Elfhome Tavern

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OnlineHost: *** You are in “Arts and Entertainment – Elfhome Tavern”. ***

Antarlas: ((thank you))

davepoobond: ((your welcome))

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Antarlas: Ah, a fellow dark elf.


Star of Valinor: Nae, sir…

Star of Valinor: Your tounge is but a mockery of the Sindar tounge that I speak.

Antarlas: I was just talking with Alkea here about a dreadful attack.

davepoobond: ….

davepoobond: eh?

Tsenn: ::jumps in witha basket:: get ya hot tamales!

davepoobond: ::waves a briefcase in the air:: SHOES! who wants SHOES

Star of Valinor: ::she lowered her hood…her skin was an unmarred golden white, her face ovaline, her high,

Tsenn: i want shoes! because igot socks to go with the SHOES!!

davepoobond: GREAT!

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davepoobond: i’ll give you a shoe, for a tamale!

Tsenn: YOUR ON!

davepoobond: ::hands him a shoe::

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Antarlas: ((If you going to be pests please leave))

Star of Valinor: aristocratic cheekbones denoting the careful bloodline of one of the Eldar::

davepoobond: ((we’re only here to RP))

Tsenn: ::hands him a tamale and puts the shoein the box::

davepoobond: ::puts the tamale in the briefcase::

davepoobond: i’ll trade you a penny for a penny

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Antarlas: Ah, I see the tavern is filling up now.

Tsenn: uh sure

davepoobond: ok!

NeoNet: :: a man in a black and silver cloke enteres::

davepoobond: ::hands him a penny::

JIS: ::walks in with his eyes glowing green::

Tsenn: how about you give mea penny to trade you a penny witha penny for a penny?

Antarlas: Alkae, who is serving?

JIS: ::looks around::

davepoobond: ok

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NeoNet: :: his emerald eyes are the only think visible under the hood::

davepoobond: even better

Tsenn: yeah

Star of Valinor: ::glowing blue eyes shone brightly, as she stepped forward:: Never the less, I will forgive

OnlineHost: Zack o Lantern has entered the room.

JIS: ::yawns a little showing a bit of his fangs::

Vampireangel: ::She reappears:: Aye what happened?

Star of Valinor: you your transgression against my nobility…I am Valith Amandil of LothLorien, Priestess of

Star of Valinor: Yavanna Tanquetil.

Tsenn: ((see we attract the attention))

davepoobond: ((hehe))

davepoobond: ((we’re more interesting))

Tsenn: ((this room woulda sucked without our presence lol))

davepoobond: hey, miss. want a shoe or 2?


davepoobond: ::points at Vampireangel::

Vampireangel: ::Looks around, dark brown orbs gazing at everyone:: aah, the room is getting quite full

Vampireangel: ::Looks at davepoobond:: What?

RissArrow: ::A young man walks in and sits down next to the man in the black cloak::

Tsenn: shoes lady shoes

davepoobond: want. a. shoe. or. 2?

NeoNet: :: removes the hood revealing a young elven man with jet black hair going down to his neck::

Tsenn: hes givin shoes dont miss out!

davepoobond: i’m a travelling shoe salesman

Vampireangel: No thank you

Antarlas: :walks to Riss: What can I get you kind sir?

Vampireangel: I am quite ok with my sandals

davepoobond: you’ve got outdated shoes.

davepoobond: sandals are nasty

davepoobond: no one wants to see your toes

JIS: ::walks up to Antarlas::

davepoobond: why cant they understand that!

Vampireangel: My toes are quite fine

Zack o Lantern: :: Walks in casually with his long black trench coat and hair dangling down over his eyes::

Tsenn: here

Tsenn: replace your toes with tamales

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JIS: do i know you?

Antarlas: :Looks a JIS: Can I help you?

Vampireangel: ::She moves her feet up, revealing slender toes, her nails painted red::

Antarlas: No, I don’t belive so.

davepoobond: wow.

RissArrow: Aiden-::Looks at Antar:: no, thanks

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Zack o Lantern: ::glances around at the crowd::

RissArrow: Aiden-Not now anyway

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Tsenn: ::he admires the toes then:: see now those feet need a good shoe to keep nice

JIS: could you give me your name?

NeoNet: :: pops his neck sitting on a chair next to him::

davepoobond: not sandals

davepoobond: sandals expose them to bacteria

davepoobond: and bacteria is bad

Antarlas: My name is Antarlas Draxel.

Tsenn: and dirt and other stuff

davepoobond: because they like to eat toes

JIS: ok thank you

JIS: ::walks away::

Antarlas: Yours?

Vampireangel: :She smiles::

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RissArrow: Aiden-::Looks at Tallon:: How are you?

davepoobond: why are you smiling?

NeoNet: good, for now :: looks around the room::

JIS: i do not tell my name to elves

Tsenn: because she sees the light man

Vampireangel: ::Stands up to fix her knee long loose pants::

davepoobond: hmm! i think you’re right.

RissArrow: Aiden-::Looks around in parinoia::

Vampireangel: damn things keep falling to ma hips

JIS: ::looks to Vampireangel::

Zack o Lantern: ::walks over to Antarlas:: Hello, I am new here could you show me around?

davepoobond: no one knows the spectacular uses of shoes.

Tsenn: takeem off then and replace them with a piece of Lingerie! tjhat we came across!

NeoNet: :: looks at JIS:: huh!

Antarlas: very well, what can I get you Zack?

davepoobond: yeah!

Vampireangel: ::Looks at Antarlas:: Hey Antarlas Did they take off my belt thing when they healed me?

Zack o Lantern: ::looks up at Antarlas:: How ’bout some names?

RissArrow: Aiden-good, pretty quiet in here

Antarlas: :looks to Alkae: No, I don’t belive so.

Antarlas: My dear.

Vampireangel: Ok them thieves must have broken it

Antarlas: : to Zack: I am Antarlas.

davepoobond: ::jumps on antarlas’ head, and bites his hair:: I’M HUNGRY FEED ME!!!!!!!!!!

Tsenn: missin out on a good deal

Zack o Lantern: ::glances briefly at the crowd again::

Vampireangel: ((LOL davepoobond))

davepoobond: (( = D ))

Tsenn: ::he jumped on zack:: MOMMY!!!

Star of Valinor: ::she sighed, and merely slipped away::

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Antarlas: You’ll have to ask for other’s names. I’m not at libirty to say.

Tsenn: store!! come on!!

JIS: ::wears shorts no shoes and no shirt and wearing sunglasses::

RissArrow: Dang, I’ve gotta go

davepoobond: ::jumps from antarlas’ head to the bar counter, throwing glasses at Antarlas’ face::

RissArrow: bye

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OnlineHost: BlizzardWolf has entered the room.

NeoNet: bye

davepoobond: die! die die!

Tsenn: ::pokes him a lot:: die!

Zack o Lantern: ::looks up at his new found friend and shakes his head causing tsenn to fall off::

davepoobond: ::kicks Antarlas in the shins::

Tsenn: ::and he fell just to cling to zacks leg::

Antarlas: Well, I must be going. Alkae, will you take over for me? I was just showing Zack around.

Zack o Lantern: ::chuckles at him::

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Vampireangel: ::her hands fall at her sides as she yawns::

davepoobond: ::eats Antarlas’ pants::

Vampireangel: Sure

davepoobond: ew! nasty

Tsenn: ::pokes his shins::

Vampireangel: ::Walks toward Zack::

davepoobond: ::trips Antarlas::

davepoobond: ::stomps on his shoes::

davepoobond: ::eats his hand::

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Antarlas: Fair the well Alkae. :gently grabs Alkea’s hand a lightly kisses it.” Fair the well.

OnlineHost: Antarlas has left the room.

Vampireangel: ::lends her hand out in welcome, the other holding onto her pants::


davepoobond: I’M EATING YOU

Vampireangel: Bye Bye Antarlas

Tsenn: people have no respect these days!

davepoobond: nooooooooo! he left..

JIS: ::draws his sword::

davepoobond: ::jumps on the bar counter::

Tsenn: honestly at elast let you finish

davepoobond: ::gets an apple, biting pieces of it and spits it out onto JIS::


Zack o Lantern: ::looks at alkea:: Hello there.

Vampireangel: ::Looks at Zack:: What do you need?

JIS: ::shock the hell out of davepoobond with lightning::

Vampireangel: ::Dark brown eyes gazing at him (?) ::

davepoobond: aaahhh! ::shocked:: yay. only heaven is in me now

Tsenn: ::cold clocks jis witha french fry:: bwajajaja!!

davepoobond: thank you!

Zack o Lantern: ::smiles:: I am new here could you introduce me to your friends?

JIS: ::runs up to him/her and slices its head off::

Tsenn: hey dave

davepoobond: ::hugs his legs::

Tsenn: your head fell off again

davepoobond: oh no.

davepoobond: ::his head rolls around on the ground::

davepoobond: head: nyehhhh

Tsenn: that happens a lot man

Vampireangel: ::Smiles:: These are not my friends

Vampireangel: Just customers

Vampireangel: U have to introduce yourself to them

davepoobond: ::his head shoots up into the air, and attaches to his body again::

JIS: ::slices his body in half::

davepoobond: my body

davepoobond: ow

Tsenn: ((hey dave only one person isnt ignorin us i guessin lol))

Zack o Lantern: Oh haha, it just seems so friendly around here.

davepoobond: ::his body seals up and its back to normal:: WHY ARE YOU HURTING ME

Tsenn: hes hurting you?

Tsenn: eat him!

davepoobond: ::slaps JIS in the face::

Zack o Lantern: ::shrugs and bows to alkea:: Alrighty, thanks.

JIS: this is an acid based diamond sword

davepoobond: so what.

Tsenn: ::grabs a spatula and pokes JIS::

JIS: ::turns his face to the side::

Vampireangel: ::She smiles as he bows:: You r welcome

JIS: ::bites davepoobond::

Tsenn: suck cooking utensils!

davepoobond: ::bites back::

JIS: ::sucks all his blood out of him/her::

davepoobond: ::claws at JIS::

davepoobond: ::sucks back all his blood::

Tsenn: ((LMAO))

davepoobond: i’m a vampire, too

Vampireangel: ::She laughs at davepoobond, glossy red lips part to show fangs::

JIS: ::throws him on to the floor::

davepoobond: as well as a many other things

davepoobond: ::tackles JIS, getting off the floor:: DIE

Tsenn: ::well least davepoobond wasnt ignored by all as he thwapped jis with some frying pan::

JIS: ::creates a sheild of magic around so nothing can get in::

davepoobond: ::punches him repeatedly::

Zack o Lantern: ::turns and walks to JIS:: May I be of assistance?

Tsenn: err whered that come from

Vampireangel: ::Whistles to davepoobond:: Stop!!

JIS: ::falls back::

davepoobond: wha? why?

Tsenn: ::pelts him with tamales::

JIS: ::puts his hand on the ground::

Vampireangel: No killing those that have done nothing!!

Zack o Lantern: ::pulls jis pack up::

Tsenn: but he did something

davepoobond: he was looking at me weird

Tsenn: he cut his head off

JIS: ::thinks of all the things he want revenge on::

Zack o Lantern: ::back*::

davepoobond: ::takes a shoe and jams a high heel into JIS’s mouth::

OnlineHost: GingerTiger has entered the room.

Vampireangel: davepoobond that is no reason!

davepoobond: sure it is!

Tsenn: he cut his head off!

davepoobond: and he sucked my blood, and i had to suck it all back

OnlineHost: GingerTiger has left the room.

davepoobond: do you know how disgusting that is?

JIS: ::a purple beam surrounds him::

Vampireangel: ::Walks to davepoobond and kicks him in the shins:: No it isn’t!!!!

davepoobond: owww

Tsenn: dude why do you get all the attention

JIS: ::stands::

davepoobond: fine fine. whaddya want me to do? he’s gonna try and kill me now.

davepoobond: which is pretty funny, since i cant die.

JIS: ::his eyes turn white and start to glow::

davepoobond: wow. i’m scared, JIS.

davepoobond: whatcha gonna do?

davepoobond: slice me a bunch of times

JIS: you touch me again i will destroy this place

Tsenn: ::touches him::

davepoobond: OOOH!

Tsenn: that a threat?

JIS: ::puts his sword away::

Vampireangel: ::Rolls her eyes at JIS, and smacks him:: Calm down!!!

davepoobond: oh no he’s gonna destroy the place ::yawns::

Tsenn: oh no i touched him!

Zack o Lantern: ::is rolling on the floor laughing at JIS::


Tsenn: ::touches jis again lol::

davepoobond: ::sits down::

Vampireangel: ::Cracks up at what JIS has said::

JIS: ::thinks to himself should he do it or not::

Zack o Lantern: ::would love to see it::

JIS: ::was talking about davepoobond::

Zack o Lantern: ((lol everyones laughing at him))

Vampireangel: It does not matter with a single chant I can fix the place back up

Tsenn: ::touch touch touch:: ooh come on big guy

davepoobond: yeah

Zack o Lantern: ::cheers at alkea::

davepoobond: and with a single shake, i can re-attach my blown up pieces

davepoobond: salt shaker shake that is

davepoobond: ahahah

Vampireangel: ::looks at Zack, and falls to the floor laughing::

Tsenn: ::touch:: yeah look ::touch:: see that ::touch:: i knopw ya feel it ::touch::

Zack o Lantern: wow thats pretty good davepoobond what are you some kind of god?

Zack o Lantern: ::giggles at davepoobond::

JIS: ::gets pissed and unleashes his power on davepoobond::

davepoobond: well, yeah…i guess you could say that

JIS: ::killing him::

Tsenn: oooh

davepoobond: i’m a Shapeshifter

JIS: ::sends him to hell::

Vampireangel: ((JIS is a MODER!!!!!!!!!!!))

Tsenn: dave have a nice ride heh

davepoobond: ::modes, and goes to heaven::

davepoobond: hahaha

Zack o Lantern: ((true true))

Tsenn: ((least dave and i are just havin fun :/))

OnlineHost: JIS has left the room.

davepoobond: ::jumps back down to earth::

davepoobond: hahaha

Vampireangel: ((MODER davepoobond))

Zack o Lantern: ((i have a feeling that anyone that can somehow reattach any part of his body and destroy th

Tsenn: ((yeah and he cares? lol))

davepoobond: ((heh. only after he moded))

Zack o Lantern: ((the world at his command is a moder))

Vampireangel: ((WB blizzard))

davepoobond: ((he’s a Shapeshifter, its a good reason that he can))

Zack o Lantern: ((::cheer:: he left))

davepoobond: ((yes))

Tsenn: ((thx to us))

Tsenn: ((the incredible ones o.o;;))

davepoobond: ((yep))

Vampireangel: ::is still laughing histerically on the floor::

davepoobond: so. how about them Dodgers?

Tsenn: ((who hasnt ignored me yet besides dave lol))

Zack o Lantern: ::pokes davepoobond:: haha turn into that chair over there ::points over to a turned-over chair::

davepoobond: ok

davepoobond: ::turns into a chair::

davepoobond: wow

Vampireangel: ::Stands up::

Zack o Lantern: ::cheers::

davepoobond: i’m a chair

Vampireangel: Turn into me

Zack o Lantern: hahaha

davepoobond: hmm

Tsenn: ::sits on dave mistaken him for a chair::

davepoobond: ::turns into vampireangel, so tsenn is sitting on her then::

Vampireangel: eww, there’s a stinky butt on dave!!!!!!!!!!!!

davepoobond: wow!

Tsenn: whoa

davepoobond: no, there’s a stinky butt on YOU

Tsenn: yer hot!!

Vampireangel: I know, but your me, ummm, shapeshifter!!!

davepoobond: ok

Vampireangel: Hehe, Thanx

Tsenn: call him dave -.-

davepoobond: yeah, my name is Dave Bond

Zack o Lantern: ::yawns::

Vampireangel: Okies

davepoobond: Shapeshifter Extraordinaire.

Zack o Lantern: ::is getting bored with this shapeshifter thingy::

Vampireangel: Umm, can u stop being me now, plz?!!

davepoobond: ::turns into a magic wand::

davepoobond: ::flies around, spraying magic dust all around::

Vampireangel: ::Grabs the wand::

Tsenn: ::magic dusted::

Vampireangel: Ooooh, pretty

davepoobond: agh!

Vampireangel: ::waves the wand around::

davepoobond: wuhhhhhh ::waved around::

Zack o Lantern: ::reaches into his jacket::

Vampireangel: OOhhh. pretty sparkles

Zack o Lantern: ::pulls out a larger wand and mumbles something::

davepoobond: ::extends all the way, and whacks Zack in the face, as

vampireangel waves him around::

Tsenn: ::wonders if he puleld that from his pants O.o::

Zack o Lantern: ::quickly lashes out at the wand in her hand::

Tsenn: erm….

Vampireangel: ::Stops waving Dave::

OnlineHost: MidWinterDragon has entered the room.

davepoobond: ok….let go of me

Zack o Lantern: ::watches as the wand turns into a wooden dall::

Zack o Lantern: hahaha

Vampireangel: ::Shrieks:::EEWWWWWW, if he did then I am walking away from him

Vampireangel: !!!!!!!!!

Zack o Lantern: ::rolls on the floor laughing::

davepoobond: ok?

MidWinterDragon: ::enters the tavern and looks around::

davepoobond: ::turns into his reg. form::

Vampireangel: I was talking to Tsenn

davepoobond: leggo my arm.

Zack o Lantern: ::pats dave on the back:: you make a nice play toy eh?

Vampireangel: I did let go of u

davepoobond: i guess.

davepoobond: ok

Zack o Lantern: ::chuckles gleefully at him::

Tsenn: wow i was tlked to

davepoobond: ::looks around::

Tsenn: scary

davepoobond: yes, it is.

Vampireangel: ::laughs at tsenn’s remark::

Vampireangel: ::Yawns:

Vampireangel: ((U people r slow typers))!!!!!!

davepoobond: ((ok?))

Zack o Lantern: ((haha i agree))

davepoobond: ((there’s nothing to say))

Zack o Lantern: ((hmm))

Tsenn: ((well type fast with a nearly dislocated arm))

Vampireangel: ::Kicks all the boys in the shins::

davepoobond: oww

davepoobond: my shins ::rubs his shins::

Vampireangel: ((oh ok, sorry Tsenn))

Vampireangel: ::laughs::

Tsenn: hey my legs are jellowy enough already ::flobbling around from that::

davepoobond: ::puts vampireangel into a headlock:: laugh now!

Vampireangel: Eww, don’t do that infront of me Dave

Zack o Lantern: ::sits down cautiously on the nearest chair, afraid it maybe someone hes met before::

Vampireangel: Waaaaa!!!!!!!!!!

davepoobond: dont do….what….

Vampireangel: ::is headlocked::

BlizzardWolf: Alkae…why did you kick me?

Tsenn: he said laugh not cry…

Vampireangel: rub your shins

davepoobond: ok.

MidWinterDragon: ::looks at Tsenn::

Vampireangel: ::Looks at wolf while in a headlock:: U don’t count Wolf

Tsenn: ::looked at err:: what?

davepoobond: a counting wolf?

Vampireangel: I didn’t kick u

davepoobond: what?

MidWinterDragon: ::glances at vampire::

Tsenn: ::looks at midnight hah can do that too::

BlizzardWolf: i am not a WOLF….my name is Blizz

Tsenn: stare down whoo

davepoobond: blizz

Vampireangel: ((Sorry))

davepoobond: sounds like wiz

Vampireangel: ((LMAO))

Tsenn: blizz took a jizz

davepoobond: with a fizz

Tsenn: what a pizz

davepoobond: blizz took a jizz with a fizz

Tsenn: and sounded like wiz!

davepoobond: we should leave him to his biz…

Vampireangel: ::tugs on Daves face:: let me go!!!!!!!!!

Vampireangel: ((I’m going to get kicked off))

MidWinterDragon: ::looks around at all the weird messed up people and walks out of the room::

davepoobond: ow my face. only if you say the magic word

Vampireangel: ((My computers lagging))

OnlineHost: L0RD5PH1NX has entered the room.

OnlineHost: MidWinterDragon has left the room.

BlizzardWolf: ::hits Dave on the forhead::LET GO ASSHOLE

davepoobond: ((ok))

OnlineHost: Zack o Lantern has left the room.

Tsenn: hey he caleld you asshole!

davepoobond: ::lets go:: ok, thats the magic word

Tsenn: haha wassup asshole

davepoobond: ::puts blizz in a sleeper hold:: AHAHAHA

Vampireangel: ::cracks her neck:: Thanx Blizz

Vampireangel: ::Smacks dave, and kicks him in the shins again::

L0RD5PH1NX: ::The short man walks in slowly, his twin braids flail side to side.:

davepoobond: owwwww ow ow ow ow ow

OnlineHost: DrgnPrincessKaci has entered the room.

Vampireangel: Don’t hurt blizz

Tsenn: ::pokes vampire:: ey be nice

BlizzardWolf: ::kicks him in the nutz::mind letting me go

davepoobond: ::falls on the ground, going into a fetal position::

DrgnPrincessKaci: u people are floopy))

L0RD5PH1NX: ::Looks around::

davepoobond: ((so what))

OnlineHost: DrgnPrincessKaci has left the room.

OnlineHost: L0RD5PH1NX has left the room.

Vampireangel: ::falls on the floor laughing at dave::

Tsenn: ((::bows::))

BlizzardWolf: dont mess with a shapeshifting vampire…::kicks him in the ribs::

davepoobond: dont mess with a shapeshifter!

Tsenn: umm

Tsenn: yeah

Tsenn: what he said

BlizzardWolf: ::turns and sits at a table,starts reading his book::

Vampireangel: ::Stands up and stands next to Tsenn::

davepoobond: ::gets up, and stands nose to nose with Blizz:: i’m a shapeshifter extraordinaire!

Tsenn: dont mess with err the power of gooze

davepoobond: yeah, my blood is pure MELTED FRUIT ROLL UP JUICE

Vampireangel: Gooze?

Vampireangel: Ewwww

Vampireangel: Fruit Roll Up Gooo?!!!!!!

davepoobond: it tastes quite good actually

Tsenn: see thats why you dont mess with it

davepoobond: i got sugar running through my veins 24/7

Vampireangel: ::walks to Blizz’s table and sits on the table::

Tsenn: ::stood next to he tried to stand in a thoughtful position::

davepoobond: ::breaks into song::

davepoobond: our house. in the middle of our street. our house. in the middle of our

Vampireangel: ::looks at Tsenn looking almost thoughtful::

BlizzardWolf: Alkae its been a pleasure ::kisses her hand and stands up::but i am leaving ::walks out::

OnlineHost: BlizzardWolf has left the room.

davepoobond: what a wussy.

Vampireangel: Everybody has to kiss ma hand

Vampireangel: Damnit

davepoobond: he just wants to get into your pants. you shouldn’t fall for it, Alkae

Tsenn: ::err paid attention to here he blinked and kisses her cheek? :: better?

Vampireangel: ::laughs::

davepoobond: he does too.

davepoobond: the perv.

Tsenn: your a pervier perv

davepoobond: yer gonna change this tavern into a Pervopub

Vampireangel: ::laughs:: No need to kiss me

Vampireangel: Why me?!!!!

Tsenn: the pervinator?

davepoobond: i was talking to Tsenn

Tsenn: ok fine!

Tsenn: ::kisses dave:: happy!

davepoobond: EWW

Vampireangel: Ewww

davepoobond: ::smacks him in the face::

Vampireangel: Gay Lords

davepoobond: bisexual.

Tsenn: no no

davepoobond: ::punches him in the face::

Tsenn: theres a dude named gaylord fakker

davepoobond: shut up!

Vampireangel: ((LMAO))

Tsenn: and he marrie hue jass

davepoobond: did he listen to 80s pop?

davepoobond: i think i heard of him

Tsenn: and had a secret affair with ben dover

Vampireangel: ::laughs histerically:: stop!!

Vampireangel: it’s too sad it’s actually funny

davepoobond: i know him.

davepoobond: i ate him.

Tsenn: yeah interesting people

davepoobond: i’ve eaten a lot of people.

OnlineHost: BlizzardWolf has entered the room.

davepoobond: old lady: no you havent!

davepoobond: ::eats the old lady::

Tsenn: hear that dave

Tsenn: were funny

davepoobond: old lady: ::squeal::

davepoobond: we are?

Tsenn: yep

davepoobond: whooooooo! ::raises his hands in the air::

Tsenn: should we feel flattered now?

davepoobond: i dont know.

Tsenn: YEAH!! ::strut::

Tsenn: we are some funnay peeple! ::strut strut::

davepoobond: …..yeah

BlizzardWolf: ::sits in a chair in the corner and puts feet on table::are you two still acting dumb?

Vampireangel: ::Looks at davepoobond::

Vampireangel: Eaten a lot?!!

Vampireangel: Blizzard your back

Vampireangel: Yay

OnlineHost: Vampireangel has left the room.

davepoobond: ((WTF))

Tsenn: hey its jizz!!

Tsenn: i mean blizz

davepoobond: ((that was weird. the chat room jumped…))

Tsenn: ((i saw that too))

Tsenn: ((maybe im delirious though))

davepoobond: blizz that made a jizz with a fizz

Tsenn: and called it wiz

davepoobond: how ya doin’

davepoobond: back for more?

Tsenn: im swell and you?

davepoobond: tickle attack!

Tsenn: he cant get enough man

davepoobond: ::charges at blizz and tickles him::

OnlineHost: Vampireangel has entered the room.

BlizzardWolf: ::kicks dave in the nuts again::

Vampireangel: ((Damn computer, I got disconnected))

davepoobond: owwww

Tsenn: ::charges at jiz…err blizz and tickles him also::

davepoobond: ::falls on the floor, into a fetal position::

Tsenn: ::jumpos away before hes kicked::

OnlineHost: Patty one more has entered the room.

Tsenn: ((patty one more…))

davepoobond: ::gets a saxophone and chucks it at Blizz::

davepoobond: there’s a mirror in the bathroom!

Tsenn: sexapone*

BlizzardWolf: ::points finger at sax and it zooms back at dave::

Vampireangel: ::Re-enters::

davepoobond: blizz is wearing red tight pants! ewwww

Tsenn: sex*

Tsenn: jizz*

Tsenn: err blizz*

OnlineHost: Patty one more has left the room.

Vampireangel: You’re all weirdoes

davepoobond: ::catches the sax, and starts playing it::

Vampireangel: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

davepoobond: ::goes into a long solo::

Tsenn: ::hes playin the sex with a dildo? O.o::

Tsenn: err

Tsenn: dave

davepoobond: what

Tsenn: your playin the asex with the dildo?

OnlineHost: MIDNIGHTWOLFCUB has entered the room.

davepoobond: shut up ::whacks the saxaphone across tsenn’s head::

MIDNIGHTWOLFCUB: :: a young wolfcub trots in::

Vampireangel: ::Walks toward Blizz:: these two scare me!!!

davepoobond: ::stuffs the wolfcub into the saxaphone::

davepoobond: stupid wolfcub

Tsenn: ::err hit and the saxaphone blares a high note also e.e::

Tsenn: oww

Vampireangel: Aww now that was just pure mean!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

davepoobond: ::starts playing the saxaphone::

davepoobond: i know it is. i’m evil.

BlizzardWolf: ::grabs the wolf cub form the sax and takes him over to his table and sits him on the table:

MIDNIGHTWOLFCUB: ::growles and bites da bond::

BlizzardWolf: from*

davepoobond: thanks. it was muffling my sax.

Vampireangel: ::Tackles davepoobond, and kicks him in the shins::

davepoobond: ::bit, and his arm falls off with the wolf bite:: OW

Tsenn: ::stuffs the vampire angel into the front cabinet:: be nice!

OnlineHost: Mallrat 56353 has entered the room.

davepoobond: ::and gets tackled, and kicked in the shin::

davepoobond: AHHHH! GANG BEAT DOWN~

davepoobond: HEELLLPP

Vampireangel: ::gets out of the cabinet and tackles Tsenn::

Vampireangel: ::Kicks him in the shins::

davepoobond: ::grabs Alkae, and drags her to the middle of the room, and puts her into a leg lock::

Tsenn: ::tackled:: hey look glad you finally came out the clos…cabinet

Vampireangel: ::And again::

BlizzardWolf: ::snaps fingers and dave and Tsenn catch on fire::

davepoobond: AHHHHHHHH

davepoobond: i’m on FIRE

Tsenn: ::kicked twice and on fire not feeling it::

davepoobond: ::BLOWS UP::

Tsenn: err im the sunwalker….

Vampireangel: ::Runs away from Tsenn::

MIDNIGHTWOLFCUB: ::looks at the man who picked the cub up and lickes his hand as a thank you::

davepoobond: i’m gonna go………………bye

BlizzardWolf: ::pats the wolfcubs head::what is your name?

davepoobond: ::jumps out the tavern::

davepoobond: ((gtg bye))

Vampireangel: Now davepoobond is the chicken

Tsenn: ((peace))

Tsenn: no

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