OnlineHost: *** You are in “poop”. ***

davepoobond: hey hey!

Crazy717: yo

davepoobond: wats up

Crazy717: lol

Crazy717: nuttin

Crazy717: u?

davepoobond: same, i’m just bored

davepoobond: what are you guys doing in a room named poop

davepoobond: only weirdos would go to a room named poop

davepoobond: sheesh

Crazy717: F

Crazy717: r

Crazy717: o

davepoobond: ok……..so….

Crazy717: s

Crazy717: t

Crazy717: y

Crazy717: ··÷^±/ Ràmþàgè †øølz 2.0 Macro Draw

Crazy717: lol

davepoobond: oh

davepoobond: so much fun

davepoobond: doing that

davepoobond: with a prog

Crazy717: F


Crazy717: r

Crazy717: o

HHHHHH: sent

Crazy717: s

Crazy717: ok brb

Crazy717: t

Crazy717: y

Crazy717: ··÷^±/ Ràmþàgè †øølz 2.0 Macro Draw

davepoobond: what is this room anyway?

Crazy717: ryan sorry i dont have speakers!

Crazy717: lol

Crazy717: well no batterz

davepoobond: heh

HHHHHH: it aint a song

Crazy717: i be hea doin dat

HHHHHH: it a picture

Crazy717: ok

Crazy717: lmao

HHHHHH: its a picture of our CD cover

Crazy717: lol ok

davepoobond: ………

Crazy717: fake!

Crazy717: i bet]

Crazy717: tiiiiiiiiight

Crazy717: lol

Crazy717: ryan where did u download dat at?

davepoobond: wtf are you guys talking about

Crazy717: i need it!!!!!!!!!!!

Crazy717: lmao

OnlineHost: Kaz has entered the room.

Crazy717: get out if ya dont kno

HHHHHH: it is on methodus

davepoobond: well, i will know if you tell me

Crazy717: where do i go 2 click it?

Kaz: poop is cool

Kaz: You guys are cool

davepoobond: yeah poop IS cool

Crazy717: lol

Crazy717: thankz

Crazy717: 🙂

HHHHHH: click

HHHHHH: toolz

Crazy717: then what?

HHHHHH: then go to 3d text maker

Crazy717: ok

davepoobond: ok

davepoobond: then what?

Crazy717: brb

HHHHHH: Loaded 3D Text designer with Methodus Toolz

HHHHHH: Click Here To Download METHODUS TOOLz 2.0

Kaz: Wait I thought this was about poop?

davepoobond: is methodus toolz good?

Crazy717: 0%

Crazy717: lmao

Kaz: Methodus toolz is poop

Crazy717: 1%

Crazy717: 2%

HHHHHH: methoudus ripz it up

Kaz: Thats why we talking about it

davepoobond: so………thats bad?


davepoobond: but, why would u want something to rip “it” up?

Crazy717: to be tight u stupid

Crazy717: lol

davepoobond: i dont like tight clothes

Kaz: Yeah thats gay

Crazy717: tight meaning cool dummie

davepoobond: then why dont u just say cool

davepoobond: cool has 4 letters, tight has 5

Kaz: So would baggy mean uncool?

Crazy717: cuz

Kaz: Its baggy to eat poo

Crazy717: Ewww

davepoobond: heh

Crazy717: u like poop

Crazy717: lol

davepoobond: what things does methodus have?

Crazy717: everything

Kaz: It has tight stuff

Crazy717: everything

Kaz: It has tight stuff

Crazy717: ryan i can create my own program

Crazy717: Visual Basic

HHHHHH: Methodus Sex Bot On

HHHHHH: Type sex to get some


Kaz: sex

HHHHHH: Kaz is about to have his dog chew on his nipples so they can bleed


HHHHHH: /sex


Kaz: I dont have a dog..

Crazy717: sex

HHHHHH: Crazy717 will suck her brother’s dick


HHHHHH: Methodus Sex Bot Off

Kaz: lol

Crazy717: No!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



davepoobond: ahha

Crazy717: nmo i wont


Kaz: When I get a dog, then will it chew my nipple?

HHHHHH: yo imma pimp yall

HHHHHH: imma pimp



HHHHHH: pimp

HHHHHH: pimp

HHHHHH: ppim

HHHHHH: mppi

Crazy717: hea it goes….

Kaz: A pimp that cant spell his title…

Kaz: How pityful..

Crazy717: ··÷^±/ Ràmþàgè †øølz ²·º ßÿ Øøglè

Crazy717: ··÷^±/ /\/\å¢rö Ðråvvèr £öådèd

davepoobond: lol

HHHHHH: Loaded Macro Designer with Methodus Toolz

HHHHHH: Click Here To Download METHODUS TOOLz 2.0

OnlineHost: PEEP878634 has entered the room.

Kaz: They’ll let anyone be pimps nowadays..

PEEP878634: Loaded METHODUS TOOLz 2.0

PEEP878634: Click Here To Download METHODUS TOOLz 2.0

OnlineHost: PEEP878634 has left the room.

OnlineHost: Cuddles has entered the room.

Cuddles: Hey

Kaz: Hiya cuddles

Kaz: We were just talkin about how much Peep sucks

Cuddles: lol

Cuddles: lol

OnlineHost: Goldennugget has entered the room.

Kaz: Yup he suck my balls with those methodous tools

Goldennugget: mmmmm

Kaz: he can*

davepoobond: heh

Cuddles: ??????????????

Cuddles: What??

Kaz: Mmmmm?

Cuddles: lol

Kaz: What the hell?

davepoobond: heh

Kaz: Talk like normal people you nugget!

davepoobond: lol

Cuddles: Who?

Cuddles: ?

davepoobond: lots of people for a private room

Goldennugget: i like the smell of pussy

davepoobond: great for you

Kaz: What happened to mmmm? huh?

Cuddles: Well everyone bye I was just invitedinto a different chat room.

OnlineHost: Samoan4lyph has entered the room.

OnlineHost: HHHHHH has left the room.

Kaz: Suddenly its pussy?

Cuddles: *invited into

davepoobond: lol

OnlineHost: Chica has entered the room.

Kaz: Make up you mind!

OnlineHost: Cuddles has left the room.

davepoobond: cuddles!

davepoobond: darn

Goldennugget: mmmmmmm pubes

OnlineHost: Crazy717 has left the room.

Kaz: Oh i see theye go hand in hand for you

Goldennugget: i floss my teeth with my brothers pubes

davepoobond: boooooooom!!!!!!!!

davepoobond: ew, your brother is Glide?

OnlineHost: Goldennugget has left the room.

Kaz: Does he roll them up and put them in a white box labeled dental floss?

OnlineHost: Goldennugget has entered the room.

davepoobond: possibly

OnlineHost: Samoan4lyph has left the room.

OnlineHost: Goldennugget has left the room.

Kaz: I think if you notice your floss isnt white or green, you have a problem..


Kaz: Chica what do you think?

OnlineHost: MoNkEy has entered the room.

davepoobond: ok, leave then

MoNkEy: hola

Kaz: Youd think a room with the name poop would be exciting.. 0.0

Chica: I POOP

davepoobond: great

davepoobond: the best of us do

davepoobond: but your not the best of us

davepoobond: your the worst of us

OnlineHost: LaLaD has entered the room.


davepoobond: i dont know how you got away with pooping

MoNkEy: lalad

LaLaD: i just pooped

OnlineHost: Ji Hoon has entered the room.

davepoobond: lol

Ji Hoon: [] ^_^; []

OnlineHost: MoNkEy has left the room.

OnlineHost: LaLaD has left the room.

Ji Hoon: [] …What a nice name for a chat… x.x; []

Chica: NO

davepoobond: sure, it is

Kaz: Yeah

Chica: ~~~~_/)~~~~

davepoobond: wow

OnlineHost: Unknown “//” command.

Kaz: ^_^_^ <——– Happy siamese twins

Ji Hoon: [] …LoL… []

OnlineHost: Chica has left the room.

Ji Hoon: =|: )} – Abe Lincoln

Ji Hoon: [] x.x []

davepoobond: abe is dead though!

Kaz: LOL!

davepoobond: why would he be smiling?

OnlineHost: Goldennugget has entered the room.

Kaz: Oh yeah

Ji Hoon: [] ::He shrugs:: …I dunno… []

davepoobond: oh my

davepoobond: nugget, again

Kaz: Hiya nugget man

Kaz: Or woman, or…

Goldennugget: man

Kaz: ::shrugs::

Ji Hoon: [] o.o []

Kaz: Oh ok

davepoobond: are u sure?

Goldennugget: i have tesicles

davepoobond: tesicles?

Kaz: Seee if you dont introduce yourself, people dont know

davepoobond: hahaha!

Kaz: LOL

Ji Hoon: [] …Ew, A girl with testis… x.x; []

Ji Hoon: [] Sick dude… o.o []

davepoobond: is it fun to have tesicles?

Goldennugget: sometimes

davepoobond: sometimes what?

davepoobond: sometimes your a girl with testis?

Goldennugget: its not fun when they hurt

Ji Hoon: [] x.x []

davepoobond: riiiiight

Ji Hoon: [] – Testits never hurt []

Kaz: get real ones and they wont hurt!

davepoobond: lol

davepoobond: yeah! your born with economy size ones

Ji Hoon: *Testis

davepoobond: you have to buy new ones as soon as you get an allowance

Ji Hoon: [] …o.x []

Ji Hoon: [] …And she’ll buy a hot dog and glue the hot dog on top of the testis… []

Kaz: Suddely so quiet nugget?

Ji Hoon: [] XD []

Goldennugget: my dick hurts my girlfriend is cruel to my penis

Kaz: What are you plotting something?

davepoobond: he was never really laughing

davepoobond: ahahah

davepoobond: poor nugget

Kaz: Oh thats unfair shes supposed to be nice

davepoobond: did she chop it off yet, and keep it as a souvenier?

Kaz: If she trash your junk you can trash her boobs

davepoobond: lol

OnlineHost: NIKKI has entered the room.


davepoobond: what do u WANT

Ji Hoon: [] …Junk is worth much more than boobs… o.o []

davepoobond: this is a room called poop

Kaz: It was in the news once that a girl rubber cemented a dudes shlong to his torso XD

Ji Hoon: [] Really… []

::got an illegal operation and i logged off…..::

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