RhyDin Night Club

OnlineHost: *** You are in “Arts and Entertainment – RhyDin Night Club”. ***

Virgoshio: looks like im running things

davepoobond: ::jumps in, wearing a suede jacket, black shoes, and long white pants::

Holmes: wow finally a freakin customer

Virgoshio: Can i help you ?::looks at davepoobond::

davepoobond: ::tap dances over to shio:: sure you can…you can tell me your phone number sweet cakes

Virgoshio: ok its 555-6996

davepoobond: hmm…nice

Holmes: eww shio thats nasty

Virgoshio: ::to himself:: not

davepoobond: ::takes out a cell phone and dials it::

davepoobond: ::an old grandma picks up on the other line::

davepoobond: old grandma: yes?

davepoobond: hello, shio…

davepoobond: sweet cakes*

davepoobond: ((make it sound funnier…ehh))

Holmes: ::Laughs::

davepoobond: old grandma: i already told you i have toothbrushes!

Virgoshio: anything else?

davepoobond: …how about toilet brushes?

davepoobond: old grandma: ::hangs up::

Holmes: shio shut up and let the customer talk

Virgoshio: need any thing else?

davepoobond: sure

davepoobond: how about a bag of cheetos

Virgoshio: what?

Holmes: ::goes behind the counter::

Virgoshio: ::hands him a bag of cheetos:: 1.00

davepoobond: nuh uh…not that easy…i want it on your head…

Virgoshio: why?

Holmes: ::grabs some “Hello my name is:” tags and writes “Manager”::

davepoobond: do it

Holmes: ::slaps it on my forehead:: i’m the manager now

Virgoshio: ::rips tags off and throws holmes back in his seat::

Holmes: hey thats my skin on that tag

Virgoshio: ::puts the cheetoes on his head::

Virgoshio: o well shut up!

Virgoshio: now what?

Holmes: don’t tell me what to do, remeber you work for me

davepoobond: ::laughs at him::

Virgoshio: Not in here!

Virgoshio: you fag

Virgoshio: Now what?

Holmes: hey we talked about the anger problems

davepoobond: what are you talking about?

davepoobond: i dont know who you are

Virgoshio: i have the cheetoes on my head now what?

davepoobond: deposit yourself into a bank

Virgoshio: no!

davepoobond: yes!

Virgoshio: ::hands davepoobond the cheetoes::

Holmes: why not? save some of yourself for your later years

Virgoshio: Shut up holmes!

davepoobond: he’s got a point

Holmes: the customer is always right

davepoobond: in your state, you wont be….how do i say

davepoobond: stocky

davepoobond: all your life

Virgoshio: Well in your state you wont be a bitch all your life!

Holmes: wow attitude

davepoobond: ::blinks a few times:: isnt that a good thing?

Holmes: and you wonder why no one comes into this place

Virgoshio: yea but still just shut up!

Virgoshio: We JUst opened you tart

Holmes: my store is crowded with customers

Virgoshio: My ass i work there

Virgoshio: there is never anyone in there

Holmes: yeah watching my sandwich

davepoobond: ::fart:: i’m your only customer, bask me in glory

Holmes: and what happened to my sandwich the LAST time i said watch it?

Holmes: HUH?

OnlineHost: Metallicdraco has entered the room.

Holmes: some one ATE IT

Virgoshio: ::hands Da a freee pepporoni pizza::

davepoobond: hey, pepporonni pizza

Holmes: don’t eat it, he doesn’t wash his hands

davepoobond: ewwww

Virgoshio: thats what you get for me being a total jack ass

davepoobond: that means….theres toilet paper particles on this pizza?

Virgoshio: ::punches holmes in the face::yes i do!

davepoobond: and all other types of particles

Virgoshio: No thre isnt

OnlineHost: Metallicdraco has left the room.

davepoobond: yes, i bet there is!

Holmes: he doesn’t believe in toilet paper

OnlineHost: Jaysun Iverson has entered the room.

Virgoshio: i washmy hands

Holmes: he uses his hands

davepoobond: even worse!

Holmes: and picks it all out

Virgoshio: holmes your a fag!

Holmes: at least a “fag” who washes his hands

davepoobond: true true

Holmes: is better then you

OnlineHost: XxSuPa AnGeLxX has entered the room.

Virgoshio: I Wash My Hands YOU FUCK NUT!

Holmes: fine fine you wash your hands

Holmes: in the urinal

Virgoshio: Holmes i hate you when your drunk!

Virgoshio: No thats where your mom washes her hair!

OnlineHost: Jaysun Iverson has left the room.

davepoobond: that was a bit random…

OnlineHost: XxSuPa AnGeLxX has left the room.

Virgoshio: Hey thats the price to pay!

Virgoshio: he pissed me off!

Holmes: that hurt

davepoobond: actually, urinals are places to wash your feet though

Virgoshio: No urinals you Piss in!

Holmes: eww you filthy animal

davepoobond: ewww

OnlineHost: Sk8erchicky81 has entered the room.

davepoobond: so i got a urinal for nothing


OnlineHost: Sk8erchicky81 has left the room.

Virgoshio: Bucause thats what they are used for get the fuck out of the club!

davepoobond: hahahaha

Holmes: fine but i;’m going back to my shop

Holmes: and you better get working

Virgoshio: Fine see ya later!

Virgoshio: are you leavin?

Holmes: no

Virgoshio: ok

Virgoshio: fin

Holmes: fin in french means the end

Virgoshio: Fine*

Holmes: fine in english means ok

davepoobond: or

davepoobond: pretty

Virgoshio: No shit sherlock

Holmes: yeah in context like: “Damn baby-girl, you like fine!”

Holmes: watson, are you constipated

Virgoshio: Hey Da why dont you suck holmeses dick?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

davepoobond: …not occasionally…

OnlineHost: Lechuza has entered the room.

Virgoshio: Ok

OnlineHost: Lechuza has left the room.

Virgoshio: well go some where and suck his dick then

Holmes: nah not right now

Holmes: gotta get in the mood

davepoobond: actually i dont

Holmes: does this place sell viagra

davepoobond: you do today

davepoobond: ::shoves shio onto holmes::

Holmes: O.o if you want some shio just ask!

Virgoshio: ::kicks davepoobond in the face::

Virgoshio: ::punches holmes::

davepoobond: ::kicked in the face and blows up::

Virgoshio: ::hit::

Virgoshio: ::hit::

davepoobond: aahhhhhh

Holmes: ::punched:: ow

davepoobond: ::body slams shio::

davepoobond: ::hit::

davepoobond: ::hit::

davepoobond: ::hit::

Holmes: ::hit::

Virgoshio: ::gets up and grabs them both and throws them out side::

Virgoshio: ::hit::

davepoobond: ::not hit, thrown outside::

Virgoshio: ::locks doors::

Holmes: ::moves like a boomerang and comes back through an open window::

davepoobond: ::seeps in through the cracks of the door::

davepoobond: you cant keep me out

Virgoshio: Ok fine just leave me alone

Virgoshio: and let me work

davepoobond: all right

Holmes: ok

davepoobond: work on what

davepoobond: nothing

davepoobond: ::takes a chair and smashes it:: here’s something to work on

davepoobond: hahahaa

Virgoshio: ::snaps fingers and the chair is fixed::

Holmes: wow

Virgoshio: any thing else?

davepoobond: how about a cheeseburger

Holmes: ::runs to bathroom and clogs and floods the toilets::

Virgoshio: ::snaps fingers and a cheeseburger is in da’s hands::

Holmes: ::pisses on the floor::

Virgoshio: ::snaps and fixes the toilets::

davepoobond: thanks ::runs in the bathroom and stuffs it in the sinks and turns them on::

Virgoshio: ::snaps and cleans the floor::

davepoobond: ::jumps in and bathes in the sink::

Virgoshio: ::Snaps and unclogs it::

Holmes: ::snaps and cleans shios nose out::

Virgoshio: ::snaps and davepoobond is back in her seat a s well as homes::

Virgoshio: ::da and holmes are back in thier seats::

Holmes: ::moons shio::

Holmes: Theres a crack in my ass! can you fix that?

Virgoshio: ::snaps and holmeses pants are back on::Virgoshio: ::snaps and Holmses ass crack fills up::

Holmes: thanks

Virgoshio: no prob

davepoobond: how about this? i got a brown thing coming out of my ear…

Virgoshio: ::snaps and fills in das ear::

davepoobond: i cant hear

Virgoshio: good

Holmes: my nipples are more square then round

davepoobond: whats that?

Holmes: can you fix that

Virgoshio: nuttin

Virgoshio: ::snaps and holmes has no nipples::

davepoobond: sure, i’ll take some toilet water, thank you

Holmes: aww darn no breastfeeding today

davepoobond: yes yes, i’ll feed the gerbils while your gone…

Virgoshio: any thing else?

davepoobond: no

Virgoshio: k

Holmes: can you fix your name? it sounds stupid

Holmes: shio…

Holmes: and your face

Virgoshio: ::snaps and holmes cant talk::

Holmes: it looks like you have a beard of pimples

Holmes: ::pokes shio in the eye::

davepoobond: this chair is talking to me

Virgoshio: ((i dont have pimples))

davepoobond: help

Virgoshio: OW

Holmes: ((oh thats your chars face))

OnlineHost: Keith Vigors has entered the room.


davepoobond: ::friggin knocks shio away with the talking chair::

Holmes: ::mumbles cause he can;t talk and shakes violently::

Virgoshio: ::falls and then gets up::

OnlineHost: Keith Vigors has left the room.

davepoobond: ::farts in shio’s face::

davepoobond: get down!

Virgoshio: ::throws a table at her::

Virgoshio: ::hit::

davepoobond: theres a nuclear bomb!

davepoobond: ::not a she….::

Holmes: ::hops around with the chair::

Holmes: ::snaps and he can talk again:: and your mother can’t cook!

Virgoshio: i know

davepoobond: haha

Virgoshio: knocks holmes over

davepoobond: your book is a pie

Holmes: you wanna knock me over?

Virgoshio: yes?

Virgoshio: yes*

Holmes: …

Holmes: ((forgot the :: :: dummy))

davepoobond: ((you’re messin up))

Virgoshio: ((my bad))

OnlineHost: Virgoshio has left the room.

Holmes: hahahahaha

Holmes: he’s fun to mess with

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