and just let the newbies play)

Shadoe: ((hey D-POD!WE GOT SOME DOPE-ASS SH*T!))

Videl: (Send it as attachment?)

Daiou: (Im bringing in a Rhydin expert on this LOL!)

Shadoe: ((ABOUT 50 G`S MAN!))

RikkiOh: (thats why i never let BroliKen go to Rhydin)

RikkiOh: (Because the people suck!!!)

Daiou: (Now now)

Videl: (This…is classic…this really made my night, I’m still laughing)

Shadoe: ((i`m still thinking about D-POD the drug dealer)

RikkiOh: (ya!)

Daiou: (No not yet)

davepoobond: ((all right then))

Daiou: (Let’s see what our Rhydin specialist has to say when he gets here LOL!)

Videl: (Do I know this person Damen? Or no?)

davepoobond: ((hurry up, my mom might come in and take away the comp forever….))

Videl: (Well then I’ll turn on a log to take over where you leave off)

Daiou: (Nope)

Videl: (Log On ^.^)

davepoobond: ((uhh…..i have a lot more than u))

Videl: (I know, but at least I’ll get what you miss)

Daiou: (Perhaps I should drag Zach or Forte in here and just kill them to their own guild?)

Daiou: (Oh wait!)

Daiou: (I have Kym Nark Mar the Dragon God on instead of Forte LOL!)

Videl: (LOL! )

Daiou: (Oh jesus…I cant stop laughing at these idiots)

davepoobond: ((they’re not even talking))

Videl: (You and me both)

Daiou: (Damn, he can’t make it, he’s busy doing something *”IC”*)

Videl: (*gasp* IC?! What’s that?!?!?)

davepoobond: ((oh god wtf is that))

Daiou: (I heard a myth about it once..)

Shadoe: ::takes out his nailgun and aims it at DPOD`s nuts::

davepoobond: ((that concept is too confusing))

Videl: (LOL)

Daiou: (That its where you play your characters, without using any type of relation to yourself.)

Shadoe: ::fires::BAM!!!

davepoobond: ::slives DPOD and Kethryn::

Videl: (Oh my god! Is that possible Damen?! It seems sooo hard!)

Shadoe: ::slices them::

davepoobond: You are now dead in the Lands of Dave. You will now be ignored forever again in the Dave

Daiou: (I know, it seems like the impossible is upon us!)

Videl: (LMAO Dave!!!!)

Daiou: (LOL!!!)


Daiou: (LMFAO!!!)

Shadoe: oh!not on the garden gnome!

davepoobond: ((::second time, but seems to get a better result the 2nd time::))

Daiou: (LOL! They stopped talking totaly)

Videl: (That’s a shame…I’m sure they’ll have more to say once other members start comin’ in here on a daily basis. ::snickers::)

Daiou: (Out numbered, outclassed, hell…totaly outmatched in anything…even by Dave…and that’s astonishing!)

Videl: (LOL!)

davepoobond: ((thats not nice ::sniffle::))

davepoobond: ((i came a long way))

Videl: (Aww…)

Daiou: (Dave, that’s a compliment!)

Daiou: (It means you are WAY better than they are!)

davepoobond: ((i had pretty much 1 to 3 word actions all the time..it was hard to do 6 words an action))

Shadoe: ::takes down his pants and rubs his ass in DPOD`s face::SAY MY NAME!

Videl: (I mean…when I first started out, even I wasn’t THAT bad…I mean…they must have never heard of a little thing called “common sense”)

Shadoe: ((ROTFLMAO))

Daiou: (Assman?)

Videl: (LOL!)

davepoobond: ((so, i started using Adjectives))

Daiou: (Common sense? What’s that?)

Videl: (LOL!!)

davepoobond: ((DPOD> doy….uh…..hmm……..i’m on drugs….oooooooo))

Shadoe: ((ASSMAN!::batman theme::))

Daiou: (DPOD: “Hey man…I’m fuc*in wasted…)

Videl: (LOL)

Shadoe: ((danananananananana,ASS,MAN!!!!!))

Daiou: (LOL!)

davepoobond: ((kethryn> ::inhales deeply:: yep….got another box of OJ?))

Videl: (LMAO)

OnlineHost: Bass number has entered the room.

Bass number:: whats up

davepoobond: hi

davepoobond: watch out, they’ll kill you

Videl: (::sits back and watches::)

Shadoe: ::rubs his ass inthey ignored us ooc

davepoobond: ::points to DPOD and kethryn::

Shadoe: they`ll slive and slice you

Bass number:: what are youll recruiting in here


Daiou: Us? No, we took over the room.

davepoobond: ITS BAD

Bass number:: how old r youll

davepoobond: 15

davepoobond: y

Bass number:: just wondering

davepoobond: u?

DPOD: ignore the olders Bass..they are dead in these lands.

Shadoe: ASSMAN!duh-nuh-nuh-nuh-nuh-nuh-nuh-nuh

DPOD: others*

Daiou: Old enough to say I can’t have sex with small kids, or I’ll go to jail.

Shadoe: ASSMAN!duh-nuh-nuh-nuh-nuh-nuh-nuh-nuh

davepoobond: lol, again with “these lands”

Bass number:: im 16

Videl: Dude, if you DON’T know the difference between OOC and IC, then THIS is the guild for you!

davepoobond: yeah

davepoobond: definatly

Daiou: Hey, chill….I doubt he’s a rper right now.

Shadoe: ASSMAN,ASSMAN,assman,

Bass number:: what the hell is that

Videl: LMAO

Videl: ::dies laughing::

davepoobond: its all right bass, dont worry

Daiou: CHILL!!!

Shadoe: shanananananananana,ASSMAN!!!!!!!

davepoobond: just know to not join this place

davepoobond: ToAT or whatever

RikkiOh: Toast!

RikkiOh: XD

RikkiOh: ^.^

Bass number:: well what r youll doing n here

Daiou: Bass….I take it your aren’t a roleplayer are you?

Shadoe: let`s make some toat,i`m hungry!

Videl: Being entertained, you could say.

Daiou: Sounds like you’re trying to say Toast with a lisp…


Videl: LOL!

Bass number:: lets go talk shit ………all of us ……in another room

davepoobond: no! you’re a spy

Videl: Lol

Daiou: Nope, we took over their room…so we’re staying here.

davepoobond: you probably want us to get out of here

Videl: Yeah, they want us to leave, therefore, we’re staying.

Shadoe: it`s toaty warm in here

Videl: XD

Daiou: LOL! lisp again!

davepoobond: lol

Daiou: You should get that checked.

RikkiOh: Buttered TOAT!!

davepoobond: i want a toater

Videl: LOL

Shadoe: i`m gonna toat you with my dope-ass shit!

Daiou: Im going to use my Toater on you and make you into creamy toat that will water the mouths of all toat eaters out there!

Shadoe: ((::his sides hurt from laughing so hard,he wipes his tars away for morew to come::))

Videl: LMAO

Shadoe: i like cinnamon toat

Daiou: I thought it was cimmanon since we’re talking with lisps..

Videl: thimmanon

Daiou: LMAO!!!

Shadoe: ((i g2g guys,send me a log))

Daiou: They haven’t talked for a good twenty minutes

Videl: Okies, baiyo!

RikkiOh: Thats because they are crying

RikkiOh: because they suck!

Daiou: To their mommies

Shadoe: ::Walks out pulling his bag off dope-ass weed with him::

OnlineHost: Shadoe has left the room.

OnlineHost: Daiou has left the room.

OnlineHost: Daiou has entered the room.


Videl: LOL!!!

RikkiOh: o.o

RikkiOh: Damen whatcha been smokin? o.O

Daiou: Shawn, you can have the guy…me and Cait will take the….other one…though I think we

davepoobond: byes

OnlineHost: davepoobond has left the room.

RikkiOh: O.o..<^>

Daiou: will have to do some surgery first to estabilsh it’s gender

Videl: LOL!!!!!!

RikkiOh: Shes a duck!

RikkiOh: O.o


Videl: LMAO!!!!

RikkiOh: LOL!!!!!!!!!

OnlineHost: Tamberlin has entered the room.

RikkiOh: LOL!

RikkiOh: Funny they are still quiet!

Daiou: Nope, he aint one of em…he’s an RoAer though..

Videl: And they haven’t tried to kill the newcomer yet, that’s a record!

RikkiOh: Hey Tamberlin mun, your character is gonna get killed while in yer pocket

Daiou: I may hate RoA…but I won’t damn anyone to them…not even Berto or Maggie….Tamberlin mun

RikkiOh: DPOD and Kethryn are gonna kill him with 2d rolls!

Daiou: dont even try to rp in here….the moderistic idiots that run the place are way to stupid to understand anything IC or OOC

Videl: Or the difference between it for that matter…

Daiou: That to

Tamberlin: I take it your referring to me? Heh, I’ve heard about them

Daiou: I’m sorry.

RikkiOh: o.o…..

RikkiOh: Come on i want to read the log!

Videl: Oh!

Daiou: I’m sorry you’ve heard of this pathetic wasteland of roleplayers.

Videl: Hang on let me d/l it and get it sent!

Videl: LOL!!!

Tamberlin: Too bad, they’re not talking anymore? Might have been funny to see.

Daiou: Oh God, it was hilarious

Videl: Funny, is an understatement.

Daiou: They killed my character, Rikkioh’s, andVidel’s and several others without them being IC

Tamberlin: Been awhile since I’ve seen a moder…which is pretty surprising.

Daiou: Now THAT is talent worth exploring!

Tamberlin: Indeed, I must learn how they perform such an amazing trick.

Daiou: It’s easy…they suck.

Daiou: All we have to do is “slive” someone and we can do it to!

Tamberlin: Ahhh, so there in lies the secret!

Videl: LMAO

OnlineHost: Ranger has entered the room.

Daiou: BRAD!!! LOL!!!

Ranger: That’s me. Heh.

Videl: You missed it!

Daiou: DOn’t go IC! They will “slive” you till you die from the one hit!

Videl: Damen do you wanna send the log out, or shall I? To all of LotS I mean.

Ranger: What happened?

Daiou: I will, heh, I want the honors

DPOD: ::looks to Tamberlin:: you should have been here before.there was a whole room full of moder

Videl: Okies!

Daiou: SEE LOL!

RikkiOh: LOL!!

Videl: LMAO!

Daiou: He just proved it!

Videl: Thank God I didn’t turn off the log yet!

Tamberlin: Who’s the other one?

Daiou: His accomplice in stupidity

RikkiOh: Kethryn

Tamberlin: Um…DPOD? It would be wise for you not to open your mouth again.

Videl: LMAO!

RikkiOh: LOL!


DPOD: why?

Daiou: KILL HIM!!!

Tamberlin: Just trying to save you some embaressment.

RikkiOh: Because you’re an idiot!

Videl: LOL!!!

Daiou: Jut out right kill him!!!

DPOD: are you a lost loser too?

Daiou: Do it before he gets the chance!

Videl: Public display of stupidity, my favorite show.


Daiou: Brad to! Use two word actions!

Tamberlin: Kill them? Well ok

RikkiOh: No hes a smart boy you dope

Daiou: It should be a crime…

Tamberlin: ::punch…kick…::

Videl: You mean like ::killz u::

OnlineHost: Tamberlin rolled 1 1-sided die: 1

Daiou: Aim it at DPOD

OnlineHost: LyWrynn has entered the room.

Tamberlin: I DID IT!

RikkiOh: ::Kill DPO::

Daiou: and use your RoA dice

Videl: LOL

DPOD: ::shakes head:: slashes Tamberlin for Guild Kill::

OnlineHost: DPOD rolled 4 92-sided dice: 15 69 89 90

Daiou: LMAO!!!!

RikkiOh: LOL!!

Videl: ::just dies laughing::


Ranger: I was about to say..

DPOD: He is now dead in all TOAT lands and to be ignored.

Daiou: NO way Hes funny!

Tamberlin: Oh, I have to do this just one moment…

Ranger: RoA Flunkie..

Daiou: Hey now

DPOD: ::sweeps he away with the others::

RikkiOh: Brad yo…hes cool

RikkiOh: dont worry

Daiou: We’re all on the same team here

Ranger: Oh, okay.

Ranger: I didn’t know. Heh.

LyWrynn: ::a cloaked figure steps in::

Daiou: RoA he may be…but he’s on our side for the time being

Tamberlin: ::Arms crossed over his chest, a smirk spreading across his visage as icy blues regarded the man and his…attack:: Nice…may I try? ::placing a hand on the man’s chest, he almost absentmindedly discharges a ki blast::

RikkiOh: And oh yea…-Shawn

RikkiOh: (::goes into the bubbles for now::)

Videl: (::follows, since she KNOWS the difference between IC and OOC unlike some people::)

Daiou: (::Goes IC for the hell of it, since he did declare this LotS’ HQ for a week.::)

Daiou: ::Goes cheap as they do for entrances…::

Daiou: -In

Daiou: (No…I can’t stoop to that level….I’m sorry…IVE COMMITED A GRAVE SIN!!!)

Ranger: ::Does a cheaper one.::

Ranger: ::Ish in.::

Ranger: [ We must repent, Damen! ]

Daiou: (YES! Repent!!!)

OnlineHost: Bass number has left the room.

Videl: (LOL!!)

OnlineHost: Tamberlin rolled 4 93-sided dice: 26 53 35 65

Tamberlin: ((Phew, and I’m spent))

Ranger: [ To the Holy Online Host give us forgiveness! ]

Daiou: ::Through the void of both evil and good, he laid…upon the woven fabric of reality his eyes remained closed, until they burst forth openly and gave birth to sight, his form vanished from the void, only to appear in the establishment that was now designated as the

Videl: (Damen, are you sure they understand those types of words?)

DPOD: hi Wyrnn, just step around the MAnure.

Daiou: HQ for the time being. His eyes stared upon the place with disgust.:: I can’t believe he would do this to us…

LyWrynn: ::: buys the house a round of ignore ale and passes it around

Daiou: (Do I look like I care, Cait?)

Videl: (No, just makin’ sure.)

Videl: (Do you ever? ::grins::)

Daiou: (Um…no?)

LyWrynn: ::she smiles as the sounds of silence fills the room::

DPOD: ::smiles:: Kethy this is Wyrnn,,,Wyrnn Kethy.

LyWrynn: Hello Kree Im back for a short while

Daiou: (AAAHH!! It’s one of them to!!! KILL IT KILL IT!!!)

LyWrynn: Kethy well met

Videl: (LMAO!)

Kethryn: ::she gave a friendly smile to LyWrynn and nodded:: tis a pleasure

Ranger: [ We still outnumber them. Heh. ]

Daiou: ::His eyes stared upon the three that congested reality with their existance, and with that

RikkiOh: (Im not gonna let Ricky in here…he will bust the heads off of people)

Daiou: he raised his hand into the air and screamed outwards and released a plight of energy into

LyWrynn: ::she take a seat at Krees table::Im suprised to still see you out this late Krre

Daiou: the area that tears the building asunder, destroying it utterly, only to give way to the wrecking crew that comes in and rebuilds it as the CRF/LotS Headquaters.::

DPOD: ::nods:: a bit longer tonight

Kethryn: well I should go ::she stood up and nodded to them both:: be well you two.. it was nice meeting you Wrynn

DPOD: see you tomorrow we have to get some skrimishes in.

LyWrynn: ::smiles:: safe journeys my lady Kethy

Daiou: (Oh and by the way…I am serious about this place being the new HQ.)

Kethryn: ::nods:: you can count on it Kree

DPOD: ::grins::

Videl: (I know ^.^)

Videl: (This will be great)

Kethryn: ::smiles:: thank you Wrynn … ::she walked towards the door and stepped out::

OnlineHost: Kethryn has left the room.

Daiou: (Us being on ignore…they have no clue as to what awaits them.)

Videl: (::smirks:: Which makes it all the better!)

Videl: (Every time I come in here, I’m going to log it. It should make for some wonderful comedy.)

DPOD: grins:: should have been here sooner , we set a record for guild kills.

Daiou: (Just something to brighten everyone’s lives.)

RikkiOh: (hold on…going on BroliKen SN)

Videl: (Okies!)

LyWrynn: ::sigh:: You know I always disliked the whole killing issue

OnlineHost: RikkiOh has left the room.

DPOD: yea but vermin doesn’t count.

Videl: (Wow, I guess that works out with that character then, since there was no actual killing eh?)

Daiou: (Ya know…by our standards…they’re dead.)

Videl: (Yup.)

LyWrynn: ::holds up a bottle of ignore::Perhaps but one drop of this and the problems disapeer

DPOD: ::grins::


Daiou: (Especially when they ignore being killed by Veg…that’s just a sin right there..)

Videl: (LMAO!)

DPOD: hey, while you are here we can get some quick skrimishes in!

Daiou: OH!

Videl: (O.o)

LyWrynn: ok ok Im rusty though

Daiou: ::grabs Veg back out since he doesn’t care for using him in the confines of stupidity::

Videl: (LOL)

Daiou: We get to see how stupid they really are!!!

DPOD: i know but at l;east you’ll have some for the records.

LyWrynn: :::shimmers into a non script grey wolf and heads for the door::

Videl: They can’t prove themselves to be even more stupid than they already have.

Daiou: Ten bucks…I place ten bucks, none of the dice that they have are earned from the D20 start

DPOD: comon…

Daiou: Anyone care to place a wager against that?

OnlineHost: DPOD has left the room.

Videl: Nah..

Tamberlin: ((Awww…I thought we were going to have a show here))

Tamberlin: ((And me without my popcorn))

LyWrynn: ;;the wolf turns back and seems to say ::,”what are you waiting for?”

OnlineHost: LyWrynn has left the room.

Daiou: ::Snaps his fingers and Porno pops up on the big screen.::

Videl: LOL Deb just signed on too.

Daiou: GOOD!

Ranger: Heh.

Daiou: But there are none left

Videl: Aww damn, they went into a private room.

Videl: No more fun for us.

Daiou: We can’t have fun with them

Tamberlin: ((::yawns:: Well it’s getting late where I am, so I’m calling it a night. Cya everyone))

OnlineHost: Tamberlin has left the room.

OnlineHost: Brolly has entered the room.

Videl: LotS wins again!!!!

RhyDin Night Club

OnlineHost: *** You are in “Arts and Entertainment – RhyDin Night Club”. ***

Virgoshio: looks like im running things

davepoobond: ::jumps in, wearing a suede jacket, black shoes, and long white pants::

Holmes: wow finally a freakin customer

Virgoshio: Can i help you ?::looks at davepoobond::

davepoobond: ::tap dances over to shio:: sure you can…you can tell me your phone number sweet cakes

Virgoshio: ok its 555-6996

davepoobond: hmm…nice

Holmes: eww shio thats nasty

Virgoshio: ::to himself:: not

davepoobond: ::takes out a cell phone and dials it::

davepoobond: ::an old grandma picks up on the other line::

davepoobond: old grandma: yes?

davepoobond: hello, shio…

davepoobond: sweet cakes*

davepoobond: ((make it sound funnier…ehh))

Holmes: ::Laughs::

davepoobond: old grandma: i already told you i have toothbrushes!

Virgoshio: anything else?

davepoobond: …how about toilet brushes?

davepoobond: old grandma: ::hangs up::

Holmes: shio shut up and let the customer talk

Virgoshio: need any thing else?

davepoobond: sure

davepoobond: how about a bag of cheetos

Virgoshio: what?

Holmes: ::goes behind the counter::

Virgoshio: ::hands him a bag of cheetos:: 1.00

davepoobond: nuh uh…not that easy…i want it on your head…

Virgoshio: why?

Holmes: ::grabs some “Hello my name is:” tags and writes “Manager”::

davepoobond: do it

Holmes: ::slaps it on my forehead:: i’m the manager now

Virgoshio: ::rips tags off and throws holmes back in his seat::

Holmes: hey thats my skin on that tag

Virgoshio: ::puts the cheetoes on his head::

Virgoshio: o well shut up!

Virgoshio: now what?

Holmes: don’t tell me what to do, remeber you work for me

davepoobond: ::laughs at him::

Virgoshio: Not in here!

Virgoshio: you fag

Virgoshio: Now what?

Holmes: hey we talked about the anger problems

davepoobond: what are you talking about?

davepoobond: i dont know who you are

Virgoshio: i have the cheetoes on my head now what?

davepoobond: deposit yourself into a bank

Virgoshio: no!

davepoobond: yes!

Virgoshio: ::hands davepoobond the cheetoes::

Holmes: why not? save some of yourself for your later years

Virgoshio: Shut up holmes!

davepoobond: he’s got a point

Holmes: the customer is always right

davepoobond: in your state, you wont be….how do i say

davepoobond: stocky

davepoobond: all your life

Virgoshio: Well in your state you wont be a bitch all your life!

Holmes: wow attitude

davepoobond: ::blinks a few times:: isnt that a good thing?

Holmes: and you wonder why no one comes into this place

Virgoshio: yea but still just shut up!

Virgoshio: We JUst opened you tart

Holmes: my store is crowded with customers

Virgoshio: My ass i work there

Virgoshio: there is never anyone in there

Holmes: yeah watching my sandwich

davepoobond: ::fart:: i’m your only customer, bask me in glory

Holmes: and what happened to my sandwich the LAST time i said watch it?

Holmes: HUH?

OnlineHost: Metallicdraco has entered the room.

Holmes: some one ATE IT

Virgoshio: ::hands Da a freee pepporoni pizza::

davepoobond: hey, pepporonni pizza

Holmes: don’t eat it, he doesn’t wash his hands

davepoobond: ewwww

Virgoshio: thats what you get for me being a total jack ass

davepoobond: that means….theres toilet paper particles on this pizza?

Virgoshio: ::punches holmes in the face::yes i do!

davepoobond: and all other types of particles

Virgoshio: No thre isnt

OnlineHost: Metallicdraco has left the room.

davepoobond: yes, i bet there is!

Holmes: he doesn’t believe in toilet paper

OnlineHost: Jaysun Iverson has entered the room.

Virgoshio: i washmy hands

Holmes: he uses his hands

davepoobond: even worse!

Holmes: and picks it all out

Virgoshio: holmes your a fag!

Holmes: at least a “fag” who washes his hands

davepoobond: true true

Holmes: is better then you

OnlineHost: XxSuPa AnGeLxX has entered the room.

Virgoshio: I Wash My Hands YOU FUCK NUT!

Holmes: fine fine you wash your hands

Holmes: in the urinal

Virgoshio: Holmes i hate you when your drunk!

Virgoshio: No thats where your mom washes her hair!

OnlineHost: Jaysun Iverson has left the room.

davepoobond: that was a bit random…

OnlineHost: XxSuPa AnGeLxX has left the room.

Virgoshio: Hey thats the price to pay!

Virgoshio: he pissed me off!

Holmes: that hurt

davepoobond: actually, urinals are places to wash your feet though

Virgoshio: No urinals you Piss in!

Holmes: eww you filthy animal

davepoobond: ewww

OnlineHost: Sk8erchicky81 has entered the room.

davepoobond: so i got a urinal for nothing


OnlineHost: Sk8erchicky81 has left the room.

Virgoshio: Bucause thats what they are used for get the fuck out of the club!

davepoobond: hahahaha

Holmes: fine but i;’m going back to my shop

Holmes: and you better get working

Virgoshio: Fine see ya later!

Virgoshio: are you leavin?

Holmes: no

Virgoshio: ok

Virgoshio: fin

Holmes: fin in french means the end

Virgoshio: Fine*

Holmes: fine in english means ok

davepoobond: or

davepoobond: pretty

Virgoshio: No shit sherlock

Holmes: yeah in context like: “Damn baby-girl, you like fine!”

Holmes: watson, are you constipated

Virgoshio: Hey Da why dont you suck holmeses dick?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

davepoobond: …not occasionally…

OnlineHost: Lechuza has entered the room.

Virgoshio: Ok

OnlineHost: Lechuza has left the room.

Virgoshio: well go some where and suck his dick then

Holmes: nah not right now

Holmes: gotta get in the mood

davepoobond: actually i dont

Holmes: does this place sell viagra

davepoobond: you do today

davepoobond: ::shoves shio onto holmes::

Holmes: O.o if you want some shio just ask!

Virgoshio: ::kicks davepoobond in the face::

Virgoshio: ::punches holmes::

davepoobond: ::kicked in the face and blows up::

Virgoshio: ::hit::

Virgoshio: ::hit::

davepoobond: aahhhhhh

Holmes: ::punched:: ow

davepoobond: ::body slams shio::

davepoobond: ::hit::

davepoobond: ::hit::

davepoobond: ::hit::

Holmes: ::hit::

Virgoshio: ::gets up and grabs them both and throws them out side::

Virgoshio: ::hit::

davepoobond: ::not hit, thrown outside::

Virgoshio: ::locks doors::

Holmes: ::moves like a boomerang and comes back through an open window::

davepoobond: ::seeps in through the cracks of the door::

davepoobond: you cant keep me out

Virgoshio: Ok fine just leave me alone

Virgoshio: and let me work

davepoobond: all right

Holmes: ok

davepoobond: work on what

davepoobond: nothing

davepoobond: ::takes a chair and smashes it:: here’s something to work on

davepoobond: hahahaa

Virgoshio: ::snaps fingers and the chair is fixed::

Holmes: wow

Virgoshio: any thing else?

davepoobond: how about a cheeseburger

Holmes: ::runs to bathroom and clogs and floods the toilets::

Virgoshio: ::snaps fingers and a cheeseburger is in da’s hands::

Holmes: ::pisses on the floor::

Virgoshio: ::snaps and fixes the toilets::

davepoobond: thanks ::runs in the bathroom and stuffs it in the sinks and turns them on::

Virgoshio: ::snaps and cleans the floor::

davepoobond: ::jumps in and bathes in the sink::

Virgoshio: ::Snaps and unclogs it::

Holmes: ::snaps and cleans shios nose out::

Virgoshio: ::snaps and davepoobond is back in her seat a s well as homes::

Virgoshio: ::da and holmes are back in thier seats::

Holmes: ::moons shio::

Holmes: Theres a crack in my ass! can you fix that?

Virgoshio: ::snaps and holmeses pants are back on::Virgoshio: ::snaps and Holmses ass crack fills up::

Holmes: thanks

Virgoshio: no prob

davepoobond: how about this? i got a brown thing coming out of my ear…

Virgoshio: ::snaps and fills in das ear::

davepoobond: i cant hear

Virgoshio: good

Holmes: my nipples are more square then round

davepoobond: whats that?

Holmes: can you fix that

Virgoshio: nuttin

Virgoshio: ::snaps and holmes has no nipples::

davepoobond: sure, i’ll take some toilet water, thank you

Holmes: aww darn no breastfeeding today

davepoobond: yes yes, i’ll feed the gerbils while your gone…

Virgoshio: any thing else?

davepoobond: no

Virgoshio: k

Holmes: can you fix your name? it sounds stupid

Holmes: shio…

Holmes: and your face

Virgoshio: ::snaps and holmes cant talk::

Holmes: it looks like you have a beard of pimples

Holmes: ::pokes shio in the eye::

davepoobond: this chair is talking to me

Virgoshio: ((i dont have pimples))

davepoobond: help

Virgoshio: OW

Holmes: ((oh thats your chars face))

OnlineHost: Keith Vigors has entered the room.


davepoobond: ::friggin knocks shio away with the talking chair::

Holmes: ::mumbles cause he can;t talk and shakes violently::

Virgoshio: ::falls and then gets up::

OnlineHost: Keith Vigors has left the room.

davepoobond: ::farts in shio’s face::

davepoobond: get down!

Virgoshio: ::throws a table at her::

Virgoshio: ::hit::

davepoobond: theres a nuclear bomb!

davepoobond: ::not a she….::

Holmes: ::hops around with the chair::

Holmes: ::snaps and he can talk again:: and your mother can’t cook!

Virgoshio: i know

davepoobond: haha

Virgoshio: knocks holmes over

davepoobond: your book is a pie

Holmes: you wanna knock me over?

Virgoshio: yes?

Virgoshio: yes*

Holmes: …

Holmes: ((forgot the :: :: dummy))

davepoobond: ((you’re messin up))

Virgoshio: ((my bad))

OnlineHost: Virgoshio has left the room.

Holmes: hahahahaha

Holmes: he’s fun to mess with