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#5927: Holmes -> Katerina Asigiri

Holmes: Hi, I am a spokesperson for the DANO (Drug Abusing Necrophilliac Organization). We would like your support for our organization by letting us know if you have any Drug Using Necrophilliacs that need help and/or support.

Holmes: Take for example a member of our group known as Dan M. After several beverages, he would sneak into the nearest morgue and proceed doing the unnecesary to a dead body. But now Dan M. is fully restored and is now married to a lovely wife, and has 4 children.

Katerina Asigiri: You can leave me alone now.

Holmes: Sorry to have disturbed you but do you know any Drug Abusing Necrophilliacs?

Katerina Asigiri: NO Now go away!

Holmes: Do you know anyone who is secretly a Drug Abusing Necrophilliac?

Holmes: Or any friends who know of a Drug Abusing Necrophilliac? Your support is greatly appreciated.

Katerina Asigiri: Do you get paid to be stupidly annoying?

Holmes: Yes, infact I do.

Katerina Asigiri: Just making sure.

Holmes: I have only come asking for support and you shut me down with such negativity

Katerina Asigiri: I’m paid to do that.

Holmes: Can you at least…whats the word those young folk use all the time…?

Holmes: “chat”?

Katerina Asigiri: If you don’t bring up the supporting of something.. or whatever it was..

Holmes: Alright, my work will be excluded from the conversation…

Holmes: …so…yeah…

IrknInvaderZim -> Holmes / IrknInvaderZim8

First The IM

IrknInvaderZim: katerina asigiri recommended you

Holmes: i see

Holmes: did she tell you anything…personal? or else i might have to get rid of her…

IrknInvaderZim: no

Holmes: ok good

Holmes: what is it you want

IrknInvaderZim: the password to the lab on nick .com

Holmes: how badly do you need this password

IrknInvaderZim: i need it very

IrknInvaderZim: very

IrknInvaderZim: very

IrknInvaderZim: very

IrknInvaderZim: very

IrknInvaderZim: very

IrknInvaderZim: very

IrknInvaderZim: very

IrknInvaderZim: badly

Holmes: ok kid shut up i get the point

IrknInvaderZim: heehee sorry

Holmes: well the password isn’t too hard, you’d probablly know it

IrknInvaderZim: but i don’t

Holmes: kid sometimes the answers in life can’t always come on a plate made out of answers, you have to figure some things out for yourself

Holmes: i will help you

Holmes: realize the answer

IrknInvaderZim: the question is what did i tell the earth children i wanted to be when i grew up

Holmes: well..

Holmes: think about it

IrknInvaderZim: IrknInvaderZim8chatroom

Then The Chat!

OnlineHost: *** You are in “IrknInvaderZim8”. ***

Holmes: invader zim rules

IrknInvaderZim: hello i need information

IrknInvaderZim: i had to many ims open on my screen i needed space

IrknInvaderZim: anyways who knows what the password is

TheMisFit kid23: invite calvin7mallory

Holmes: cheese?

IrknInvaderZim: ok

Holmes: invite katerina

Ssj4bardok: hi evry1

Holmes: hi

Katerina Asigiri: hi

Jamx2blah: hey

Holmes: so whats evryone’s favorite color?

Holmes: come on

Holmes: don’t be shy

Ssj4bardok: black

Jamx2blah: green

Jamx2blah: although right now its purple

Holmes: blue rules!

Holmes: hopin on the ban wagon, eh?

TheMisFit kid23: bye

Jamx2blah: eh, i guess

IrknInvaderZim: shut up!!@ok down to business what is the password to the lab on nick.com

Holmes: we’ll get to that

Holmes: but first

Holmes: we have to play a game of who can guess how many letters are in the alphabet

Holmes: anyone?

Holmes: um ok…

Holmes: forget that

IrknInvaderZim: 26

Holmes: CORRECT!

Katerina Asigiri: No it’s not

Holmes: oh yeah silly me

Holmes: you forgot punctuation and numbers

Holmes: and plus capitalized letters

IrknInvaderZim: abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyx count’ em

Holmes: forget it next game

Jamx2blah: righttt

Holmes: to get the answer of the zim question

Holmes: tell me how many bricks are in the wall of china

Holmes: starting…

Holmes: NOW!

Ssj4bardok: 100003949

IrknInvaderZim: 256,987,543

Jamx2blah: 20,000,000

Ssj4bardok: 9424532543

Katerina Asigiri: too many

Holmes: correct katerina!

Ssj4bardok: damn

Jamx2blah: cry cry

Holmes: i will tell you the password

Holmes: after you answer this question

Jamx2blah: …

Ssj4bardok: ask a fight club question

Holmes: ok

Ssj4bardok: awesome

Holmes: what does the movie fight club start out with?

Jamx2blah: dude w/ gun in his mouth

Ssj4bardok: people are always asking me if i know tyler durden

Holmes: no silly it starts out as film on a movie reel

Jamx2blah: d u kno tyler durden?

Holmes: duh

Jamx2blah: …

Holmes: next question

Ssj4bardok: i thought that was only a thing on the dvd

Holmes: well you thought wrong

Ssj4bardok: ask another fight club question

Holmes: next question

Jamx2blah: dont think so

IrknInvaderZim: stop

IrknInvaderZim: stop

IrknInvaderZim: stops

Jamx2blah: i agree

Katerina Asigiri: but why?

Jamx2blah: …

Holmes: <–stopped

IrknInvaderZim: please tell me the password

Ssj4bardok: cuz i have supreme knowledge of fight club

Holmes: calm down

Holmes: relax

Ssj4bardok: i can tell you the 5 leading roles and the actors who played them

Holmes: count to 5

Holmes: thats great

Jamx2blah: cuz itz annoying..YOU LIE i have the supreme knowlege of that movie

IrknInvaderZim: 1 2 3 4 5

Holmes: you can count

Ssj4bardok: tyler durden, “jack” marla singer, “angel face

Holmes: ok enough

Ssj4bardok: brad pitt edward norton, helena bonham carter, meat loaf aday, jared leto


Holmes: hey

Jamx2blah: brad pitt, eeee!

Holmes: don’t talk to me like that

Holmes: i know the password

Ssj4bardok: hell muthafucken yeah

Holmes: and i can take as much time as i want to

Ssj4bardok: lolz

IrknInvaderZim: Gawd im tired of this!!!

Holmes: ok

Holmes: next question

Jamx2blah: drool, brad….

Holmes: what do i want to be when i grow up

IrknInvaderZim: while im alive please

Jamx2blah: a hobo?

Ssj4bardok: othapedist!!

Ssj4bardok: an eleohant!!

Holmes: WRONG!

Ssj4bardok: elephant**

Holmes: a othapedist hobo!

Holmes: duh!!!

Jamx2blah: lol

IrknInvaderZim: lol

Holmes: next question

Ssj4bardok: u forgot the elephant

Holmes: no i didn’t forget

IrknInvaderZim: stupid

Holmes: elephant is not a god job

Jamx2blah: hehe

Holmes: all you get is peanuts

Holmes: next question

Holmes: who created AOL?

IrknInvaderZim: i dunno

Ssj4bardok: the person who created aol!!!

Katerina Asigiri: the Devil

Jamx2blah: anole?

Holmes: WRONG!’

Holmes: i did

Holmes: next question

Ssj4bardok: well, i was still right

IrknInvaderZim: uh huh sure

Jamx2blah: ur bill gates arent you

Holmes: no

Holmes: i wish!

Jamx2blah: dont lie!


Holmes: fine

Holmes: i’m bill gates

Holmes: and i’m going to buy you out

Jamx2blah: yay, i knew it

IrknInvaderZim: bill gates created microsoft stupid

Katerina Asigiri: heh

Jamx2blah: that still doesnt mean hes bill gates

Holmes: how would you know if i was or wasn;t bill gates?

IrknInvaderZim: i need the password people

Holmes: i mean come on, what if i was pretending to be normal

Ssj4bardok: theyre stalking you

Jamx2blah: i stuper powers

Holmes: i can give you the passwords to over 300 networks


Holmes: 50 secret networks

IrknInvaderZim: ???

Jamx2blah: lol

Holmes: CIA network

Ssj4bardok: RUN DAMMIT!!!

Holmes: but sorry, i forgot the password for the invader zim website

Holmes: next question

Jamx2blah: ::she explodes::

Katerina Asigiri: oooh… lookie the fireworks

Holmes: what is the meaning of life

Ssj4bardok: <covers face>

IrknInvaderZim: i wish i could explode

Ssj4bardok: to die

Holmes: …

Holmes: your very depressed

Holmes: seek help

Ssj4bardok: i know i am

Ssj4bardok: but i have a hell of a time

Holmes: to much invader zim, watch something thats happier, like mr. rogers neighborhood

Jamx2blah: …

Holmes: “it’s all good in the neighborhod”

Jamx2blah: ..

Holmes: .

Ssj4bardok: im sorry…i think that if there is a god…life is just one big sick joke

Holmes: anyways no one cares what you think

Ssj4bardok: thats my outlook

Holmes: next question

Jamx2blah: me too, damn the irony of it all

IrknInvaderZim: (((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((radar)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

Ssj4bardok: <blip>

Holmes: ok guys if this was the “cry your brains out” chat rom

Holmes: thats what it would be called

Jamx2blah: vapor transmission BZZZZZZZ

IrknInvaderZim: (((((((((((((>((((((((((((((((((((((((((radar)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

Ssj4bardok: <blip>

Holmes: yur scaring me

Jamx2blah: heh

IrknInvaderZim: (((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((>(((((((((((radar))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

Holmes: ok truth is i never knew the damn password

IrknInvaderZim: (((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((>((radar))))))))))))))))))))))


Ssj4bardok: <blip>

Jamx2blah: i think you lost it bill

IrknInvaderZim: <>^}]{{]][[][]{}}[]}{][))9(8*&6^%$#4##@2!5^7%5$757″:’?.?<?>/><,>?,>,>

Holmes: yes i did

Holmes: bye