UPDATE 2-23-01

davepoobond: big update..yeah…click on banners..doesnt take much effort…i took down the Censored Version of SBC. cuz if you dont like to read cuss words, kiss my ass! Tell your friends about Squackle! If you want to give out advertisements for Squackle out around school or something, print out the Squackle’s Advertisement and give it out.

Stimpyismyname: yeah, sure

Elmoisfurry: um……………

stuff updated/put up:
Squackle Links
Squackle Metaphors
Squackle Quiz
Squackle PoemsMy Belly Button, Saying Sorry, The Cook
The Screwed Up CountryThe Recount (2000)
The Screwed Up WorldWhy Doctors Are Called Quacks
Other JunkInteresting Facts, Top 10 Excuses To Use If One Game Remains and Two People Want It
Squackle PicturesCatch
Stupid IMsHolmes IM 2, Gayle IM
Squackle Quotesdavepoobond, elmoisfurry, Mrs. DYKE, Ms. E, Ms. Signs, Mrs. Stickums, Donkmaster, Around School, Misc. quotes

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