UPDATE 9-10-04

Pick of September 10, 2004

davepoobond: HLLO EVRONE HO R U TDY?@?! Anyhow, here’s some stuff that you might find enjoyable for the next long while…We finally have 4000 words in our dictionary now.  YAY.

Also, a special shout out to all those myspace, xanga, and livejournal users who seem to like to link to the midis in our midis section to be played on their journals.  Your daily use of our bandwidth makes me happy (Translation: If I ever find out who you are in real life, I’ll cut your throat).  Enjoy the midis anyway! (Translation: Die.)

f roy132 loves you though…as well as everyone.  In case you don’t know who she is, she’s the Mistress of the Bulletin Board, and has more posts than even I do.

Speaking of the bulletin board, it and all its parts (like downloads) will be up as soon as possible.

Elias: No, seriously, I didn’t kill a cheap, cyphalis-infected hooker, and bury her below five trashbags filled with German Shepherd shit in a dark, muggy alley. Seriously, dude, I didn’t do it.

stuff updated/put up:

Dictionary – 4000 words, 50 new. SUBMIT A WORD

About Us – NEW SQUACKLE MEMBER, HOORAY.  His name is Elias.

Stupid IMsLilAngelGurl IM 8, Marie 8973 IM, Blind Bubba IM 22, AngelBabi IM, FoozBlondeSista IM, cajungirl18386 IM, beachbaby84283 IM, bethb IM, bethb IM 2

Squackle Broadcasting Company (SBC)Movie: Hot Wax Vol. 2, PSA: I Don’t Want It

The Screwed Up World Is Hell Exothermic or Endothermic?

The Screwed Up InternetCreative Spam? You’ve Got To Be Kidding Me…

SongsOde to Me

THE NEW CHAT ROOM – Chat with us hereeeeee and tell others to come tooooo


UPDATE, week of 10-7-01

davepoobond: Click on the sponsors at the top of the page pleasseee, so we can get rid of the stupid frame at the bottom of the page and the pop ups

elmoisfurry: Kako, The Colombian Drug Lord has moved back to Colombia to regain his drug-lordmanship and has not been heard from for about a year by any of the Squackle members. He is now not a Squackle member anymore.


Adman: i found a whole pack of those sticky velcro pads, weeeeeeeeee!

stuff updated/put up:

PoemsMy Uncle The Turd Chaser

JokesBlonde Jokes

About Us – no more Kako, the Colombian Drug Lord


Other JunkFind Your Porn-Star Name, What’s Your Star Wars Name?, Find Your Retard Name

DownloadsOther Thingys


UPDATE, week of 9-16-01

Blind Bubba: your site sux0rs

elmoisfurry: Wha’s Like Us?!?!? Damn Few And They’re A’ Deid!!!!

stuff updated/put up:

The Screwed Up PeopleMr. C Fat Nuts: What Mr. C Fat Nuts Eats For Lunch and Such, davepoobond: A Letter Home, Nose: A Letter Home, Nose: jkjkjkjkdsbnA DS DGFV NNNNNNVBBNVNN

The Screwed Up TownStupid Notes, Stupid Note, Stupid Note 2, PTA Protest At a School

About Us – 1 Poop Troop joined

Other JunkMind Trick (Or Not), Only in America…

Squackle Quotesdavepoobond

The Screwed Up CountryDestruction of the Twin Towers and Such

Stupid IMsjace man IM, BballSparkle IM


UPDATE, week of 8-13-01

elmoisfurry: die dave die. please visit our sponsors, and go to the Bulletin Board and post something there

davepoobond: hey, if you want to talk to us, try going to chat rooms named “Squackle.” On AIM/AOL buddy chats, I’ll be on there, with the name CashMoneyMoolah or davepoobond. Try and see if we’re there.

stuff updated/put up:

About Us – 3 Poop Troops joined

SongsA Man Named Stan, The Nancy Way Song

PoemsA Man From Peru, Are You a Good Sport?

MoviesDacky Flipbook

StoriesGoopy Blip

The Screwed Up CountryUSA: Ronald McDonald is Dead, USA: School Shootings and Whatever, Australia: Beware of the Dingos

The Screwed Up PeopleEmily Dickinson: Who Emily Dickinson Is, Emily Dickinson: Stuff Emily Dickinson Would Personify, davepoobond: If I Made the Republics of Antartica and the Arctic, davepoobond: The Failures Of davepoobond, davepoobond: Poetic Brainstorming: What I Think When I Hear “Poetry”


UPDATE 2 of week of 8-05-01

elmoisfurry: I dont know I forgot I was gonna say something but I had to….bleh…

stuff updated/put up:

About Us – 6 Poop Troops joined

Squackle Quoteselmoisfurry

The Screwed Up PeopleAdman’s Mom: Old Lesbians Handing Out Cats

Squackle! Network

AnimationsBat Angel, Chocobo, Green Skull, Jumping Gopher, Little Lightning, Queen Bitch

Bulletin Board – new posts

SongsA Word From the Man, Popeye Songs

Squackle Quiz

MoviesMr. T Shot Tupac, Mr. T Shot Tupac Episode 1, Vader’s First Job


UPDATE, week of 7-08-01

davepoobond: the guy that made the radio lived in a town called Bologna. I bet they had a lot of bologna in Bologna. Start up something on the Bulletin Board. There’s not much there…just visit it and post something. Click on our sponsors too.

stimpyismyname: YELLOW take 1

stuff updated/put up:

Other Junk“You’re So Stupid” Insults, What’s Your Star Wars Name?

JokesGrilled At The Pearly Gates, A Woman’s Wreck, A Lady’s Horse

About Us – a new Squackle! member, Poop Troops started

Squackle Sports ArenaAirplane Soccer Rules, Thunder Butts Rules, Measuring Tape Fencing Rules, EXTREME Kick The Can Rules, Daggermitton: EXTREEME Badmitton! Rules, Board-Walk Rules, Hot Pudding Rules, Telephone Tag Rules, Whack The Flutes Rules, Look At The Kleenex Rules



UPDATE November 24, 1999

dAvE bOnD: Happy Thanxgiving! Ok, down to the stuff i updated, i just put a link on the links page, and updated the about us page. Not much today. I’m thinking of putting a bunch of things that i’ve been making for like 2 or 3 years, but stopped cuz i had no reason really to do it anymore. If i put it on here, then i’ll have a reason to do it. Ok…so, uh…also, i put up 2 new words and definitions on my dictionary.


UPDATE November 7, 1999

dAvE bOnD: i fixed the About Us up a little bit, put Elmoisfurry’s story up. Its pretty funny. Also, i put up elmoisfurry’s Poopin’ In Stall Four song. That’s the only song we have right now. I put the duck background on the other pages that needed a background. There are more links in the Links section.