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Rhydin Formal Wear / RhyDins Hospital

OnlineHost: *** You are in “Arts and Entertainment – Rhydin Formal Wear”. ***

First: :slow nod, nervous habit..hair was continuous tucked away behind that ear..even though it ha

davepoobond: ::walks in, holding momma’s hand::

YoursTruly: ::walks in::

Holmes: ::walks in with his son by his side::

Holmes: now son, sit your loserish butt down while i get a suit

First: d yet to stray..gaze shifted back to that dressing room..ever so often, yeah..we were always

YoursTruly: ::looks at her boy::

davepoobond: ok momma

davepoobond: ::looks at papa:: hi papa

Holmes: ::slaps him:: don’t talk back

YoursTruly: no mama let son come with me

First: listening, and no..silence was not good, with a lil’ rub of her cheek..those dulling hues ro

Holmes: fine

Holmes: take him

Holmes: ::throws his son at papa::

davepoobond: ::thrown::

YoursTruly: ::takes her sons hand:: come on lets find some undies for my son!

First: se to meet his once more..:

YoursTruly: ::looks at mama:: be nice to son!

Holmes: shut up, when we get home your cookin me dinner

OnlineHost: Mugens Angel has entered the room.

YoursTruly: ::sighs::

YoursTruly: ::walks to the underwear with her son::

OnlineHost: gom909 has entered the room.

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DeadlyReaIity: || damnit.. i have to go.. ||

Holmes: ::looks at all the suits::

First: [ okies doke ]

First: [ be good :poke!: ]

DeadlyReaIity: || ::nod:: I’ll try.. ||

Holmes: ::grabs one and looks at it::

DeadlyReaIity: || Buh Byes. ||

OnlineHost: DeadlyReaIity has left the room.

First: [ Heh.. ]

Holmes: nah ::drops it on the floor::

OnlineHost: Mugens Angel has left the room.

First: [ Heh.. ]

Holmes: nah ::drops it on the floor::

OnlineHost: Mugens Angel has left the room.

YoursTruly: ::looks at son:: come on

davepoobond: ok papa

davepoobond: may i spit in the underwears to prove they are not allergic to me?

davepoobond: momma said i should

Holmes: ::yells to his son:: What’d i tell ya about allergic undies?

YoursTruly: yeh son


YoursTruly: ::looks at mama:: dont yell!

Holmes: ::smiles and sighs:: sometimes i wonder why i hit that boy…

Holmes: then i see his stupid face and want to hit him

davepoobond: i was in a carpet commercial yesterday, papa

YoursTruly: ::looks at son::

YoursTruly: what did you do there?

Holmes: what’d i tell ya about actors and that television….

davepoobond: i juizzed on the carpets

davepoobond: jizzed*

davepoobond: actors aren’t real people, they’re puppets on a box that gives you cancer

Holmes: ::nods:: yup…

YoursTruly: really?

Holmes: shut up papa! go get me dinner

YoursTruly: ::looks around for the owner::

YoursTruly: no mama not yet i got to find son undies!

First: :time ticked by, and dammit..she waited..for a sound..for a movement..only five minutes had

Holmes: he can wear the undies for another 2 months

First: passed and yet..so up she rose, with a curious blink..quiet steps carried her back toward th

OnlineHost: AgentHunt007 has entered the room.

AgentHunt007: ::walks through the entrance,dressed in a pair of khaki pants,grey polo shirts,brown leather

First: ose dressing rooms..snatching that bracelet of keys from her wrist..she unlocked that one..and peered in..:

AgentHunt007: shoes, and a pair of wayfarer sunglasses””

AgentHunt007: ::*

Holmes: ::walks over to papa and son::

YoursTruly: no he need undies mama!

Holmes: ::slaps son:: your silence makes me suspicious

AgentHunt007: ::looks about the store for a nice suit,hopefully will get some help::

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Holmes: shut up papa

AgentHunt007: ::looks at the father and song arguing::

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AgentHunt007: ::sighs,still sifting through suits,waiting for some assistance::

Holmes: ::slaps his son:: what’d i tell you about bein silent

YoursTruly: (i got to go be make sometime tonight)

Holmes: ((ok bye))

davepoobond: ::rubs his face::

davepoobond: you told me silent people are usually holding something back

YoursTruly: ::slaps mama:: dont tell me to shut up mama i am the papa of the house

davepoobond: like not coming out saying they’re gay

OnlineHost: YoursTruly has left the room.

Holmes: ow papa that hurts

AgentHunt007: ::look at the family fighting::

Holmes: ::picks up his son and throws em into the suit section::

Holmes: that’ll teach ya

davepoobond: ::gets caught in a box of buttons::

AgentHunt007: ::walks to Holmes::

AgentHunt007: hey stop that….

Holmes: stop what

AgentHunt007: hurting your son

Holmes: i’m not hurting him…

Holmes: i’m just playing violently

AgentHunt007: well save it for home, not a store…

Holmes: he’s my son, he needs special treatment

Holmes: ::walks over to his son and yanks him out of the box::

AgentHunt007: special treeatment…..ha

AgentHunt007: you need it

AgentHunt007: not him

Holmes: ::throws him against the wall:: thats what you get for making weird people talk to me

AgentHunt007: ::sighs,takes out his old colt 1911 .45::

davepoobond: ::yanked out of the box, and thrown against the wall::

AgentHunt007: ::raises it aiming at Holmes::hands up

AgentHunt007: RPD

AgentHunt007: hands on your head!

Holmes: ::blinks:: what’d i do!

AgentHunt007: you are under arrest for child abuse

AgentHunt007: hands on your head….now sir::gun still aimed at him::

Holmes: child abuse! ::laughs::

AgentHunt007: ::has his badge clipped to his belt::

Holmes: son, what;’d i say about guns?

AgentHunt007: i said put your hands on your head!

AgentHunt007: now sir!

davepoobond: momma said old guns are for wusses! and you need a big wanker like one of these! ::drops his pants::

davepoobond: to do any damage!

Holmes: what a son…

AgentHunt007: ::decides not to say anything::

Holmes: ::tear falls down his cheek::

davepoobond: ::looks around, then pulls his pants up again::

AgentHunt007: hands on your head now!!!!!!!!!

Holmes: see? he’s smart

Holmes: ::sighs and raises his hands:: son what’d i say about coops

Holmes: cops

AgentHunt007: place your hands on you head.

AgentHunt007: same for you little boy

AgentHunt007: do as your dad does.

davepoobond: when they say “put your hands on your head” they really want to

frisk you, and they want to

davepoobond: lick your balls

davepoobond: thats what momma said

AgentHunt007: ahh another thing to book you for…harrasement of officers

AgentHunt007: resisting arrest….

Holmes: ::blinks::

Holmes: wait…if i prove my son is smart and not abused can i go?

AgentHunt007: no

AgentHunt007: down on your knees,hands on your head…the both of you….

Holmes: son, what’d momma tell ya about harrasement

AgentHunt007: exuse me sir

davepoobond: momma said if you cant take it, you cant do it…all-night-long! ::spanks an imaginary ass::

AgentHunt007: stop worrying about your son!

Holmes: he’s my son…

Holmes: it’s my duty to worry about him

AgentHunt007: yes…and you are both insane….

AgentHunt007: now both of you down on your knees,hands on you head!

Holmes: hmm

davepoobond: momma said i should never do that for strangers, they might pork me through my behind

davepoobond: isn’t that right momma?

Holmes: yup ::nods::

AgentHunt007: ::sighs,walking toward the dad::

AgentHunt007: ::kicks his legs out from under him::

OnlineHost: AgentHunt007 rolled 4 64-sided dice: 64 11 17 42

Holmes: AHH ::falls::

davepoobond: nooooooo! DONT TOUCH MY MOMMA!

AgentHunt007: ::holds him to the ground,gun to his head::

davepoobond: ::tackles AgentHunt007::

Holmes: son…tell papa she was a cheap whore and i never liked her…

AgentHunt007: ((dice please))

davepoobond: ((i dont have a set of dice))

AgentHunt007: ::takes out the cuffs, cuffing him::

AgentHunt007: ::walks to his son,cuffing him as well::

Holmes: tell her the crack i stole from her was under her pillow all night long

Holmes: son what;d i tell you about handcuffs

davepoobond: i should never be handcuffed, unless i’m alone with a very big-boobed woman

AgentHunt007: ::pushes the kid to the ground as well::

davepoobond: wahhhh! ::pounds the ground:: MOMMA! HE HURT MEEEEE


AgentHunt007: ::holsters gun::

AgentHunt007: i wont….dont worry

davepoobond: ::goes into a fetal position, shivering::

AgentHunt007: ::takes out a cell phone…calling in backup::

OnlineHost: YoursTruly has entered the room.

Holmes: ::hums a song::


AgentHunt007: ::unholsters the gun once again::

YoursTruly: ::papa walks back in:: son mama!

AgentHunt007: ::looks at the kid::

davepoobond: ::crawls to AgentHunt007, and bites his shoes::

AgentHunt007: ((no dice no attack))

davepoobond: ((WTF))

davepoobond: ((you SUCK))

YoursTruly: ::runs to son and picks him up::

Holmes: ((bootleg))

davepoobond: ((i told you i dont have any dice))

AgentHunt007: ((then u need to get some))

Holmes: papa! Do you have bail money you cheap skank?

AgentHunt007: ::looks to yours truely::

davepoobond: ((well, i dont have any right now, now do i?))

AgentHunt007: exuse me they are under arrest

YoursTruly: ::kisses him on the cheek:: are you ok!

AgentHunt007: unless you can post bail….

davepoobond: no, that man is being a jerk

davepoobond: and momma said jerks are dorks

YoursTruly: ::puts him donw and looks at <AgentHunt007> with anger in herb eyes:: you put my son in jail!

AgentHunt007: no

davepoobond: yes

AgentHunt007: hes under arrest….unless you can post bail

YoursTruly: hes a little son!

davepoobond: ::calls upon his hidden stregth, and breaks the handcuffs::

Holmes: I’m an insecure man who has to feel power by beating his son! WHAT IS WRONG WITH THAT!

davepoobond: AHHH!!

AgentHunt007: ((umm no dice no breaking there buddy)))

Holmes: ((this is lame))

davepoobond: ((shut it))

YoursTruly: you have to to put a son in jail!

AgentHunt007: ((learn to play and get some dice))

davepoobond: ((you learn how))

davepoobond: ((if no one else but you have dice, then you should drop your dice))

davepoobond: ((buddy))

YoursTruly: (drop the dice! buddy!)

AgentHunt007: ::sighs,holsters gun,walks out::

OnlineHost: AgentHunt007 has left the room.

Holmes: …

davepoobond: ((YESS…we won))

YoursTruly: ::waves her hand and they are out:

Holmes: yay!

YoursTruly: ::runs to her son and picks him up:: thats my son!

YoursTruly: ::looks at mama and nods her head:: you are making food this time mama

Holmes: shut up women!

YoursTruly: ::puts him down:: i am the papa of the house!

YoursTruly: ::gives him the look:: make us food mama!

davepoobond: yeah, mama

Holmes: argh

YoursTruly: ::smiles::

Holmes: hmm

davepoobond: make us some fishsticks

YoursTruly: yeh!

Holmes: ::grabs some fish::

Holmes: ::puts em on a stick::

Holmes: here

davepoobond: ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

davepoobond: momma said fish on a stick is not fishsticks

Holmes: the middle part is red

davepoobond: you said so yourself momma

Holmes: yeah

Holmes: i know

Holmes: but

Holmes: since were poor

Holmes: EAT IT ::slaps him::

YoursTruly: so make us some!

YoursTruly: ::slaps papa:: you eat it!

Holmes: NO I slave day in and day out in this kitchen!

Holmes: ::cries:: I feel so abandoned!

YoursTruly: ::gives him the look:: real fishsticks or you eat it!

Holmes: ::sighs and makes fishsticks::

Holmes: ::from scratch::

Holmes: ((wanna go to rhydin hospital))

YoursTruly: (ok)

OnlineHost: Holmes has left the room.

OnlineHost: YoursTruly has left the room.

OnlineHost: *** You are in “Arts and Entertainment – RhyDins Hospital”. ***

davepoobond: ::walks in, in papa’s arms::

Holmes: ::walks in with his son::

YoursTruly: ::walks in with son::

davepoobond: ((WRONG WRONG WRONG WRONG))

davepoobond: ((::smack…x2::))

Holmes: ((ow))

davepoobond: ((hehe))

OnlineHost: Panda61115 has left the room.

davepoobond: ((heheeeeee))

davepoobond: ((heeeeeeh))

Sigma Seigi: []o.o;[]

Holmes: ::picks up his son from papas arms and throws em at the front desk::

Sigma Seigi: []::smack::[]

Sigma Seigi: []Take that![]

Holmes: ::walks to the front desk::

davepoobond: ((::kicks in the balls:: take that))

YoursTruly: ::looks around:: here is a good place to see stuff

Holmes: yeah i’m here to have a check up for my son

davepoobond: ::slams onto the front desk::

Sigma Seigi: []Bish…[]

Holmes: he keeps gettin hurt

Holmes: ::kicks him:: i don’t know why

Sigma Seigi: Nobody works here.

YoursTruly: ::walks to mama and son:: yes and one for mama ::slaps mama::

Holmes: hmm

Holmes: ow!

Holmes: ::slapped::

Holmes: no one works here, eh?

YoursTruly: ::picks up son and puts him down::

Sigma Seigi: No.

Holmes: you sure

Sigma Seigi: It’s a ghost hospital.

Holmes: ?

Holmes: well then ghosts got to work here

Sigma Seigi: They all got buried in the basement.

davepoobond: . . .

OnlineHost: Nytemare Godess has entered the room.

Sigma Seigi: You can go dig ’em up if you want.

Holmes: well i’ll sell my son into slavery

YoursTruly: ::her eyes light up:: lets go dig them up!

Holmes: to work here

Sigma Seigi: I’m sure their bodies are still intact.

YoursTruly: no!

Zoran Assmodeus: ::Walks back in fellowing Alley holding her hand::

Holmes: come on! he’s just a eatin machine!

Sigma Seigi: Except for the one guy I cut up on every joint.

Nytemare Godess: ::she has stoped crying::

Nytemare Godess: ::she walks in with Zoran:

Sigma Seigi: Zoran.

Holmes: ::immitates son:: “fishsticks this, fishsticks that”

Zoran Assmodeus: ::looks to sigma:: what?

YoursTruly: ::looks at mama and son:: lets go dig up the bodys and sell them for slave we can act like

Holmes: lets just sell him for cryin out loud

Sigma Seigi: []brb[]

Zoran Assmodeus: ::he looks to them::

Holmes: he’s a LOSER, he’ll never amount to anything

YoursTruly: they are real and then get the money and run!

Holmes: ok

YoursTruly: ::slaps mama:: stop talking about your self!

Holmes: ::slaps his son:: don’t talk back

davepoobond: this is gonna be fun

Zoran Assmodeus: You gunna sell you son!

Holmes: ::slapped::

Holmes: ow

davepoobond: ::slap::

Holmes: yup ::feels proud::

Zoran Assmodeus: are you a fucking dum ass!

Holmes: no

Holmes: but he is

YoursTruly: ::looks at mama and scream::NO WE AE NOT!

Holmes: ::slaps his son::

Holmes: thats for being born dum::

YoursTruly: ::slaps mama:: no he is not!

Zoran Assmodeus: wherres the kid!

Holmes: ::slapped::

Holmes: ow

Holmes: son what’d i tell you about questions

YoursTruly: ::slaps mama agian:: go on son slap mama

Zoran Assmodeus: ::waits ready to kill::

davepoobond: dont answer them unless money is involved

Holmes: see? he’s smart

Zoran Assmodeus: ((who is the kid..))

Nytemare Godess: ::she looks at Zoran::

Holmes: but stupid

Ari Assmodeus: ::She moved toward the exit and left::

OnlineHost: Ari Assmodeus has left the room.

Holmes: ::slaps him::

Holmes: ((davepoobond))

YoursTruly: ::slaps mama:: stop!

davepoobond: ((wut))

Holmes: ow

Zoran Assmodeus: ::he looks tot he kid:: you wanna be sold?

YoursTruly: now lets go dig up the dead bodys!

Holmes: ::slapped::

YoursTruly: ::looks at <zoran>:: no he doesnt!

Holmes: yeah he does

Zoran Assmodeus: then he wont be sold!

davepoobond: momma said i dont wanna be sold unless there is money for me involved

Holmes: sometimes i wonder why i hit him

YoursTruly: yes but papa says no!

OnlineHost: Ayanna Snowstorm has entered the room.

Holmes: but who cares? it doesn’t hurt me

Holmes: ::slaps him::

Holmes: momma knows best

YoursTruly: ::slaps mama:: dont make me make you make fishsticks again!

Zoran Assmodeus: ::he walks to the kid grabbing him bye the collor of his shirt and pulling him from his pare

Ayanna Snowstorm: ::a young teenager enters quietly, holding a small child::

Holmes: ::sighs::

Nytemare Godess: ::she shakes her head and will stay out of this::

YoursTruly: ::runs to her son and picks him up:: leave him alone!

Holmes: ::looks to the child and the teen:: Kids suck lady, sell him/her while you can