Themyscria Meadows

OnlineHost: *** You are in “Arts and Entertainment – Themyscria Meadows”. ***

davepoobond: ::comes out of the ground covered by earthworms::

davepoobond: aaagghh! get’m off me!

MoonTiger: ~walks in her tight leather pants show off her well toned legs her black leather jacket cove

davepoobond: i wonder if Captain Planet ever had this problem….

Kaz: ((char pic available))

MoonTiger: rs most of her top but you see part of the red top and her belly button is pierced with a ta

Kaz: ((LOL!!! XD))

MoonTiger: ttoo around it her long usually strait silky hair is curled slightly into her face~

davepoobond: ::gets on a scooter and scoots through the posies:: posies are for pansies!

Kaz: ::looks to the woman::

Kaz: Hello ^_^

MoonTiger: umm hi

MoonTiger: ~looks to the weird person shakes her head~

davepoobond: ::jumps off scooter and rolls through the flowers to watch the scooter knock into a tree and

Kaz: ((Oh send me you chair pic please?))

davepoobond: blow up like a nuclear explosion::

Kaz: ((I’ll send you mine ^_^))

MoonTiger: ( kay )

davepoobond: [ +_=

davepoobond: [ +_= ]

MoonTiger: ( brb)

Kaz: ((sent))

Kaz: Whoa what did you have on that thing?

Kaz: Tnt?

davepoobond: ……a basket

davepoobond: full of cookies

Kaz: Cookies?

Kaz: What brand?

davepoobond: grandma’s

davepoobond: Grandma Cookies

davepoobond: made with real nestle chocolate

davepoobond: grandma made them especially for me…

Kaz: ::mouth waters::

Kaz: -And you blew thwm up.

davepoobond: no wonder they blew up like that

davepoobond: no…..she put a little something extra in it

davepoobond: i dont know what it was

davepoobond: i think it was a little too much cinnamon

Kaz: ((LMAO))

OnlineHost: MoonTiger has left the room.

davepoobond: ((they really have a brand called Grandma’s Cookies))

davepoobond: ((its in the vending machines at school))

Kaz: ((yeah I know XD))

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