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IrknInvaderZim -> Holmes / IrknInvaderZim8

First The IM

IrknInvaderZim: katerina asigiri recommended you

Holmes: i see

Holmes: did she tell you anything…personal? or else i might have to get rid of her…

IrknInvaderZim: no

Holmes: ok good

Holmes: what is it you want

IrknInvaderZim: the password to the lab on nick .com

Holmes: how badly do you need this password

IrknInvaderZim: i need it very

IrknInvaderZim: very

IrknInvaderZim: very

IrknInvaderZim: very

IrknInvaderZim: very

IrknInvaderZim: very

IrknInvaderZim: very

IrknInvaderZim: very

IrknInvaderZim: badly

Holmes: ok kid shut up i get the point

IrknInvaderZim: heehee sorry

Holmes: well the password isn’t too hard, you’d probablly know it

IrknInvaderZim: but i don’t

Holmes: kid sometimes the answers in life can’t always come on a plate made out of answers, you have to figure some things out for yourself

Holmes: i will help you

Holmes: realize the answer

IrknInvaderZim: the question is what did i tell the earth children i wanted to be when i grew up

Holmes: well..

Holmes: think about it

IrknInvaderZim: IrknInvaderZim8chatroom

Then The Chat!

OnlineHost: *** You are in “IrknInvaderZim8”. ***

Holmes: invader zim rules

IrknInvaderZim: hello i need information

IrknInvaderZim: i had to many ims open on my screen i needed space

IrknInvaderZim: anyways who knows what the password is

TheMisFit kid23: invite calvin7mallory

Holmes: cheese?

IrknInvaderZim: ok

Holmes: invite katerina

Ssj4bardok: hi evry1

Holmes: hi

Katerina Asigiri: hi

Jamx2blah: hey

Holmes: so whats evryone’s favorite color?

Holmes: come on

Holmes: don’t be shy

Ssj4bardok: black

Jamx2blah: green

Jamx2blah: although right now its purple

Holmes: blue rules!

Holmes: hopin on the ban wagon, eh?

TheMisFit kid23: bye

Jamx2blah: eh, i guess

IrknInvaderZim: shut up!!@ok down to business what is the password to the lab on nick.com

Holmes: we’ll get to that

Holmes: but first

Holmes: we have to play a game of who can guess how many letters are in the alphabet

Holmes: anyone?

Holmes: um ok…

Holmes: forget that

IrknInvaderZim: 26

Holmes: CORRECT!

Katerina Asigiri: No it’s not

Holmes: oh yeah silly me

Holmes: you forgot punctuation and numbers

Holmes: and plus capitalized letters

IrknInvaderZim: abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyx count’ em

Holmes: forget it next game

Jamx2blah: righttt

Holmes: to get the answer of the zim question

Holmes: tell me how many bricks are in the wall of china

Holmes: starting…

Holmes: NOW!

Ssj4bardok: 100003949

IrknInvaderZim: 256,987,543

Jamx2blah: 20,000,000

Ssj4bardok: 9424532543

Katerina Asigiri: too many

Holmes: correct katerina!

Ssj4bardok: damn

Jamx2blah: cry cry

Holmes: i will tell you the password

Holmes: after you answer this question

Jamx2blah: …

Ssj4bardok: ask a fight club question

Holmes: ok

Ssj4bardok: awesome

Holmes: what does the movie fight club start out with?

Jamx2blah: dude w/ gun in his mouth

Ssj4bardok: people are always asking me if i know tyler durden

Holmes: no silly it starts out as film on a movie reel

Jamx2blah: d u kno tyler durden?

Holmes: duh

Jamx2blah: …

Holmes: next question

Ssj4bardok: i thought that was only a thing on the dvd

Holmes: well you thought wrong

Ssj4bardok: ask another fight club question

Holmes: next question

Jamx2blah: dont think so

IrknInvaderZim: stop

IrknInvaderZim: stop

IrknInvaderZim: stops

Jamx2blah: i agree

Katerina Asigiri: but why?

Jamx2blah: …

Holmes: <–stopped

IrknInvaderZim: please tell me the password

Ssj4bardok: cuz i have supreme knowledge of fight club

Holmes: calm down

Holmes: relax

Ssj4bardok: i can tell you the 5 leading roles and the actors who played them

Holmes: count to 5

Holmes: thats great

Jamx2blah: cuz itz annoying..YOU LIE i have the supreme knowlege of that movie

IrknInvaderZim: 1 2 3 4 5

Holmes: you can count

Ssj4bardok: tyler durden, “jack” marla singer, “angel face

Holmes: ok enough

Ssj4bardok: brad pitt edward norton, helena bonham carter, meat loaf aday, jared leto


Holmes: hey

Jamx2blah: brad pitt, eeee!

Holmes: don’t talk to me like that

Holmes: i know the password

Ssj4bardok: hell muthafucken yeah

Holmes: and i can take as much time as i want to

Ssj4bardok: lolz

IrknInvaderZim: Gawd im tired of this!!!

Holmes: ok

Holmes: next question

Jamx2blah: drool, brad….

Holmes: what do i want to be when i grow up

IrknInvaderZim: while im alive please

Jamx2blah: a hobo?

Ssj4bardok: othapedist!!

Ssj4bardok: an eleohant!!

Holmes: WRONG!

Ssj4bardok: elephant**

Holmes: a othapedist hobo!

Holmes: duh!!!

Jamx2blah: lol

IrknInvaderZim: lol

Holmes: next question

Ssj4bardok: u forgot the elephant

Holmes: no i didn’t forget

IrknInvaderZim: stupid

Holmes: elephant is not a god job

Jamx2blah: hehe

Holmes: all you get is peanuts

Holmes: next question

Holmes: who created AOL?

IrknInvaderZim: i dunno

Ssj4bardok: the person who created aol!!!

Katerina Asigiri: the Devil

Jamx2blah: anole?

Holmes: WRONG!’

Holmes: i did

Holmes: next question

Ssj4bardok: well, i was still right

IrknInvaderZim: uh huh sure

Jamx2blah: ur bill gates arent you

Holmes: no

Holmes: i wish!

Jamx2blah: dont lie!


Holmes: fine

Holmes: i’m bill gates

Holmes: and i’m going to buy you out

Jamx2blah: yay, i knew it

IrknInvaderZim: bill gates created microsoft stupid

Katerina Asigiri: heh

Jamx2blah: that still doesnt mean hes bill gates

Holmes: how would you know if i was or wasn;t bill gates?

IrknInvaderZim: i need the password people

Holmes: i mean come on, what if i was pretending to be normal

Ssj4bardok: theyre stalking you

Jamx2blah: i stuper powers

Holmes: i can give you the passwords to over 300 networks


Holmes: 50 secret networks

IrknInvaderZim: ???

Jamx2blah: lol

Holmes: CIA network

Ssj4bardok: RUN DAMMIT!!!

Holmes: but sorry, i forgot the password for the invader zim website

Holmes: next question

Jamx2blah: ::she explodes::

Katerina Asigiri: oooh… lookie the fireworks

Holmes: what is the meaning of life

Ssj4bardok: <covers face>

IrknInvaderZim: i wish i could explode

Ssj4bardok: to die

Holmes: …

Holmes: your very depressed

Holmes: seek help

Ssj4bardok: i know i am

Ssj4bardok: but i have a hell of a time

Holmes: to much invader zim, watch something thats happier, like mr. rogers neighborhood

Jamx2blah: …

Holmes: “it’s all good in the neighborhod”

Jamx2blah: ..

Holmes: .

Ssj4bardok: im sorry…i think that if there is a god…life is just one big sick joke

Holmes: anyways no one cares what you think

Ssj4bardok: thats my outlook

Holmes: next question

Jamx2blah: me too, damn the irony of it all

IrknInvaderZim: (((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((radar)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

Ssj4bardok: <blip>

Holmes: ok guys if this was the “cry your brains out” chat rom

Holmes: thats what it would be called

Jamx2blah: vapor transmission BZZZZZZZ

IrknInvaderZim: (((((((((((((>((((((((((((((((((((((((((radar)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

Ssj4bardok: <blip>

Holmes: yur scaring me

Jamx2blah: heh

IrknInvaderZim: (((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((>(((((((((((radar))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

Holmes: ok truth is i never knew the damn password

IrknInvaderZim: (((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((>((radar))))))))))))))))))))))


Ssj4bardok: <blip>

Jamx2blah: i think you lost it bill

IrknInvaderZim: <>^}]{{]][[][]{}}[]}{][))9(8*&6^%$#4##@2!5^7%5$757″:’?.?<?>/><,>?,>,>

Holmes: yes i did

Holmes: bye