UPDATE 3-14-01

davepoobond: i have the new format, but i have to get all the content into the new format…it’ll take a while, but just stand by, and i’ll put it up slowly as much as i can. If there is any new content, it’ll be listed here until all the new format is up. The sponsors are at the bottom of the page, they belong to us, so click on them, please!

stuff put up/updated:

PicturesDevil Ducky

Squackle Quiz

PoemsSaying Sorry, It’s So Sad, Warmth, Just Released, Cinquains From Health Class, Still Don’t Know Why

Stupid IMsLil Angel Gurl IM, Rluv4ever IM, whitemagic IM

StoriesStupid Health Stories, A (stupid) Story

Chat Room StuffAquitaine Palace/Balamb Garden, Burning Vigor Tavern, RinoasTattoosNStuff, Dragonarmy Tavern, Crystal Dragon Inn

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