Jesus Loves Disco

OnlineHost: *** You are in “Arts and Entertainment – Jesus Loves Disco”. ***

Holmes: what the hell is this crap?

Mikey: it was?

Skittle: wha

Holmes: jesus loves disco?

Skittle: crap?

Skittle: yeah?

Holmes: yeah crap, another word for SHIT, FECES

Skittle: then…leave

Holmes: i came here to find out what it was

Skittle: its a room

Holmes: wow, THANK YOU Mr. Obvious

Skittle: dont mention it

Holmes: i want to know why it’s called Jesus Loves Disco

Skittle: because we are looking for others who have seen him do it

Holmes: might as well be waiting for Eminem to come to your door and sign an autograph

Skittle: huh

Holmes: because None of them are going to happen

Mikey: jesus loves disco

Skittle: damn straight

Mikey: he told me

Holmes: why doesn’t he like rap

Holmes: or country

Mikey: because rap is stupid

Mikey: country is gay

Skittle: because he likes disco

Holmes: i want to see jesus breakdance

Mikey: i’ve seen it

Holmes: can he shake that booty?

Mikey: oh yeah

Skittle: then go to

Holmes: i’ve been there

Holmes: i’ve been to every sight that has dancing things on it



Skittle: have you been to

Holmes: no

davepoobond: ::rolls into the room::

davepoobond: hi

Holmes: were discussing how jesus likes disco

davepoobond: really

Holmes: or should i say *loves*

davepoobond: well, the afros are nice

davepoobond: and if anybody wonders why he’s so tall

davepoobond: ::whispering:: the shoes

Holmes: shhh don’t let out his secret

davepoobond: whoops! sorry

Holmes: i think jesus fits the rap image

Holmes: i can see him rapin the bible

davepoobond: heh

Holmes: ticka ticka yo there once was a dude named noah, he was kinda needed a showa, so it rained

Holmes: for 40 days and nights while he was on his arc, sleepin tight…

Holmes: so will the real jesus please stand up

Holmes: …hmm i’m not a good rapper…

Holmes: i should leave it to Eminem…

davepoobond: heh

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