UPDATE 10-12-03

Pick of October 12, 2003

davepoobond: post on the bulletin board.  There’s finally 3000 words in the dictionary (hooray)

stuff updated/put up:

Dictionary – 3000 words, 150 new. SUBMIT A WORD

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Chat Room Stuffcat brian

StoriesThe Outrageous Shark – a story about a shark…made in 1998, in 6th grade, The Case of the Missing Coat of Arms – a stupid mystery solved in 3 paragraphs.  Made in 1997, in 6th grade, Time Warp – Ed from “Good Burger” goes through time or something…made in 6th grade.

Pictures – I’m your numma one fan, I live next door, Rawr

Squackle Broadcasting Company (SBC)Movie: Special Discount

The Screwed Up CountryUSA: The California Recall

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UPDATE 9-18-03

Pick of May 27, 2003

davepoobond: we were down for a while.  Sorry for that, we were moving to a new server, so tell all your friends that we’re back up!  The main problem was because of Name Bargain, those stupid fucks.  It took them 4 god damn months to get their shit straight, and transfer the URL to the new server. And i was wrong about the Squackle! Shop thing…yeah…but some good came out of it, i guess.  It made me make a separate page for the squackle shop so you can see all the things that you can waste your money on.  And if you care or remember, i was running for that position in the school ASB, i lost…it was rigged i bet.  Everyone said they voted for me, too.

The bulletin board is 90% functional.

Please tell your friends about Squackle!

stuff updated/put up:

Dictionary – 2700 words, 100 new. SUBMIT A WORD

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Other JunkFind Your Armenian Name, Find Your Retard Name, Find Your Star Wars Name, Find Your Porn-Star Name

Screwed Up ChroniclesThe Screwed Up Movies, The Screwed Up Music, The Screwed Up TV

StoriesThe Autobiography of Arby, the Crappy Fast Food Restaurant Owner – a true story…?, The Janitor’s Great Adventure – a pregnant lady changes Burger King’s life, Battle – the battle of the ducks, Smrat anal sex – yeah..

SongsIt’s Raining Beer, sung to the song “It’s Raining Men” by Weather Girls, The Hoapoate Shuffle, sung to the song “The Curly Shuffle,” by Dr. Demento

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UPDATE 2-26-03

davepoobond: today’s a day to rejoice. there are 2000 words in the dictionary. do you know how much 2000 is? its…2000!

Holmes: shut up or I’ll take you out like a fat ass in a dodge-ball game

stimpyismyname: go download games at button man games

stuff updated/put up:

Dictionary – 2000 words, 50 new. SUBMIT A WORD

The Screwed Up Games – Decay Haven (PC) (Rating: 5/10), Ness’ Christmas Journey (Rating: 9/10)

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UPDATE, week of 9-23-01

stimpyismyname: mi perra pica mi testiculos a pagar

blowthetoad: my name is fransua, i like to be classy, if you want to adopt me name, you can, becasue i am fransua, and i like to say jackdidilysquat!

stuff updated/put up:

Other JunkFind Your Porn-Star Name, 10 Top Things Men Understand About Women, Actual (Stupid) Label Instructions

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The Screwed Up Peopledavepoobond: Things I Would Take From This Era To 1580, davepoobond: If I Ruled The World

The Screwed Up WorldThe Carnival Person That Guesses Your Weight For A Buck – The Scam Revealed, The Future of Napster, Giant Apes Take Over Mars, Born In a Flower, Wires

StoriesThe Name Of My Poop Is George. He Is a Male, The Sewer Farm

SongsBuy, Buy, Buy, Wild Wild Pest, Opera Song, Yankee Doodle Went to Hell, Lyrics for a Beautiful Song (make up your own tune)

SBCCommercial: Floppy Watches


UPDATE, week of 9-09-01

elmoisfurry: ………………………u…….BASTARDS!!!!!!!!

davepoobond: Donkmaster is a sell out. I’m gonna make a shrine in his sell out-ednessness honor, make comics about him and humiliate him. Its been about a year since he’s sold out. Please visit our sponsors by the way.

(For those of you who don’t know who donkmaster is, he’s a stupid poop head that used to be a Squackle! member)

stuff updated/put up:

Poems I Want To Be a Cashier, Paleantology Is Awesome, Flip Flop –, I Love My Erasers So Much, A Very Nice Poem, Where? There!, Be Amazed

Chat Room Stuffchat

The Screwed Up TownBlack Out Notice From School

The Screwed Up Peopledavepoobond: Proud About 8th Grade, davepoobond: What a Life!, davepoobond’s sister: The Reasons Why davepoobond’s Sister Wants Her Hair Braided

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UPDATE, week of 9-03-01

stimpyismyname: something, how bout like, you write the alphabet or something. are you just writing what i’m saying? ………oh great…..uhhhhh what?

blowthetoad: my goldfish is sexier than Nose’s nose

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UPDATE, week of 4-29-01

davepoobond: what can i say? its an update…umm…click on the sponsors that are at the bottom of the page…thats all…

stimpyismyname: read Squackle!’s stories because they’re the good part of Squackle!

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PoemsThe Ice Cream Poem

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SBCSBC News 1st Broadcast

Animations398, Chicken Dance



UPDATE, week of 4-8-01

davepoobond: well, it took about 4 weeks, but i updated all of Squackle with the new format. yeehaw, ain’t that special? anyway, now i can get to putting new stuff up…and there’s some changes in the content, concerning where to go and stuff, but it doesnt really matter to you, since you’re never coming back here…i listed what i updated here…i dont know how much i’ll do.

stuff updated/put up:

Chat Room Stuffhell, Travelers Inn, the FUN channel

StoriesPercy’s Day Out – The Prequel to Sniper Problems…

Other JunkThe D-Fiance Bible

Squackle QuotesWhat the Critics Say About Squackle

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UPDATE 3-14-01

davepoobond: i have the new format, but i have to get all the content into the new format…it’ll take a while, but just stand by, and i’ll put it up slowly as much as i can. If there is any new content, it’ll be listed here until all the new format is up. The sponsors are at the bottom of the page, they belong to us, so click on them, please!

stuff put up/updated:

PicturesDevil Ducky

Squackle Quiz

PoemsSaying Sorry, It’s So Sad, Warmth, Just Released, Cinquains From Health Class, Still Don’t Know Why

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StoriesStupid Health Stories, A (stupid) Story

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UPDATE 2-20-01

davepoobond: uhh…its an update…pleaaaaasee click on the banners. it doesnt take that much effort. if we get money, we can put it back into Squackle, and make it better!

stuff updated/put up:

Downloads, Metallica MIDIs

Squackle’s Chat Room Stuff: Rhydin CheapNSave, Christina Aguilera Chat

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UPDATE 2-2-01


davepoobond: sorry for the late update…i’m just not getting much inspiration to update squackle anymore…but sometimes i do, and this is the type of stuff i actually get on. By the way, i took down our “chat” thingy, since no one is actually using it, and seperated the Chat Room Stuff from the IMs, and made it into its own directory, so check out the new home page for Chat Room Stuff.

Elmoisfurry: boogly boogly boo!!!!!!!!!!

stuff updated/put up:

Squackle’s Chat Room Stuff

Squackle Quotes: Misc. quotes, Ms. E quotes, Ms. Signs quotes, Mrs. Stickums

The Screwed Up World: Global Population, What is culture?, Reflection on the 1st Quarter of Regional Studies, Globalearn.com, Stuff at the Zoo I Was Scared of, The George Carlin Theory

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Other Junk: Holmes’ Sayings for a Converstion