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ToAT Recruiting Hall

OnlineHost: *** You are in “Arts and Entertainment – ToAT Recruiting Hall”.**

davepoobond: ::tap dances back in::

davepoobond: ::tap dances out::

CloudDancer: :;Clicks a claw on the floor as he drifts quietly::

davepoobond: ::WAIT! tap dances back in::

davepoobond: ::tackles cloud::

davepoobond: ::stomps on his face 1 million times::

CloudDancer: :;The dragon screeches and leaps up knocking the table over hissing loudly::

DPOD: just ignore the jerk , he’s dead in our lands.

CloudDancer: Ok

davepoobond: your lands

davepoobond: haha

davepoobond: my lands are bigger than your lands

davepoobond: ::takes off his pants:: SEE

CloudDancer: :;Flops back to sleep and pushes the dream away::

davepoobond: ::shows him a map::

davepoobond: my land ::points to a big chunk::

davepoobond: your land

davepoobond: ::takes tweezers and tosses it at him::

DPOD: its sad..the losers have no where else to go..no oneelse wants them either.

DPOD: :chuckles:: and you could see why.

davepoobond: yeah, thats why losers like us go to loser places like yours

Daiou: ::Through reality his power was fealt, an image burned into time and space at the same time, his body transended across the flowing rivers of etched space that came to a stop before Dave, a portal of near liquid that formed infront of him, before seeping back into it’s original place as he stood before him and arched a brow.:: What are you doing…

Kethryn: ::she tip toed over to Brandon and took the feather from her hat and tickled his snout::

CloudDancer: :;he sniffled and sneezed on her::

Kethryn: ::she closed her eyes and shuddered:: ewww.. Brandon!

davepoobond: ::in an italian accent:: ey ey…i’m workin ‘ere, ah?

CloudDancer: :;he gives Kethy a sloppy dragon kiss::

Daiou: ::He merely slapped him across the face with a back hand.:: Talk normal english…

Kethryn: ::she laughed softly and staggered back:: now I am sneezed and slobbered on ::she hugged his large dragon neck, partially wiping herself off:: thank you

davepoobond: i dont know, that chair talked me into it! ::points accusingly at the chair next to him::

Daiou: I’m sure….go back to the HQ, before I feed you to the monster that hides under your bed..

CloudDancer: :;he nuzzled her lightly and smiled::

davepoobond: chair: it wasnt mee

davepoobond: hmm….you mean Jean?

Daiou: No, I mean Norma.

davepoobond: ::blink::

davepoobond: norma….

Daiou: Now GO!

davepoobond: aaah! ::runs out::

Kethryn: ::she smiled:: nice dragon ::she petted the top of his head::

davepoobond: ((::leaves character out::))

CloudDancer: Now I know how the family dog feels ::Gives her a cross eyed look::

DPOD: ::nods::

Kethryn: ::laughs softly::

Kethryn: I much rather have a dragon than a dog

Kethryn: ::giggles:: it’ll go well with my unicorn…::smirks::

CloudDancer: And your dog will never get the great hang time that I get

Kethryn: hang time?::blinks::

CloudDancer: Yeah

CloudDancer: You know flying?

CloudDancer: Unless you have a dog with wings

CloudDancer: And in that case I will pay you gold to see that

Kethryn: do such things even exist?

CloudDancer: Not really

CloudDancer: But I will pay if you do

CloudDancer: ::Gives a dragon yawn::

Kethryn: ::grins:: I’ll check in Aran’s books…he’s a great mage

::3 minutes later::

CloudDancer: Ok

OnlineHost: Shadoe has entered the room.

Shadoe: ::walks back in::i was wondering…

Shadoe: if your still ignoring me then don`t answer but i now have a question

Daiou: (LOL! They ignored you to?!)

Shadoe: ((yeah))

Daiou: (::Snickers:: They ignored Dave to….truely desperate and stupid rpers that inhabit this room.)

davepoobond: ((he knows…))

Shadoe: ((they “sliced” me as guild kill))

davepoobond: ((lol))

davepoobond: ((they “slived” me))

Daiou: (LOL! Now that’s comedy.)

davepoobond: ((and then threw us both in a sewer))

Shadoe: ((but i don`t know how,you can`t just kill a vampire so i don`t know))

CloudDancer: :;Coughs up a hair ball::

davepoobond: ((thats stupid, a dragon coughing up a hair ball))

davepoobond: ((dragons dont have any skin, idiot))

Daiou: (I do…but I’m guessing none of the kids here have been able to do research on the subject yet)

CloudDancer: (9hey something he ate could have had hair))

CloudDancer: ((Cows horses your mother))

Daiou: (That would have to be something, very…big.)

davepoobond: ((probably that chick’s armpit hair))

CloudDancer: ((he is a very big dragon))

davepoobond: ((so what if he is, makes it even bigger))

Kethryn: (Hun ignore the three stooges)

davepoobond: ((and dragons usually are big))

Shadoe: ((FRUIT LOOP!!))

Daiou: (LOL! THree stooges…it finally talked! Took you this long to think of that?)

CloudDancer: :;Runs out quickly::

Shadoe: ((lol))

davepoobond: ((sure it does))

OnlineHost: CloudDancer has left the room.

Kethryn: ::smiles:: byee Brandon!

DPOD: ::smiles at Cloud:: its nicer to just get rid of the jerks…that’s why they are dead.

Daiou: (Run?….Ok, so which city or near by village just go trampled by this VERy big dragon?)

Shadoe: ((i was a jerk because i didn`t ask a question right away))

davepoobond: ((how’d he get in in the first place?))

Daiou: (I don’t recall anyone doing anything to me…which reminds me ::Takes Veg out of the room IC wise.:: Now then…try your cheap tricks against someone that is not even there in the first place you small minded absent dicked ass.)

DPOD: ::slices Vegeta::

OnlineHost: DPOD rolled 4 92-sided dice: 26 59 67 41

Daiou: (LMFAO!!!)

Daiou: (ROTFLMFAO!!!!!)

Shadoe: ((LMAO))


DPOD: Vegeta is now Guild killed..to be ignored in all TOAT lands.

davepoobond: ((LOLL))

Shadoe: ((WTF MAN?!))

Kethryn: ::smiles:: thank you Kree… his stench was getting rather foul

Daiou: (Vegeta isint even there ROTFLMAO!!!)

DPOD: ::sweeps it into the sewer trap::

davepoobond: ((LOL))

Shadoe: ((ROTFLMAO))

Daiou: (Try deciphering what is character and what is not, you small child, before you take on someone more influential in Rhydin than you will hope to ever be.)

DPOD: its a shame to stink up that sewer that way.

DPOD: but manure is manure.

Kethryn: ::nods:: yeah…..poor rats down there…

OnlineHost: Videl has entered the room.

Daiou: (LOL! Must be insulting the person he is talking to, since the character isint even there LOL!)

Shadoe: ((um,are we supposed to get mad at you?))

Daiou: (I think so….not sure.)

OnlineHost: RikkiOh has entered the room.

Shadoe: ((this is good entertainment))

Daiou: (Cai, bring in LotS….show them what Roleplayers really are.)

Shadoe: ((::pulls over some popcorn::))

Daiou: Cait*

Videl: (Ok ^.^)

RikkiOh: (Hey Damen…can i use Ricky ::grin::)

Daiou: (::Snickers:: Tried to kill Veg when he’s not even there.)

Videl: (LOL!)

Videl: (That…is classic)

Shadoe: ((oh,but don`t ask him about it))

Daiou: (Action of DPOD: “::slices Vegeta”::)

RikkiOh: (Prolly ole Sim)

DPOD: sorryVidel your life scroll doesn’t meet our standards.

Shadoe: ((he`ll TOS you))

Daiou: (LMAO!!)

Daiou: (So what?!)

RikkiOh: (hehe)

RikkiOh: (hehe)

Daiou: (ToS is backed up for over a year!)

Shadoe: ((but you`ll get TOS`d))

davepoobond: ((lol))

Videl: (::dies laughing::)

RikkiOh: (Newbie Moders! e.e)

RikkiOh: (XD)

Daiou: (Think….will they even care what happened a year ago? Nope!)

Shadoe: ((you know what happens when you get TOS`d,don`t you?))

Daiou: (I know perfectly well….nothing…I have several people that work for these people.)

davepoobond: ((yes, i’ve had 2 for vulgarity ::growl::))

davepoobond: ((they said 1 more time and i’ll lose AOL))

Daiou: (LOL! It’s comical)

Kethryn: look Kree… the other cockraches are following their friends in..

davepoobond: ((thats been over a year though….))

Daiou: (It’s erased after 6 months.)

Daiou: Cochroaches*

davepoobond: ((hmm….oh well))

Kethryn: ::she takes out her dagger and throws it atVidel::

Videl: (LMAO!)

OnlineHost: Kethryn rolled 2 53-sided dice: 40 31

davepoobond: ((videl isnt even in there))

Daiou: (LOL! Not even in the room….how pitiful.)

Videl: (Duh)

RikkiOh: (Err…..isVidel even in ther.e….No)

RikkiOh: (Stupid!)

Daiou: (I truely hate morons like this.)

Videl: (They obviously don’t know the difference between IC and OOC)

Shadoe: ((WTF??))

Daiou: (Cait…that was shown to us long ago LOL!)

RikkiOh: (XD)

Videl: (LOL)

DPOD: Very good.

RikkiOh: (Is ToAT supposed to be Toast? Buttered Toast!)

davepoobond: ((leave it up to shadoe-mun to find the good places))

DPOD: another mound of manure gone.

Daiou: (YES!)

Kethryn: Videl is Guild Killed and to be banned from all ToAT lands

Videl: (LOL!!)

Shadoe: ((LOL))

Daiou: (LMFAO!!!)

Shadoe: ((LMAO))

RikkiOh: (LOL! Moder MODER MODER! LOL)

Videl: (Oh my god, I NEEDED a laugh…)

Daiou: (Like that matters!)

davepoobond: ((ToAT lands again))

Kethryn: shall I get the last one?

Shadoe: ((ROTFLMAO))

DPOD: be my guest

davepoobond: ((LOLLL))

RikkiOh: (Oh My God! These people dont even know how to RP)

DPOD: you can use the xps.

Daiou: (Does it also mean “Hey man…” ::takes a drag of weed:: “Im toasted..”)

Videl: (LMAO!)

Kethryn: ::she grins:: thank you

davepoobond: mucus

RikkiOh: (Ed:: Buttered ToAT!)

Videl: (It would be believable with the way they RP though)

Daiou: (Hey man…Im fuc*n wasted)

Kethryn: ::she yawned and tossed her dagger over to RikkiOh::

OnlineHost: Kethryn rolled 2 53-sided dice: 22 39

RikkiOh: (heh)

RikkiOh: (Im not even in the room stupid)

Daiou: (LOL! isint event he character’s name)

RikkiOh: (Hes not even in the room)

Daiou: even, the*

DPOD: good job.

davepoobond: ((and its pitiful dice too))

Videl: (LOL I’m laughing soooo hard that my face is turning red.)

Kethryn: RikkiOh is Guild killed and is to be ignored in ToAT lands

Shadoe: ((i know))

Daiou: (Good job, you acted like an idiot, here’s some experiance points!)

davepoobond: ((LOOOOOLL))

RikkiOh: (Dumb….Just dumb)

DPOD: post it.

Shadoe: ((ROTFLMAO))

Videl: (Hey Shawn! Did you know your character was just killed even though he’s not even in here?)

davepoobond: ((ooooh, post it!))

RikkiOh: (Blacklist!!!!)

Videl: (LOL!)

Kethryn: ::nods:: will do

RikkiOh: (Hehe! Thats funny Cait!)

Shadoe: ((post its?where?))

davepoobond: ((i’m credited with that though))

Videl: (LMAO!)

Daiou: (Now…how’s this…::Cracks his fingers:: I post you across my own blacklist, and about

Shadoe: ((i need some post~its))

Daiou: thirty other Rhydin guilds and forums lists….you will never need to worry about

Daiou: going outside of your own little minded world…cause no one will want to be around you LOL!)

Videl: (::grins:: I love it when Damen gets like this.)

DPOD: its much beter when they are all down in the sewers.

RikkiOh: (XD!!!)

davepoobond: ((heh))

Shadoe: ((::writes something down::post…its…))

RikkiOh: (what in idiot!)

Videl: (LOL!)

RikkiOh: (DPOD is such an idiot)

davepoobond: ((wtf is with you guys and sewers))

davepoobond: ((toilets are cool, not sewers))

Daiou: (::Just busts out laughing:: Is that all he can think of?! Sewers? He must live in one or have a secret lair in one near by to use that word so much.)

Shadoe: ((what`s with DPOD anyway?))

RikkiOh: (Just a retard)

Shadoe: ((hey!D~POD,MAN!))

davepoobond: ((he cant hear you, he ignored us all))

Shadoe: ((i got some willows,we gonna get toated!))

Videl: (LOL!)

davepoobond: ((since he did, he wont here this:))

Daiou: (All the better…I say we take over his room and use it as a CRF room.)

Kethryn: ::nods:: I must agree Kree

davepoobond: ((YOU’RE A POOPY HEAD MR. DPOD))

Videl: (LMAO!)

Shadoe: ((::falls off his stool laughing::))

Videl: (I like that idea Damen)

davepoobond: ((heh))

RikkiOh: (yep!)

Daiou: (That’s it….LOL! It’s OURS NOW!)

Videl: (Yeah!!!)

davepoobond: ((yay))

Daiou: (Hell I may make this our temporary HQ.)

Shadoe: ((::cries from laughing so hard::))

Videl: (LOL! Send an email out to all of LotS!)

Shadoe: ((hey,D-POD my man!))

Videl: (People are always talking about wanting to publicly RP ::snickers::)

Shadoe: ((::thinks of black guys buying weed from a guy named D-POD::))

davepoobond: ((heh))

Videl: (Well, this made my night, that’s for sure)

davepoobond: ((yeah, and i’m gonna put this shyte on Squackle))

Shadoe: ((it`s not over yet))

Daiou: (Done)

RikkiOh: (They are just prolly five year olds that dont even know what to do)

Daiou: (This room is now the LotS HQ for the next week.)

Shadoe: ((yeah))

Videl: (Darn, I should have logged this and sent it to everyone.)

DPOD: what was a real shame?..one of then wasn’t too bad

davepoobond: ((i’ve got it all and more))

DPOD: the others were mindless and had to use OOC all the time.

Daiou: (LOL!)

RikkiOh: (o.o)

Shadoe: ((they`re slicing and sliving people that haven`t even entered yet))

RikkiOh: (LOL!!!!)

Daiou: (Like a character knows what OOC is!)

Kethryn: ::nods:: mmm hmm, but they had to be the lackeys of the wrong crowd…pity

Videl: (LMAO!!)

RikkiOh: (they havent even killed anyone)

davepoobond: ((yeah, they did))

RikkiOh: (no…-.-)

DPOD: that’s how they get together..all the sludge collects together.

davepoobond: ((they killed me and shadoe))

Shadoe: ((yeah,man))

Daiou: (They “slived” Dave IC…yet he’s a shapeshifter mound of goo..)


Videl: (They killedVidel even though she wasn’t in the room, now THAT is talent)

RikkiOh: (Dave is still alive…they just moded)


Daiou: (Kind of hard to “slived” someone that can’t be harmed by blades.)

RikkiOh: (And they killed Ricky and he never even entered the fricken place)

davepoobond: ((i must learn that technique, to kill someone not in the room))

Shadoe: ((i`m a vamp))

Kethryn: ::nods:: just glad we’re finally rid of them

RikkiOh: (What a bunch of moders)

Shadoe: (you can`t just kill a vamp))

Daiou: (No, moders aint the word for these kids.)

Kethryn: ::grins:: and I got to make my first guild kill too

RikkiOh: (Just Newbies?)

Videl: (::dies laughing::)

davepoobond: ((lol…thats stupid))

OnlineHost: Shadoe has left the room.

Kethryn: maybe them bringing in their lackey’s isn’t so bad afterall

DPOD: ::grins:

Videl: (I wasn’t anything CLOSE to that when I was a newbie)

Daiou: (Decapitation and burn the head and body seperately…that’s how you “just” kill a vamp)

OnlineHost: Shadoe has entered the room.

davepoobond: ((lets have guild kills, damen…we can prance around RhyDin killing them all))

RikkiOh: (LOL! Kethryn mun/char is stupid, its so funny!!)

DPOD: hey each one is worth points, doesn’t matterto me.

Daiou: (Nah, we don’t want to stoop to their level.)

Videl: (LOL!!!)

davepoobond: ((yeah, i guess not then))

Shadoe: ((if you re enter than are you automatically off ignore?))

RikkiOh: (Dave send me the log!!!))

Videl: (You have the log?!)

davepoobond: ((not over yet, lol))

Videl: (Send it to me when it’s done!!!!!)

RikkiOh: (Hurry up!!!!!)

davepoobond: ((i’ll put it up on squackle, its too big))

Videl: (Oh my god…now I see why Aimi asked me if I ever go into Rhydin rooms and turn on a log and just let the newbies play)

Shadoe: ((hey D-POD!WE GOT SOME DOPE-ASS SH*T!))

Videl: (Send it as attachment?)

Daiou: (Im bringing in a Rhydin expert on this LOL!)

Shadoe: ((ABOUT 50 G`S MAN!))

RikkiOh: (thats why i never let BroliKen go to Rhydin)

RikkiOh: (Because the people suck!!!)

Daiou: (Now now)

Videl: (This…is classic…this really made my night, I’m still laughing)

Shadoe: ((i`m still thinking about D-POD the drug dealer)

RikkiOh: (ya!)

Daiou: (No not yet)

davepoobond: ((all right then))

Daiou: (Let’s see what our Rhydin specialist has to say when he gets here LOL!)

Videl: (Do I know this person Damen? Or no?)

davepoobond: ((hurry up, my mom might come in and take away the comp forever….))

Videl: (Well then I’ll turn on a log to take over where you leave off)

Daiou: (Nope)

Videl: (Log On ^.^)

davepoobond: ((uhh…..i have a lot more than u))

Videl: (I know, but at least I’ll get what you miss)

Daiou: (Perhaps I should drag Zach or Forte in here and just kill them to their own guild?)

Daiou: (Oh wait!)

Daiou: (I have Kym Nark Mar the Dragon God on instead of Forte LOL!)

Videl: (LOL! )

Daiou: (Oh jesus…I cant stop laughing at these idiots)

davepoobond: ((they’re not even talking))

Videl: (You and me both)

Daiou: (Damn, he can’t make it, he’s busy doing something *”IC”*)

Videl: (*gasp* IC?! What’s that?!?!?)

davepoobond: ((oh god wtf is that))

Daiou: (I heard a myth about it once..)

Shadoe: ::takes out his nailgun and aims it at DPOD`s nuts::

davepoobond: ((that concept is too confusing))

Videl: (LOL)

Daiou: (That its where you play your characters, without using any type of relation to yourself.)

Shadoe: ::fires::BAM!!!

davepoobond: ::slives DPOD and Kethryn::

Videl: (Oh my god! Is that possible Damen?! It seems sooo hard!)

Shadoe: ::slices them::

davepoobond: You are now dead in the Lands of Dave. You will now be ignored forever again in the Dave

Daiou: (I know, it seems like the impossible is upon us!)

Videl: (LMAO Dave!!!!)

Daiou: (LOL!!!)


Daiou: (LMFAO!!!)

Shadoe: oh!not on the garden gnome!

davepoobond: ((::second time, but seems to get a better result the 2nd time::))

Daiou: (LOL! They stopped talking totaly)

Videl: (That’s a shame…I’m sure they’ll have more to say once other members start comin’ in here on a daily basis. ::snickers::)

Daiou: (Out numbered, outclassed, hell…totaly outmatched in anything…even by Dave…and that’s astonishing!)

Videl: (LOL!)

davepoobond: ((thats not nice ::sniffle::))

davepoobond: ((i came a long way))

Videl: (Aww…)

Daiou: (Dave, that’s a compliment!)

Daiou: (It means you are WAY better than they are!)

davepoobond: ((i had pretty much 1 to 3 word actions all the time..it was hard to do 6 words an action))

Shadoe: ::takes down his pants and rubs his ass in DPOD`s face::SAY MY NAME!

Videl: (I mean…when I first started out, even I wasn’t THAT bad…I mean…they must have never heard of a little thing called “common sense”)

Shadoe: ((ROTFLMAO))

Daiou: (Assman?)

Videl: (LOL!)

davepoobond: ((so, i started using Adjectives))

Daiou: (Common sense? What’s that?)

Videl: (LOL!!)

davepoobond: ((DPOD> doy….uh…..hmm……..i’m on drugs….oooooooo))

Shadoe: ((ASSMAN!::batman theme::))

Daiou: (DPOD: “Hey man…I’m fuc*in wasted…)

Videl: (LOL)

Shadoe: ((danananananananana,ASS,MAN!!!!!))

Daiou: (LOL!)

davepoobond: ((kethryn> ::inhales deeply:: yep….got another box of OJ?))

Videl: (LMAO)

OnlineHost: Bass number has entered the room.

Bass number:: whats up

davepoobond: hi

davepoobond: watch out, they’ll kill you

Videl: (::sits back and watches::)

Shadoe: ::rubs his ass inthey ignored us ooc

davepoobond: ::points to DPOD and kethryn::

Shadoe: they`ll slive and slice you

Bass number:: what are youll recruiting in here


Daiou: Us? No, we took over the room.

davepoobond: ITS BAD

Bass number:: how old r youll

davepoobond: 15

davepoobond: y

Bass number:: just wondering

davepoobond: u?

DPOD: ignore the olders Bass..they are dead in these lands.

Shadoe: ASSMAN!duh-nuh-nuh-nuh-nuh-nuh-nuh-nuh

DPOD: others*

Daiou: Old enough to say I can’t have sex with small kids, or I’ll go to jail.

Shadoe: ASSMAN!duh-nuh-nuh-nuh-nuh-nuh-nuh-nuh

davepoobond: lol, again with “these lands”

Bass number:: im 16

Videl: Dude, if you DON’T know the difference between OOC and IC, then THIS is the guild for you!

davepoobond: yeah

davepoobond: definatly

Daiou: Hey, chill….I doubt he’s a rper right now.

Shadoe: ASSMAN,ASSMAN,assman,

Bass number:: what the hell is that

Videl: LMAO

Videl: ::dies laughing::

davepoobond: its all right bass, dont worry

Daiou: CHILL!!!

Shadoe: shanananananananana,ASSMAN!!!!!!!

davepoobond: just know to not join this place

davepoobond: ToAT or whatever

RikkiOh: Toast!

RikkiOh: XD

RikkiOh: ^.^

Bass number:: well what r youll doing n here

Daiou: Bass….I take it your aren’t a roleplayer are you?

Shadoe: let`s make some toat,i`m hungry!

Videl: Being entertained, you could say.

Daiou: Sounds like you’re trying to say Toast with a lisp…


Videl: LOL!

Bass number:: lets go talk shit ………all of us ……in another room

davepoobond: no! you’re a spy

Videl: Lol

Daiou: Nope, we took over their room…so we’re staying here.

davepoobond: you probably want us to get out of here

Videl: Yeah, they want us to leave, therefore, we’re staying.

Shadoe: it`s toaty warm in here

Videl: XD

Daiou: LOL! lisp again!

davepoobond: lol

Daiou: You should get that checked.

RikkiOh: Buttered TOAT!!

davepoobond: i want a toater

Videl: LOL

Shadoe: i`m gonna toat you with my dope-ass shit!

Daiou: Im going to use my Toater on you and make you into creamy toat that will water the mouths of all toat eaters out there!

Shadoe: ((::his sides hurt from laughing so hard,he wipes his tars away for morew to come::))

Videl: LMAO

Shadoe: i like cinnamon toat

Daiou: I thought it was cimmanon since we’re talking with lisps..

Videl: thimmanon

Daiou: LMAO!!!

Shadoe: ((i g2g guys,send me a log))

Daiou: They haven’t talked for a good twenty minutes

Videl: Okies, baiyo!

RikkiOh: Thats because they are crying

RikkiOh: because they suck!

Daiou: To their mommies

Shadoe: ::Walks out pulling his bag off dope-ass weed with him::

OnlineHost: Shadoe has left the room.

OnlineHost: Daiou has left the room.

OnlineHost: Daiou has entered the room.


Videl: LOL!!!

RikkiOh: o.o

RikkiOh: Damen whatcha been smokin? o.O

Daiou: Shawn, you can have the guy…me and Cait will take the….other one…though I think we

davepoobond: byes

OnlineHost: davepoobond has left the room.

RikkiOh: O.o..<^>

Daiou: will have to do some surgery first to estabilsh it’s gender

Videl: LOL!!!!!!

RikkiOh: Shes a duck!

RikkiOh: O.o


Videl: LMAO!!!!

RikkiOh: LOL!!!!!!!!!

OnlineHost: Tamberlin has entered the room.

RikkiOh: LOL!

RikkiOh: Funny they are still quiet!

Daiou: Nope, he aint one of em…he’s an RoAer though..

Videl: And they haven’t tried to kill the newcomer yet, that’s a record!

RikkiOh: Hey Tamberlin mun, your character is gonna get killed while in yer pocket

Daiou: I may hate RoA…but I won’t damn anyone to them…not even Berto or Maggie….Tamberlin mun

RikkiOh: DPOD and Kethryn are gonna kill him with 2d rolls!

Daiou: dont even try to rp in here….the moderistic idiots that run the place are way to stupid to understand anything IC or OOC

Videl: Or the difference between it for that matter…

Daiou: That to

Tamberlin: I take it your referring to me? Heh, I’ve heard about them

Daiou: I’m sorry.

RikkiOh: o.o…..

RikkiOh: Come on i want to read the log!

Videl: Oh!

Daiou: I’m sorry you’ve heard of this pathetic wasteland of roleplayers.

Videl: Hang on let me d/l it and get it sent!

Videl: LOL!!!

Tamberlin: Too bad, they’re not talking anymore? Might have been funny to see.

Daiou: Oh God, it was hilarious

Videl: Funny, is an understatement.

Daiou: They killed my character, Rikkioh’s, andVidel’s and several others without them being IC

Tamberlin: Been awhile since I’ve seen a moder…which is pretty surprising.

Daiou: Now THAT is talent worth exploring!

Tamberlin: Indeed, I must learn how they perform such an amazing trick.

Daiou: It’s easy…they suck.

Daiou: All we have to do is “slive” someone and we can do it to!

Tamberlin: Ahhh, so there in lies the secret!

Videl: LMAO

OnlineHost: Ranger has entered the room.

Daiou: BRAD!!! LOL!!!

Ranger: That’s me. Heh.

Videl: You missed it!

Daiou: DOn’t go IC! They will “slive” you till you die from the one hit!

Videl: Damen do you wanna send the log out, or shall I? To all of LotS I mean.

Ranger: What happened?

Daiou: I will, heh, I want the honors

DPOD: ::looks to Tamberlin:: you should have been here before.there was a whole room full of moder

Videl: Okies!

Daiou: SEE LOL!

RikkiOh: LOL!!

Videl: LMAO!

Daiou: He just proved it!

Videl: Thank God I didn’t turn off the log yet!

Tamberlin: Who’s the other one?

Daiou: His accomplice in stupidity

RikkiOh: Kethryn

Tamberlin: Um…DPOD? It would be wise for you not to open your mouth again.

Videl: LMAO!

RikkiOh: LOL!


DPOD: why?

Daiou: KILL HIM!!!

Tamberlin: Just trying to save you some embaressment.

RikkiOh: Because you’re an idiot!

Videl: LOL!!!

Daiou: Jut out right kill him!!!

DPOD: are you a lost loser too?

Daiou: Do it before he gets the chance!

Videl: Public display of stupidity, my favorite show.


Daiou: Brad to! Use two word actions!

Tamberlin: Kill them? Well ok

RikkiOh: No hes a smart boy you dope

Daiou: It should be a crime…

Tamberlin: ::punch…kick…::

Videl: You mean like ::killz u::

OnlineHost: Tamberlin rolled 1 1-sided die: 1

Daiou: Aim it at DPOD

OnlineHost: LyWrynn has entered the room.

Tamberlin: I DID IT!

RikkiOh: ::Kill DPO::

Daiou: and use your RoA dice

Videl: LOL

DPOD: ::shakes head:: slashes Tamberlin for Guild Kill::

OnlineHost: DPOD rolled 4 92-sided dice: 15 69 89 90

Daiou: LMAO!!!!

RikkiOh: LOL!!

Videl: ::just dies laughing::


Ranger: I was about to say..

DPOD: He is now dead in all TOAT lands and to be ignored.

Daiou: NO way Hes funny!

Tamberlin: Oh, I have to do this just one moment…

Ranger: RoA Flunkie..

Daiou: Hey now

DPOD: ::sweeps he away with the others::

RikkiOh: Brad yo…hes cool

RikkiOh: dont worry

Daiou: We’re all on the same team here

Ranger: Oh, okay.

Ranger: I didn’t know. Heh.

LyWrynn: ::a cloaked figure steps in::

Daiou: RoA he may be…but he’s on our side for the time being

Tamberlin: ::Arms crossed over his chest, a smirk spreading across his visage as icy blues regarded the man and his…attack:: Nice…may I try? ::placing a hand on the man’s chest, he almost absentmindedly discharges a ki blast::

RikkiOh: And oh yea…-Shawn

RikkiOh: (::goes into the bubbles for now::)

Videl: (::follows, since she KNOWS the difference between IC and OOC unlike some people::)

Daiou: (::Goes IC for the hell of it, since he did declare this LotS’ HQ for a week.::)

Daiou: ::Goes cheap as they do for entrances…::

Daiou: -In

Daiou: (No…I can’t stoop to that level….I’m sorry…IVE COMMITED A GRAVE SIN!!!)

Ranger: ::Does a cheaper one.::

Ranger: ::Ish in.::

Ranger: [ We must repent, Damen! ]

Daiou: (YES! Repent!!!)

OnlineHost: Bass number has left the room.

Videl: (LOL!!)

OnlineHost: Tamberlin rolled 4 93-sided dice: 26 53 35 65

Tamberlin: ((Phew, and I’m spent))

Ranger: [ To the Holy Online Host give us forgiveness! ]

Daiou: ::Through the void of both evil and good, he laid…upon the woven fabric of reality his eyes remained closed, until they burst forth openly and gave birth to sight, his form vanished from the void, only to appear in the establishment that was now designated as the

Videl: (Damen, are you sure they understand those types of words?)

DPOD: hi Wyrnn, just step around the MAnure.

Daiou: HQ for the time being. His eyes stared upon the place with disgust.:: I can’t believe he would do this to us…

LyWrynn: ::: buys the house a round of ignore ale and passes it around

Daiou: (Do I look like I care, Cait?)

Videl: (No, just makin’ sure.)

Videl: (Do you ever? ::grins::)

Daiou: (Um…no?)

LyWrynn: ::she smiles as the sounds of silence fills the room::

DPOD: ::smiles:: Kethy this is Wyrnn,,,Wyrnn Kethy.

LyWrynn: Hello Kree Im back for a short while

Daiou: (AAAHH!! It’s one of them to!!! KILL IT KILL IT!!!)

LyWrynn: Kethy well met

Videl: (LMAO!)

Kethryn: ::she gave a friendly smile to LyWrynn and nodded:: tis a pleasure

Ranger: [ We still outnumber them. Heh. ]

Daiou: ::His eyes stared upon the three that congested reality with their existance, and with that

RikkiOh: (Im not gonna let Ricky in here…he will bust the heads off of people)

Daiou: he raised his hand into the air and screamed outwards and released a plight of energy into

LyWrynn: ::she take a seat at Krees table::Im suprised to still see you out this late Krre

Daiou: the area that tears the building asunder, destroying it utterly, only to give way to the wrecking crew that comes in and rebuilds it as the CRF/LotS Headquaters.::

DPOD: ::nods:: a bit longer tonight

Kethryn: well I should go ::she stood up and nodded to them both:: be well you two.. it was nice meeting you Wrynn

DPOD: see you tomorrow we have to get some skrimishes in.

LyWrynn: ::smiles:: safe journeys my lady Kethy

Daiou: (Oh and by the way…I am serious about this place being the new HQ.)

Kethryn: ::nods:: you can count on it Kree

DPOD: ::grins::

Videl: (I know ^.^)

Videl: (This will be great)

Kethryn: ::smiles:: thank you Wrynn … ::she walked towards the door and stepped out::

OnlineHost: Kethryn has left the room.

Daiou: (Us being on ignore…they have no clue as to what awaits them.)

Videl: (::smirks:: Which makes it all the better!)

Videl: (Every time I come in here, I’m going to log it. It should make for some wonderful comedy.)

DPOD: grins:: should have been here sooner , we set a record for guild kills.

Daiou: (Just something to brighten everyone’s lives.)

RikkiOh: (hold on…going on BroliKen SN)

Videl: (Okies!)

LyWrynn: ::sigh:: You know I always disliked the whole killing issue

OnlineHost: RikkiOh has left the room.

DPOD: yea but vermin doesn’t count.

Videl: (Wow, I guess that works out with that character then, since there was no actual killing eh?)

Daiou: (Ya know…by our standards…they’re dead.)

Videl: (Yup.)

LyWrynn: ::holds up a bottle of ignore::Perhaps but one drop of this and the problems disapeer

DPOD: ::grins::


Daiou: (Especially when they ignore being killed by Veg…that’s just a sin right there..)

Videl: (LMAO!)

DPOD: hey, while you are here we can get some quick skrimishes in!

Daiou: OH!

Videl: (O.o)

LyWrynn: ok ok Im rusty though

Daiou: ::grabs Veg back out since he doesn’t care for using him in the confines of stupidity::

Videl: (LOL)

Daiou: We get to see how stupid they really are!!!

DPOD: i know but at l;east you’ll have some for the records.

LyWrynn: :::shimmers into a non script grey wolf and heads for the door::

Videl: They can’t prove themselves to be even more stupid than they already have.

Daiou: Ten bucks…I place ten bucks, none of the dice that they have are earned from the D20 start

DPOD: comon…

Daiou: Anyone care to place a wager against that?

OnlineHost: DPOD has left the room.

Videl: Nah..

Tamberlin: ((Awww…I thought we were going to have a show here))

Tamberlin: ((And me without my popcorn))

LyWrynn: ;;the wolf turns back and seems to say ::,”what are you waiting for?”

OnlineHost: LyWrynn has left the room.

Daiou: ::Snaps his fingers and Porno pops up on the big screen.::

Videl: LOL Deb just signed on too.

Daiou: GOOD!

Ranger: Heh.

Daiou: But there are none left

Videl: Aww damn, they went into a private room.

Videl: No more fun for us.

Daiou: We can’t have fun with them

Tamberlin: ((::yawns:: Well it’s getting late where I am, so I’m calling it a night. Cya everyone))

OnlineHost: Tamberlin has left the room.

OnlineHost: Brolly has entered the room.

Videl: LotS wins again!!!!