davepoobond: ::walks over to michiru::

davepoobond: hello little girl!

Ablaze: [ Toodles, Sarah. ^.^ ]

davepoobond: would u like to buy SPOOM?

OnlineHost: Ablaze has left the room.

Koujo: -=following closely..er, as fast as she can… she fell down directly in front of the couch=

Koujo: -Ouch!

Michiru: What’s spoom?

davepoobond: SPOOM

davepoobond: is anything!

Michiru: Oo! You okie?

Michiru: Do you take credit?

davepoobond: a brush! a spoon! a booger picker! whatever you want!

davepoobond: …

davepoobond: cash only please, no CODs on delivery

Michiru: How about an IOU?

davepoobond: or u can call this special phone number

davepoobond: 444444444444444444444444

Michiru: Oh!

davepoobond: we’ll gladly accept credit from there

Koujo: ………………..O.o………………….

Michiru: How much is a spoom!?

davepoobond: exactly 5 cents!

Koujo: -=now staring at the man above her she blink, huge sapphire eyes sparking a bit=-

davepoobond: it is so inexpensive, we make you buy 20,000 of them

Michiru: ::she extends a fake nickle to him::

davepoobond: no

davepoobond: 20,000 * .05

Michiru: Then sorry.

Michiru: I’m only 5.

Michiru: I don;t carry cash.

Michiru: -.-

davepoobond: ((LOL! my friend is playing a game called “you can’t win” and he thinks the game is rigged)

davepoobond: )

Michiru: ::she giggles, tugging Bura onto the couch, the little cabbit raises her head,

Koujo: -=reaching into the little pink purse at her side as she sat up she handed him a fake credit

Koujo: card=- you can have this and ill take them heh

Michiru: peering at the girl with large eyes, her ears raised:: Mew?

davepoobond: oh! a…..

Koujo: -=tugged onto the couch=- o.o()

davepoobond: americano expresso?

Koujo: Yeah!

davepoobond: ::smells it::

davepoobond: uhh…where did u get this

Koujo: er, spanish version! it still works too!

davepoobond: ::looks around:: i dont see any bar code

Koujo: mexico…..¬.¬

Michiru: Oh, It’s from a pub.

Michiru: *nod*

Koujo: ]Yeah!

Michiru: It has a pub cide insted.

Koujo: *yeah

davepoobond: ok

Michiru: ::she points to some squiggly ines::

davepoobond: ::rips it in half:: ..i dont see it

Michiru: lines*

Koujo: MY CARD!

Koujo: Im Telling Daddy!


Koujo: -=she started to wail loudly=-

davepoobond: …..eh?

davepoobond: ::burp::

Michiru: ::she pokes bura lightly::. Where are our daddies anyway..?

Shinobi: ::then…outside…..the jingle of a bell is heard…..and a familiar music….THE ICE CREAM

Shinobi: TRUCK!::

Koujo: Bejiita (Vegeta) is my daddy, he’ll beat you up real good!

davepoobond: ICE CREAM TRUCK!

Koujo: O.O!!!!!!!!!

davepoobond: ::runs to the truck::

davepoobond: ::jumps on the ice cream truck:: MINE!

Michiru: ICE CREAM!

Michiru: ::she warbles outsiode gleely::

Koujo: -=and she was a bolt of light stopping at the icecreamtruck…orwhat ever’s making the sound

Shinobi: Ice cream guy: Oh crap….children! NO ONE GETS MY ICE CREAM!::drives away insanely::

Koujo: *or what

Koujo: O.O!!

Koujo: ICE CREAM!!

Koujo: -=POUT=-

davepoobond: NOO!

Michiru: There’s ice cream in the kitchen..

Michiru: *grin*

davepoobond: ::gets out a spoom and jams it into the ice cream locker::

Koujo: …OK!

davepoobond: ::and prys it open::

Michiru: ::at this she;s a flying bolt into the kitchen::

davepoobond: ahah!

Koujo: -=walking back inside she follow Michiru happily=-

Michiru: ::she plops down upon the counter . she then clambers into the cupbord,

davepoobond: ::falls off the truck and skids back all the way to the HQ::

Michiru: she eagerly flings m&ms, chocolate shaveing cocoanutt, and cream de mint from it..::

davepoobond: ooh! ouch! ah!

davepoobond: speed bump!!!!!

Koujo: -=setting down next to her she grin a little, arms wrapped in fish net crossed on the

Michiru: ::she then hovers to the freezer, she gnabs a HUGE tub of ice cream, tugging it out and leat

Koujo: counter top=-

davepoobond: ::goes 50 feet in the air and slams in through the ceiling of the HQ::

davepoobond: ::through the kitchen::

davepoobond: ah!

Michiru: ing it fall, she opens everything, spilling it all on the floor in a big pile,

Michiru: she then passes Bura a spoon::

davepoobond: ::chin slams on a pan and legs hit a refrigarator, causing him to flip and hit the counter::

Koujo: -=taking the spoon she giggled watching everything fly about messily=-

davepoobond: silverhawks! they’re rainbows in the night!

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