UPDATE, week of 4-8-01

davepoobond: well, it took about 4 weeks, but i updated all of Squackle with the new format. yeehaw, ain’t that special? anyway, now i can get to putting new stuff up…and there’s some changes in the content, concerning where to go and stuff, but it doesnt really matter to you, since you’re never coming back here…i listed what i updated here…i dont know how much i’ll do.

stuff updated/put up:

Chat Room Stuffhell, Travelers Inn, the FUN channel

StoriesPercy’s Day Out – The Prequel to Sniper Problems…

Other JunkThe D-Fiance Bible

Squackle QuotesWhat the Critics Say About Squackle

Stupid IMsdavepoobond IM 3, Chels IM

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