UPDATE 7-19-04

Pick of July 19, 2004

davepoobond: Hi.  It has been yet another month since an update has happened…ummm….I don’t know what to say…I think I had something to say, but I forgot.

stuff updated/put up:

Dictionary – 3950 words, 50 new. SUBMIT A WORD

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Downloads / Games and Fun ThingysVirtual Dacky

StoriesWally 2: Wally’s Orgy – This is the Wally 2 story for Dave’s Profantiy Patch.

SongsDuckTales TV Theme Song Lyrics, Chip n’ Dale’s Rescue Rangers TV Theme Song Lyrics, The Adiboo Commercial Song Lyrics

PicturesDave Forgot to Update Squackle!, Adobe Forever, Space Bunny, Bushy Bush, I’m Vince, BUNNY, You Are a Fag, Poop Man, Mystery Inc., Pirate Day


UPDATE 1-20-03

Here’s a quote for you

“And we didn’t have any fancy Sony Playstation videogames with high-resolution 3-D graphics! We had the Atari 2600! With games like “Space Invaders” and “Asteroids” and the graphics sucked! Your guy was a little square! You had to use your imagination! And there were no multiple levels or screens, & it was just one screen forever! And you could never win, the game just kept getting harder and faster until you died! Just like LIFE!”-unknown-

– Squackle.com

stuff updated/put up:

Dictionary – 1510 words, 30 new. SUBMIT A WORD

Button Man Games – lots of games to download

Downloads – a new, cooool rating system, check it out

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UPDATE 1-03-03

davepoobond: whoohoo first update of the new year….::fart:: ‘scuse me…i got too excited

elmoisfurry: ::flicks you off::

Blind Bubba: bum

stuff updated/put up:

Dictionary – 1450 words, 10 new. SUBMIT A WORD

The Screwed Up Games – Christmas Crunch (PC)

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Squackle QuizQuiz Questions 46+

The Bad Submission ArchiveBad Submission 43, Bad Submission 44, Bad Submission 45

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UPDATE 12-23-02

davepoobond: get ready for some ultra-cool flash movies, cuz i have flash and i’m starting to use it!


elmoisfurry: fuck.

stuff updated/put up:

Dictionary – 1430 words, 10 new. SUBMIT A WORD

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Squackle Broadcasting Company (SBC)Daves Of Our Lives Episode 5

The Bad Submission ArchiveBad Submission 37, Bad Submission 38, Bad Submission 39


UPDATE 8-23-02


stimpyismyname: go to ChristopherSoft, its our great new network site

stuff updated/put up:

Dictionary – 1205 words, 15 new. SUBMIT A WORD

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Stupid Health StoriesWe Grow Great By Dreams, Remember To Smile, Family Ties, Dominant Genes


UPDATE, weeks of 11-11-01 and 11-18-01

davepoobond: i made a newsletter thing, so that you can subscribe to it, and it’ll serve as a thing to inform you about Squackle and what’s happening. To subscribe, email squacklenews-subscribe@yahoogroups.com or use the box below that says “enter email address”

stuff updated/put up:

Other JunkSquackle’s Free Million Dollars, Tell Me Something About Yourself…, Stinky One

Squackle QuotesThe Internet

PoemsWhat’s The Deal, A City Boy

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UPDATE, week of 10-7-01

davepoobond: Click on the sponsors at the top of the page pleasseee, so we can get rid of the stupid frame at the bottom of the page and the pop ups

elmoisfurry: Kako, The Colombian Drug Lord has moved back to Colombia to regain his drug-lordmanship and has not been heard from for about a year by any of the Squackle members. He is now not a Squackle member anymore.


Adman: i found a whole pack of those sticky velcro pads, weeeeeeeeee!

stuff updated/put up:

PoemsMy Uncle The Turd Chaser

JokesBlonde Jokes

About Us – no more Kako, the Colombian Drug Lord


Other JunkFind Your Porn-Star Name, What’s Your Star Wars Name?, Find Your Retard Name

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UPDATE, week of 9-30-01

davepoobond: Click on the sponsors at the top of the page pleasseee, so we can get rid of the stupid frame at the bottom of the page!

stimpyismyname: blowthetoad is gay.

elmoisfurry: sniff mah bonbons

stuff updated/put up:

Sports ArenaDownload v1.0 of Board-Walk (Size: 27 kb)

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UPDATE, week of 6-10-01

davepoobond: hi. click on the sponsors…and…uhh…start writing stuff on our Bulletin Board, it can be anything!

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Squackle’s Webrings


UPDATE, week of 6-10-01

davepoobond: I broke my leg, please help us pay the cost for it by clicking on the sponsors at the bottom of the page. pleeeeassseeeee!!!

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UPDATE, week of 6-04-01

elmoisfurry: hello, everyone…I have something very important…oh wait, hold on! I gotta go pinch off a loaf.

stuff updated/put up:

Music Files (MIDIs) – Blur, Bush, The Cardigans

DownloadsGames and Fun Thingys, Accessory Thingys

SBCThe Pump Girls Episode 1


UPDATE, week of 5-20-01

davepoobond: blap

stimpyismyname: Squackle may not be funny but – – ::jumps out window:: hehehe!!

stuff updated/put up:

Squackle ArcadeWhat Do You See?

PicturesFunny Monkey, Hostile Galaxy, Guy (Picture from Freakzazoid), Giraffe, Poop Cookies, Happy Poo Poo’s Day, Glop, Gundam Condoms, Heavy Nelly, Violence Jack Off, Lockness Monster, Party, Spring Water, Stupid Bee, Snowman, Sex On a Stick, Sadistic Green Elephants, Space War, Losing, Men, Militant Cows, Never Give Up, Not Mine, Nun, Penguin Jedi, Pissed Kitty, Sliding Polar Bear, Poop Girl, Stupid Cat, The Country, The Milk Men, Tiger Bunny, Understanding Computer Technology, Total Stud, Turnip Face, Yippy Kay Yay, Stoned Yoda

Music Files (MIDIs) – 311, ACDC, Beck, Blink182, Bloodhound Gang


UPDATE 2-20-01

davepoobond: uhh…its an update…pleaaaaasee click on the banners. it doesnt take that much effort. if we get money, we can put it back into Squackle, and make it better!

stuff updated/put up:

Downloads, Metallica MIDIs

Squackle’s Chat Room Stuff: Rhydin CheapNSave, Christina Aguilera Chat

Stupid IMs: BlackOneHunter IM


UPDATE 12-03-00

davepoobond:  well, we have some stuff, but i would really like it if anyone sent anything in.  you don’t even have to make it, and i’ll give you credit for it.  its not that hard!

stuff updated/put up:


Squackle Poems:  The Plastic Gore Head Said, My Chin is on the Wall

Squackle Songs:   Popeye Songs – submitted by davepoobond, but we don’t know who originally made them up.

Other Junk:  Squackle Quotes, Not Really Called Anything…

Squackle Stories:  The Manicle – a story about a super hero

The Screwed Up Country:  Version 1 of the President of Brazil’s Inaugural Speech – by davepoobond and elmoisfurry


UPDATE 11-10-00

Stimpyismyname:  i have a 3 day weekend!  yayyy!  big update!  whoo whoo!

davepoobond: we’re trying to look for new sponsors to put up on the site, if you have any in mind and feel like telling us, please email it to davebond_cashmm@hotmail.com

stuff updated/put up:

Squackle Metaphors

Other Junk:  Squackle Quotes, Funny Sentences, Kurt Kobain’s Magic Talking 8-Ball, Kirby Dance!, Questions

Holiday Stuff:  Cheap Halloween Costumes, Squackle Holidays You Can Celebrate

Squackle Stories:  Little Red Riding Tax Collector – by Holmes

Squackle Poems:  AUHH!!, BLAH BLAH POOOOOOOOOOPIES!!!!!!!!!!!, hello

Squackle Jokes:  Blonde Jokes – submitted by ChibiChan33, Brothel Parrot, The Final Exam, Retiring Rabbi

Stupid IMs:  Rhydin CheapNSave

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