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UPDATE, week of 10-7-01

davepoobond: Click on the sponsors at the top of the page pleasseee, so we can get rid of the stupid frame at the bottom of the page and the pop ups

elmoisfurry: Kako, The Colombian Drug Lord has moved back to Colombia to regain his drug-lordmanship and has not been heard from for about a year by any of the Squackle members. He is now not a Squackle member anymore.


Adman: i found a whole pack of those sticky velcro pads, weeeeeeeeee!

stuff updated/put up:

PoemsMy Uncle The Turd Chaser

JokesBlonde Jokes

About Us – no more Kako, the Colombian Drug Lord


Other JunkFind Your Porn-Star Name, What’s Your Star Wars Name?, Find Your Retard Name

DownloadsOther Thingys

UPDATE 2-23-01

davepoobond: big update..yeah…click on banners..doesnt take much effort…i took down the Censored Version of SBC. cuz if you dont like to read cuss words, kiss my ass! Tell your friends about Squackle! If you want to give out advertisements for Squackle out around school or something, print out the Squackle’s Advertisement and give it out.

Stimpyismyname: yeah, sure

Elmoisfurry: um……………

stuff updated/put up:
Squackle Links
Squackle Metaphors
Squackle Quiz
Squackle PoemsMy Belly Button, Saying Sorry, The Cook
The Screwed Up CountryThe Recount (2000)
The Screwed Up WorldWhy Doctors Are Called Quacks
Other JunkInteresting Facts, Top 10 Excuses To Use If One Game Remains and Two People Want It
Squackle PicturesCatch
Stupid IMsHolmes IM 2, Gayle IM
Squackle Quotesdavepoobond, elmoisfurry, Mrs. DYKE, Ms. E, Ms. Signs, Mrs. Stickums, Donkmaster, Around School, Misc. quotes

UPDATE 10-21-00

davepoobond:   wow!  almost 350 words in the dictionary!  keep using these words, and they may actually get into a REAL dictionary!

stuff updated/put up:

Squackle Links

Stupid IMs:  Eating Out Mya IM, babykisses IM

Other Junk:  Squackle Quotes

Squackle Stories:  (Mini Story) Court Room Files – a short little skit type thingy

UPDATE 10-5-00

davepoobond:  moo….there is no longer going to be downloads of the week, just a section for downloads, which will be added to everytime we find a thing to put as a download

Stimpyismyname:  QC cards are in production!!

Elmoisfurry:  Ich Bin Eine Esel!

stuff updated/put up:

Squackle Pictures

Squackle Links

Stupid IMs:  kittycat IM, Tips Of Deepness IM, L00K AT MY JUGGz IM, Santa IM, Squall IM, spoom!, Rhydin Private School

The Screwed Up World:  The Ship-Bottle Theory, Microwave Popcorn Theory, Lean Pockets vs Hot Pockets

Other Junk:  The Missing Dollar!

UPDATE 7-14-00

dAvE bOnD: yay! we have our first affiliate! Almasy.Org. The link will always be in the Links section too check it out sometime…and remember to keep coming back to Squackle! hmm…in case your wondering why none of the others are really saying anything is because:

elmoisfurry: he’s in scotland (whoopee)

nose: he’s on a road trip, probably around the whole United States

donkmaster: he never says anything anyway

stimpyismyname: he’s here, but he never tells me anything…but he did say something, but i accidently deleted it…sorry, stimp..

fajita bum: he never says anything, and he’s also in New York

UPDATE June 9, 2000

dAvE bOnD:  fart………

donkmaster:  i finally gave something to put up on the site!  its a song called “Pretty Sun.”  There are also new quotes from squackle on Squackle Quotes, a bunch of new words in the dictionary, and 2 new stories and also a link to a Sanity Test in the Links section.    

UPDATE January 6, 2000

dAvE bOnD:  I’m going to redesign the dictionary soon.  I renamed it Squackle’z Dictionary, cuz i dont like the idea of one thing belonging to one person at this site.  Same thing with the links.  I changed it to Squackle Links.  The only exception is Stimpyismyname’s theories.  Cuz i’m too lazy to change it, and it was Stimpyismyname’s idea anyway.

UPDATE December 16, 1999

dAvE bOnD:  I put up some more links on stimpyismyname’s links, and i added to the boy bands article i wrote for the screwed up chronicles.  There isnt really anything else going on….

elmoisfurry:  im gonna be putting up some pics for tha screwed up chroncles and for another thing in about a week or two. im almost finished with them. all i have to say is……………………POO PIES

UPDATE November 24, 1999

dAvE bOnD: Happy Thanxgiving! Ok, down to the stuff i updated, i just put a link on the links page, and updated the about us page. Not much today. I’m thinking of putting a bunch of things that i’ve been making for like 2 or 3 years, but stopped cuz i had no reason really to do it anymore. If i put it on here, then i’ll have a reason to do it. Ok…so, uh…also, i put up 2 new words and definitions on my dictionary.

UPDATE November 7, 1999

dAvE bOnD: i fixed the About Us up a little bit, put Elmoisfurry’s story up. Its pretty funny. Also, i put up elmoisfurry’s Poopin’ In Stall Four song. That’s the only song we have right now. I put the duck background on the other pages that needed a background. There are more links in the Links section.