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Once upon a time there was a shoe salesman named Jenkins. He had a terrible life. He was gay, an alcoholic, weighed 450 pounds, and he hadn’t sold a pair of shoes since 1978. Then one day the tooth fairy came to him. He said “what the hell are you doing here, you’re the tooth fairy, get away”. The tooth fairy said “No. You are pretty weird. I’m here to help you and you won’t except my help. What kind of position are you in to shoo me away huh fatty?” Then Jenkins said fine, What should I do. So the tooth fairy extracted all of his teeth, made his hair pink, made him work out until he weighed 98 pounds, and put him in a permanent tutu. His life got even worse. So he shot the tooth fairy with a shot gun and he exploded. Jenkins is living in a mental institution as of now and the tooth fairy has not been seen since. The moral of the story is, don’t trust the tooth fairy or your life will suck forever.

The End

Elfhome Tavern

OnlineHost: Silent Enemy has left the room.

OnlineHost: *** You are in “Arts and Entertainment – Elfhome Tavern”. ***

Antarlas: ((thank you))

davepoobond: ((your welcome))

OnlineHost: Tsenn has entered the room.

Antarlas: Ah, a fellow dark elf.


Star of Valinor: Nae, sir…

Star of Valinor: Your tounge is but a mockery of the Sindar tounge that I speak.

Antarlas: I was just talking with Alkea here about a dreadful attack.

davepoobond: ….

davepoobond: eh?

Tsenn: ::jumps in witha basket:: get ya hot tamales!

davepoobond: ::waves a briefcase in the air:: SHOES! who wants SHOES

Star of Valinor: ::she lowered her hood…her skin was an unmarred golden white, her face ovaline, her high,

Tsenn: i want shoes! because igot socks to go with the SHOES!!

davepoobond: GREAT!

OnlineHost: BlizzardWolf has entered the room.

davepoobond: i’ll give you a shoe, for a tamale!

Tsenn: YOUR ON!

davepoobond: ::hands him a shoe::

OnlineHost: NeoNet has entered the room.

Antarlas: ((If you going to be pests please leave))

Star of Valinor: aristocratic cheekbones denoting the careful bloodline of one of the Eldar::

davepoobond: ((we’re only here to RP))

Tsenn: ::hands him a tamale and puts the shoein the box::

davepoobond: ::puts the tamale in the briefcase::

davepoobond: i’ll trade you a penny for a penny

OnlineHost: JIS has entered the room.

OnlineHost: Vampireangel has left the room.

OnlineHost: RissArrow has entered the room.

Antarlas: Ah, I see the tavern is filling up now.

Tsenn: uh sure

davepoobond: ok!

NeoNet: :: a man in a black and silver cloke enteres::

davepoobond: ::hands him a penny::

JIS: ::walks in with his eyes glowing green::

Tsenn: how about you give mea penny to trade you a penny witha penny for a penny?

Antarlas: Alkae, who is serving?

JIS: ::looks around::

davepoobond: ok

OnlineHost: Vampireangel has entered the room.

NeoNet: :: his emerald eyes are the only think visible under the hood::

davepoobond: even better

Tsenn: yeah

Star of Valinor: ::glowing blue eyes shone brightly, as she stepped forward:: Never the less, I will forgive

OnlineHost: Zack o Lantern has entered the room.

JIS: ::yawns a little showing a bit of his fangs::

Vampireangel: ::She reappears:: Aye what happened?

Star of Valinor: you your transgression against my nobility…I am Valith Amandil of LothLorien, Priestess of

Star of Valinor: Yavanna Tanquetil.

Tsenn: ((see we attract the attention))

davepoobond: ((hehe))

davepoobond: ((we’re more interesting))

Tsenn: ((this room woulda sucked without our presence lol))

davepoobond: hey, miss. want a shoe or 2?


davepoobond: ::points at Vampireangel::

Vampireangel: ::Looks around, dark brown orbs gazing at everyone:: aah, the room is getting quite full

Vampireangel: ::Looks at davepoobond:: What?

RissArrow: ::A young man walks in and sits down next to the man in the black cloak::

Tsenn: shoes lady shoes

davepoobond: want. a. shoe. or. 2?

NeoNet: :: removes the hood revealing a young elven man with jet black hair going down to his neck::

Tsenn: hes givin shoes dont miss out!

davepoobond: i’m a travelling shoe salesman

Vampireangel: No thank you

Antarlas: :walks to Riss: What can I get you kind sir?

Vampireangel: I am quite ok with my sandals

davepoobond: you’ve got outdated shoes.

davepoobond: sandals are nasty

davepoobond: no one wants to see your toes

JIS: ::walks up to Antarlas::

davepoobond: why cant they understand that!

Vampireangel: My toes are quite fine

Zack o Lantern: :: Walks in casually with his long black trench coat and hair dangling down over his eyes::

Tsenn: here

Tsenn: replace your toes with tamales

OnlineHost: AngelicWinds has entered the room.

JIS: do i know you?

Antarlas: :Looks a JIS: Can I help you?

Vampireangel: ::She moves her feet up, revealing slender toes, her nails painted red::

Antarlas: No, I don’t belive so.

davepoobond: wow.

RissArrow: Aiden-::Looks at Antar:: no, thanks

OnlineHost: BlizzardWolf has left the room.

Zack o Lantern: ::glances around at the crowd::

RissArrow: Aiden-Not now anyway

OnlineHost: AngelicWinds has left the room.

OnlineHost: Willow Isp has entered the room.

OnlineHost: BlizzardWolf has entered the room.

Tsenn: ::he admires the toes then:: see now those feet need a good shoe to keep nice

JIS: could you give me your name?

NeoNet: :: pops his neck sitting on a chair next to him::

davepoobond: not sandals

davepoobond: sandals expose them to bacteria

davepoobond: and bacteria is bad

Antarlas: My name is Antarlas Draxel.

Tsenn: and dirt and other stuff

davepoobond: because they like to eat toes

JIS: ok thank you

JIS: ::walks away::

Antarlas: Yours?

Vampireangel: :She smiles::

OnlineHost: Willow Isp has left the room.

RissArrow: Aiden-::Looks at Tallon:: How are you?

davepoobond: why are you smiling?

NeoNet: good, for now :: looks around the room::

JIS: i do not tell my name to elves

Tsenn: because she sees the light man

Vampireangel: ::Stands up to fix her knee long loose pants::

davepoobond: hmm! i think you’re right.

RissArrow: Aiden-::Looks around in parinoia::

Vampireangel: damn things keep falling to ma hips

JIS: ::looks to Vampireangel::

Zack o Lantern: ::walks over to Antarlas:: Hello, I am new here could you show me around?

davepoobond: no one knows the spectacular uses of shoes.

Tsenn: takeem off then and replace them with a piece of Lingerie! tjhat we came across!

NeoNet: :: looks at JIS:: huh!

Antarlas: very well, what can I get you Zack?

davepoobond: yeah!

Vampireangel: ::Looks at Antarlas:: Hey Antarlas Did they take off my belt thing when they healed me?

Zack o Lantern: ::looks up at Antarlas:: How ’bout some names?

RissArrow: Aiden-good, pretty quiet in here

Antarlas: :looks to Alkae: No, I don’t belive so.

Antarlas: My dear.

Vampireangel: Ok them thieves must have broken it

Antarlas: : to Zack: I am Antarlas.

davepoobond: ::jumps on antarlas’ head, and bites his hair:: I’M HUNGRY FEED ME!!!!!!!!!!

Tsenn: missin out on a good deal

Zack o Lantern: ::glances briefly at the crowd again::

Vampireangel: ((LOL davepoobond))

davepoobond: (( = D ))

Tsenn: ::he jumped on zack:: MOMMY!!!

Star of Valinor: ::she sighed, and merely slipped away::

OnlineHost: Star of Valinor has left the room.

Antarlas: You’ll have to ask for other’s names. I’m not at libirty to say.

Tsenn: store!! come on!!

JIS: ::wears shorts no shoes and no shirt and wearing sunglasses::

RissArrow: Dang, I’ve gotta go

davepoobond: ::jumps from antarlas’ head to the bar counter, throwing glasses at Antarlas’ face::

RissArrow: bye

OnlineHost: BlizzardWolf has left the room.

OnlineHost: BlizzardWolf has entered the room.

NeoNet: bye

davepoobond: die! die die!

Tsenn: ::pokes him a lot:: die!

Zack o Lantern: ::looks up at his new found friend and shakes his head causing tsenn to fall off::

davepoobond: ::kicks Antarlas in the shins::

Tsenn: ::and he fell just to cling to zacks leg::

Antarlas: Well, I must be going. Alkae, will you take over for me? I was just showing Zack around.

Zack o Lantern: ::chuckles at him::

OnlineHost: RissArrow has left the room.

Vampireangel: ::her hands fall at her sides as she yawns::

davepoobond: ::eats Antarlas’ pants::

Vampireangel: Sure

davepoobond: ew! nasty

Tsenn: ::pokes his shins::

Vampireangel: ::Walks toward Zack::

davepoobond: ::trips Antarlas::

davepoobond: ::stomps on his shoes::

davepoobond: ::eats his hand::

OnlineHost: NeoNet has left the room.

Antarlas: Fair the well Alkae. :gently grabs Alkea’s hand a lightly kisses it.” Fair the well.

OnlineHost: Antarlas has left the room.

Vampireangel: ::lends her hand out in welcome, the other holding onto her pants::


davepoobond: I’M EATING YOU

Vampireangel: Bye Bye Antarlas

Tsenn: people have no respect these days!

davepoobond: nooooooooo! he left..

JIS: ::draws his sword::

davepoobond: ::jumps on the bar counter::

Tsenn: honestly at elast let you finish

davepoobond: ::gets an apple, biting pieces of it and spits it out onto JIS::


Zack o Lantern: ::looks at alkea:: Hello there.

Vampireangel: ::Looks at Zack:: What do you need?

JIS: ::shock the hell out of davepoobond with lightning::

Vampireangel: ::Dark brown eyes gazing at him (?) ::

davepoobond: aaahhh! ::shocked:: yay. only heaven is in me now

Tsenn: ::cold clocks jis witha french fry:: bwajajaja!!

davepoobond: thank you!

Zack o Lantern: ::smiles:: I am new here could you introduce me to your friends?

JIS: ::runs up to him/her and slices its head off::

Tsenn: hey dave

davepoobond: ::hugs his legs::

Tsenn: your head fell off again

davepoobond: oh no.

davepoobond: ::his head rolls around on the ground::

davepoobond: head: nyehhhh

Tsenn: that happens a lot man

Vampireangel: ::Smiles:: These are not my friends

Vampireangel: Just customers

Vampireangel: U have to introduce yourself to them

davepoobond: ::his head shoots up into the air, and attaches to his body again::

JIS: ::slices his body in half::

davepoobond: my body

davepoobond: ow

Tsenn: ((hey dave only one person isnt ignorin us i guessin lol))

Zack o Lantern: Oh haha, it just seems so friendly around here.

davepoobond: ::his body seals up and its back to normal:: WHY ARE YOU HURTING ME

Tsenn: hes hurting you?

Tsenn: eat him!

davepoobond: ::slaps JIS in the face::

Zack o Lantern: ::shrugs and bows to alkea:: Alrighty, thanks.

JIS: this is an acid based diamond sword

davepoobond: so what.

Tsenn: ::grabs a spatula and pokes JIS::

JIS: ::turns his face to the side::

Vampireangel: ::She smiles as he bows:: You r welcome

JIS: ::bites davepoobond::

Tsenn: suck cooking utensils!

davepoobond: ::bites back::

JIS: ::sucks all his blood out of him/her::

davepoobond: ::claws at JIS::

davepoobond: ::sucks back all his blood::

Tsenn: ((LMAO))

davepoobond: i’m a vampire, too

Vampireangel: ::She laughs at davepoobond, glossy red lips part to show fangs::

JIS: ::throws him on to the floor::

davepoobond: as well as a many other things

davepoobond: ::tackles JIS, getting off the floor:: DIE

Tsenn: ::well least davepoobond wasnt ignored by all as he thwapped jis with some frying pan::

JIS: ::creates a sheild of magic around so nothing can get in::

davepoobond: ::punches him repeatedly::

Zack o Lantern: ::turns and walks to JIS:: May I be of assistance?

Tsenn: err whered that come from

Vampireangel: ::Whistles to davepoobond:: Stop!!

JIS: ::falls back::

davepoobond: wha? why?

Tsenn: ::pelts him with tamales::

JIS: ::puts his hand on the ground::

Vampireangel: No killing those that have done nothing!!

Zack o Lantern: ::pulls jis pack up::

Tsenn: but he did something

davepoobond: he was looking at me weird

Tsenn: he cut his head off

JIS: ::thinks of all the things he want revenge on::

Zack o Lantern: ::back*::

davepoobond: ::takes a shoe and jams a high heel into JIS’s mouth::

OnlineHost: GingerTiger has entered the room.

Vampireangel: davepoobond that is no reason!

davepoobond: sure it is!

Tsenn: he cut his head off!

davepoobond: and he sucked my blood, and i had to suck it all back

OnlineHost: GingerTiger has left the room.

davepoobond: do you know how disgusting that is?

JIS: ::a purple beam surrounds him::

Vampireangel: ::Walks to davepoobond and kicks him in the shins:: No it isn’t!!!!

davepoobond: owww

Tsenn: dude why do you get all the attention

JIS: ::stands::

davepoobond: fine fine. whaddya want me to do? he’s gonna try and kill me now.

davepoobond: which is pretty funny, since i cant die.

JIS: ::his eyes turn white and start to glow::

davepoobond: wow. i’m scared, JIS.

davepoobond: whatcha gonna do?

davepoobond: slice me a bunch of times

JIS: you touch me again i will destroy this place

Tsenn: ::touches him::

davepoobond: OOOH!

Tsenn: that a threat?

JIS: ::puts his sword away::

Vampireangel: ::Rolls her eyes at JIS, and smacks him:: Calm down!!!

davepoobond: oh no he’s gonna destroy the place ::yawns::

Tsenn: oh no i touched him!

Zack o Lantern: ::is rolling on the floor laughing at JIS::


Tsenn: ::touches jis again lol::

davepoobond: ::sits down::

Vampireangel: ::Cracks up at what JIS has said::

JIS: ::thinks to himself should he do it or not::

Zack o Lantern: ::would love to see it::

JIS: ::was talking about davepoobond::

Zack o Lantern: ((lol everyones laughing at him))

Vampireangel: It does not matter with a single chant I can fix the place back up

Tsenn: ::touch touch touch:: ooh come on big guy

davepoobond: yeah

Zack o Lantern: ::cheers at alkea::

davepoobond: and with a single shake, i can re-attach my blown up pieces

davepoobond: salt shaker shake that is

davepoobond: ahahah

Vampireangel: ::looks at Zack, and falls to the floor laughing::

Tsenn: ::touch:: yeah look ::touch:: see that ::touch:: i knopw ya feel it ::touch::

Zack o Lantern: wow thats pretty good davepoobond what are you some kind of god?

Zack o Lantern: ::giggles at davepoobond::

JIS: ::gets pissed and unleashes his power on davepoobond::

davepoobond: well, yeah…i guess you could say that

JIS: ::killing him::

Tsenn: oooh

davepoobond: i’m a Shapeshifter

JIS: ::sends him to hell::

Vampireangel: ((JIS is a MODER!!!!!!!!!!!))

Tsenn: dave have a nice ride heh

davepoobond: ::modes, and goes to heaven::

davepoobond: hahaha

Zack o Lantern: ((true true))

Tsenn: ((least dave and i are just havin fun :/))

OnlineHost: JIS has left the room.

davepoobond: ::jumps back down to earth::

davepoobond: hahaha

Vampireangel: ((MODER davepoobond))

Zack o Lantern: ((i have a feeling that anyone that can somehow reattach any part of his body and destroy th

Tsenn: ((yeah and he cares? lol))

davepoobond: ((heh. only after he moded))

Zack o Lantern: ((the world at his command is a moder))

Vampireangel: ((WB blizzard))

davepoobond: ((he’s a Shapeshifter, its a good reason that he can))

Zack o Lantern: ((::cheer:: he left))

davepoobond: ((yes))

Tsenn: ((thx to us))

Tsenn: ((the incredible ones o.o;;))

davepoobond: ((yep))

Vampireangel: ::is still laughing histerically on the floor::

davepoobond: so. how about them Dodgers?

Tsenn: ((who hasnt ignored me yet besides dave lol))

Zack o Lantern: ::pokes davepoobond:: haha turn into that chair over there ::points over to a turned-over chair::

davepoobond: ok

davepoobond: ::turns into a chair::

davepoobond: wow

Vampireangel: ::Stands up::

Zack o Lantern: ::cheers::

davepoobond: i’m a chair

Vampireangel: Turn into me

Zack o Lantern: hahaha

davepoobond: hmm

Tsenn: ::sits on dave mistaken him for a chair::

davepoobond: ::turns into vampireangel, so tsenn is sitting on her then::

Vampireangel: eww, there’s a stinky butt on dave!!!!!!!!!!!!

davepoobond: wow!

Tsenn: whoa

davepoobond: no, there’s a stinky butt on YOU

Tsenn: yer hot!!

Vampireangel: I know, but your me, ummm, shapeshifter!!!

davepoobond: ok

Vampireangel: Hehe, Thanx

Tsenn: call him dave -.-

davepoobond: yeah, my name is Dave Bond

Zack o Lantern: ::yawns::

Vampireangel: Okies

davepoobond: Shapeshifter Extraordinaire.

Zack o Lantern: ::is getting bored with this shapeshifter thingy::

Vampireangel: Umm, can u stop being me now, plz?!!

davepoobond: ::turns into a magic wand::

davepoobond: ::flies around, spraying magic dust all around::

Vampireangel: ::Grabs the wand::

Tsenn: ::magic dusted::

Vampireangel: Ooooh, pretty

davepoobond: agh!

Vampireangel: ::waves the wand around::

davepoobond: wuhhhhhh ::waved around::

Zack o Lantern: ::reaches into his jacket::

Vampireangel: OOhhh. pretty sparkles

Zack o Lantern: ::pulls out a larger wand and mumbles something::

davepoobond: ::extends all the way, and whacks Zack in the face, as

vampireangel waves him around::

Tsenn: ::wonders if he puleld that from his pants O.o::

Zack o Lantern: ::quickly lashes out at the wand in her hand::

Tsenn: erm….

Vampireangel: ::Stops waving Dave::

OnlineHost: MidWinterDragon has entered the room.

davepoobond: ok….let go of me

Zack o Lantern: ::watches as the wand turns into a wooden dall::

Zack o Lantern: hahaha

Vampireangel: ::Shrieks:::EEWWWWWW, if he did then I am walking away from him

Vampireangel: !!!!!!!!!

Zack o Lantern: ::rolls on the floor laughing::

davepoobond: ok?

MidWinterDragon: ::enters the tavern and looks around::

davepoobond: ::turns into his reg. form::

Vampireangel: I was talking to Tsenn

davepoobond: leggo my arm.

Zack o Lantern: ::pats dave on the back:: you make a nice play toy eh?

Vampireangel: I did let go of u

davepoobond: i guess.

davepoobond: ok

Zack o Lantern: ::chuckles gleefully at him::

Tsenn: wow i was tlked to

davepoobond: ::looks around::

Tsenn: scary

davepoobond: yes, it is.

Vampireangel: ::laughs at tsenn’s remark::

Vampireangel: ::Yawns:

Vampireangel: ((U people r slow typers))!!!!!!

davepoobond: ((ok?))

Zack o Lantern: ((haha i agree))

davepoobond: ((there’s nothing to say))

Zack o Lantern: ((hmm))

Tsenn: ((well type fast with a nearly dislocated arm))

Vampireangel: ::Kicks all the boys in the shins::

davepoobond: oww

davepoobond: my shins ::rubs his shins::

Vampireangel: ((oh ok, sorry Tsenn))

Vampireangel: ::laughs::

Tsenn: hey my legs are jellowy enough already ::flobbling around from that::

davepoobond: ::puts vampireangel into a headlock:: laugh now!

Vampireangel: Eww, don’t do that infront of me Dave

Zack o Lantern: ::sits down cautiously on the nearest chair, afraid it maybe someone hes met before::

Vampireangel: Waaaaa!!!!!!!!!!

davepoobond: dont do….what….

Vampireangel: ::is headlocked::

BlizzardWolf: Alkae…why did you kick me?

Tsenn: he said laugh not cry…

Vampireangel: rub your shins

davepoobond: ok.

MidWinterDragon: ::looks at Tsenn::

Vampireangel: ::Looks at wolf while in a headlock:: U don’t count Wolf

Tsenn: ::looked at err:: what?

davepoobond: a counting wolf?

Vampireangel: I didn’t kick u

davepoobond: what?

MidWinterDragon: ::glances at vampire::

Tsenn: ::looks at midnight hah can do that too::

BlizzardWolf: i am not a WOLF….my name is Blizz

Tsenn: stare down whoo

davepoobond: blizz

Vampireangel: ((Sorry))

davepoobond: sounds like wiz

Vampireangel: ((LMAO))

Tsenn: blizz took a jizz

davepoobond: with a fizz

Tsenn: what a pizz

davepoobond: blizz took a jizz with a fizz

Tsenn: and sounded like wiz!

davepoobond: we should leave him to his biz…

Vampireangel: ::tugs on Daves face:: let me go!!!!!!!!!

Vampireangel: ((I’m going to get kicked off))

MidWinterDragon: ::looks around at all the weird messed up people and walks out of the room::

davepoobond: ow my face. only if you say the magic word

Vampireangel: ((My computers lagging))

OnlineHost: L0RD5PH1NX has entered the room.

OnlineHost: MidWinterDragon has left the room.

BlizzardWolf: ::hits Dave on the forhead::LET GO ASSHOLE

davepoobond: ((ok))

OnlineHost: Zack o Lantern has left the room.

Tsenn: hey he caleld you asshole!

davepoobond: ::lets go:: ok, thats the magic word

Tsenn: haha wassup asshole

davepoobond: ::puts blizz in a sleeper hold:: AHAHAHA

Vampireangel: ::cracks her neck:: Thanx Blizz

Vampireangel: ::Smacks dave, and kicks him in the shins again::

L0RD5PH1NX: ::The short man walks in slowly, his twin braids flail side to side.:

davepoobond: owwwww ow ow ow ow ow

OnlineHost: DrgnPrincessKaci has entered the room.

Vampireangel: Don’t hurt blizz

Tsenn: ::pokes vampire:: ey be nice

BlizzardWolf: ::kicks him in the nutz::mind letting me go

davepoobond: ::falls on the ground, going into a fetal position::

DrgnPrincessKaci: u people are floopy))

L0RD5PH1NX: ::Looks around::

davepoobond: ((so what))

OnlineHost: DrgnPrincessKaci has left the room.

OnlineHost: L0RD5PH1NX has left the room.

Vampireangel: ::falls on the floor laughing at dave::

Tsenn: ((::bows::))

BlizzardWolf: dont mess with a shapeshifting vampire…::kicks him in the ribs::

davepoobond: dont mess with a shapeshifter!

Tsenn: umm

Tsenn: yeah

Tsenn: what he said

BlizzardWolf: ::turns and sits at a table,starts reading his book::

Vampireangel: ::Stands up and stands next to Tsenn::

davepoobond: ::gets up, and stands nose to nose with Blizz:: i’m a shapeshifter extraordinaire!

Tsenn: dont mess with err the power of gooze

davepoobond: yeah, my blood is pure MELTED FRUIT ROLL UP JUICE

Vampireangel: Gooze?

Vampireangel: Ewwww

Vampireangel: Fruit Roll Up Gooo?!!!!!!

davepoobond: it tastes quite good actually

Tsenn: see thats why you dont mess with it

davepoobond: i got sugar running through my veins 24/7

Vampireangel: ::walks to Blizz’s table and sits on the table::

Tsenn: ::stood next to he tried to stand in a thoughtful position::

davepoobond: ::breaks into song::

davepoobond: our house. in the middle of our street. our house. in the middle of our

Vampireangel: ::looks at Tsenn looking almost thoughtful::

BlizzardWolf: Alkae its been a pleasure ::kisses her hand and stands up::but i am leaving ::walks out::

OnlineHost: BlizzardWolf has left the room.

davepoobond: what a wussy.

Vampireangel: Everybody has to kiss ma hand

Vampireangel: Damnit

davepoobond: he just wants to get into your pants. you shouldn’t fall for it, Alkae

Tsenn: ::err paid attention to here he blinked and kisses her cheek? :: better?

Vampireangel: ::laughs::

davepoobond: he does too.

davepoobond: the perv.

Tsenn: your a pervier perv

davepoobond: yer gonna change this tavern into a Pervopub

Vampireangel: ::laughs:: No need to kiss me

Vampireangel: Why me?!!!!

Tsenn: the pervinator?

davepoobond: i was talking to Tsenn

Tsenn: ok fine!

Tsenn: ::kisses dave:: happy!

davepoobond: EWW

Vampireangel: Ewww

davepoobond: ::smacks him in the face::

Vampireangel: Gay Lords

davepoobond: bisexual.

Tsenn: no no

davepoobond: ::punches him in the face::

Tsenn: theres a dude named gaylord fakker

davepoobond: shut up!

Vampireangel: ((LMAO))

Tsenn: and he marrie hue jass

davepoobond: did he listen to 80s pop?

davepoobond: i think i heard of him

Tsenn: and had a secret affair with ben dover

Vampireangel: ::laughs histerically:: stop!!

Vampireangel: it’s too sad it’s actually funny

davepoobond: i know him.

davepoobond: i ate him.

Tsenn: yeah interesting people

davepoobond: i’ve eaten a lot of people.

OnlineHost: BlizzardWolf has entered the room.

davepoobond: old lady: no you havent!

davepoobond: ::eats the old lady::

Tsenn: hear that dave

Tsenn: were funny

davepoobond: old lady: ::squeal::

davepoobond: we are?

Tsenn: yep

davepoobond: whooooooo! ::raises his hands in the air::

Tsenn: should we feel flattered now?

davepoobond: i dont know.

Tsenn: YEAH!! ::strut::

Tsenn: we are some funnay peeple! ::strut strut::

davepoobond: …..yeah

BlizzardWolf: ::sits in a chair in the corner and puts feet on table::are you two still acting dumb?

Vampireangel: ::Looks at davepoobond::

Vampireangel: Eaten a lot?!!

Vampireangel: Blizzard your back

Vampireangel: Yay

OnlineHost: Vampireangel has left the room.

davepoobond: ((WTF))

Tsenn: hey its jizz!!

Tsenn: i mean blizz

davepoobond: ((that was weird. the chat room jumped…))

Tsenn: ((i saw that too))

Tsenn: ((maybe im delirious though))

davepoobond: blizz that made a jizz with a fizz

Tsenn: and called it wiz

davepoobond: how ya doin’

davepoobond: back for more?

Tsenn: im swell and you?

davepoobond: tickle attack!

Tsenn: he cant get enough man

davepoobond: ::charges at blizz and tickles him::

OnlineHost: Vampireangel has entered the room.

BlizzardWolf: ::kicks dave in the nuts again::

Vampireangel: ((Damn computer, I got disconnected))

davepoobond: owwww

Tsenn: ::charges at jiz…err blizz and tickles him also::

davepoobond: ::falls on the floor, into a fetal position::

Tsenn: ::jumpos away before hes kicked::

OnlineHost: Patty one more has entered the room.

Tsenn: ((patty one more…))

davepoobond: ::gets a saxophone and chucks it at Blizz::

davepoobond: there’s a mirror in the bathroom!

Tsenn: sexapone*

BlizzardWolf: ::points finger at sax and it zooms back at dave::

Vampireangel: ::Re-enters::

davepoobond: blizz is wearing red tight pants! ewwww

Tsenn: sex*

Tsenn: jizz*

Tsenn: err blizz*

OnlineHost: Patty one more has left the room.

Vampireangel: You’re all weirdoes

davepoobond: ::catches the sax, and starts playing it::

Vampireangel: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

davepoobond: ::goes into a long solo::

Tsenn: ::hes playin the sex with a dildo? O.o::

Tsenn: err

Tsenn: dave

davepoobond: what

Tsenn: your playin the asex with the dildo?

OnlineHost: MIDNIGHTWOLFCUB has entered the room.

davepoobond: shut up ::whacks the saxaphone across tsenn’s head::

MIDNIGHTWOLFCUB: :: a young wolfcub trots in::

Vampireangel: ::Walks toward Blizz:: these two scare me!!!

davepoobond: ::stuffs the wolfcub into the saxaphone::

davepoobond: stupid wolfcub

Tsenn: ::err hit and the saxaphone blares a high note also e.e::

Tsenn: oww

Vampireangel: Aww now that was just pure mean!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

davepoobond: ::starts playing the saxaphone::

davepoobond: i know it is. i’m evil.

BlizzardWolf: ::grabs the wolf cub form the sax and takes him over to his table and sits him on the table:

MIDNIGHTWOLFCUB: ::growles and bites da bond::

BlizzardWolf: from*

davepoobond: thanks. it was muffling my sax.

Vampireangel: ::Tackles davepoobond, and kicks him in the shins::

davepoobond: ::bit, and his arm falls off with the wolf bite:: OW

Tsenn: ::stuffs the vampire angel into the front cabinet:: be nice!

OnlineHost: Mallrat 56353 has entered the room.

davepoobond: ::and gets tackled, and kicked in the shin::

davepoobond: AHHHH! GANG BEAT DOWN~

davepoobond: HEELLLPP

Vampireangel: ::gets out of the cabinet and tackles Tsenn::

Vampireangel: ::Kicks him in the shins::

davepoobond: ::grabs Alkae, and drags her to the middle of the room, and puts her into a leg lock::

Tsenn: ::tackled:: hey look glad you finally came out the clos…cabinet

Vampireangel: ::And again::

BlizzardWolf: ::snaps fingers and dave and Tsenn catch on fire::

davepoobond: AHHHHHHHH

davepoobond: i’m on FIRE

Tsenn: ::kicked twice and on fire not feeling it::

davepoobond: ::BLOWS UP::

Tsenn: err im the sunwalker….

Vampireangel: ::Runs away from Tsenn::

MIDNIGHTWOLFCUB: ::looks at the man who picked the cub up and lickes his hand as a thank you::

davepoobond: i’m gonna go………………bye

BlizzardWolf: ::pats the wolfcubs head::what is your name?

davepoobond: ::jumps out the tavern::

davepoobond: ((gtg bye))

Vampireangel: Now davepoobond is the chicken

Tsenn: ((peace))

Tsenn: no