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Rhydin Private School

JasonHunter: ::walks out of his dorm and into the halls::

Holmes: jomama

JasonHunter: ::his blue eyes look about as his blue spikey hair sways a bit as he walks::

Holmes: jomama

JasonHunter: ::standing 6’2, and being muscular and well built for a 19 year old::

Holmes: jomama

Spitfire: ::looks to Holmes:: Stop That

JasonHunter: ::dressed in a skin tight black jump suit and black boots::

Holmes: jomama

Holmes: stop what

Spitfire: saying that word, jomama

Holmes: ::gives a shrug::

Holmes: what? You talkin about my mama?

Spitfire: no

Holmes: i can always smell a liar cause they stink…::glares at him::

JasonHunter: ::hears voices as he turns the corner of the hall and looks to the two::

Spitfire: Young Man do you think your a tough guy?

Creepychica: ::remains against the locker::

Creepychica: ::brushing her bright blonde lockes::

Creepychica: ::puts her brush away:::

Mandi: if you want to chat with a 14 year ol lady that live in ky please im me as soon as you can

Creepychica: ::runs her fingers through her hair::

Mandi: if you want to chat with a 14 year ol lady that live in ky please im me as soon as you can

Holmes: no i think you think that i think that you think what she thinks that i think i’m a tough

Holmes: guy

JasonHunter: ::glances to Creepy and gives her a small warm smile::

Creepychica: ::Wearing her cheerleading uniform:::

Spitfire: Son I am a Combat Pilot

Creepychica: ::she looks at Jason and smiles that cute flirty smile of hers back, winking::

Holmes: Hi mr. pilot, i’m santa clause

Spitfire: That’s Wing COmmander to you

Holmes: thats Jolly Fat Boy to YOU

JasonHunter: I think the kid needs to grow up ::talking about Holmes::

Jakson Bullok: ::he walks in slowly his hand in Kats::

Kat DeTorre: ::walks in..her hand in Jacksons:: what was that all about?

Creepychica: :::bends over, on purpose, picking her books up from the bottom of her locker slowly:: (lol)

Creepychica: (just had to add)

Spitfire: If he only saw what I have seen

Jakson Bullok: I dunno…shes been at me all day though

Holmes: and i thought I was a baby, go cry about it wing man…

JasonHunter: ::quickly glances back to Creepy::

Spitfire: Kid I have seen CHildren killed by bombs

Kat DeTorre: ::looks to him:: another one of your “friends”?

Kat DeTorre: ::arches a perfect brow::

Spitfire: young Men not much older than you BLown out of the sky

Jakson Bullok: whats that supposed to mean

Holmes: damn i knew setting those bombs in preschools wasn’t the brightest idea…

Creepychica: ::stands back up, putting her books on top of her locker::

Kat DeTorre: nothing

Spitfire: ::glares:: I’m Talking about by Luftwaffe Bombs

Jakson Bullok: ::he would noramly get angry, but sice hes happy there back together::

Creepychica: :::brushing her short cheerleading skirt off and flips her hair around to her back:::

Jakson Bullok: since*

Holmes: oh Waffle bombs, are they put into waffles and then eaten and then people blow up?

Spitfire: the German Air FOrce you fool

JasonHunter: ::he walks by them all, giving a wink to Creepy as he heads to the gym::

Holmes: they must be made in germany…

Creepychica: ::looks back at him and smiles::

FaithEliz: <<back>>

Holmes: can’t trust those germans

Spitfire: not to mention the 40 pilots I’ve seen to their deaths

Kat DeTorre: ::grabs her strawberry lip gloss out of her purse…placeing some on her lips::

Creepychica: ::shuts her locker, grabbing her bag and walks casually on over to the gym::

Holmes: germans are EVIL

Spitfire: ((wb))

FaithEliz: <,ty>>

Spitfire: no

JasonHunter: ::he walks into the gym and takes the 5ft long 6inch wide sword off of his back::

Creepychica: ::doesn’t want to act like she’s stalking him or anything::

Spitfire: ((np))

Holmes: when i asked a german if he knew where the nearest tourist center was and he kept saying

Jakson Bullok: ooh..Strawberry..can I taste it

JasonHunter: ::he holds it with both hands and begins to train by himself, looking as if he was sword

JasonHunter: dancing::

Holmes: nine and i said i didn’t need a number, i wanted to know where it was and he kept saying

Holmes: nine

Creepychica: :::she takes out a light pink piece of paper and writes, My dorm room number 231, come visit

Holmes: there EVIL

Kat DeTorre: ::places it back into her purse:: maybe

Creepychica: sometime, Love, Afton:::

Spitfire: he was saying no, Nien is no in german

Jakson Bullok: ::he lenas closer to her about to kiss her::

Creepychica: ::Sets it in the door and walks off upstairs to her dorm::

Kat DeTorre: ::a sweet smile playes apon her lips::

Holmes: SURE cover his back NOW

Jakson Bullok: ::he kisses her deeply, his tounge sliding into her mouth::

JasonHunter: ::smirks as his muscules tence a bit up from the training and turns around to see the note::

Holmes: don’t hide the evilness of germany, they make those wierd cars and call them “Beetles”

Spitfire: ::turns to walk away::

Creepychica: ::opens her door and enters the room, shutting the door once again::

Kat DeTorre: ::kisses him back, returning the tounge:: So, what are we doing tonight?

Creepychica: ::turns on Mariah Carey’s The Roof::

Holmes: i’m telling you their from another planet and don’t turn your back on me

JasonHunter: ::he walks over and puts the swor back on his back, reading the note::

Jakson Bullok: whateva you want

Spitfire: ::walks to his Jump bag and Picks it up::

Holmes: i only speak the truth and nothing but the truth so help me god

Spitfire: Come on Tarquin

JerisFlame: ::Enters the school silently::

Kat DeTorre: ::looks around:: this school is boring

Spitfire: ::walks away from the kid::

Creepychica: ::sings along lowly:: ” I only wanted you to taste my sadness as you kissed me in the dark”