UPDATE 1-03-03

davepoobond: whoohoo first update of the new year….::fart:: ‘scuse me…i got too excited

elmoisfurry: ::flicks you off::

Blind Bubba: bum

stuff updated/put up:

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The Screwed Up Games – Christmas Crunch (PC)

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UPDATE 12-30-02

davepoobond: yayyy…happy new year….::snore::

elmoisfurry: shove it shove it shove it

SoyBeans: you have weird teachers

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UPDATE, week of 2-17-02

DL: Remember: One day we shall become cattle of an alien race, and we wont have to feel special if we get a full anal probe

SoyBeans: I WIN I WIN!!

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UPDATE, week of 11-25-01

DL: Eat Mor Chikin

SoyBeans: i wouldnt know what to say…..:-P

davepoobond: check out the site search engine below the poll…its new.

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UPDATE 2 of week of 8-05-01

elmoisfurry: I dont know I forgot I was gonna say something but I had to….bleh…

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UPDATE, week of 4-15-01

davepoobond: banana.

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UPDATE 3-14-01

davepoobond: i have the new format, but i have to get all the content into the new format…it’ll take a while, but just stand by, and i’ll put it up slowly as much as i can. If there is any new content, it’ll be listed here until all the new format is up. The sponsors are at the bottom of the page, they belong to us, so click on them, please!

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UPDATE 2-23-01

davepoobond: big update..yeah…click on banners..doesnt take much effort…i took down the Censored Version of SBC. cuz if you dont like to read cuss words, kiss my ass! Tell your friends about Squackle! If you want to give out advertisements for Squackle out around school or something, print out the Squackle’s Advertisement and give it out.

Stimpyismyname: yeah, sure

Elmoisfurry: um……………

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UPDATE 2-2-01


davepoobond: sorry for the late update…i’m just not getting much inspiration to update squackle anymore…but sometimes i do, and this is the type of stuff i actually get on. By the way, i took down our “chat” thingy, since no one is actually using it, and seperated the Chat Room Stuff from the IMs, and made it into its own directory, so check out the new home page for Chat Room Stuff.

Elmoisfurry: boogly boogly boo!!!!!!!!!!

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Squackle’s Chat Room Stuff

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UPDATE March 28, 2000

dAvE bOnD: There hasnt been an update for a while…there’s a lot going up in the Other Junk section today……..oh well…also, can you please tell your friends about squackle and tell them to tell their friends about it? we arent very popular right now and would like to be more popular….i mean, we made you laugh…a little bit at least, right?

stimpyismyname: the skit is almost finished….i think

elmoisfurry: send me the names of cds that you think are good

nose: take the quiz! please!


UPDATE February 3, 2000

dAvE bOnD: I put up the 1st Episode of a new TV show called Tyson and Friends. It’s about a bunch of boxers that live in the same house. I think its pretty good for a 1st Episode.

Nose: I’ll be writing a story pretty soon, and we’re working on a quiz.