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#6376: davepoobond -> Kaz

davepoobond: moo

Kaz: You know cows dont say moo right?

davepoobond: what do they say then

Kaz: They sound more like uuuuuuuurnm

davepoobond: muuuuuuuuu

Kaz: uuuuuuuurnm

davepoobond: muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu


davepoobond: MOOOOOOOOO



#6087: davepoobond -> Kaz

davepoobond: moo

Kaz: You know cows dont say moo right?

davepoobond: what do they say then

Kaz: They sound more like uuuuuuuurnm

davepoobond: muuuuuuuuu

Kaz: uuuuuuuurnm

davepoobond: muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu


davepoobond: MOOOOOOOOO




#5936: davepoobond -> Kaz

davepoobond: hiiii

Kaz: Hello mr Moron

davepoobond: boo!

davepoobond: moron with two rs

davepoobond: to u

davepoobond: mister

Kaz: Boo? ECUUSE ME?

davepoobond: ::Fart::

davepoobond: notice the capital


davepoobond: boy that was a stinky one

davepoobond: geez

davepoobond: what the hell

davepoobond: gawd!

davepoobond: help me!

davepoobond: i’m choking!

Kaz: Oh mr big shot with two rrs and capital farts…

Kaz: Hah

Kaz: Ive delt with your kind

davepoobond: ::takes out lysol:: i dont care about my grandkids, it stinks now

Kaz: Your the kind who stops by just for free nachos..

Kaz: But SOMEONE has to pay for them!!!!!!

davepoobond: buenas nachos!

davepoobond: ffffffffffffffffooooooooooood~

Kaz: is good

davepoobond: like toods



davepoobond: noooo!

davepoobond: ::FarT::

davepoobond: ouch!

Kaz: No you cant have two capitals!

Kaz: Thats against the rules!

davepoobond: i can have two fuckin capitals if i want them

Kaz: You… you…


davepoobond: oh nooo

davepoobond: please, not that

Kaz: Fine if you get two capitals I get two ToO

davepoobond: NOOOOOO

Kaz: MuahaHahahaaa

davepoobond: only morrons can have them!

Kaz: NoooOOOooooOOOoooOOO

Kaz: (0_0_0)

Kaz: heh heh siamese twins

davepoobond: oh on

davepoobond: no

davepoobond: -_-_-_-_-

davepoobond: 4 people attatched to each other

Kaz: Ouch that must be hard to walk with all them legs…

davepoobond: they only have 2

Kaz: Whoops gtg

davepoobond: shoee!

davepoobond: ok bye

Kaz: Bye bye

#5935: Kaz -> Awesomeguy

Kaz: Your so awesome!!!

Awesomeguy: do i know you

Kaz: Howd you get so awesome?

Kaz: Nope I’m just a fan

Awesomeguy: im strong thats how

Awesomeguy: and i can create any thing

Kaz: Really?

Kaz: Create me something

Awesomeguy: like what

Kaz: Umm I dunno, make me a burger

Kaz: With no pickles and no onions

Awesomeguy: i meant as in metals

Kaz: Oh..

Awesomeguy: swords rings amulets

Kaz: So you cant make a burger?

Awesomeguy: no

Awesomeguy: i dont cook

Kaz: Whats the point of making stuff if you cant make a burger?

Awesomeguy: to where and defend your self with

Awesomeguy: wear

Awesomeguy: the sword i just sheathed i made my self

Awesomeguy: its too powerful so few can hold it

Kaz: It be nice if you could make a powerful burger

Kaz: So powerful few could eat it

Awesomeguy: ::gets to work on something::

Kaz: I knew it! You can make a burger!

Awesomeguy: ::finishes work::

Awesomeguy: ::hands him a glowing braclet::

Kaz: Oh nevermind…

Censor Anyone?


Inferno: ::;;kils raist:::::::;;;;

OnlineHost: Soul Reaver rolled 4 999-sided dice: 87 489 634 301

DJ Saint: ~*~ Soul Reaver rolled a total of 1217 hit points ~*~{{ thats going to LoST }

Kaz: (( KISS HIS ASS ))

Inferno: -[] I know the HC of LoST []-

DJ Saint: (( no I don’t ))

Inferno: -[] So STFU []-


Soul Reaver: ( i didnt mean to roll )

Inferno: -[] He’s my best friends husband []-

Soul Reaver: ( i was just seeing something )

Inferno: -[] ahahahahaha []-

DJ Saint: { you and your little stfu shit }

Inferno: -[] So stfu DJ []-

Inferno: -[] stfu stfu stfu []-

Inferno: -[] cheeka cheeka cheeka, whoops DJ’s a faker []-

DJ Saint: { why don’t you say SHUT THE FUCK UP like a straight person }

Kaz: ((LMAO))

Inferno: -[] My rappin’ skills suck []-


DJ Saint: { damn right so does your Rping skills }

Inferno: -[] So does you bitch []-

Soul Reaver: ( guess what )

Kaz: ((LMAO))

Inferno: -[] See!! ::Stuffs his cock down his throat::[]-

Kaz: ((I”M GONNA LOG THIS!!!))

Inferno: -[]::Pulls it out::[]-

Inferno: -[] please do…[]-

OnlineHost: Sinister has entered the room.

Inferno: -[] I can whip you straight with my cock,boi []-

Sinister: do you people got anime pics

Kaz: ((LMAO)!!!!!!)

Inferno: -[]::Is 32 years old:: Dj! Respect your fucking elders! []-

Kaz: ((I got some))

Inferno: -[] Or prepare to die []-

Kaz: ((but they’re MINE ALL MINE))

Sinister: could you mail me some

Sinister: oh

Inferno: -[] Shaddup sinister []-

OnlineHost: Soul Reaver has left the room.

DJ Saint: { fucking old ppl }


Inferno: -[]::Clicks::[]-

OnlineHost: Fury Sylon has entered the room.


Inferno: -[] Puss hoe left..[]-

Kaz: ((LOL))

DJ Saint: WORLD*

Inferno: -[] O.o []-

Kaz: ((FUCK FOR FUN!))

Inferno: -[] Dude….calm the fuck down..[]-

Inferno: -[] I think Dj’s gonna kill himself..[]-


Inferno: -[] Lets cheer him on []-

Kaz: ((FUCK))

Darkforce: ((just shut up…no one l;ikes you…go away))

OnlineHost: Soul Reaver has entered the room.

Darkforce: likes*

Inferno: -[] GO DJ GO GO DJ GO!! []-



Soul Reaver: ( ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh )

Inferno: -[]::Bashes a Steel pipe against DJ’s dildo::[]-

Soul Reaver: ( dont ever judge me!!!!!! )

Inferno: -[] RAWR!!!!!!!! []-

DJ Saint: {-搂lipknot }

DJ Saint: { uh no }

Inferno: -[] Ewww…slipnot.’s…..gay…[]-

Soul Reaver: ( sorry i had to finish it )

DJ Saint: { I’m sorry Inferno, just no }

DJ Saint: {NO}

Soul Reaver: ( slipknot could kill u )

Inferno: -[] THEY FUCK YOU HOE!!! []-

DJ Saint: { FUCK IT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! }}

Inferno: -[] Fuck who? []-

Inferno: -[] I fuck my girl []-

Kaz: ((FUUUUUUUUCK!!!!!!!!!)))

Inferno: -[] I almost choked her once []-

DJ Saint: { that means you fuck yourself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! }

Inferno: -[] 馃榾 []-

OnlineHost: Soul Reaver has left the room.

Kaz: ((LMAO))

DJ Saint: { almost choked yourself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! }

Inferno: -[] No….my palm sometimes…but mostly my girl..[]-

DJ Saint: {o.o}

Inferno: -[] See..tonight I’m lonely..its just me and Palm-heada…[]-

Kaz: ((dj your so…))

Inferno: -[] GAY []-

Kaz: ((whats the word…))


Kaz: ((Yeah thats it))

Inferno: -[] GAY!!! []-

Inferno: -[] YEAH YEAH!! []-

Inferno: -[]

Kaz: ((you perver youd fuck a puppet?))

DJ Saint: { I’m straighter then your moma was when you ate her out }

Kaz: ((THAT SICK))

Inferno: -[] Thats sick ..[]-

Inferno: -[] I only eat out hoes and my girl []-

DJ Saint: { I’m not surprised you eat yourself }

Inferno: -[] And I only toy with myself when I’m lonely[]-

Kaz: ((LOL this log is gonna be FUNNY!!!!))

DJ Saint: { hemaphrodites! }

DJ Saint: { LOG IT! }

Inferno: -[] Actually..I do eat myself..::Bites his arm::[]-

DJ Saint: {Log this fucking shit! }

Pika: well your mam is a HOE THAN ok

Inferno: -[] I’m hungry..broke…no one…[]-

Inferno: -[] I eat my skin..[]-

Inferno: -[] My toenails..[]-

Inferno: -[] XD []-

DJ Saint: { spent all your money on vicadin }

Inferno: -[] I poor mustard on them []-

Darkforce: ((and just think this all started by pika overreacting about inferno taking liquor))

Inferno: -[] No…spent all my money on viagra..[]-

DJ Saint: { it did? }

Inferno: -[] Yes..[]-

Inferno: -[] But who cares []-

Inferno: -[]::Takes a viagra pill::[]-

Inferno: -[]::Looks at a naked picture of a hoe and rips his undies:: DAMN IT! []-

DJ Saint: { well fuck why the hell did he overreact }

Inferno: -[] Cuz he’s a pussy []-

Inferno: -[] Pissy passy mofo fucker []-

DJ Saint: {pika you dumbass! }

Kaz: -ooc

Inferno: -[] pissy pantsy mofoooooo lesssbooooo []-

Inferno: -OOC

Pika: what I do

DJ Saint: { there’s nothing wrong with that }

Inferno: Suck it on my balls

Kaz: I refuse to ype another bubble…

Inferno: Suck suck suck!!

Pika: what did I do DJ ??????

Inferno: ^Eats his mom out when he’s lonely!!!! XD ::Points up::

Inferno: V Lesbo


Inferno: ROFL!!!

DJ Saint: {{ you started this because of that! }

Inferno: ROY



Inferno: ^ Male whore

Inferno: XD

Inferno: Okay sorru

Inferno: sorry*

Inferno: Hey..

Inferno: I gotta dump.

Kaz: Dump away.

my pic





Kaz: Chug chug chug!

SexyNoin: .. . . . ..

Kaz: ::chugs::

SexyNoin: *raises an eyebrow* Mmkay.. .?

OnlineHost: Chibi duo gw 32 has entered the room.

OnlineHost: Chibi duo gw 32 has left the room.

Kaz: ::slaps the cup down after he finishes::

Kaz: Ahhhhhh…

SexyNoin: *jumps*

SexyNoin: *relaxes and sits back down*

SexyNoin: *finishes drink*

SexyNoin: thanx for the refreshment :). . *walks out the doors*

OnlineHost: SexyNoin has left the room.

Kaz: Wooh here comes the pink elephant… *hic*

SpeedofLight: a pink elephant?

OnlineHost: Chibi duo gw 32 has entered the room.

OnlineHost: Chibi duo gw 32 has left the room.

SpeedofLight: ::waves his hand in Emeryk’s face:: how many hands do i have?

OnlineHost: Master Steven has entered the room.

Master Steven: hi

SpeedofLight: hi

Master Steven: sup

Kaz: You have one silly..

Master Steven: have what

SpeedofLight: first drunk guy that can see right

SNept: hi FF8

Master Steven: hi

Kaz: Hey I’ms nots druk!

Master Steven: ::open his 20th beer::

Kaz: ::punches at him and misses horribly::

Kaz: Ugh…

SpeedofLight: told you

Kaz: Take thats bish..

Master Steven: ::drinks it::

Master Steven: hic

Kaz: Told me whats? You talkin to me?

Kaz: I said you talks to me?

SpeedofLight: yep he is drunk

SNept: **sits Emeryk down at a table**

SNept: Stay

Master Steven: i can still see rite

Kaz: Yo momma!

Kaz: Dos driks should be free

OnlineHost: Master Steven has left the room.

SNept: **sighs**

Kaz: Free like you momma

Kaz: XD

SNept: …

SNept: **slaps him across the face**

SpeedofLight: told you he is drunk

Kaz: ::slapped::

Kaz: Ooh feisty!

SpeedofLight: ouch

Kaz: Come to poppa baybey!

Kaz: ::collapses::

SpeedofLight: ::drags him out to the lake::

SNept: **fixes her skirt and sits on the bar counter**

Kaz: ::getting dragged::

Kaz: ::points at him:: You know whats?

SpeedofLight: ::puts him the water and takes him out::

Kaz: I lov you

Kaz: ::gets dunked::

Kaz: Hey I lov you why you wet poor me?

SpeedofLight: ::throws him in the water::

SpeedofLight: lets see if you can swim

SpeedofLight: i guess he cant o well

SpeedofLight: ::walks back to the bar::

Kaz: ::glug glug::

Kaz: ::crawls out::

SNept: BrB

Kaz: I saw a fish!

SpeedofLight: k

Kaz: No really I did!

Kaz: It was all bif and had three eyes and…

Kaz: big*

Kaz: It had a nice booty too!

SpeedofLight: ::gets Emeryk and ties him to an anvel and throws him in the lake::

SNept: back

SpeedofLight: ok

Kaz: ::sink to the bottom::

SpeedofLight: should i leave him there/

SpeedofLight: *?

Kaz: ::comes out::

Kaz: Ugh…, my head…

Kaz: Shoulda not had so many beers before I got here

Kaz: ::his watch beeps::

SNept: **takes her jacket off**

Kaz: Oh no! I’m missing my Bar Mitzfa!

Themyscria Meadows

OnlineHost: *** You are in “Arts and Entertainment – Themyscria Meadows”. ***

davepoobond: ::comes out of the ground covered by earthworms::

davepoobond: aaagghh! get’m off me!

MoonTiger: ~walks in her tight leather pants show off her well toned legs her black leather jacket cove

davepoobond: i wonder if Captain Planet ever had this problem….

Kaz: ((char pic available))

MoonTiger: rs most of her top but you see part of the red top and her belly button is pierced with a ta

Kaz: ((LOL!!! XD))

MoonTiger: ttoo around it her long usually strait silky hair is curled slightly into her face~

davepoobond: ::gets on a scooter and scoots through the posies:: posies are for pansies!

Kaz: ::looks to the woman::

Kaz: Hello ^_^

MoonTiger: umm hi

MoonTiger: ~looks to the weird person shakes her head~

davepoobond: ::jumps off scooter and rolls through the flowers to watch the scooter knock into a tree and

Kaz: ((Oh send me you chair pic please?))

davepoobond: blow up like a nuclear explosion::

Kaz: ((I’ll send you mine ^_^))

MoonTiger: ( kay )

davepoobond: [ +_=

davepoobond: [ +_= ]

MoonTiger: ( brb)

Kaz: ((sent))

Kaz: Whoa what did you have on that thing?

Kaz: Tnt?

davepoobond: ……a basket

davepoobond: full of cookies

Kaz: Cookies?

Kaz: What brand?

davepoobond: grandma’s

davepoobond: Grandma Cookies

davepoobond: made with real nestle chocolate

davepoobond: grandma made them especially for me…

Kaz: ::mouth waters::

Kaz: -And you blew thwm up.

davepoobond: no wonder they blew up like that

davepoobond: no…..she put a little something extra in it

davepoobond: i dont know what it was

davepoobond: i think it was a little too much cinnamon

Kaz: ((LMAO))

OnlineHost: MoonTiger has left the room.

davepoobond: ((they really have a brand called Grandma’s Cookies))

davepoobond: ((its in the vending machines at school))

Kaz: ((yeah I know XD))


OnlineHost: *** You are in “poop”. ***

davepoobond: hey hey!

Crazy717: yo

davepoobond: wats up

Crazy717: lol

Crazy717: nuttin

Crazy717: u?

davepoobond: same, i’m just bored

davepoobond: what are you guys doing in a room named poop

davepoobond: only weirdos would go to a room named poop

davepoobond: sheesh

Crazy717: F

Crazy717: r

Crazy717: o

davepoobond: ok……..so….

Crazy717: s

Crazy717: t

Crazy717: y

Crazy717: 路路梅^卤/ R脿m镁脿g猫 鈥犆该竘z 2.0 Macro Draw

Crazy717: lol

davepoobond: oh

davepoobond: so much fun

davepoobond: doing that

davepoobond: with a prog

Crazy717: F


Crazy717: r

Crazy717: o

HHHHHH: sent

Crazy717: s

Crazy717: ok brb

Crazy717: t

Crazy717: y

Crazy717: 路路梅^卤/ R脿m镁脿g猫 鈥犆该竘z 2.0 Macro Draw

davepoobond: what is this room anyway?

Crazy717: ryan sorry i dont have speakers!

Crazy717: lol

Crazy717: well no batterz

davepoobond: heh

HHHHHH: it aint a song

Crazy717: i be hea doin dat

HHHHHH: it a picture

Crazy717: ok

Crazy717: lmao

HHHHHH: its a picture of our CD cover

Crazy717: lol ok

davepoobond: ………

Crazy717: fake!

Crazy717: i bet]

Crazy717: tiiiiiiiiight

Crazy717: lol

Crazy717: ryan where did u download dat at?

davepoobond: wtf are you guys talking about

Crazy717: i need it!!!!!!!!!!!

Crazy717: lmao

OnlineHost: Kaz has entered the room.

Crazy717: get out if ya dont kno

HHHHHH: it is on methodus

davepoobond: well, i will know if you tell me

Crazy717: where do i go 2 click it?

Kaz: poop is cool

Kaz: You guys are cool

davepoobond: yeah poop IS cool

Crazy717: lol

Crazy717: thankz

Crazy717: 馃檪

HHHHHH: click

HHHHHH: toolz

Crazy717: then what?

HHHHHH: then go to 3d text maker

Crazy717: ok

davepoobond: ok

davepoobond: then what?

Crazy717: brb

HHHHHH: Loaded 3D Text designer with Methodus Toolz

HHHHHH: Click Here To Download METHODUS TOOLz 2.0

Kaz: Wait I thought this was about poop?

davepoobond: is methodus toolz good?

Crazy717: 0%

Crazy717: lmao

Kaz: Methodus toolz is poop

Crazy717: 1%

Crazy717: 2%

HHHHHH: methoudus ripz it up

Kaz: Thats why we talking about it

davepoobond: so………thats bad?


davepoobond: but, why would u want something to rip “it” up?

Crazy717: to be tight u stupid

Crazy717: lol

davepoobond: i dont like tight clothes

Kaz: Yeah thats gay

Crazy717: tight meaning cool dummie

davepoobond: then why dont u just say cool

davepoobond: cool has 4 letters, tight has 5

Kaz: So would baggy mean uncool?

Crazy717: cuz

Kaz: Its baggy to eat poo

Crazy717: Ewww

davepoobond: heh

Crazy717: u like poop

Crazy717: lol

davepoobond: what things does methodus have?

Crazy717: everything

Kaz: It has tight stuff

Crazy717: everything

Kaz: It has tight stuff

Crazy717: ryan i can create my own program

Crazy717: Visual Basic

HHHHHH: Methodus Sex Bot On

HHHHHH: Type sex to get some


Kaz: sex

HHHHHH: Kaz is about to have his dog chew on his nipples so they can bleed


HHHHHH: /sex


Kaz: I dont have a dog..

Crazy717: sex

HHHHHH: Crazy717 will suck her brother’s dick


HHHHHH: Methodus Sex Bot Off

Kaz: lol

Crazy717: No!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



davepoobond: ahha

Crazy717: nmo i wont


Kaz: When I get a dog, then will it chew my nipple?

HHHHHH: yo imma pimp yall

HHHHHH: imma pimp



HHHHHH: pimp

HHHHHH: pimp

HHHHHH: ppim

HHHHHH: mppi

Crazy717: hea it goes….

Kaz: A pimp that cant spell his title…

Kaz: How pityful..

Crazy717: 路路梅^卤/ R脿m镁脿g猫 鈥犆该竘z 虏路潞 脽每 脴酶gl猫

Crazy717: 路路梅^卤/ /\/\氓垄r枚 脨r氓vv猫r 拢枚氓d猫d

davepoobond: lol

HHHHHH: Loaded Macro Designer with Methodus Toolz

HHHHHH: Click Here To Download METHODUS TOOLz 2.0

OnlineHost: PEEP878634 has entered the room.

Kaz: They’ll let anyone be pimps nowadays..

PEEP878634: Loaded METHODUS TOOLz 2.0

PEEP878634: Click Here To Download METHODUS TOOLz 2.0

OnlineHost: PEEP878634 has left the room.

OnlineHost: Cuddles has entered the room.

Cuddles: Hey

Kaz: Hiya cuddles

Kaz: We were just talkin about how much Peep sucks

Cuddles: lol

Cuddles: lol

OnlineHost: Goldennugget has entered the room.

Kaz: Yup he suck my balls with those methodous tools

Goldennugget: mmmmm

Kaz: he can*

davepoobond: heh

Cuddles: ??????????????

Cuddles: What??

Kaz: Mmmmm?

Cuddles: lol

Kaz: What the hell?

davepoobond: heh

Kaz: Talk like normal people you nugget!

davepoobond: lol

Cuddles: Who?

Cuddles: ?

davepoobond: lots of people for a private room

Goldennugget: i like the smell of pussy

davepoobond: great for you

Kaz: What happened to mmmm? huh?

Cuddles: Well everyone bye I was just invitedinto a different chat room.

OnlineHost: Samoan4lyph has entered the room.

OnlineHost: HHHHHH has left the room.

Kaz: Suddenly its pussy?

Cuddles: *invited into

davepoobond: lol

OnlineHost: Chica has entered the room.

Kaz: Make up you mind!

OnlineHost: Cuddles has left the room.

davepoobond: cuddles!

davepoobond: darn

Goldennugget: mmmmmmm pubes

OnlineHost: Crazy717 has left the room.

Kaz: Oh i see theye go hand in hand for you

Goldennugget: i floss my teeth with my brothers pubes

davepoobond: boooooooom!!!!!!!!

davepoobond: ew, your brother is Glide?

OnlineHost: Goldennugget has left the room.

Kaz: Does he roll them up and put them in a white box labeled dental floss?

OnlineHost: Goldennugget has entered the room.

davepoobond: possibly

OnlineHost: Samoan4lyph has left the room.

OnlineHost: Goldennugget has left the room.

Kaz: I think if you notice your floss isnt white or green, you have a problem..


Kaz: Chica what do you think?

OnlineHost: MoNkEy has entered the room.

davepoobond: ok, leave then

MoNkEy: hola

Kaz: Youd think a room with the name poop would be exciting.. 0.0

Chica: I POOP

davepoobond: great

davepoobond: the best of us do

davepoobond: but your not the best of us

davepoobond: your the worst of us

OnlineHost: LaLaD has entered the room.


davepoobond: i dont know how you got away with pooping

MoNkEy: lalad

LaLaD: i just pooped

OnlineHost: Ji Hoon has entered the room.

davepoobond: lol

Ji Hoon: [] ^_^; []

OnlineHost: MoNkEy has left the room.

OnlineHost: LaLaD has left the room.

Ji Hoon: [] …What a nice name for a chat… x.x; []

Chica: NO

davepoobond: sure, it is

Kaz: Yeah

Chica: ~~~~_/)~~~~

davepoobond: wow

OnlineHost: Unknown “//” command.

Kaz: ^_^_^ <——– Happy siamese twins

Ji Hoon: [] …LoL… []

OnlineHost: Chica has left the room.

Ji Hoon: =|: )} – Abe Lincoln

Ji Hoon: [] x.x []

davepoobond: abe is dead though!

Kaz: LOL!

davepoobond: why would he be smiling?

OnlineHost: Goldennugget has entered the room.

Kaz: Oh yeah

Ji Hoon: [] ::He shrugs:: …I dunno… []

davepoobond: oh my

davepoobond: nugget, again

Kaz: Hiya nugget man

Kaz: Or woman, or…

Goldennugget: man

Kaz: ::shrugs::

Ji Hoon: [] o.o []

Kaz: Oh ok

davepoobond: are u sure?

Goldennugget: i have tesicles

davepoobond: tesicles?

Kaz: Seee if you dont introduce yourself, people dont know

davepoobond: hahaha!

Kaz: LOL

Ji Hoon: [] …Ew, A girl with testis… x.x; []

Ji Hoon: [] Sick dude… o.o []

davepoobond: is it fun to have tesicles?

Goldennugget: sometimes

davepoobond: sometimes what?

davepoobond: sometimes your a girl with testis?

Goldennugget: its not fun when they hurt

Ji Hoon: [] x.x []

davepoobond: riiiiight

Ji Hoon: [] – Testits never hurt []

Kaz: get real ones and they wont hurt!

davepoobond: lol

davepoobond: yeah! your born with economy size ones

Ji Hoon: *Testis

davepoobond: you have to buy new ones as soon as you get an allowance

Ji Hoon: [] …o.x []

Ji Hoon: [] …And she’ll buy a hot dog and glue the hot dog on top of the testis… []

Kaz: Suddely so quiet nugget?

Ji Hoon: [] XD []

Goldennugget: my dick hurts my girlfriend is cruel to my penis

Kaz: What are you plotting something?

davepoobond: he was never really laughing

davepoobond: ahahah

davepoobond: poor nugget

Kaz: Oh thats unfair shes supposed to be nice

davepoobond: did she chop it off yet, and keep it as a souvenier?

Kaz: If she trash your junk you can trash her boobs

davepoobond: lol

OnlineHost: NIKKI has entered the room.


davepoobond: what do u WANT

Ji Hoon: [] …Junk is worth much more than boobs… o.o []

davepoobond: this is a room called poop

Kaz: It was in the news once that a girl rubber cemented a dudes shlong to his torso XD

Ji Hoon: [] Really… []

::got an illegal operation and i logged off…..::

RhyDin SIave Cages

This entry is part 1 of 2 in the series Looking For a Slave

OnlineHost: *** You are in “Arts and Entertainment – RhyDin SIave Cages”. ***

Andero: ::starts to walk to the door::

davepoobond: WE! ARE! VR!

Kaz: ((LOL))

Tymber: ::nods:: her hand outstretched to Raver

Waterdog: sir trobles you to day

davepoobond: insert key thingys into your wrist!

davepoobond: ::jams key thingy into my wrist::

Waterdog: ::smiles::

davepoobond: ouch!

Raverjay: want to go to my house for awhile

davepoobond: ::turns it::

davepoobond: AAAAAAAAHhhh!

Kaz: ::looks to her:: Oh nothing much…

davepoobond: it hurts to be a VR trooper….

Kenichirou: ::He glanced at Raverjay…:: …Silence human… I would like a word with this woman.

Andero: ::walks out::

OnlineHost: Andero has left the room.

davepoobond: ::slides over to yuuki::

davepoobond: hey!

Raverjay: (( clicks ths button gnore on Kenichirou ))

Yuuki: ((::blinks:: VR….Trooper?…..I haven’t heard of that for years))

Kaz: ::his attention is ccaught by keni’s words:

davepoobond: ((i’m surprised none of you remember them))

Yuuki: ::watchit, she’s a bit pregnant::

Kenichirou: ::He casually tossed Tymber the katana:: …Catch..

davepoobond: i see you’re a bit pregnant!

Tymber: ::catches::


davepoobond: I’M REALLY THIRST

davepoobond: Y

Kenichirou: ::He stepped back a foot and folded his arms acrossed his breast-plate:: …Let me see

Kenichirou: what you are capable of.

davepoobond: ((::sips some of my water juice::))

davepoobond: ok, i’m not thirsty anymore

Tymber: ::stares::

davepoobond: ::stares back::

Yuuki: um….Bond…..how old are you?

davepoobond: hm

davepoobond: last time i checked

davepoobond: i was

Kaz: ::he watches keni, and Tymber, intrigued::

Kenichirou: You will either show me your combative skill or waste none of my time any further.

davepoobond: 500 minus 496 plus 10

Kaz: ((EVeryone still there?))

Kenichirou: ::He tapped his left foot impatiently… it was obvious he wasn’t like the typical Rhydin

Kenichirou: male after a sex slave…::

Yuuki: 14…….ya act like it

davepoobond: ((i’m just waiting for a response))

davepoobond: heh, took you that long to do the math, eh?

davepoobond: mwahah!

Kaz: ((LOL))

Yuuki: ::would make a good sex slave in about 3 months::

Tymber: ::smiles and hands him his Katana:: I do not fight….i am a sexslave…

Raverjay: :: stares and laughs slightly trying to see what is going on ::

davepoobond: ::raises a brow::

Kenichirou: ::He grabbed the sword back from her harshly:: Then you are useless.

Raverjay: :: looks at the man calling him a mere mortal ::

davepoobond: geez, you’re in the weirdest places raist

Kaz: ((yup lol))

Kenichirou: ::He swiftly sheathed the katana back into its saya and turned away, glancing at the others

Kenichirou: around::

Kaz: ::leans on the cage smirking::

davepoobond: ok!

davepoobond: who wants to eat some of my poop

Kenichirou: ((*cough* Raverjay-mun, Kamui called him HUMAN, not mortal… and mortal/immortal doesn’t

Kenichirou: matter since most people don’t realize beign immortal just means you don’t age… you can die just

Kenichirou: as easily.))

davepoobond: well? any takers?!

davepoobond: ::fart::

davepoobond: they’re stirring up, nice and hot

Raverjay: (( thats nice it dont make a diffrence to me ))

davepoobond: i can smell it right now

davepoobond: oooooooohhhhhhweee!

Raverjay: (( kepep in ic please bye ))

Kenichirou: ::He glanced at Kaz:: <q> My my, such a cocky little visage you have…

OnlineHost: Luscanon has entered the room.

OnlineHost: Luscanon has left the room.

Tymber: ::she looks around::

OnlineHost: Ldy has entered the room.

Yuuki: ((I get the feeling Bond doesn’t have many friends….))

Kaz: ((LOL!))

Raverjay: :: looks at tymber again :: that was interesting

davepoobond: ((ha! what are you talking about))

OnlineHost: Beetle has entered the room.

Kenichirou: ::He pointed at Kaz…:: …Come here, boy.

Beetle: :;appears in::

davepoobond: ((true, i may scare a few people now and then))

Beetle: Hello whos in charge

Kaz: Oh… Me?

Beetle: of this place

Kenichirou: …indeed, you.

davepoobond: yeah! i’d like to know that

Ldy: ::she walked in slowly, her silver and gold wolf shaped eyes look around as she moved inward

davepoobond: too

Beetle: Whos in charge

Ldy: her firery red hair fell about her shoulders as she watched::

Kaz: ::he gets up and strides to him quietly::

Beetle: :;appears by Ldy::

Kenichirou: ::He swiftly grabbed Kaz by the neck, his thumb feeling the boy’s jawline::

Beetle: No females

davepoobond: ::looks over to ldy:: ………MOMMA!

Kenichirou: …Can you fight…?

Beetle: BOND

davepoobond: ::runs over to her and hugs her leg reallly tight::

Beetle: I remember you

davepoobond: ya do?

Beetle: davepoobond

Tymber: ::looks to Jay::

Beetle: from tifas bar

davepoobond: i dont remember you

Kaz: Yes.

Beetle: member

Ldy: ::raises a brow::

davepoobond: no, i dont member

Beetle: you explained a slave

Kaz: ::he remains calm and passive::

Beetle: oh well I want one

Ldy: get off me kid!

Beetle: Can I have one

Kenichirou: ::He grinned and whispered into the boy’s ear:: <q> …poor child… so innocent… yet

Kenichirou: already a slave at such a young age…

davepoobond: boohoo

davepoobond: rejected by my own momma

Raverjay: would you like to leave here now

Kenichirou: <q> …and humans enslaved you more than likely, didn’t they…?

Ldy: i am not your mom

Beetle: davepoobond

Kaz: ::his eyes widen:: …

davepoobond: now i’m gonna cry and wipe my booger all over your leg

OnlineHost: Jay Moon has entered the room.

Jay Moon: ::toddles up, lookin around with his greenish-blue eyes::

Ldy: ::picks up the kid and opens a cage door and tosses him inside locking it::

Raverjay: im tired of people :: looks at keni::

Ldy: thats for being anoying

Kenichirou: <q> …how would you like to pay those humans back for what they did… how would you

Kenichirou: like to see the fear in their eyes as you bleed them to death…?

Jay Moon: ::me?::

Ldy: (no))

Beetle: Ldy

Jay Moon: ((k))

Kaz: ::he looks down::

Beetle: are you a slave owner

Beetle: or a slave

OnlineHost: Waterdog has left the room.

Jay Moon: ::looks to ldy::

Kenichirou: ::He laughed darkly and straightened his posture::

Kenichirou: …I can give you that opportunity, boy.

Ldy: ::smiles at jay::;

Beetle: ldy:

Jay Moon: ::smiles up at her, extends his arm, wavin up at her::

Kaz: Is that so…?

Kenichirou: ::He licked his lips slowly:: <q> …I can train you. Perfect you. Turn you into a killer.

Ldy: ::waves back:::

davepoobond: ::gets out of the cage and slams a bucket of grapes on top of ldy’s head::


Jay Moon: ::smiles::

Beetle: BAD LDY

Raverjay: :: looks into her eyes :: are you ok tymber

Kaz: ::he keeps looking down, not making direct eye contact::

Beetle: :;goes Chibi::

Beetle: SCUSE ME

Ldy: ((::throws an ignore dagger at davepoobond:::))


Kenichirou: <q> You can join my army… take your freedom back… purify and bathe this land in the

Kenichirou: blood of humans… the ones that ruined your short-lived life.

Tymber: ::Yeah….

Beetle: Ldy

Beetle: :;appears by her::

Kaz: I dont know…

Ldy: i dont have one you would want!

Ldy: ::looksing at him:::

Beetle: Are you a slave owner or trader

Tymber: ::her eyes narrow, as she raises her voice:: I’m a Human…

Ldy: owner

Beetle: Or are you a alsve

Beetle: oh ok

Xiniji Shaiko Temple

OnlineHost: *** You are in “Arts and Entertainment – Xiniji Shaiko Temple”. ***

Hotaru: ::kicks Dragiita in the face::

Dragiita: ::::block kick::

davepoobond: ::takes a bucket of grapes and slams it on top of darkangel’s head::

Kaz: (brb))

Dragiita: hey ::flips back::

davepoobond: ((ok))

davepoobond: mwaha!

Hotaru: ::collapses::

Dragiita: what are u guys doing

davepoobond: ::eats grapes::

DarkRaven: ::looks to Hotaru::

davepoobond: …..hmm?

Kaz: ((back))

Dragiita: its just a girl

davepoobond: well, i just picked a random person, and she was the lucky contestant

Dragiita: no need to get mindevil

Kaz: Shes not JUST a girl…

Kaz: ::scowls::

davepoobond: on

davepoobond: the

davepoobond: PRICE IS RIGHT

Dragiita: ::::raise brow::

davepoobond: ::a crowd of weirdos cheers::

davepoobond: yay!

davepoobond: that’s right! the price is right!

Kaz: ((LOLOLOL!!!))

Hotaru: your lucky to get off scot-free ::a strange light surrrounds her::

davepoobond: eh?

davepoobond: scott free?

davepoobond: i wonder who that is

Kaz: ::sighs relieved::

davepoobond: he must have a FREE life

Kaz: ((LLOL))|

davepoobond: AHAHAHA!

davepoobond: bob barker, you’re so funny!

Kaz: ((whoever he is I’m off of him now…))

Kaz: ((And not a moment too soon…))

Hotaru: ((put him on ignore then))

davepoobond: ((…….?))

Dragiita: ok

Kaz: ::limps to hotaru::

davepoobond: ………

davepoobond: poof!

Kaz: Are you ok?

Hotaru: ::Struggles to get up::

Kaz: That Jester defeated your dark side…

davepoobond: ::turns into a weird mexican man named Ricky Ricardo::

davepoobond: ahahah!

Kaz: ((LOL!))

davepoobond: bong bong bongo!

davepoobond: ya ya ya!

davepoobond: sing with me!

davepoobond: bong bong bongo!

Hotaru: huh?

davepoobond: bong bong bongo

OnlineHost: Dragiita has left the room.

davepoobond: bongo bongo bongo

davepoobond: olay@

davepoobond: !

davepoobond: ::tap dance solo::

Kaz: ((LOL))

Kaz: ((::dies:: x_x))

Kaz: ((XD))

Kaz: Ugh… I need a vacation..

Kaz: ::collapses blood spreding on the floor::

Kaz: And a band-aid..

Kaz: In fact I need the band aid more.

Kaz: 1. Band aid

Kaz: 2. Vacation

Kaz: ::is delirious from blood loss::

davepoobond: hey hey!

DarkRaven: ::looks to the person dying on the ground::

davepoobond: dont die! you need to fight in a tournament

OnlineHost: DarkRaven has left the room.

OnlineHost: Hotaru has left the room.

Kaz: I dunno why all them Nixons are dancin there but Ive had it up to HERE with his farmer.

Kaz: Ima gonna punt them all!

Kaz: :: suddenly gets up chases a group of pigeons::

Kaz: feild goal time!

Kaz: Field*

Kaz: ::trips and falls::

davepoobond: heh

davepoobond: we scared them off

Kaz: Aww they missed my nixon xcomment

davepoobond: heh

Annoying a Chat Room

davepoobond: ::picks up a piece of poop off the floor and puts it on the guy i was biting his hair on his head::

Raye: trust me..

Merlin: i also have another symbol on my head..::pushes his silver hair back revieling a black moon

PrinceMercury: o.o

nacto: :::lunges at First:::

Merlin: than what does this mean?

davepoobond: yeah, thats a pretty nice symbol

MGRex: No one can steal my heart, Ami already did

davepoobond: keekee

Raye: I’ve goten my heart snatched alot lately..

Merlin: ::is ignoring First::

Mercury: ::smiles::

Merlin: ??

davepoobond: mwahaha

Raye: its a black moon symbol..

Merlin: princess what is this symbol mean than?

davepoobond: ::teleports to the back of nacto::

davepoobond: hey, there mr. you trying to lunge at me?

Raye: meaning…your evil in pyhical..but not in emotions or mind

Merlin: ???

PrinceMercury: Your from Nemisis Tenchu

Merlin: what!?

nacto: :::puts sword through chest:::

PrinceMercury: A planet

Raye: trust me tenchu..

Merlin: ::is now completely confused::

davepoobond: ouch, that must hurt

davepoobond: i dont know why you put a sword through your own chest

Xenawar: I`m gone ::walks out with hands beside::

OnlineHost: Xenawar has left the room.

Raye: its meaning you were born evil..

MGRex: I love Ami, I love Ami, I love Ami, I love Ami

OnlineHost: Skitch has entered the room.

Merlin: ….

Mercury: ::blushes::

OnlineHost: Skitch has left the room.

nacto: it makes the hunger die down lol

davepoobond: right

Merlin: prince merlin also has this symbol…

Kaz: ((ami is sooooo hot *_*))

davepoobond: everybody does that now a days, dont they?

Merlin: ((…))

nacto: screwed up on the typing

nacto: (sorrry)

davepoobond: just stick their sword into their chest

davepoobond: “cuz they cant eat”

OnlineHost: nacto has left the room.

PrinceMercury: ((Your soooo right Kaz))

davepoobond: mwaha

Merlin: ::shakes his head::

davepoobond: made him leave

Merlin: ((….))

davepoobond: ::dances around the room::

Raye: davepoobond…leave him alone would ya?!

Kaz: (( *_* ))

davepoobond: nyah nyah nyah

davepoobond: why?

davepoobond: he’s gone?

davepoobond: yes

davepoobond: he is

Merlin: so princess what does this make me?

OnlineHost: IceEmpress has left the room.

Raye: evil…but that doesn’t mean you have to be..

Merlin: …

davepoobond: thats me in the corner!

davepoobond: thats me in the spotlight!

davepoobond: losing my religion

Merlin: i am evil?

davepoobond: trying to keep out

davepoobond: and i dont know if i can do it

davepoobond: oh no, i said toooo much!

davepoobond: ::grabs raye by the shirt collar::

davepoobond: i thought that i heard you laughing!

PrinceMercury: You don’t have to be evil, but you could if you wanted to.

Merlin: but how can i be evil i do nothing wrong…


Raye: ah!

davepoobond: EVERY WHISPER

davepoobond: EVERY WAKING HOUR

Merlin: doesnt everyone have that posablity?


davepoobond: ::jumps on raye’s head::

PrinceMercury: Not like you do.

Raye: let me be davepoobond!

davepoobond: like a wildabeast in honey!

davepoobond: i thought i heard you laughing!

Merlin: davepoobond please leave the princess alone

davepoobond: i thought i heard you gripe!

Raye: I wasn’t!

davepoobond: brought me to my knees

Raye: ack! go away!

davepoobond: now i said

davepoobond: i said too much!


Merlin: ::grabs First::

davepoobond: ::jumps off raye::

davepoobond: i think i got a song tooo try!?

Merlin: ::lets go::

Kaz: ::agrees with First::

Merlin: doc what has happened to you?

Raye: I’m not understanding what your saying to me davepoobond

Kaz: WHats happened to me?

Kaz: HAH

davepoobond: i thought i heard you laughing!

davepoobond: ::pants merlin::

davepoobond: that was just a dream

davepoobond: just a dream!

Kaz: The one you know as raislin is gone…

davepoobond: ::what is your name then

davepoobond: ::

Merlin: wha???


Merlin: what do you mean he is gone?

PrinceMercury: ::laughs::

Kaz: ::breakdances::

Merlin: what have you done with him?

Raye: ::holds chest, panting, runs off::

Mercury: ::looks around::

davepoobond: heh

Kaz: hes gone bye bye

Kaz: ^_^

PrinceMercury: ::stops laughing:: Ahem…sorry

Kaz: U_U

Kaz: <_<

Merlin: whereis he?

Kaz: >_>

Raye: ::chest pain in heart is hurting, runing faster::

Merlin: ::runs after raye::

davepoobond: poOOp!

Mercury: ::runs after Raye::

Mercury: Raye?!

Kaz: POooPi

Merlin: ::his speed suddenly ecells hers n he runs past her::

Merlin: ack!

MGRex: ::Runs after Raye::

Raye: ::falls to her knees:: I’m…fine..

OnlineHost: Vampiro has entered the room.

Merlin: ::stops infront of her::

Mercury: ::stops::

MGRex: Raye, are you ok?

Merlin: you are not princess…

PrinceMercury: ::Follows Ami::

Mercury: No you’re not Raye i know it

Mercury: ::kneels beside her::

davepoobond: mwah!

Vampiro: ::he sits inside the dark shadows apearing slowly staying unseen::

Merlin: hmm…tell me whats wrong…

davepoobond: she must have found that little secret i left in her hair

Kaz: Ami you so hot!

Raye: my heart crystal has always had this crak in it…

Kaz: as something REALLY REALLY hot!

OnlineHost: Vampiro has left the room.

Merlin: …

davepoobond: why didnt u glue it together then?!

Merlin: stand back im gonna try something…’