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Darkblade Tavern

This entry is part 2 of 2 in the series The Shoe Salesman

OnlineHost: *** You are in “Arts and Entertainment – Darkblade Tavern”. ***

OnlineHost: Irishfighter has entered the room.

davepoobond: ::a briefcase full of shoes is thrown into the Tavern::

Damon Darkblade: ::smiles,carrying the small child in and sitting down in his large leather chair::

Nightstar12560: :: yawns and falls asleap in his arms ::

Damon Darkblade: ::kicks the shoes out::

Damon Darkblade: ::sighs softly, rubbing her back with his gentle touch::

Irishfighter: ::picsk a shoe up and throws it at davepoobonds head::

OnlineHost: Baby darkblade has entered the room.

OnlineHost: Irishfighter has left the room.

davepoobond: boo

Nightstar12560: :: sleaps silently ::

Damon Darkblade: (::click does the dumb salesman::)

Baby darkblade: [o.o?]

davepoobond: ((lol. i said 2 things))

Damon Darkblade: (::points to davepoobond:: Him)

davepoobond: ((i said 2 things)

davepoobond: ((boo was one of them))

Baby darkblade: [interesting]

davepoobond: ((i dont understand))

davepoobond: ((but oh well. ::scores one more:: yeeeeehaw!))

Baby darkblade: [::shrugs:: me either… ::confuzzled::]

Damon Darkblade: (O.o)

Baby darkblade: [anyway!]

davepoobond: ((confuzzled. heh))

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Damon Darkblade: ::smiles, rubbing the childs back::

Baby darkblade: [my hands smell like… nappy shit..]

Baby darkblade: […. its pissin me off… damn plum crap.. its evil i swear]

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Baby darkblade: ::she pushed open the door slowly and slipped in, a slight look of boredom on her face::

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davepoobond: ::sits on his briefcase of shoes, pouting::

davepoobond: no one wants to buy my shoes!

davepoobond: no one!

Nightstar12560: :: she wakes looking up at him ::

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Damon Darkblade: ::looks to the child, smiling slightly:: Hello there…

Nightstar12560: :: smiles ::

Baby darkblade: ::she looked around the tavern, and walked over to where damon sat with a… child… in his lap::

Damon Darkblade: ::looks to Justin:: It seems i made a new friend…

Baby darkblade: ::smiles:: so it has..

davepoobond: ………………………………………………………………………………..

davepoobond: the briefcase i carry is a 200 megaton bomb. better run!

Baby darkblade: so i heard about what happened with you and vivia

davepoobond: ::swings it around the tavern, crashing it against walls and such:: don’t you think its

davepoobond: pretty lethal to be doing this with a 200 megaton bomb?

Damon Darkblade: Yea

davepoobond: i might set it off

Baby darkblade: [well looks like someones in for a little clickin..]

Damon Darkblade: But i would prefer not talk about that, if you dont mind…

davepoobond: ((oh no please dont. you cant click me……………….))

Baby darkblade: [and why not?]

Nightstar12560: :: she kisses Damons cheak ::

Baby darkblade: right.. sorry

davepoobond: ((cuz…………………………………we need to get married?))

Damon Darkblade: ::blinks::

Damon Darkblade: ::smiles::

Baby darkblade: [im not gettin married to a shoes salesman.. who cant sell shoes!]

davepoobond: ((newsflash))

davepoobond: ((he’s not really a shoesalesman))

Baby darkblade: [dont talk to me]

Damon Darkblade: (Click him)

davepoobond: ((why not?))

davepoobond: ((noooo. dont click me))

Baby darkblade: [….its what he wants.]

davepoobond: ((i have a bajillion dollars!))

davepoobond: ((i can lay eggs!))

Damon Darkblade: (::hands the ignore mallet to ellyn:: Hit him with it)

davepoobond: ((and i can make scrambled eggs!))

Nightstar12560: :: smiles up at him ::

Baby darkblade: [….id rather use jojo’s bombs.. ::pulls out a couple ignore bombs::]

davepoobond: ((noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo))

Damon Darkblade: Would you like somthing to drink?

Baby darkblade: me?.. a coke is fine… ::smiles::

Nightstar12560: :: looks at the other person ::

davepoobond: ((::crawls into a fetal position::))

Baby darkblade: [O.O]

Baby darkblade: [..dammit.. ::kills caps key::]

Damon Darkblade: ::looks at the child…::

Damon Darkblade: Thats my daughter…

OnlineHost: Keldan Battlecry has entered the room.

davepoobond: ((keldan. watch out))

Baby darkblade: ::she smiled down at the… child in damon’s lap, wondering how it got there and why::

Nightstar12560: hewo

Baby darkblade: hi..

davepoobond: ((he kidnapped it!))

davepoobond: ((i saw it myself))

Baby darkblade: ::she returned her gaze to damon::…. um… what about suhala?

Keldan Battlecry: ::the holow sound of armored boots hiting the wooden floor and the cold deathly sound of blu

Baby darkblade: [excuse me while i retrive my devil duckys..]

davepoobond: doesnt anyone care that i have a 200 megaton bomb in a briefcase and i’m swinging it around

davepoobond: everywhere?!?!

Keldan Battlecry: (O.o Rhydiners…)

davepoobond: ((who’re you callin a RhyDiner?))

OnlineHost: Miserys Star has entered the room.

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Keldan Battlecry: (::smirx an leaves::sorry horrible rp’ers)

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Damon Darkblade: ::he snaps, and a coke appears for Justin::

Baby darkblade: [dammit… damon.mun.. can i borrow ur mallet?]

Damon Darkblade: (LMAO!)

Miserys Star: ::she steps into the tavern quietly, light footsteps could be heard as she walked in::

Damon Darkblade: (ASS)

davepoobond: ((what an idiot)

Nightstar12560: :: cudles with Damon yawning softly ::

Damon Darkblade: (::hands her the mallet::)

Baby darkblade: [thank you.. ::takes the mallet, devilish grin::]

CoolKat015: ::walks in silently and unoticed sticking to the shadows::

davepoobond: ‘ey baby ::walks up next to Miserys:: how’s it goin’? want a shoe?

Damon Darkblade: ::looks at Cool:: FOUND YA!

davepoobond: or two?

Damon Darkblade: ::snickers::

Miserys Star: ::blinks and looks at davepoobond::good..and nah..it’s alright

Baby darkblade: ::smiles a bit and picks up the coke::

davepoobond: comon. its a good deal.

davepoobond: new shoes….

CoolKat015: ::steps out of the shadow and walks up to davepoobond::

davepoobond: are nice…

davepoobond: aren’t they…..

CoolKat015: ::taps him on the shoulder::what did the lady say

Damon Darkblade: ::motions Mary to him, patting the seat next to him::

davepoobond: i’m selling shoes.

davepoobond: i’m trying to make a living.

davepoobond: y’mind leavin’ me be and let me do my business?

Baby darkblade: [dum de dum de dum ::swings up the ignore mallet and slams it down upon [davepoobond]:: hehe ]

davepoobond: or i’ll sue you for killin’ my business!

Miserys Star: ::she walks over to Damon and sits next to him, crossing her legs revealing the slit to her hip::

davepoobond: ((why’d you ignore me……….?))

Damon Darkblade: Hey hun

davepoobond: ((yer a bafoon))

Damon Darkblade: How have you been

CoolKat015: ::can’t be sued::

Miserys Star: Hey…I’ve been good..and you?

Damon Darkblade: Just fine

davepoobond: ::a big fat lady named Sue sits on CoolKat::

OnlineHost: StarFire8402 has entered the room.

Damon Darkblade: I think i found a new friend

Nightstar12560: :: the lil girl looks at Misery ::

davepoobond: HA! I SUED YOU!

Baby darkblade: ::she poped open the coke and turned towards misery::

Damon Darkblade: ::looks at Night::

Miserys Star: Really?

OnlineHost: StarFire8402 has left the room.

Miserys Star: ::she looks at Night and smiles softly::

CoolKat015: ::walks out looking for something to do::

Damon Darkblade: Yep

Damon Darkblade: Havent gotten her name yet though…

Miserys Star: ::looks towards baby::

Nightstar12560: :: lays her head on Damons sholder ::

Miserys Star: ::then back to Damon:: ah

Damon Darkblade: ::looks to the small girl:: Whats your name?

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OnlineHost: MBailie has entered the room.

davepoobond: ((MBailie! watch out! they’ll ignore you for saying one word!!!))

Baby darkblade: and why is she there?

Nightstar12560: :: yawns ::

Baby darkblade: ::sighs a bit:: i never got to sit on your lap.. and im your daughter!

MBailie: ::A young woman w/ a cape and hood covering most of her face walks in::

OnlineHost: Coyotes Rage has entered the room.

Damon Darkblade: You never tried eather

OnlineHost: Coyotes Rage has left the room.

Baby darkblade: on right.. ::smiles::

MBailie: ::Walks over to the bar::

MBailie: There a tender

MBailie: tendress???

MBailie: either will do

davepoobond: ::jumps up next to the person that came in:: i’m a shoe salesman. wanna buy some shoes?

Miserys Star: ::her enchanting silver eyes look around curiously::

MBailie: I’ll take that as a no

davepoobond: i got pairs of single shoes.

Damon Darkblade: ::stands, the child in his arms::

davepoobond: pairs of pairs of shoes

Damon Darkblade: ::walks to the bar::

Damon Darkblade: What would you like

davepoobond: and pairs of shoes.

MBailie: vodka please

davepoobond: i got an assortment of colors, shapes, sizes

Baby darkblade: ::watches damon and then plops down in the seat he just stood up from::

davepoobond: fits any foot. even the really smelly old wrinkled ones!

Damon Darkblade: ::nods, kneeling down and picks up the bottle, setting it on the bar, along with the glass::

Damon Darkblade: 5 gps

MBailie: ty

Nightstar12560: :: looks at the lady at the bar ::

davepoobond: you could buy 90 pairs of single shoes with 5 gps! what’re ya wasting that much money to get

davepoobond: wasted on vodka

MBailie: ::takes a sip::

Nightstar12560: :: in damons arms ::

Baby darkblade: [how old is this child in damons arms?]

Damon Darkblade: (5)

Damon Darkblade: (lol)

Damon Darkblade: ::nods::

Baby darkblade: [u serious?]

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Damon Darkblade: ::then walks to his chair, sitting in Justin’s lap::

Baby darkblade: [yet when in his lap.. shes tall enough to lay her head on his shoulder.. odd]

Baby darkblade: gah!

MBailie: I’m not gettin’ wasted I just come from a long journey and still got a long way to go

Miserys Star: ::she watches Damon with a soft smile on her lips::

HeeroYuy71121: =a guy in a black as night cloak walks in=

Baby darkblade: ::pokes his back:: dad…

Damon Darkblade: (She is heald high)

davepoobond: ooh. sounds interesting.

Baby darkblade: […uh huh]

Damon Darkblade: get outa my chair then

Damon Darkblade: ::stands::

davepoobond: ::holds his hand out:: Dave Bond, Shapeshifter Extraordiaire. Need some help on yer

davepoobond: journey?

Baby darkblade: …::glares and then pulls her knees up with her feet in the chair so he cant sit back down

Baby darkblade: :: no

Damon Darkblade: -_-

Miserys Star: ::she stands:: you may sit here M’lord

Damon Darkblade: ::sits on the floor next to Mary:: Fine then

MBailie: ::smiles:: not really a journey I just a wanderer

HeeroYuy71121: =walks to Dave=

davepoobond: oh…

Baby darkblade: ::grins evily::

davepoobond: pretty much me too……..i’m really bored lately.

Damon Darkblade: sit down Mary

davepoobond: no one likes to buy shoes when i try to make some money..

HeeroYuy71121: =his hodd covering his eyes=

Miserys Star: ::nods and sits down again, crossing her legs::

Nightstar12560: :: gigles smileing up at the one in Damons chair ::

HeeroYuy71121: hello

davepoobond: its like people would rather walk around shoeless.

davepoobond: ::looks over to Heero:: hi…

MBailie: ::laughs::

davepoobond: whaddya want.

davepoobond: ya want some shoes?

HeeroYuy71121: i heard u guys are wonders

davepoobond: i’m a Wonder…..yes

HeeroYuy71121: heh heh sorry no shoes

davepoobond: but, are you referring to the band?

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MBailie: What is a wonder??? ::confused::

HeeroYuy71121: and u?=turns to MBailie=

davepoobond: they made a movie, called That Thing You Do

Baby darkblade: ::she sighed a bit and looked around the tavern again::

davepoobond: ::nudges Bailie in the ribs:: Tom Hanks was their manager.

OnlineHost: DkQueenDemon has entered the room.

HeeroYuy71121: wonderer sorry

MBailie: ::Smiles at Heero:: and y do u care???

MBailie: ::smiles at dave::

HeeroYuy71121: well because im looking for some fun

OnlineHost: McaneJr has entered the room.

HeeroYuy71121: =grins under his dark cloak=

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Damon Darkblade: ::moves up into the chair::

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Damon Darkblade: ::still holding the child::

MBailie: ::Looks at Heero in a suspicious way:: What makes u think my life is fun???

Nightstar12560: :: she looks around ::

davepoobond: and what makes you think my life is fun for anyone else?

Damon Darkblade: ::tickles the girl::

HeeroYuy71121: ha!

OnlineHost: GryFynn Mage90 has entered the room.

HeeroYuy71121: i mean an adventure

Nightstar12560: :: gigles ::

davepoobond: ::burp::

davepoobond: an adventure where?

HeeroYuy71121: three wanderers

HeeroYuy71121: hmmmmmmm

GryFynn Mage90: ::a mage walks in::

davepoobond: i dont wander, i actually know where i go.

DkQueenDemon: ::in she entered, this angel of the night, cladded in a tight leather dress as deep blue

davepoobond: but i have no specific place i go to.

HeeroYuy71121: to find something

DkQueenDemon: eyse parttake the scene around her::

McaneJr: ::a young girl, wearing a very short, very lowcut dress walks in, her brown hair hangs

davepoobond: no.

davepoobond: i dont look for anything.

MBailie: I have just recently met Dave

GryFynn Mage90: ::he sits down::

McaneJr: freely over her sholders, and in one hand is a well used closed book, the other

OnlineHost: Level of Mind has entered the room.

DkQueenDemon: ::she stood by the door still well out of the way of others getting in::

McaneJr: holds nothing more than air::

GryFynn Mage90: and orders abeer

HeeroYuy71121: well

davepoobond: and orders a water

Damon Darkblade: ::smiles to the small girl::

OnlineHost: GryFynn Mage90 has left the room.

MBailie: ::Looks in a bit of an intrigued way at Heero::

MBailie: And what praytell are u searching 4???

Baby darkblade: ::her attention was then directed toward erica a smile appered on her lips::

HeeroYuy71121: ((m ua guy or girl?))

McaneJr: ::she looks around a bit nervously, having never been in here::

HeeroYuy71121: secret

davepoobond: ((she’s a girl))

MBailie: girl

HeeroYuy71121: ((kick ass!))

Baby darkblade: [o.o]

davepoobond: ((-ooo>.))

Damon Darkblade: ::looks to Erica:: Hey hun, over here..

davepoobond: ((tell them to unblock me.))

MBailie: ((really and y is that???))

davepoobond: ((i try to sell shoes to them, and they ignore me))

DkQueenDemon: ::She took out her sketch book and a delicate hand raced across the paper as she drew the

DkQueenDemon: images before her::

davepoobond: WHAT THE!

MBailie: how can we search 4 something that we do not know what we r searching 4???

McaneJr: ::she smiles seeing Damon, and quickly moves over to him, looking to the child in his arms,

Damon Darkblade: ::smiles::

davepoobond: ::looks around to Queen Demon:: WHAT ARE YOU DOING!!?!!?

McaneJr: while meneuvering to hug him:: Something you need to tell me daddy?

HeeroYuy71121: well

HeeroYuy71121: ino

Level of Mind: ~Enters quietly, the hood of her cloak pulled forward to cover her face.~


HeeroYuy71121: itsa legened

Nightstar12560: :: looks at Mcane ::

Damon Darkblade: ::hugs her back::

DkQueenDemon: ::she looks up:: Do you mind if I draw…I will not draw you then

Damon Darkblade: Nothing besides finding a new friend…

Baby darkblade: [hey level.mun.. who u rpin?]

Damon Darkblade: ::smiles::

davepoobond: ok, then

Level of Mind: ~Walks to a seat in the corner, and sits arranging her heavy skirts.~

MBailie: hmmmmmm that may be interesting what is the legend???

McaneJr: ::looks to the child:: are you sure?

HeeroYuy71121: well

davepoobond: a legend?

Level of Mind: (Um.. I guess Suhala, so disregard the profile.)

HeeroYuy71121: =pulls out a wooden stake=

Baby darkblade: [::nods:: wil do!]

davepoobond: >.> vampires…

HeeroYuy71121: =stabs it in the table=

Level of Mind: (Thanks)

DkQueenDemon: ::she shakes her head and continues to draw::

Nightstar12560: :: tilts her head ::

HeeroYuy71121: of vampires

davepoobond: BORING

davepoobond: can’t you think of anything better to do?

McaneJr: ((brb))

MBailie: ::Hushes Dave::

Baby darkblade: [kk]

davepoobond: vampires are people too, y’know.

MBailie: go on

Damon Darkblade: Well

Level of Mind: ~Removes a banana from her pocket, and peels it.~

HeeroYuy71121: oh?

Damon Darkblade: Besides Suhala is here

HeeroYuy71121: u a vamp?

Damon Darkblade: thats all

davepoobond: ::sees someone remove a banana from her pocket::

davepoobond: wow. i thought only i could do that.

HeeroYuy71121: =pulls out a silver handgun from the right inside of his cloak=

MBailie: ::softly touches the stake::

Baby darkblade: ::she smiled a bit, her attention then averted to suhala with a smile she stood up from the

Baby darkblade: chair and walked over to her::

davepoobond: me? i’m not a vampire………….teeheeheeheeee

HeeroYuy71121: arg!

davepoobond: i’m a Shapeshifter.

HeeroYuy71121: he

MBailie: ::Quickly pulls out blade and puts it to Heero’s throat::

HeeroYuy71121: i can do that to

HeeroYuy71121: =puts gun away=

davepoobond: ::lays back against the bar::

davepoobond: you wouldnt have been able to kill me anyway

MBailie: ::Puts dagger away::

HeeroYuy71121: =turns into MBailie=

davepoobond: i sell shoes, y’know.

Level of Mind: ~Glances up at Justin, and smiles.~ How’d you know it was me?

Baby darkblade: hi

MBailie: Dave don’t push it

DkQueenDemon: ::she rolled her eyes as she looked around her picture almost done::

davepoobond: i’m not pushing anything…

Baby darkblade: ::shrugs:: i have a sixth sense ::she smirked:: how are you?

Nightstar: :: she looks up at Damon ::

davepoobond: this stupid weirdo over here is being an idiot.

MBailie: Daaaaaaaaaave

davepoobond: not as much of an idiot that I am…..

davepoobond: what?

HeeroYuy71121: aw ur right

MBailie: hush

Damon Darkblade: Whats wrong?

HeeroYuy71121: actully

Level of Mind: Oh? ~Pushes the hood back.~ Sit please.

Damon Darkblade: ::looks to the nameless girl::

HeeroYuy71121: im nota hunter

davepoobond: what the heck are you then?

Baby darkblade: ::she pulled up a chair and sat in it::

MBailie: ::Looks deeply at Heero:: What r u???

davepoobond: are you with a Travelling Circus!!?

HeeroYuy71121: =grins=

davepoobond: i swear, if you are, i’m gonna kill you.

Nightstar: :: tickles him playfully ::

DkQueenDemon: ::She sighed, the picture was done as she turned around and left the place, more to draw and more to see::

OnlineHost: DkQueenDemon has left the room.

HeeroYuy71121: =revials fangs in his grin=

HeeroYuy71121: guess

Damon Darkblade: ::laughs::

Level of Mind: I’m good I suppose. ~Takes a bite of her banana.~ It’s just strange being back.

davepoobond: ..

davepoobond: a vampire?

davepoobond: wait.

MBailie: ::Jumps back in shock::

davepoobond: a Vampire in a Travelling Circus?

HeeroYuy71121: hahahaha!

MBailie: ::Kicks Dave::

Nightstar: :: gigles ::

McaneJr: ((gtg, be back later))

davepoobond: OW.

Baby darkblade: ::nods::

HeeroYuy71121: no sorry no circus

OnlineHost: McaneJr has left the room.

Baby darkblade: […]

Damon Darkblade: ::stands, walking to Suhala and kisses her cheek::

davepoobond: all right, so whaddya want

MBailie: Pull your hood back I want to see your face

HeeroYuy71121: i wanna fid a castle

Level of Mind: ~Blinks, and smiles.~ Evening.

HeeroYuy71121: why?

Damon Darkblade: Evening

davepoobond: i want a billion dollars

HeeroYuy71121: ok

davepoobond: you cant get everything you want.

Damon Darkblade: ::pills up a chair, sitting neext to her::

HeeroYuy71121: thats no problem

Damon Darkblade: ::looks to the child:: Do you have a name?

MBailie: If you won’t even let me see u how do I know I can even trust u

HeeroYuy71121: fine

Nightstar: Sienna

HeeroYuy71121: =fangs disappear=

HeeroYuy71121: =pulls back his hood=

davepoobond: ::Gasp, but it really turns out to be a yawn::

OnlineHost: Nightstar has left the room.

HeeroYuy71121: =revials he is Heero Yuy but looks alittle older=

Damon Darkblade: ::blinks::

HeeroYuy71121: =has Brown eyes now instead of his old persian blue=

MBailie: ::hot::

Baby darkblade: [the child distapears!]

Damon Darkblade: ::lays his head on Suhala’s shoulder::

Level of Mind: (ack!)

davepoobond: ::cold?::

HeeroYuy71121: ((huh?”hot”?))

MBailie: i like brown and blue eyes

HeeroYuy71121: thank you

Level of Mind: ~Pokes Damon.~ What have I missed. Has anything important happened while I was gone?

HeeroYuy71121: =smiles=

davepoobond: ham

davepoobond: i like ham

davepoobond: do you like ham?

davepoobond: how about we get some ham?

OnlineHost: Baby darkblade has left the room.

Damon Darkblade: (ACK!)

MBailie: ::a little nervous reaches out hand to touch his face to see if he is real or in some kind o

Damon Darkblade: (they left)

MBailie: f fading action::

davepoobond: ((lol. the loser is all alone))

Damon Darkblade: Besides me

OnlineHost: Baby darkblade has entered the room.

Damon Darkblade: And me starting my own guild

OnlineHost: Coyotes Rage has entered the room.

HeeroYuy71121: =looks at her=

Baby darkblade: [::glares:: ………. i was punted.. i know it..]

HeeroYuy71121: =very puzzled=

davepoobond: ((HAAHAHAHAHA)))

Level of Mind: (Aww.)

MBailie: ::Back of her hand touches his face confirming he is real::

davepoobond: ((stupid confuzzled))

Baby darkblade: ::never left!!::

Level of Mind: (wb)

davepoobond: …

davepoobond: ok…

Baby darkblade: [GOD DAMMIT! ::kills davepoobond with damon’s mallet:: DIE!]

davepoobond: ((LOL))

Damon Darkblade: (O.o)

OnlineHost: Coyotes Rage has left the room.

MBailie: ((lol))

OnlineHost: Level of Mind has left the room.

Baby darkblade: [::sigh:: quietness….]

Damon Darkblade: (NO!)

davepoobond: ((cuz yer a loser))

Damon Darkblade: (-_-)

davepoobond: ((AHAHAHAH))

Baby darkblade: [she be back]

davepoobond: ((the loser’s girlfriend left))

MBailie: ::Beckons to chair::sit down Heero

HeeroYuy71121: uh

HeeroYuy71121: ok

Baby darkblade: [her sister thinks its funny to kick her offline]

Damon Darkblade: ::stands and walks out::

HeeroYuy71121: =dits down=

OnlineHost: Shadows Of HeIl has entered the room.

OnlineHost: Damon Darkblade has left the room.

davepoobond: so…………………

Baby darkblade: dad..

MBailie: Now explain what this legend is……

Baby darkblade: ::watches him walk::

davepoobond: ((haha))

davepoobond: ((stupid little girl is alone))

OnlineHost: Shadows Of HeIl has left the room.

davepoobond: ((wah wah))

Baby darkblade: ::she sighed again:: so alone.. ::and with that she stood up from the chair and walked out

MBailie: ::Smiles at Dave:: Calm down u r gonna get killed

HeeroYuy71121: uh

davepoobond: thats funny.

OnlineHost: Psycho Mantis 55 has entered the room.

HeeroYuy71121: ok

OnlineHost: Psycho Mantis 55 has left the room.

HeeroYuy71121: brb

davepoobond: its not in my genes to die.

OnlineHost: McaneJr has entered the room.

davepoobond: i dont die.

Baby darkblade: the door, deciding she was going to follow damon::

McaneJr: ((Okay, back now))

Baby darkblade: [erica.mun.. damon left]

MBailie: what about ::Laughs::

OnlineHost: Baby darkblade has left the room.

McaneJr: ((where he go?))

MBailie: pain???

OnlineHost: McaneJr has left the room.

MBailie: Can u feel pain???

davepoobond: yep.

MBailie: hee hee hee allalone

OnlineHost: Nightstar has entered the room.

davepoobond: ((haha. they all left))

MBailie: u freaked em’ off Dave ::smils::

OnlineHost: Nightstar has left the room.

MBailie: Smiles*

davepoobond: yep…i guess so

davepoobond: ::stabs a flag into the ground::

MBailie: Dave…….

MBailie: ((lol))

davepoobond: This tavern has been claimed Dave’s

davepoobond: number 14!

davepoobond: or something….

MBailie: quick which do u like better the North or the south???

davepoobond: south

MBailie: eeeeerrrrrrr

davepoobond: what?

MBailie: wrong answert

MBailie: the correct answer is purple elephants

davepoobond: why..?

davepoobond: oh, is it?

davepoobond: i shoulda guessed that…..

MBailie: yes, it is.

davepoobond: hmm……………………….OPEN BAR!

davepoobond: GET WASTED!

MBailie: woo hoo!!!!!!!!!!

davepoobond: ::jumps over the bar thingy, and grabs all the drinks he can get::

MBailie: ::Pops open the first one she can reach and starts to chug!!!!!!!::

MBailie: chug

MBailie: chug

MBailie: chug

OnlineHost: *** You are in “Arts and Entertainment – Darkblade Tavern”. ***

davepoobond: ((whoops))

MBailie: ((what))

davepoobond: ((nothing))

MBailie: ((k))

davepoobond: ((this is getting stupid. where is that turdy boy?))

MBailie: ((I don’t know I hope he gets back soon))

MBailie: HEERO WHERE R U???????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

davepoobond: ((that stupid bean bag makin’ us wait. I can be goin’ around and getting more chat rooms destroyed))

MBailie: ((lol))

MBailie: ((I understand))

HeeroYuy71121: ((back))

davepoobond: ((finally))

davepoobond: ((::boots him IC::))

HeeroYuy71121: ((sorry))

HeeroYuy71121: ((ow))

HeeroYuy71121: =looks over the girls features=

davepoobond: ::raises a brow::

davepoobond: uh………………are you gettin’ sidetracked?

davepoobond: are you a loser?

HeeroYuy71121: =shakes his head=

davepoobond: not gettin’ any in the sack?

HeeroYuy71121: =glares at him=

davepoobond: dont have a good sack?

davepoobond: ey ey ey. just askin’ man. dont have to get mad

OnlineHost: Outlawgirl has entered the room.

HeeroYuy71121: actully i probly get more then u but thats not wat i was tryin to acheave

Outlawgirl: {}o.0{}

davepoobond: ((achieve, ya turd))

MBailie: ::smiles and takes another sip of drink::

HeeroYuy71121: ((i cant spell!))

davepoobond: ((i know that.))

MBailie: Now about this quest u wanna go on?!

HeeroYuy71121: tell me how old are u?im 17!=to M=

davepoobond: ::laughs::

HeeroYuy71121: well

davepoobond: stupid 17 year old.

davepoobond: i’m 4000 plus years old.

HeeroYuy71121: fuck u!

davepoobond: but, i’m biologically frozen in a state of 20 years old.

HeeroYuy71121: =fangs appear and he hisses at David=

davepoobond: ::raises a brow:: dont give me that poop. i can do that too

Outlawgirl: {}0.o{}

HeeroYuy71121: poop?

davepoobond: ::looks from left to right::

davepoobond: you’re immature.

HeeroYuy71121: =fangs return to normal=

MBailie: Gentlemen lets get back to business

davepoobond: what business? this guy takes half an hour to say whatever he wants to say

HeeroYuy71121: im not going to talk to u about immature

davepoobond: ok good.

MBailie: and u Dave won’t shut up ::Laughs::

davepoobond: at least i say what i’m thinking!

MBailie: now…….continue

Outlawgirl: {} Gentle…they ain’t gentle…if there gentle then that makes me a fast typer….{}

davepoobond: unlike this guy…

HeeroYuy71121: ((lol))

HeeroYuy71121: ((hi Loner!))

davepoobond: y’gonna tell us or what?

Outlawgirl: {}hi{}

HeeroYuy71121: ok

HeeroYuy71121: thre is a castle

davepoobond: ((Aquafina))

HeeroYuy71121: with a vamp

MBailie: DAVE!

HeeroYuy71121: aw screw it!

davepoobond: what?

HeeroYuy71121: its pretty much a dracula story

davepoobond: ok.

HeeroYuy71121: i wanna take the castle over

MBailie: Heero just ignore him I want to know ::Smiles at Heero::

HeeroYuy71121: =smiles back=

Outlawgirl: {}::ish is tired::{} ::Loner walks in to the unknown place looking around with her icy blue

HeeroYuy71121: this vamp will be deystroyed

Outlawgirl: eyes….she stands at the height of 5’6 and has long midnight blue hair::

HeeroYuy71121: hi Loner!

Outlawgirl: 0.0

Outlawgirl: hi…::sounds scared::

MBailie: Why do u want this particular castle???

davepoobond: who you callin’ a loner?

davepoobond: ::raises a brow::

HeeroYuy71121: come sit down

HeeroYuy71121: =pionts to the chair nexta him=

Outlawgirl: ::Looks tae (Bond):: I’m Loner….

Outlawgirl: me name is Loner…

davepoobond: oh.

Outlawgirl: um…what’s yers?

davepoobond: well, my name is Dave Bond, Shapeshifter Extraordinaire.

HeeroYuy71121: hesa asshole Loner

davepoobond: nice to meet ya. i’d tip my hat if i had a hat.

Outlawgirl: shapeshifter…cool that’s what I am….

davepoobond: really?

HeeroYuy71121: =smiles politley at David=

davepoobond: that’s cool.

Outlawgirl: ::looks tae Heero:: he seems fine tae me…

davepoobond: yeah. i seem fine tae her

HeeroYuy71121: u werent here a minute ago

MBailie: ::Smiles to herself::

HeeroYuy71121: -_-

davepoobond: only you were here a minute ago.

HeeroYuy71121: ak!i cant take it anymore

HeeroYuy71121: =ki gathers in his right hand=

davepoobond: OOOH!

HeeroYuy71121: =stands and faces David=

MBailie: STOP


Outlawgirl: ::hides in a coner…tring to get away from any type of fights::

HeeroYuy71121: =throws his cloak of=

davepoobond: kitty….!

HeeroYuy71121: =it disappears before it hits the ground=

davepoobond: ahahahah!

davepoobond: this is great.

davepoobond: ::another image of Dave appears behind Heero::

davepoobond: which one of us

davepoobond: Dave 2: is the real Dave?

HeeroYuy71121: =grins=

HeeroYuy71121: i love mind games

davepoobond: this isn’t a mind game

davepoobond: WE’RE

davepoobond: DAVE 2: BOTH DAVE!

HeeroYuy71121: =copys Dave’s move=

HeeroYuy71121: ecept

davepoobond: ::both of the Dave’s jump into the air, gathering Distortion Ki into their palms::

HeeroYuy71121: both Heeros: were real!

HeeroYuy71121: =they disappear=

davepoobond: aha. thats funny.

davepoobond: Dave 2: yes very.

davepoobond: makes me laugh

davepoobond: Dave 2: hahahahaah

Outlawgirl: ::walks out side::

MBailie: Stop it ::she yells::

davepoobond: ok.

davepoobond: but this guy started

HeeroYuy71121: =Dave2 expoldes=

davepoobond: NOOO! Dave 2!

HeeroYuy71121: =reappears just one Heero=

HeeroYuy71121: ok

davepoobond: Dave 2: i’m sorry Dave. I’m dying……..

HeeroYuy71121: ill stop

davepoobond: ::holds Dave 2 in his arms::

Outlawgirl: {}0.o{}

davepoobond: Dave 2: ::coughs up blood:: he got me good

HeeroYuy71121: =heals dave two=

HeeroYuy71121: there

HeeroYuy71121: now leave me alone

davepoobond: Dave 2: ::riverdances:: i’m healed!

Outlawgirl: {}::laughs::{}

davepoobond: yay! ::riverdances::

MBailie: ::sighs:: thank you

HeeroYuy71121: =cloak appears on him=

HeeroYuy71121: im not wanted here

davepoobond: who said that

davepoobond: you’re the one who doesnt want yourself

HeeroYuy71121: =throws hood up upon his head=

davepoobond: <vs> and your mom

HeeroYuy71121: =grabs Dave by his collor=

MBailie: Heero don’t go stay

HeeroYuy71121: ((brb))

davepoobond: ((Collar))

davepoobond: ((not collor))

OnlineHost: MBailie has left the room.

OnlineHost: MBailie has entered the room.

MBailie: Heero please don’t go

davepoobond: hey. wanna see my pet?

HeeroYuy71121: =throws him across the room=

davepoobond: ::gets thrown across the room::

Outlawgirl: {}0.o??? {}

HeeroYuy71121: ((back! and stop crecting my spelling u grammer geek!))

davepoobond: ((correcting))

Outlawgirl: {}-.-{}

HeeroYuy71121: ((-_-))

Outlawgirl: {}::sighs::{}

davepoobond: ((i’m not a grammer geek. i’m just smarter than you))

HeeroYuy71121: ((yea!thats funny!))

Outlawgirl: ::walks back in and slaps Heero on the back of his head::

davepoobond: ((it is))

Outlawgirl: stop that!!!

HeeroYuy71121: ((hahahahaha!))

HeeroYuy71121: none insults my family

HeeroYuy71121: noone*

davepoobond: ((geez you took so long, i forgot why you threw me across the room))

davepoobond: ((no one))

davepoobond: ((2 words))

HeeroYuy71121: ((thanx))

HeeroYuy71121: ((<^> ^_^ <^>)))

davepoobond: (( >; | ))

HeeroYuy71121: ((<^> -_- <^>))

davepoobond: (( ?= ) ))

MBailie: *<:0)~

HeeroYuy71121: ((lol))

Outlawgirl: {}um….its not Dave that is an Ahole…it’s his mun…no offence…um…did I spell that

Outlawgirl: right…offence?{}

davepoobond: ((i am?))

davepoobond: ((i’m not an ahole……))

HeeroYuy71121: ((told u))

davepoobond: ((just because i try and help improve the intelligence of this individual right here…..))

Outlawgirl: {}no…your char told me…not you..{}

davepoobond: ((::points “politely” to heero::))

davepoobond: ((oh))

HeeroYuy71121: ((Dave u just get annoying))

HeeroYuy71121: ((lol))

davepoobond: ((exactly))

davepoobond: ((thats what my character is))

davepoobond: ((he’s annoying.))

davepoobond: ((i can rp seriously tho))

HeeroYuy71121: ((not ur char))

davepoobond: ((o))

HeeroYuy71121: ((u and ur char))

Outlawgirl: {}lol{}