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Kaz: Chug chug chug!

SexyNoin: .. . . . ..

Kaz: ::chugs::

SexyNoin: *raises an eyebrow* Mmkay.. .?

OnlineHost: Chibi duo gw 32 has entered the room.

OnlineHost: Chibi duo gw 32 has left the room.

Kaz: ::slaps the cup down after he finishes::

Kaz: Ahhhhhh…

SexyNoin: *jumps*

SexyNoin: *relaxes and sits back down*

SexyNoin: *finishes drink*

SexyNoin: thanx for the refreshment :). . *walks out the doors*

OnlineHost: SexyNoin has left the room.

Kaz: Wooh here comes the pink elephant… *hic*

SpeedofLight: a pink elephant?

OnlineHost: Chibi duo gw 32 has entered the room.

OnlineHost: Chibi duo gw 32 has left the room.

SpeedofLight: ::waves his hand in Emeryk’s face:: how many hands do i have?

OnlineHost: Master Steven has entered the room.

Master Steven: hi

SpeedofLight: hi

Master Steven: sup

Kaz: You have one silly..

Master Steven: have what

SpeedofLight: first drunk guy that can see right

SNept: hi FF8

Master Steven: hi

Kaz: Hey I’ms nots druk!

Master Steven: ::open his 20th beer::

Kaz: ::punches at him and misses horribly::

Kaz: Ugh…

SpeedofLight: told you

Kaz: Take thats bish..

Master Steven: ::drinks it::

Master Steven: hic

Kaz: Told me whats? You talkin to me?

Kaz: I said you talks to me?

SpeedofLight: yep he is drunk

SNept: **sits Emeryk down at a table**

SNept: Stay

Master Steven: i can still see rite

Kaz: Yo momma!

Kaz: Dos driks should be free

OnlineHost: Master Steven has left the room.

SNept: **sighs**

Kaz: Free like you momma

Kaz: XD

SNept: …

SNept: **slaps him across the face**

SpeedofLight: told you he is drunk

Kaz: ::slapped::

Kaz: Ooh feisty!

SpeedofLight: ouch

Kaz: Come to poppa baybey!

Kaz: ::collapses::

SpeedofLight: ::drags him out to the lake::

SNept: **fixes her skirt and sits on the bar counter**

Kaz: ::getting dragged::

Kaz: ::points at him:: You know whats?

SpeedofLight: ::puts him the water and takes him out::

Kaz: I lov you

Kaz: ::gets dunked::

Kaz: Hey I lov you why you wet poor me?

SpeedofLight: ::throws him in the water::

SpeedofLight: lets see if you can swim

SpeedofLight: i guess he cant o well

SpeedofLight: ::walks back to the bar::

Kaz: ::glug glug::

Kaz: ::crawls out::

SNept: BrB

Kaz: I saw a fish!

SpeedofLight: k

Kaz: No really I did!

Kaz: It was all bif and had three eyes and…

Kaz: big*

Kaz: It had a nice booty too!

SpeedofLight: ::gets Emeryk and ties him to an anvel and throws him in the lake::

SNept: back

SpeedofLight: ok

Kaz: ::sink to the bottom::

SpeedofLight: should i leave him there/

SpeedofLight: *?

Kaz: ::comes out::

Kaz: Ugh…, my head…

Kaz: Shoulda not had so many beers before I got here

Kaz: ::his watch beeps::

SNept: **takes her jacket off**

Kaz: Oh no! I’m missing my Bar Mitzfa!