poop / poop shoes

OnlineHost: *** You are in “poop”. ***

OnlineHost: IAMAWIZBOY has entered the room.

davepoobond: poop

davepoobond: hahahahaha

davepoobond: hello?

OnlineHost: SweetSunshine has entered the room.

davepoobond: hey

SweetSunshine: Hello

OnlineHost: POLO98088809 has entered the room.

davepoobond: wat made you come to poop

OnlineHost: POLO98088809 has left the room.

SweetSunshine: ??

davepoobond: ok

SweetSunshine: i dunno

davepoobond: y’like poop?

SweetSunshine: lol

SweetSunshine: no

davepoobond: do you like to poop poop?

SweetSunshine: IAMAWIZBOY sent me here

davepoobond: oh.

SweetSunshine: yepp

davepoobond: i can make fart noises

SweetSunshine: oh.

davepoobond: with my hands

SweetSunshine: (cool)

davepoobond: yepppppp

SweetSunshine: can u see IAMAWIZBOY’s writing?

davepoobond: he’s not typing anything.

SweetSunshine: i know

davepoobond: blah

davepoobond: wanna see my site?

SweetSunshine: lalalalalalalalala

SweetSunshine: sure

davepoobond: www.squackle.cjb.net

OnlineHost: IAMAWIZBOY has left the room.

SweetSunshine: ?

SweetSunshine: is it safe?

davepoobond: yeh…

davepoobond: heh

SweetSunshine: really?

davepoobond: its got stories and jokes and pictures and stuff

davepoobond: they’re funny

davepoobond: yeah, it is..

SweetSunshine: oh.

OnlineHost: *** You are in “poop shoes”. ***

OnlineHost: SweetSunshine has entered the room.

davepoobond: blah

SweetSunshine: blah?

davepoobond: didja go?

SweetSunshine: nope whats it again

davepoobond: www.squackle.cjb.net

SweetSunshine: it loads alot

davepoobond: you can submit stuff too if you want

davepoobond: yeah, well……what am i gonna do?

SweetSunshine: what?

davepoobond: i cant really do anything until people click the top banner

davepoobond: what what?

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