#74: Beetle -> davepoobond

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During and after the RhyDin SIave Cage this IM happened:

Beetle: now Im looking for a slave

davepoobond: great

Beetle: can you help me

Beetle: I’ve never bought one

davepoobond: yeah, ldy looks like a fiesty one

Beetle: Ldys a slave owner

Beetle: I asked her

davepoobond: kill him

Beetle: who?

davepoobond: the slave owner

davepoobond: duhh

Beetle: Thats a female

davepoobond: so

Beetle: well why

davepoobond: fine, dont

Beetle: well help me you said A pixy was a slave

Beetle: Pixey

davepoobond: no! you want a slave, you get one yourself

Beetle: man How?

davepoobond: you…ask….if anybody wants to be your slave and be forceful about it!

davepoobond: dont ask me

Beetle: man Isn’t there like a Manager

Beetle: cause I’ll hire you

davepoobond: no…

Beetle: well say 10million dollars to find me a slave

davepoobond: hire me what

davepoobond: i dont need money

Beetle: to find me one

davepoobond: brb

Beetle: okay

Beetle: ok

davepoobond: well, when you say 10 million dollars, do u mean US dollars, sent to my front porch, or just 10 million dollars just cuz you can give it to me and get a slave for free

Beetle: (this isn’t IRL ok)

davepoobond: ok

Beetle: so I’ll pay you 10million dollars

Beetle: to find me a slave

davepoobond: how do i know you have the money

Beetle: ::pulls his wallet out pulls out 10million bucks::

Beetle: see

davepoobond: …..now, that amazes me that any one wallet can have 10 million dollars in it at one time

Beetle: Im RICH

Beetle: 10 mil is nothing to me

Beetle: Its pocket change

davepoobond: but……HOW did it fit in your wallet

Beetle: so. do ya

Beetle: I have a very BIG wallet

davepoobond: thats insane, only a homicidal maniac would have a wallet that size



Beetle: fine

Beetle: :;cancel the wallet part::

davepoobond: …….who made the wallet? i oughtta write them a letter for using so much leather

Beetle: ::pulls out 2 bags of money::

Beetle: see 5million in each bag

davepoobond: …….

davepoobond: why would u need 2?

davepoobond: if it was in coins, you’d need at least 10

Beetle: 10million in one bag is 2 much

davepoobond: and if it was in bills, you’d only need one

davepoobond: no

Beetle: its BILLS

Beetle: so I wanted 2


Beetle: I know that

Beetle: I gave 2 cause

Beetle: :;hands him one bag::

davepoobond: yeehaw!

davepoobond: now…..what to do with it…..

Beetle: You get the other when you have a slave

davepoobond: i know!

davepoobond: ::bonks beetle on the head with it::

Beetle: You have 5million BUCKS

Beetle: I DUNNO

davepoobond: hahah! how does it feel to be hit with 5 million bucks

Beetle: GO BUY A CAR

Beetle: not bad

davepoobond: no need for a car in RhyDin

davepoobond: a mouse gives me a ride everywhere

Beetle: now will you be my manager

Beetle: a MOUSE?

davepoobond: ….actually, its a grizzly bear

Beetle: okay

davepoobond: he gets mad when i call him a mouse


Beetle: Oh so his names mouse

Beetle: and hes a bear

davepoobond: no

Beetle: no to what

davepoobond: his name is Joey the socially active grizzly bear

Beetle: oh ok

Beetle: Now are you my Manager in other word my slave finder

davepoobond: ……why

davepoobond: i’m just a dwarf

Beetle: so what

Beetle: you seem like a manager type

davepoobond: why dont you pay yourself to be your manager in other words slave finder guy and find a slave for yourself?

Beetle: I don’t know HOW

davepoobond: then find out how!

Beetle: :;takes 5million back::

Beetle: fine

davepoobond: do u really think i know how?

Beetle: yes I do

davepoobond: well, i dont bucko

Beetle: Okay

davepoobond: that was worth 5 million dollars to waste your time

Beetle: ::hits him on the head with the 5mil::

davepoobond: ouch!

Beetle: hows that feel

davepoobond: i feel like a rich man

Beetle: ::puts 10mil back up::

Beetle: I have the money

davepoobond: ::eats his 10 million dollars::

davepoobond: my stomach does now

Beetle: Oh well

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