Annoying a Chat Room

davepoobond: ::picks up a piece of poop off the floor and puts it on the guy i was biting his hair on his head::

Raye: trust me..

Merlin: i also have another symbol on my head..::pushes his silver hair back revieling a black moon

PrinceMercury: o.o

nacto: :::lunges at First:::

Merlin: than what does this mean?

davepoobond: yeah, thats a pretty nice symbol

MGRex: No one can steal my heart, Ami already did

davepoobond: keekee

Raye: I’ve goten my heart snatched alot lately..

Merlin: ::is ignoring First::

Mercury: ::smiles::

Merlin: ??

davepoobond: mwahaha

Raye: its a black moon symbol..

Merlin: princess what is this symbol mean than?

davepoobond: ::teleports to the back of nacto::

davepoobond: hey, there mr. you trying to lunge at me?

Raye: meaning…your evil in pyhical..but not in emotions or mind

Merlin: ???

PrinceMercury: Your from Nemisis Tenchu

Merlin: what!?

nacto: :::puts sword through chest:::

PrinceMercury: A planet

Raye: trust me tenchu..

Merlin: ::is now completely confused::

davepoobond: ouch, that must hurt

davepoobond: i dont know why you put a sword through your own chest

Xenawar: I`m gone ::walks out with hands beside::

OnlineHost: Xenawar has left the room.

Raye: its meaning you were born evil..

MGRex: I love Ami, I love Ami, I love Ami, I love Ami

OnlineHost: Skitch has entered the room.

Merlin: ….

Mercury: ::blushes::

OnlineHost: Skitch has left the room.

nacto: it makes the hunger die down lol

davepoobond: right

Merlin: prince merlin also has this symbol…

Kaz: ((ami is sooooo hot *_*))

davepoobond: everybody does that now a days, dont they?

Merlin: ((…))

nacto: screwed up on the typing

nacto: (sorrry)

davepoobond: just stick their sword into their chest

davepoobond: “cuz they cant eat”

OnlineHost: nacto has left the room.

PrinceMercury: ((Your soooo right Kaz))

davepoobond: mwaha

Merlin: ::shakes his head::

davepoobond: made him leave

Merlin: ((….))

davepoobond: ::dances around the room::

Raye: davepoobond…leave him alone would ya?!

Kaz: (( *_* ))

davepoobond: nyah nyah nyah

davepoobond: why?

davepoobond: he’s gone?

davepoobond: yes

davepoobond: he is

Merlin: so princess what does this make me?

OnlineHost: IceEmpress has left the room.

Raye: evil…but that doesn’t mean you have to be..

Merlin: …

davepoobond: thats me in the corner!

davepoobond: thats me in the spotlight!

davepoobond: losing my religion

Merlin: i am evil?

davepoobond: trying to keep out

davepoobond: and i dont know if i can do it

davepoobond: oh no, i said toooo much!

davepoobond: ::grabs raye by the shirt collar::

davepoobond: i thought that i heard you laughing!

PrinceMercury: You don’t have to be evil, but you could if you wanted to.

Merlin: but how can i be evil i do nothing wrong…


Raye: ah!

davepoobond: EVERY WHISPER

davepoobond: EVERY WAKING HOUR

Merlin: doesnt everyone have that posablity?


davepoobond: ::jumps on raye’s head::

PrinceMercury: Not like you do.

Raye: let me be davepoobond!

davepoobond: like a wildabeast in honey!

davepoobond: i thought i heard you laughing!

Merlin: davepoobond please leave the princess alone

davepoobond: i thought i heard you gripe!

Raye: I wasn’t!

davepoobond: brought me to my knees

Raye: ack! go away!

davepoobond: now i said

davepoobond: i said too much!


Merlin: ::grabs First::

davepoobond: ::jumps off raye::

davepoobond: i think i got a song tooo try!?

Merlin: ::lets go::

Kaz: ::agrees with First::

Merlin: doc what has happened to you?

Raye: I’m not understanding what your saying to me davepoobond

Kaz: WHats happened to me?

Kaz: HAH

davepoobond: i thought i heard you laughing!

davepoobond: ::pants merlin::

davepoobond: that was just a dream

davepoobond: just a dream!

Kaz: The one you know as raislin is gone…

davepoobond: ::what is your name then

davepoobond: ::

Merlin: wha???


Merlin: what do you mean he is gone?

PrinceMercury: ::laughs::

Kaz: ::breakdances::

Merlin: what have you done with him?

Raye: ::holds chest, panting, runs off::

Mercury: ::looks around::

davepoobond: heh

Kaz: hes gone bye bye

Kaz: ^_^

PrinceMercury: ::stops laughing:: Ahem…sorry

Kaz: U_U

Kaz: <_<

Merlin: whereis he?

Kaz: >_>

Raye: ::chest pain in heart is hurting, runing faster::

Merlin: ::runs after raye::

davepoobond: poOOp!

Mercury: ::runs after Raye::

Mercury: Raye?!

Kaz: POooPi

Merlin: ::his speed suddenly ecells hers n he runs past her::

Merlin: ack!

MGRex: ::Runs after Raye::

Raye: ::falls to her knees:: I’m…fine..

OnlineHost: Vampiro has entered the room.

Merlin: ::stops infront of her::

Mercury: ::stops::

MGRex: Raye, are you ok?

Merlin: you are not princess…

PrinceMercury: ::Follows Ami::

Mercury: No you’re not Raye i know it

Mercury: ::kneels beside her::

davepoobond: mwah!

Vampiro: ::he sits inside the dark shadows apearing slowly staying unseen::

Merlin: hmm…tell me whats wrong…

davepoobond: she must have found that little secret i left in her hair

Kaz: Ami you so hot!

Raye: my heart crystal has always had this crak in it…

Kaz: as something REALLY REALLY hot!

OnlineHost: Vampiro has left the room.

Merlin: …

davepoobond: why didnt u glue it together then?!

Merlin: stand back im gonna try something…’

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